Street Photography by: Heidi Wall. Twilight Times ‘London street photography’

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Street Photography by: Heidi Wall

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Transcript of Street Photography by: Heidi Wall. Twilight Times ‘London street photography’

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  • Street Photography by: Heidi Wall
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  • Twilight Times London street photography
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  • Still Searching London street photography
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  • Street Photography is a free and open-ended sort of photography. It can vary, depending on the style of the photographer. It can be used for journalism. It is also an art form. A street photographer captures a moment in time, whether he/she is photographing a bustling city corner or a man walking down an alleyway. There are no rules or limits to street photography and there is no certain way to do it. However there are photographers who have natural talent for capturing a scene on a street. Many of the more famous photos are in black and white, but still this is not a rule. A lot of times, street photography involves getting close to people. It helps to be in the scene when photographing. Places that are crowded like big cities, carnivals, midways work well for this type of photography.
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  • "In photography, creation is a quick business an instant, a gush, a response putting the camera up to the eye's line of fire, snatching with that economical little box whatever it was that surprised you, catching it in midair, without tricks, without letting it get away. You make a painting at the same time that you take a photo." Henri Cartier-Bresson
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  • Brick Lane, London
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  • The Photography of James Lomax
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  • There are problematic concerns associated with candid or street photography. Theres a sociological and psychological culture of surveillance, a widespread awareness that any image can end up on the internet and another point relatively few people understand photographic culture. -James Lomax, Photographer
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  • Nowadays, people are a lot more worried about their pictures being spread all over the internet then they used to be. A man named Ken Livingston tried to make public photography illegal in London about two years ago. He gave up when their were protests from the photography community. Photographers in New York City organized a mass protest in the subway against recent problems with security. Security admitted they had no legal right to ban subway photography and the photographers won the battle.
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  • Street Photography in India
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  • Sources Pictures: First picture London street photography photography/ photography/ Woman on steps Brick Lane, London James Lomax Photos India Street Photography http://cache2.asset- E63EC8C14F52C463F3E97FE37E98664F58D2B5DABDA2F897E30A760B0D811297http://cache2.asset- E63EC8C14F52C463F3E97FE37E98664F58D2B5DABDA2F897E30A760B0D811297 g g Information: