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New presentation on how filmmakers might approach transmedia storytelling and why it's important to them

Transcript of Transmedia Storytelling for Filmmakers (2.0)

  • Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away
  • Taking the audience on an emotional journey beyond the movie A journey that goes from moment moment in someones life to
  • Robert Pratten CEO & Founder, Transmedia Storyteller Ltd
  • The film business is dead. Long live filmmaking.
  • The Internet and Mobile Revolution
  • The audience has moved on
  • Zack Braff Rob Thomas Spike Lee
  • 24
  • Incit
  • Good App Store Revenue Official site YouTube Poor piracy Poor Good Spread, Attention and Credibility
  • 44
  • FEEL Gaming Role-playing Moral dilemmas, meaningful choices Role-play, provide building blocks Observing Exploring Reflection, consideration Exploring, discovering THINK DO What will the audience do? How will they be engaged?
  • FEEL Gaming Psychophol experience Observing Role Playing Wastelander experience Tarot Cards Exploring Web Series THINK DO
  • Producer (Jonathan Sothcott) Transmedia Producer (Robert Pratten) Graphic Design & Branding (BTL Brands) Feature Script (Simon Cluett) Psychophol Wastelander Tarot Cards Web Series (Cassi) (Berta) (Tara) (Robert)
  • Marketing budget = $0 Production budget = $500 Total Net Kindle Revenue (2011) = $1748 Total shipments on Kindle Jan 1st to Dec 31st 2011 = 972 (retail price at $2.94) Number of people connecting to Lauren Ortega on email = 83 = 9% of total sales Video views of Episode 1 (Jan 1st to Dec 31st 2011) = 4727
  • Nb: video views used as simple proxy for trend of social media activity. Wasnt the sole activity also included email, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • Tipping point