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This presentation will show you how to search in twitter. Twitter has own search engine for finding topic related twits. The url of search engine is Anyone can search here they don’t need to have a twitter account. This presentation will also show search technique using parameter. Parameters will help you to find accurate twits. So watch the presentation carefully and employ in your PC.

Transcript of Twitter search with parameter without Sign up

  • Search in twitter by parameter without sign up or login Twitter has a search feature where you could search for twits without signup or login. You could use search parameter to make your search accurate. This presentation will show you few parameter and the results.
  • Write down /search-home in address bar No need for signup or login
  • Here the twitter search engine will appear. Let us type .. twitter search
  • Here twitter will show you twits having words twitter or search or both
  • Lets type last hour Lets type last hourLets type last hour
  • Here are twits having the exact phrase last hour
  • If you type .. Do or Die
  • You will see the twits having the words do or die or both the words
  • Write the phrase like .. Lionel -messi Write the phrase like .. Lionel -MessiWrite the phrase like .. Lionel -Messi
  • You will see twits having the word Lionel but not messi
  • TYPE #support in the search box
  • Twitter will display those twits having the term #support
  • TYPE to:techcrunch
  • All twits that sent to person TechCrunch will be displayed
  • TYPE happy hour near:san francisco
  • Twits having the exact term Happy Hour and sent near the city San Francisco will be displayed
  • TYPE near:houston within:15min
  • All the twits sent within 15 miles of the city Houston will be displayed
  • TYPE superman since:2012-10-23
  • TWITTER showing Twits after 23rd October 2012.
  • Thank you for watching