Tidy Towns Notice Nature Award Lorraine Power/Billy Flynn Flynn, Furney Environmental Consultants

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Transcript of Tidy Towns Notice Nature Award Lorraine Power/Billy Flynn Flynn, Furney Environmental Consultants

  • Tidy TownsNotice Nature AwardLorraine Power/Billy Flynn Flynn, Furney Environmental Consultants

  • Tidy Towns CompetitionIrelands longest running env project Specifically rewards groups & areas that relate their work & area to wider living environment

  • Tidy Towns Competition Represents a chance for environmental well-being to be assessed & celebratedHighly supported by local authorities and & other bodies

  • Notice Nature CampaignIrelands NN campaign aims to: 1. raise awareness of importance of biodiversity2. encourage everyone to play their partConvention on Biological DiversityEU goal - halt loss of biodiversity by 2010

  • TT Notice Nature AwardBiodiversity AwardSeparate applic, in TT packTotal prize fund 8,000 7 regional prizes of 1,000, overall prize of 1,000Get credit if you are doing it anyway!Its all connected - lets help protect it!

  • What is Award for?Reward communities making efforts to: 1. Ensure protection of nature 2. Create new areas for nature 3. Enhance whats already there 4. Raise public awareness of nature

  • What is Biodiversity? The total number of different living things in a given areaWont it always be here?What use is it anyway?

  • Some of the 'Services' provided by BiodiversityClean FoodClean AirClean WaterMedicinesMaterialsLandscapesInspirationRecreation

  • What Projects Can You Enter?1. Protection of biodiversity sensitive area (e.g. woodland/hedgerow)2. Enhancement of biodiversity areas3. Dev. of new area of biodiversity importance4. Communicating importance of biodiversity issues

  • First, can you find out whats there?Surveys often recommended Allows for baseline dataAlerts you to anything really good (or bad!)Helps to plan work, set prioritiesLets you understand the area betterEssential for interpretation

  • Wildlife Begins with PlantsThink wild and go native Colourful annuals often of little use Lots of resources out thereGarden centres are now as good a place as any to ask.

  • Native Trees and Shrubs are BestChoose locally suitable species- whats there already? Think long-termKeep other areas in mindAvoid invasive aliens

  • Such asRhododendronCherry LaurelBambooFuschiaBox privet

  • Grasslands and WildflowersMany options out thereChoose only suitable for area, experiment if space Can look messy at firstResults can be spectacular

  • Be bird-brainedOf around 200 birds studied over the last decade, 25 are on the so-called Red List.Less than half are Green-listed

  • Theres much we can doProtect habitat when you can. Its key.Leave space in your places and plansStep in and lend a hand when you can

  • You can:Put up and maintain feedersPlan, place and take care of nesting boxesKeep track

  • Remember that: We are trying to keep a balanceRear and release schemes not always bestAllowing native species to become established is better

  • WaterTeems with life when healthyCan greatly add to the diversity of an areaBroadens scope for types of species

  • Water Features can be createdSurvey importantAlways seek as much information as possible on this

  • Mammals Much fewer species of mammals than other groupsVery vulnerable to many pressuresDevelopment is biggest threat

  • Room for Wildlife in a Busy Area?

  • Dont forget the flying mammals..!All bat species in Ireland are protectedAll are potentially vulnerableAre very difficult to survey More popular than you might think!

  • Where do you go to get information?

  • Where to get helpYour local conservation ranger (National Parks and Wildlife Service) www.npws.ieYour local authority Environmental Awareness Officer Your County Heritage OfficerHeritage Council - Conserving & Enhancing Wildlife in Towns & Villages

  • Where to get helpTT handbook - Wildlife & Natural AmenitiesBirdwatch Ireland www.birdwatchireland.ieIrish Wildlife Trust www.iwt.ieAn Taisce www.antaisce.org

  • Helpful Web Siteswww.noticenature.ie www.greenwave.iewww.irishwildflowers.ie - identify wild flowers by month & colourwww.wildflowers.ie - useful site for creating & maintaining wildflower meadows & gardenswww.biology.ie - great website on general Irish wildlife & lots of interactive surveys

  • And then tell the world!Spread of information is very importantModesty doesnt get you pointsDont be afraid to have high hopes for the environment.

  • Thank YouLorraine Power/Billy Flynn Flynn, Furney Environmental Consultants [email protected]