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The Risk Wallet Survival Kit This is a really good idea for people who want to have a solid but minimalist pocket-sized survival kit but don't want to carry around "Tins" as well as Otter and Pelican Boxes on their person aThe Flexible Weapon First of all, I have to say something very important. There is nothing that I can type out here that will convince someone who thinks Flexible Weapons are nonsense. So, any critic can pick this apart and call it nonsense. Also, there is nothing I can type and no drawing I can modify or picture I can take that can compare with the video material available from James Keating and Comtech. If you are serious about this stuff, purchase the material. I am not going to get involved in debates about "overpriced" videotapes or anything like that. The material is what it is. Period. The material is excellent. In a world where an adult has to pay almost $10.00 to see a movie in a theater, the logical human being would think that $40.00 to $55.00 for an hour of video material, something that if you actually get off the couch and apply could be yours for a lifetime. Something that could save your life. Its priceless. If you go see some movie with a hot chick in it, you are never going to have her, youre spending your money to go think about having something you never will. If you fancy yourself Jackie Chan, know that you are never going to be him. People spend money on that. I have actually watched people on Internet Discussion Forums condemn a James Keating or a Kelly Worden for the price of their instructional materials, and then they do a movie review on some movie. Its your money, do what you want. However, dont come back and complain about prices for something that will actually TEACH you something instead of merely being mindless entertainment. Now, that is out of the way. Here comes the shameless plug for a company/"school" that is not my employer, but he is my friend. Comtech. Get the Bandana Tapes, get "The Legacy of Steel" tapes. I think they are simply excellent. They are going to give you more than this article ever could. Im just giving you some random ideas in these articles along with nuggets of gold. You click on my site, you take a pan in your hand. You stick it in the water, come up with some stuff and you sift through to find a nugget of gold. Thats the way I look at it anyway..."The Legacy of Steel" tapes are not necessarily "instructional," it is a two-tape series on Keatings Riddle of Steel Seminars. An "Insiders Look." Yet, there are some truly spectacular moments on film and part of it IS instructional in nature.

The Legacy of Steel, and some cloth too In these two tapes, you are going to see some sneaky Bladecraft, and you are going to see some of the best Western Bladecraft ever, including The Deadly Backcut. That is not the focus now, however... You are going to see Robert Langford, Comtech Instructor, teach some Bandana. And you are going to see;#1 The Lowline Blowout.#2 If the Blowout fails, going inside and outside.#3 Then against an attacker in reverse grip, inside and outside.#4 Using the Bandana as a distraction/flail. A great package, you get alot of material. In the "Bandana Tapes," there is also alot of important information. Information that goes beyond the Bandana Vs. Knife material. The Lethal Art of Compartmentalization Keating once said in an Issue of The Comtech Excellerator (If I remember correctly)..."Dont judge the world by your own shitty standards..."Well, some may take offense at that. Some may sit and twiddle their thumbs and ignore realities and ignore things that can save their life. Or the life of a loved one. Dont be arrogant or ignorant. Open your eyes...break out of the box that so many people wish for you to remain inside. Compartmentalization is lethal to YOU. You put yourself in Houdinis Box, you better be Harry Houdini. The Reality I have watched people in various discussions truly believe that their empty hand skills are going to save the day against sharpened pieces of steel in the street. I have seen some of the same people say, "A Bandana? Are you stupid?" No, some of us are not stupid, because we can think outside of a box. Its not just a Bandana. Its a concept. A Scenario (#1) Youre late for work, you work at night like I do. You walk outside to the car and you notice that one tire is so low, you are not going to make it to work without some air. There is a gas station down the street...You hop in the car, warm it up a bit, and youre off! You are going

down the street and you make the turn onto the main road, and you see the gas station sign. You pull in. You hop out of the car, youre digging for change (Air is not "free" where I live, you have to pay for it, its not a "service" provided by a gas station anymore for free). You find your fifty-cents. You place it in the machine and you pick up the hose and you go down to one knee beside the tire. The thing is bent and screwed up where some people have ran over it, etc., youre having a hard time getting the air in the tire. You see all sorts of headlights going all over the place. That is normal. High traffic area...In a flash, you see a pair of tennis shoes coming around the back of your come up on your feet, the guy is rushing you and he is almost around the car, he puts his palm on the car to make it around faster, for some traction...Youre up, you have the hose and the assembly on the end that is a bit heavier, you have it in both hands. He swipes at you with a carpet knife, and you redirect it past you and you slap him on the right side of the face with the heavy metal end and he stumbles to the side and the carpet knife he was carrying clatters on the blacktop. You then take another shot and come back at him, back-handed and hit him on the opposite side of the head, then do a circular, looping action and you come straight up into his groin. Get in the car and leave... Now, some would say, "Why didnt you see them coming? Jeff Coopers Color Code dontcha know..."Yeah, bullshit too, O.K.? Lets get in the REAL WORLD for a moment where people work for a living, their kids get sick, they get late for work, they have flat know? Sometimes, everything goes wrong. I really dont care who you are, at one time or another in your life, you are going to have your head up your ass not paying attention or, the other guy is going to be very skilled at what HE does for a living. If you can walk out of your Mothers Funeral and still be aware of everything around you, in your grief, youre a far better "Tactical Guy" than I am. Sometimes, you are confronted with people that know how to hide, and hide their actions...very well. Sometimes, no matter how vigilant you are, you will miss something. Anything can happen. What I try to impress on people is, a concept. If you put a Bandana in someones hands and you say, "Lets work through some of this material." Some people will say, "Im never going to carry a Bandana..." Or you will put a belt in someones hands and they will say, "Im never going to have a belt, Im not going to remove my belt..." Or, "I dont wear a belt."

If you have open eyes, wear your pants so they fit in such a way that you do not need the belt. The belt can teach you things, the Bandana can teach you things. They are similar, yet, very different. Scenario #2 "Yeah, well, I need a tow truck at the 3700 Block of Crescent Street..."So, youre on a payphone. I dont own a Cell Phone, so again, lets get in the REAL WORLD where not everyone is the same. In any event, what if your Cell Phone does not work, might have to use a payphone, right? Simple. Youre on the phone and a man walks up, youre on hold with a Towing Company, and the guy starts asking you for change. "I used all I had for this phone call, sorry man..." And then he asks, "Well, what about a dollar, huh? Can I have a dollar?" "No man, sorry...I dont have anymore money..."Then the guy gets pissed and he shoves you...and youre like, "Back off asshole...back off..." And you kick him square in the groin...he doubles up and goes to the cement. You see him reach in his pocket, he is curled up but he is reaching, and you see the flash of a knife. You yank the phone receiver free from the phone and using it, you start whipping his knife hand and head with it. You basically have what many people call a Speedo. A Speedo is a speedometer cable, usually worn through the belt loops. A vicious streetfighting weapon with a bad to the bone reputation. Then you just stomp on the arm that would slash you and you break it and run like hell. Simple, right? Critic Suppression O.K., I can hear some groans now. "Youre going to destroy a payphone?" Yeah, you better believe I would if my life depended on it, or if I thought for a moment that I could have a greater degree of safety by doing so. "You cant tear one of those receivers free...come on..." Do you know how many times I have stopped to use a payphone and I found one without a receiver? Sometimes, you see them lying a few feet away as well. Pissed off boyfriends and vandals often do this. Have you ever looked at one? The end of the metal, flexible housing that the wires are encased in, when ripped free, on every one I have ever seen, has left a very sharp piece unraveled. It would tear someone to shreds if used with force. The receiver is designed to be held by the human hand, it is a good handle. You have a vicious steel whip in your hand that has a sharp "popper" on the

end. Or, you could take your chances and grab it by that end and beat the attacker with the heavier end, the receiver. could use it in both of your hands, and the receiver hanging off one end to strike with as well. Use your imagination. Think outside the box. Simple Math So, the Bandana or Belt can become an airhose or a metal phone cord, right? It makes no sense in scenario #1 to drop an improvised weapon [the airhose] in order to draw a weapon, no matte