TMC Shopper Marketing Trends 2015

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Transcript of TMC Shopper Marketing Trends 2015


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  • TOP 10 Shopper Marketing Trends

    Wal-Mart accounts for 8% of US retail sale

    Tesco 13% of UK sales. Both 30% grocery sales in

    domesAc markets

    1. Retail globaliza.on and concentra.on process will con.nue

  • TOP 10 Shopper Marketing Trends

    The ght will be at the POS according to Nielsen

    2. Private labels will con.nue to be a major threat to FMCG

    Over 30% in developed naAons

    16% global

    SAll below 7% in LaAn America

  • TOP 10 Shopper Marketing Trends

    3. ROPO: Research online, purchase oine

    49% of Consumers Surveyed Say Smartphones Have Changed the Way They Shop;

    88% Use the Internet to Research Online, Purchase Oine (ROPO). This behavior is seen in 9 out of 10 people in 11 of 12 countries

    Inuence of Social Media Highest in China

    Source: DigitasLBi Global Survey 12 markets in 2014.

  • Depending on the category, between 30% and 80% of FINAL purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale (POPAI Consumer Buying Habits Study 2014).

    These are rates are constantly growing as a consequence of acAve life style, in store promoAons and amount of opAons available.

    TOP 10 Shopper Marketing Trends

    4. Purchasing decisions at POS are growing in relevance

  • The rise of Breakfast, growing in relevance vs other meals

    Higher relevance of smaller and more convenient formats for immediate and on the go consumpAon

    Higher relevance of availability, product exhibiAon, temperature, in-store locaAon of the freezer and customer saAsfacAon.

    TOP 10 Shopper Marketing Trends

    5. Increase frequency of Out of Home Consump.on

  • TOP 10 Shopper Marketing Trends

    6. Convenience is KING: smaller, cold and ready to drink!

    Source: TMC USA 2014.

    Increased relevance of Channel / Account Strategy and Plans

    Reinforced strategic role of Minimarkets and C-Stores

  • Growing health and wellness awareness: natural, high quality produce and fresh food and drinks are now one of the most important determining factors in what and where shoppers buy.

    Retailers will dedicate higher space for water, natural juice and tea. Longer Ame spent in this secAon.

    Increase in the number of retailers oering Natural Juice freshly made at the moment or during the day with private label.

    TOP 10 Shopper Marketing Trends

    7. Healthier and price shoppers

  • Internet and Social networks have changed the way people shop with friends

    The group-buying experience that started with Groupon has evolved from simply beher prices to a more conscious, opinion based and friendly experience. Sharing opinions about products and services is now a criAcal inuencing factor to make a purchase decision

    TOP 10 Shopper Marketing Trends

    8. Shoppers in a Social Commerce

  • TOP 10 Shopper Marketing Trends

    9. BIG DATA will con.nue to drive BIG CHALLENGES

    No doubt that amount of informaAon about shopper habits, behaviour and paherns will conAnue growing in the following years

    Generate relevant insights to drive beher products and services is the challenge for the consumer industry and retailers

    Shoppers will conAnue sharing their informaAon if they are able to perceive the benets in return.

  • Trade and Shopper MarkeAng spend conAnues to increase as % of total markeAng budget.

    o In USA it already represents between 50-60% of total markeAng budget of top 10 Consumer Good industries.

    o LaAn America is sAll behind (between 40-50% of total markeAng budget) but growing fast.

    TOP 10 Shopper Marketing Trends

    10. Trade and Shopper Spend will con.nue growing

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