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Virtually There. An iterative approach to Desktop Virtualization. By Mike Cave, Acting Chief Information Officer CA Department of Toxic Substances Control. Definition. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • An iterative approach to Desktop VirtualizationBy Mike Cave, Acting Chief Information OfficerCA Department of Toxic Substances Control

  • Desktop virtualization is the concept of separating a personal computer desktop environment from the physical machine through a client-server computing model. The resulting "virtualized" desktop is stored on a remote central server, instead of on the local storage of remote client; this way, when users work from their remote desktop client, all of the programs, applications, processes, and data used are kept and run centrally, allowing users to access their desktops on any capable device, such as a traditional personal computer, notebook computer, smartphone, or thin client.

  • Servers (Headquarters and Regional Offices)A toeApplication Development ServersNon-critical Function ServersTest Lab PCs and ServersA footProduction Web Applications and Web ServersAntivirus server farmBlackberry/Network Monitoring

    All the way up to the waistFile/Print/E-mailPatch and Workstation Configuration Management

  • My work desktop + HP thin client laptopStandard DTSC image virtualizedProgrammer test PCs (our experienced end-users)

  • Simpler provisioning of new desktopsReduced downtime in the event of server or client hardware failuresLower cost of new application deploymentDesktop image management capabilitiesLonger refresh cycle for client desktop infrastructureSecure remote access to the enterprise desktop environment

  • Limitations of desktop virtualization include:potential security risks if the network is not properly managedsome loss of user autonomy and privacychallenges in setting up and maintaining drivers for printers and other peripheralsdifficulty in running certain complex applications such as multimedia (GIS, Video).

  • Network Drives (File Services)Access to Intranet Resources and the InternetE-mailCOTS applications installed on their desktop (MS Project, Adobe Acrobat, etc.)

  • Staff dispersed at offices in LA, Diamond BarBroadband access acquiredStaff assigned thin client laptopsVPN (Virtual Private Networking) accountsRemote Desktop (RDP) access back to their Chatsworth PCs

  • LogmeinGoToMyPC

  • VMWare VDICitrix XenDesktopSun Microsystems

  • Wide Area Network Considerations Overall Performance Patch ManagementSoftware DeploymentDisaster RecoveryCosts of Implementing InfrastructureCurrent PC/Laptop Hardware Refresh Methodology***What other state agencies are doing***

  • According to a report by Gartner, hosted services accounted for more than 500,000 desktop units as of March 2009, but will grow to 49 million desktop units by 2013, and may make up as much as 40% of the worldwide professional personal computer market by revenue

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