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2. Do you ever feel like this?
3. 4. Are you an Entrepreneur wearing many hatshuh?
5. 6. There just is NOT enough time in a day
7. Business is GROWING!
8. Time is Money Money is Time
9. Hmmmmmm
10. Of course your goals are to continue to grow, right?
11. Maybe its time to build a team
12. Consider the benefits of building a team
13. Spend more time on revenue generating tasks and outsource those important yet non-revenue generating activities
14. 15. Continue the tasks that you are an expert atOutsource your weaknesses
16. WE would love to help you with that
17. We are an outsourcing resource that provides administrative support to solopreneurs such as coaches, speakers, authors, etc.
18. We help our clients grow EFFICIENTLY!
19. Tell me more..
20. We take on tasks such as maintaining blogs to ensure there is consistency.
21. We help with website maintenance too..especially when the website is built in Wordpress
22. Do you have a marketing plan?
Let us assist with the implementation of your marketing plans.
We can research to help develop the plans
We help create marketing materials
23. Social Media Support
Let us help build your social networking presence
We assist with the implementation of your social networkingstrategy
24. And more..
We help post articles and other materials on various websites to help drive traffic to websites and/or blogs.
We will follow up with your clients to schedule additional appointments, make sure they have received required materials/documents.
Just to name a few
25. Why Hire a VA?
26. Find more time to enjoy LIFE!
27. Looking for different tasks that have not been mentioned?
Just Ask!
28. Contact US TODAY!
Lets Brainstorm
29. @virtuallyassist
30. Thank you
taking time to view