Unit 4 Don’t eat in class ! (Section B 2a—2c)

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Unit 4 Don’t eat in class ! (Section B 2a—2c). By: Li Yan From: No. 42 Middle School. rule. He must do homework every day. What’s the rule?. She must. What’s the rule?. He can. What’s the rule?. He can’t. What’s the rule?. She ha s to …. Rules. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Unit 4 Don’t eat in class ! (Section B 2a—2c)

  • Unit 4 Dont eat in class!(Section B 2a2c)By: Li YanFrom: No. 42 Middle School

  • ruleHe must do homework every day.

  • Whats the rule?She must ...

  • Whats the rule?He can ...

  • Whats the rule?He cant ...

  • Whats the rule?She has to

  • 2. She must read a book.1. He must do homework every day.3. He can play basketball.4. He cant watch TV.5. She has to play the violin.Rulesmustcanmusthas to cant

  • When you are unhappy about something, who do you like to talk to?

  • Name: Molly BrownFrom: New YorkShe writes a letter to Dr. Know.

  • Read and find out the topic sentence.There are too many rules.

  • I cant be late.I cant leave the dirty dishes in the kitchen.I cant play basketball after school.I must do my homework.Read carefully and underline() 10 rules.I cant relax after dinner.I must read a book before I can watch TV.I have to go to bed before 10:00.cantcantcantcantcantcantmustmusthave tomustFamily rulesSchool rulesTips:

  • Whats the meaning of the underlined word?

  • How does Molly feel about the rules?Terrible.

  • What does Dr. Know mainly() tell Molly? Our teachers and parents make rules to help us. He tells us the things Molly can do. He tells us the things people cant do.Tips:

  • reading strategies

  • Welcome to the Wild Animal Zoo. Here are the ticket() prices and rules. Please read them carefully.

    Rules:Dont ride a bike in the zoo.Dont bring your pets into the zoo.Dont get too close() to the animals, or they may hurt you.Dont give food to the animals, or the animals may get sick.Dont drop litter on the ground.Dont smoke in the zoo.Dont take photos of animals.Watch your kids when visiting the zoo.We hope you have a good day!

    February--December January Adults (16& older) $10 $5 Children $6 $4 Children under 3 free free Opening hours: From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

  • 1. Whats the topic sentence of this passage?

    2. What does the underlined word hurt mean? A. B. C. 3. Who follows the rules when visiting the zoo? A. Tom takes a picture of pandas. B. Lucy who gives her food to a monkey. C. Gina watches her kid carefully.4. Mr. Brown and his 13-year-old son will visit the zoo in May. How much will they pay? A. $16 B. $6 C. $15 5. What does the chart mainly show us? A. Ticket prices B. Opening hours C. Both A and B

    Here are the ticket prices and rules.

  • I work in a school library. There are many kinds of books in it. You can read books about English, science, history, music and so on. You can do some reading or borrow books from it. There are some rules, you must follow them. When you read in the library, you have to be quiet. Dont talk loudly or make any noise. You cant listen to music either. You cant take your bag or wet umbrellas into the library. Dont eat or drink in the library. You can borrow books from the library, but you cant lend them to others. You have to take good care of () them and return them on time. If the library books are lost, you have to pay for them. Read the passage and make 3 questions in groups by using the reading strategies. (3)

  • Harvest Time()

  • HomeworkYou mustExchange the exercises we made in class between two groups and finish them. If you canMake suitable rules for our class to make it better. ,

  • Thank you!