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Presentation to the Baltimore Social Media Meetup on Tumblr

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  • 1. Tumblr Redux Jim Keeney, Principal Consultant, FitterWeb Consulting, @FitterWeb Katie Keeney, Tumblr Advocate, blackwidowmaker.tumblr.com Emily Gillis, Wayward Studios, @thealmightym, jikoshia.net

2. Tumblr: Constantly evolving, growing fast 4/11/2014 FitterWeb Consulting, 2014 3. Tumblr: Boring facts to impress you 179.1 million blogs and 81.8 billion posts (as of 4/5/2014) Roughly 300 million unique visitors per month 30% growth rate in 2013 4/11/2014 FitterWeb Consulting, 2014 4. Tumblr is the seventh largest social media platform 4/11/2014 FitterWeb Consulting, 2014 5. And growing fast, Second behind Pinterest 4/11/2014 FitterWeb Consulting, 2014 6. Tumblr demographics Tumblr users 67% under 35 and 39% under 25 56% Female 56% are college educated Tumblr users are younger and smart with a greater proportion of females 4/11/2014 FitterWeb Consulting, 2014 7. Tumblr demographics: Income Bi-modal income distribution Teenagers College grads Future spenders! 4/11/2014 FitterWeb Consulting, 2014 8. Tumblr Culture Tumblr is defined by the medium Microblogging is the belief that there are no experts, that a post is a way to start a conversation Be prepared for high degrees of interaction Comments, Reblogs, Tagging Users are creators and curators Creators are writers, musicians, artists, visual remix artists, analysts and advocates Curators are those that mine the platform for great stuff and reblog, organize and comment It is the platform for participating in the evolution of new media and pop culture trends However, be careful. Tumblr users are staunch defenders of diversity They will detect false promotion They will punish bigotry Be nice, be genuine 4/11/2014 FitterWeb Consulting, 2014 9. Tumblr: The need to know Tumblr is a microblog with 7 different types of posts Text - A text post consists of plain text. Images, hyperlinks, videos, and some HTML- based widgets can be added. The raw HTML of the post can be edited. Photo - A photo post consists of a single image with accompanied by a brief description. Photos can be uploaded from your PC, or you can use the URL of an image already on the web. Quote - . A quote post consists of title text (the quote) and a single line of body text (citing the origin of the quote). Link - A link post consists entirely of a single piece of descriptive text, which is linked to the website or webpage being described. Chat - A chat post is used to share a snippet of conversation. Audio - An audio post consists of a single .mp3 file (be it a music track, podcast etc), which can be played via a Flash music player. Only one audio post is permitted daily. Video - A video post consists of an embedded video, which can be uploaded from your PC, or imported from websites such as YouTube or Vimeo. 4/11/2014 FitterWeb Consulting, 2014 10. Tumblr: Engaging your communities Find and follow others in your community Participate by blogging, reblogging, replying, liking, and tagging Blogging Be consistent in your posting, keep to a clear and understandable narrative Post should generally be short but When creating a post that is long form you can choose to post a shortened version that links back to your blog using a read more link This is a good tactic to drive traffic back to your page Reblogging If you add content to the post when you reblog (comment) your content is carried with the new post But be careful not to spam a post: Make your comment relevant Don't comment if there are already too many comments on the post Your comment shows up in the dashboard of the original poster and the person you reblogged it from 4/11/2014 FitterWeb Consulting, 2014 11. Tumblr: Engaging your communities - cont'd Replying Replying is a way to connect to individuals and show your understanding of the original blog content Replies can only be done on original posts A link to the originator of the post should be at the top of the post. Look for the source link or the users name in the reblog crumbtrail. Stay on topic Liking Is the same as the favorite function on Twitter When you like you show your appreciation and add it to an archive you can review later In setting you can decide whether others should be able to see you favorites You probably want to hide your favorites 4/11/2014 FitterWeb Consulting, 2014 12. Tumblr: Engaging your communities - cont'd Tagging Use #tags just like Twitter The first five tags of your post will be included in the search index Organize all your posts and reblogs by including tags Remember to come up with a tag for you and include it in all of your posts to make it easy for users to find your content (#BaltSocMedia) You can include links on your blog to all the posts that you have tagged with a certain tag Say you are an expert in Social Media you might want to have a tag for Facebook, Twitter, etc. Then you can have links to each (.tumblr.com/tagged/) You tag in the Hashtag bar, separate tags with commas You can comment in the tags and it will not show up in subsequent reblogs (but will show on your follower's dashboard) 4/11/2014 FitterWeb Consulting, 2014 13. Tumblr: Tips and Tricks Xkit is a user application for Tumblr that massively improves the ease of use and accessibility of Tumblr. It's composed of smaller extensions such as: Time stamps: see time stamps for posts on your dash Enhanced Queue: shuffle, mass delete, and rearrange posts easily in the queue One-Click Posting: creates a simple hover box that allows you to post straight from the dashboard Reblog yourself Bookmarker/Archive: creates an easy catalog of posts you can always access Limit people/Shorten posts: create a shorter dashboard by freeing up clutter Tumblr Savior (blacklist function) Create a list of tags, usernames, and words that are black listed from your dashboard If you can't see it you won't post it However, there is a setting that you can use that will block it but a placeholder will show in your dashboard that if you click on it you can then see what was blocked. 4/11/2014 FitterWeb Consulting, 2014 14. Resources The follow Bit.ly bundle contain articles and websites that I used when researching this presentation: http://bitly.com/bundles/keeneyhome/39 Contact Jim Keeney: [email protected] 4/11/2014 FitterWeb Consulting, 2014