Training Survival Kit 1 (Instructions and FAQs)

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Transcript of Training Survival Kit 1 (Instructions and FAQs)

Zeng Daria 09158710008 / 09228237468 kriezeldaria (Skype ID) [email protected] RareJob Philippines, Inc.

Primary Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions


Please complete this profile and send to my chatbox 10 minutes before your session:1. FULLNAME: 2. RAREJOB TUTOR ID NUMBER (you can see this when you log-in to 3. RAREJOB-REGISTERED NICKNAME: 4. CAMPUS: 5. COURSE: 6. YEAR LEVEL: 7. RAREJOB-REGISTERED E-MAIL ADDRESS: 8. MOBILE NUMBER: 9. RAREJOB-REGISTERED SKYPE ACCOUNT ID: 10a. INTERNET CONNECTIVITY (Home/ Internet Cafe/ RareJob Center): 10b. If home, what is the connection? (PLDT/ BayanTel/ SmartBro/ Digitel, etc.): 11. TUTOR WHO REFERRED YOU TO RAREJOB, if any:

HOUSE RULES ON TRAINING DAY1. Please come on time.2. No eating while on training. You may drink as that is a common practice of RareJob tutors. [FYI: You may be speaking for at max 5 hours nonstop (this has happened!) with Japanese students if you get accepted and start tutoring.] 3. No distractions, interruptions and multitasking please. You may answer text messages after the training. If someone's knocking at your door, you may excuse yourself but just for some seconds. No FB-ing, Friendster-ing (may nagfeFriendster pa ba ngayon?), Plurk-ing, Twitter-ing, Tumblr-ing or other SNS-ing. You may do this before and after the training hours. 4. Coaching is not permissible.

Speed Testing 2 minutes before the training starts, please accomplish this task: 1. Go to 2. Click Begin Test and wait for the test to complete. 3. Then click "COPY DIRECT LINK". 4. Send to me the link in Skype chat box. 5. Repeat steps 1-4 thrice. This is to check your connections stability.

URLsMock Lesson 1 Mock Lesson 2 (Article) /the-mobile-phone-throwing-world-championships531337

Sound Quality CheckCheck your audio settings prior to the session. You can do so by calling ECHO 123 in Skype.


1. How long will the training be?

2 hours maximum.

2. What flow will be followed?A B CD


Brief Interview (15mins) Criteria and FAQs PDF Discussion (30mins) Mock Lesson 01 RJ Grammar Lesson 22 (20mins) ML1 Evaluation (10minutes) Mock Lesson 02 RJ Self-Intro Material + ArticleDiscussion (20mins) ML2 Evaluation (10mins) Final Reminders (15mins)

3. Is re-scheduling possible? How? Yes. Only when the reason is valid. You onlyhave one

(1) rescheduling chance.

Text me strictly the day before your schedule. My contact details are in the first page of this file. I will not acknowledge messages without identification. Include your nickname in all your messages.

4. What if the connection is not good during the training?

If the line is intolerable, we shall reschedule. We shall try to find out whose line has problems and if it happens to be yours, that will be deducted on your rescheduling chances.

5. What minimum speed is needed to have a good Skype connection? How can I improve my connection speed?

You need at least 300kbps to have a good Skype line. Refrain from having heavy sites opened (eg. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc) as they may affect the connection.

6. Is webcam necessary for the training? For the actual tutorials?

No for both.

7. Do I need to learn Japanese for this job?

No. But having a background on the Japanese culture, language and people would be very helpful.

8. Is it true that RareJob only accepts UP students? Are you from UP?

Yes for both.

9. How do you get students?

You open your schedules; students choose the slot they prefer.

10. How do you know which materials to give to the students?

You will be able to see previous tutor notes about the student when you click his/her name in your scheduler. The notes will contain info about the student (materials being studied, level, etc.)

11. What if it is the first ever time of the student in RareJob? What material should I use?

Self Intro Material. The self-intro material is given only once in a students career in RareJob the first trial lesson.

12. Please tell me more about the trial lesson. Can you show an example of tutor notes?

The students are allowed to take 2 free lessons before they actually join and pay in RareJob. Thus it is the tutors role to encourage them by providing a good Self Introduction Lesson. Example of tutor notes: (refer to next slide)

12. Can you show an example of tutor notes?

13. How many minutes/hours per lesson?

1 slot = 1 student = 25 minutes Sometimes the student can book 2-4 slots consecutively or not. It depends on how much they pay.

14. Can I go on a break? After every 25 minutes, you are entitled to a 5-minute break. For 2 consecutive lessons, you have the choice to conduct a continuous 50-min class and have a bonggang 10-min break after or divide it into two 25-min classes and have a 5-min break after each half.

15. What if the student is not online? Wait for 10 minutes. After that, you just mark him/her absent in the notes and have a bonggang paid rest.

16. How many slots can I open? Maximum of 8 slots per night Mon-Sun (equivalent to 4 hrs = part-time job) You may choose 4 hrs from this schedule: 7pm-12mn (eg. 7-11pm, 8-12mn, 7-9pm then 10-12mn, etc) You may open only 1 slot if you want (flexitime) You may not open any slots for 1 whole month if you want (flexitime). But remember, after 1 whole month of not teaching, you will undergo re-training.

17. Do you have morning schedule? Yes we do but during weekends only. You may open 3 hrs max from 8am-11am Sat-Sun. And then you may also open another 4 hrs at night. Therefore, during weekends, you can work for 7 hrs max.

18. What will happen when Im late or I cancelled my slots? These questions shall be answered during your job orientation, which you will take after passing the training.

19. When and how will I know if I passed the training? After the session, I will tell you if you did pass it.

20. I dont know how to conduct the grammar lesson. Read the pattern and sentence. Skip the objectives. Conduct all the exercises including the previous lessons review. Do not skip parts. Just follow the pattern of the material and make sure to provide a fun class for your student.

21. I dont know how to conduct the article discussion.Suggested Flow of ArticleDiscussion: 1. Provide the URL of the material. 2. Articlereading (the student reads it aloud; so you can check his/her pronunciation) 3. Vocabulary definition 4. Reading comprehension questions to know whether the student understood the article 5. Asking questions for appreciation asking the student's opinion or insights related to the article.

22. I dont know how to conduct the self introduction lesson. Be spontaneous. Avoid following The Script (Hello! Welcome to RareJob English Lesson! My name is _____. Thank you for having a lesson in RareJob!) Gasgas na siya masyado. So please be creative. You are advised to paraphrase. Since this is the first lesson of the student, make sure that you give a fun, remarkable and unforgettable class for him/her.

Be able to ask the 7 necessary questions:1. occupation 2. hobbies 3. introduction to rarejob 4. english test 5. how long studying 6. purpose for studying 7. topics to study

23. When do we use the san, -chan, etc?These are suffixes added to the names of the persons to show politeness. -chan = when your student is a kid or younger than you -san = means Mister or Miss; used for both males and females, to people same age as you or older -sensei = means Teacher; your students may call you this Remember: Never address yourself with a san or sensei. Thats impolite.

If you have questions that werent included here, please address them to me during the criteria and tips discussion.