The Great Russian poets

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The Great Russian poets. “In Russia the poet is more than a poet” Evgeniy Evtushenko. The Golden Age. The Silver Age. Answer the questions. 1. When was the Golden Age? 2. When was the Silver Age? 3. What poets of the Silver Age do you know?. Anna Ahmatova. Every evening I receive - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • The Great Russian poets

    In Russia the poet is more than a poetEvgeniy Evtushenko

  • The Golden Age

  • The Silver Age

  • Answer the questions1. When was the Golden Age?2. When was the Silver Age?3. What poets of the Silver Age do you know?

  • Anna AhmatovaEvery evening I receiveA letter like a brideTo my friend I giveResponse late at night."I'll be guest of the white deathOn my journey down.You, my tender one, don't doHarm to anyone."And there stands a giant starBetween two wood beams,With such calmness promisingTo fulfil your dreams.

  • A bride - Responce -My tender one . To harm - Giant - Beam - Calmness -To fulfil

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  • Who is the auther?I like it that you're burning not for me, I like it that it's not for you I'm burning And that the heavy sphere of Planet Earth Will underneath our feet no more be turning The blizzards covered up the earth And roamed uncurbed The candle burned upon the desk The candle burned

  • Find the true answer

  • Nikolay Gumilev