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  • 1flo | van

    One main point of advertising/ interaction with the company would be the business van used for call-outs and maintenance. It needed to be eye catching and show its difference from the rest. Hence, the coloured back and illustrated bottom half.

    flo | website

    Flo on the web would be the main interaction point for people who use it, using the idea of everything flows smoothly to design the website was essential. Using a simple layout and eye catching graphics to guide your eyes for quickly doing what you need to do.

    OUGD601 Adam GarbuttContext of Practice 3: Practical Synthesis

  • 2

    Context of Practice 3 (Practical):Flynn and the Marvellous Star

    Concept and synthesis:

    Flynn and the Marvelous star is a retelling of Cinderella, the key changes to it being the removal of seventeenth century aristocratic values, which I identified in my critical writing, and removing this bias which is detrimental to the working class.

    This is achieved by replacing the setting, characters and the end moral, in order to erase these values. But at the same time keeping the narrative and appropriating it to teach children that happiness doesnt just come from being passive - waiting on Prince Charming - but from being an active individual.

    OUGD601 Adam GarbuttContext of Practice 3: Practical Synthesis

  • 3Flynn and the Marvellous Star:Breakdown


    Although the interactivity in the book is limited, its purpose is to further the story and for it to be more engaging for children. As my target audience is 3-5 year olds it allows them to act out the story with the book without having to read the words.


    Yellow and purple were used, as they are colours associated with space, while at the same time they are gender neutral, both the boy and girl characters are the same to establish that colours are just colours, and not blue for boys and pink for girls.


    The narrative of revolves around a gift from an uncle, given to Flynn and his siblings to share. However, they have other plans and want to keep it from Flynn. He finds them outside one night using it, and he spots a new star, however they do not see the bigger picture while looking into the telescope. Flynn gives him self away and they put him under the stairs while they attempt to claim the star for themselves. Flynn escapes and takes the reporter to see for her self, wanting the star for everyone to share.

    OUGD601 Adam GarbuttContext of Practice 3: Practical Synthesis

  • 4

    Flynn Vs. Cinderella:

    Character Parrellels

    Each character was representative of the characters in the story of Cinderella, the siblings been the evil step sisters, Flynn being the Cinderella character whose oppressed by her siblings. The reporter is reflective of Prince Charming, however it is through Flynns act of spotting the star, which brings the reporter and not an act of the reporter bringing Flynn. This is the critical difference.

    Flynn and the Marvellous Star:Written element:


    The story uses rhymes to allow the story to flow easy and to entertain. Although it doesnt overly make use of rhymes, its purpose is simply for engagement, getting children to want to hear the words again and repeat the moral of the story.


    As well as that, the presentation of the writing had to flow well with the illustrations to allow for it to not be noticeably jarring. The use of waves allowed for the writing to follow through page after page while being unnoticeably separate from them.

    OUGD601 Adam GarbuttContext of Practice 3: Practical Synthesis

  • 5OUGD601 Adam GarbuttContext of Practice 3: Practical Synthesis

    Flynn and the Marvellous Star:Character Design


    For the characters in the story, the boys have rounded heads while the girls have pointed heads. The purpose of this was for easy identification, but at the same time without giving any symbolism in the process. For example: Blue for boys. Because the character designs are simple, it required that they are easily distinguishable like this. As well as the head shape, the hairline was also critical in playing its part.


    Because how of the heads are designed, the rest of the bodies didnt need any identification, which allows me to use the same bodies for everyone, only changing height and size to fit the character. This approach proved to be incredibly beneficial and flexible in terms of posing and expressions, allowing me to quickly put together varying character designs. As well as that, the characters didnt hold any influence in regards to what boys should and shouldnt wear, because everyone is equal.

    As well as that, the aesthetic was also very flexible, using similar rules to how the characters are created, yellow for the base and purple for detail, it was easy to create props and other things out of it.

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