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Own a luxury hand-built British Supercar... The UBB Aston Martin DB9 RS LM The UBB Aston Martin DB9 RS LM is the quintessential British sporting supercar. A true thoroughbred with real attitude and those rarest of qualities – power, spirit and beauty. Above all the UBB DB9 RS LM encapsulates the qualities embodied in British engineering and innovation that has captured the hearts of admirers around the world. No other independent car builder has ever done anything on this scale with an Aston Martin… and only five select customers are going to have the opportunity of owning one of these truly amazing tarmac-tearing cars. Power Spirit Beauty

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The UBB Aston Martin DB9 RS LM isthe quintessential British sportingsupercar. A true thoroughbred with realattitude and those rarest of qualities –power, spirit and beauty.

Above all the UBB DB9 RS LMencapsulates the qualities embodied inBritish engineering and innovation that

has captured the hearts of admirersaround the world.

No other independent car builder hasever done anything on this scale withan Aston Martin… and only five selectcustomers are going to have theopportunity of owning one of thesetruly amazing tarmac-tearing cars.

Power Spirit Beauty

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UBB will take the 191mph AstonMartin DB9 and convert it into a super- quick gentleman's express,enabling the owner to enjoythe best of bothworlds.This is the nearestexperience you'll getto driving and owninga real Le Mans racecar… and you candrive it on the freeway.From the front grillethrough to thecurvaceous rearhaunches, the UBB DB9RS LM is a brute of car thatis both contemporary and iconic. Every surface and component iscarefully detailed, using ultra-modern

materials and a combination of hightechnology carbon fibre manufacturing

coupled to traditional craftskills. Right down to the hand-enamelled Aston Martinbadge, true UBBcraftsmanship is always inevidence. Every one of our cars is hand- built in CA and in the UKby a dedicated team ofexperienced racetechnicians. Available inleft or right hand drive. Every detail of the UBBDB9 RS LM is carefully

composed. The unique ‘swan-wing’doors are designed to open outwardsyet upwards, easing access andavoiding high kerbs.

carefully composed...

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Technical perfection is swathed inelegant bodywork, with lines that arefluid, modern and yet classic. Typicallyeverything you would expect fromUBB Supercars. Just like the winningAston Martin DB9 LeMans car, the UBBDB9 RS LM has an ‘allcarbon fibre’ bodywhich is 1800 poundslighter than the standardroad car. Trimmed insidewith real carbon fibredash inserts along with sumptuousleather and Alcantara, this UBB variant

still retains all the DB9 refinement,luxury and creature comforts that thestandard road car has to offer.

Power is nothingwithout control andthe UBB DB9 RS LMis engineered forpoise andpredictability at alltimes, delivering theride of your life.Meticulously

designed brakes andsuspension deliver vital feedback,placing the driver at the very heart ofthe machine.

technical perfection...

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The UBB DB9 RS LM engines arecompletely stripped down and rebuiltwith race cams, allowing the RS LM tored line at 8,400 rpm. Engine power isdramatically increased from thealready gut-wrenching 480 bhp to amassive 750 bhp, Top end Brembobrakes ensure smooth, sensitive andfluid braking.The exhaust has headers and sportscatalytic converters to make them roadlegal with an option of a side exitsystem.The grunt and rumble emitting fromthis race - tuned six litre V12, 48 valveleviathan has to be heard to bebelieved. The roar created at 8500rpmis both ear-splitting and yet beautiful.It’s simply a symphony of automotivesplendour.Race specification pistons, a lightenedcrank and an alloy flywheel with atriple plate race clutch complete thistruly awesome armoury. Six-speedpaddle changes or a manual six-speedshift are offered as an option.Suspension is a double adjustable coil

over system giving the UBB DB9 RSLM ‘race car handling’, whilst alsoeasily enabling normal road driving. Wheels are light weight forged alloy13x19’s specially manufactured for theUBB DB9 RS LM. High-end tyres ateach corner completes the picture. The all - round grip is bothphenomenal and exhilarating!

automotive splendour...

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Aston Martin only made nineteenstandard DB9 RS’s with a stock 550 bhppower plant and they were $650,000each.

The UBB DB9 RS LM has 200 bhp more,is much more affordable… and willmake a good investment in the years tocome. This is a very rare car!

The limited edition UBB Aston MartinDB9 RS LM is now available to order.Delivery is twenty to thirty weeks.

Subtle, yet aggressive. The awesomeUBB Aston Martin DB9 RS LM

The UBB DB9 RS LM is hand-built to order in the UK and USA

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delivering the dream…

If you don't want the jaw-droppingattention you’ll get driving down the

Pacific Coast Highway…...don’t buy this car!

Delivering the dream…

Prices start at $295,000

All UBB DB9 RS LM’s are re-painted beforedelivery and clients can specify their owncolour scheme for an extra $20,000

To enquire about owning a UBB DB9 RS LM please complete our enquiry form at: