The Unobserved, Street photography

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The Unobserved Jim Read Jim Read Street photography Street photography

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  1. 1. The Unobserved Jim ReadJim Read Street photographyStreet photography
  2. 2. I was consciously walking past older people. Every one else walks past as well, they are not noticed and they know it.
  3. 3. I realised with a bit of a jolt that I was old too. Something Id not thought of before and the term The Unobserved came to mind.
  4. 4. I was spotted as I made these images and I stopped and explained why, the words 'unobserved', 'stoic' and 'unposed' turned wariness into support and words similar to, "We might moan but we just get on with it" came across many times.
  5. 5. The images were made in towns and cities in the east midlands area of the UK. Thanks for looking