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1 the Universe May 2014

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Recap of the Tumblr Roadshow in LA on April 24. Carlos Allende and Justin Santos

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  • 1.1 the Universe May 2014

2. The start of our journey 2 Hayes Davis Union Metrics The Numbers ofTumblr The num bers of Hayes Davis CEO, Union M etrics 3. background & functionality 3 4. 4 5. 5 Lets take a closer look 6. 6 It looks different 7. 7 What it is Social Network and blogging platform. David Karp ranking #35 (April 2014) 8. 8 How it works 9. 9 7 different types of posts Post your original videos or from YouTube & Vimeo Post your original tracks or from Spotify & Soundcloud Post your original photos or curate from URLS Control Center: Be a creator or a curator 10. Reblog or Like content & follow other Tumblrs 10 Your Likes are personal & archived on your dashboard Reblogs end up in your feed & followers can see Based on your interests, Tumblr recos bloggers 11. 11 100 Millions Posts per day on Tumblr Roadshow April 2014 12. 12 Engagement is what makes Tumblr great. And 80-90% of those 100 millions posts are reblogs. Tumblr Roadshow April 2014 13. 13 Visuals are key to drive engagement Top 3 post formats: Images Videos and GIFS 14. 14 Nights and Weekends Tumblr Roadshow April 2014 15. 15 David Karp 50% Of posts come from mobile AdWeek May 2014 16. #topics & #trends 16 17. Tumblrs have a sweet tooth cheese banana drinks vegetarian nutella pumpkin bacon fruits pancakes fries sushi donuts 17 chocolate dessert pizza coffee cake ice cream tea breakfast vegan candy cookies Sweets cupcakes http://yearinreview.tumblr.com/ 18. but breakfast cheese banana drinks vegetarian nutella pumpkin bacon fruits pancakes fries sushi donuts 18 chocolate dessert pizza coffee cake ice cream tea breakfast vegan candy cookies Sweets cupcakes BREAKFAST HEALTHY & health are potentially areas whereour clients can join the conversation http://yearinreview.tumblr.com/ 19. Music for the angsty & emo 19 One Direction Pierce the Veil All Time Low Bring Me the Horizon 5 Seconds of Summer Fall Out Boy Sleeping with Sirens Of Mice & Men Paramore My Chemical Romance Marina and the Diamonds Little Mix Fifth Harmony The Beatles Nirvana A Day to Remember The Wanted You Me at Six Arctic Monkeys Green Day Panic! at the Disco The Story So Far Vampire Weekend blink-182 Asking Alexandria http://yearinreview.tumblr.com/ 20. Carlos Arias, you are SO trendy hippie retro menswear floral kfashion goth glasses sunglasses lace pastel goth 20 Most Reblogged in 2013: Fashion & Style Trends hipster grunge indie pale swag pastel rosy girly pastel Boho street style http://yearinreview.tumblr.com/ 21. 21 Topics And of course Pets. 22. 22 Soccer is one of the top topics on Tumblr. Yahoo World Cup campaign 23. 23 Zombies also are popular on Tumblr. 24. 24 Hyundai: The Walking Dead Chop Shop 25. How Brands are using it 25 26. Top sponsored posts were mainly in realms of entertainment & fashion 26 Entertainment: Fashion: 27. 1. 2. hondaloves.tumblr.com projectdrivein.tumblr.com 27 28. Hondas Tumblr uses #StartSomething to have a conversation with owners 28 Comscore Plan Metrix March 2014H 29. The page is also a place to aggregate their social media content 29 30. Tumblr served as an extended portal for Hondas Project Drive-in efforts 30 31. tacobell.tumblr.com 31 32. A quirky brand voice 32 that speaks to its hardcore millennial fans 33. The brand recently used multiple gif posts 33 34. as a storytelling device to feature a product 34 35. 2c on Tumblr from Brands 35 A place to be for millennials. Just build it. Demos not memos. Real-time reaction works bestits a community, create content immediately. Listen & let your fans do work, they reward authenticity. 36. Latinos in #s (numbers, not hashtags) 36 37. 3.3 Million US Latinos are on 37 Comscore Plan Metrix March 2014 38. 53%of US Latino Users are male (52% NH) 38 Comscore Plan Metrix March 2014 39. Latinos Tumblr skew younger than NH 39 26% 25% 51% 29% 20% 23% 23% 46% 26% 27% 18-24 25-34 18-34 35-49 50+ Hispanic Non-Hispanic Comscore Plan Metrix March 2014 40. 57%of US Latino Users have kids (vs 45% NH) 40 Comscore Plan Metrix March 2014 41. #latino #creators & #influencers 41 Searching for 42. WARNING: Searching #LATINA on is NSFW 42 43. You can keep up-to-date with Shakira 43 44. 44 If you look at s Hispanic audience, you see a group of young, bilingual, bicultural people. At home, theyre speaking Spanish and watching novelas with their parents, at school theyre hanging out with friends speaking English. Theyre not Mexican; theyre not American. Theyre this new thing. -Lee Van, CEO, Captura Group http://www.dailydot.com/society/latino-community-tumblr-fashion/ 45. Modernizing a familiar Latino brand 45 We are engaging directly with millennial Hispanics, our target audience. Users' reactions are always one of pleasant surprise, such as Wow! Univision is on , and in English! I used to watch Univision at home with my parents/grandparents. -Nuria Net, Univision Spokesperson http://www.dailydot.com/society/latino-community-tumblr-fashion/ 46. 34K Fashion forward Latinos unite on Style Latino 46 is a platform that really gives Latinos a voice and the opportunity to express themselves. -Adriana Gaspar http://www.stylelatino.com/ 47. A Bicultural relationship, illustrated 47 De tal palo, tal astilla. Cero a la izquierda. Cuando el ro suena es porque piedras trae. venezuelansayings.tumblr.com/ My Venezuelan husband often uses colloquialisms from his culture to describe situations we find ourselves in. These are my illustrations of them. Daisy Patton 48. 48 Theyve elusive. Even if you spend a lot of of time searching for Hispanics on , you might not find them. Theyre busy talking about music, fashion, and other interests instead. Theyre bicultural, experimenting with their identities. And to many users, thats the appeal of . -David Karp http://www.dailydot.com/society/latino-community-tumblr-fashion/ 49. Thanks! 49