The Essential Kitchen Tools

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A handy guide for a well equipped kitchen! RADA CUTLERY’S GUIDE TO THE ESSENTIAL KITCHEN TOOLS

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The ultimate essential kitchen tools guide. Make your kitchen equip to handle any dish you wish to create. From paring and butcher knives to cutting boards and can openers, Rada has you covered with all the kitchen essentials.

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A handy guide for a well equipped kitchen!



Page 2: The Essential Kitchen Tools

Three Sizes of Paring Knives

Needed for peeling, paring, chopping, dicing and slicing fruits and vegetables as well as meats.

Rada Paring Knives Link

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Vegetable Peeler

A vegetable peeler is a must in any kitchen! You have to serve vegetables and fruits (even if your kids aren't into them), and a vegetable peeler makes them easy to prepare.

Rada Vegetable Peeler Link

Page 4: The Essential Kitchen Tools

Spatula or Turnover

Turnovers are ideal for flipping burgers or eggs. A spatula is perfect for slipping cookies and bars from the pan.

Rada Spatulas Link

Page 5: The Essential Kitchen Tools

Measuring Spoons &


You'll definitely want some good measuring spoons and cups if you're planning on doing some baking. Get accurate measurements for your recipes and you'll have smooth-sailing.

Page 6: The Essential Kitchen Tools

High-Heat Scraper &

Plastic Bowl Scraper

High-Heat Scrapers are often confused with spatulas. They're the rubber utensils that are used to scrape dough from mixing bowls. Plastic bowl scrapers are excellent for scraping unwanted excess from your pan, especially before washing.

Rada Pan Scraper Link

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Cook’s Spoon

A cook's spoon is necessary in the kitchen to mix up veggies and for browning meats on the stove. Have at least one with holes--these make it easier to drain juices and water from your dish.

Rada Cook’s Spoon Link

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If you're planning on making soups and stews, gravies and sauces, or hot chocolate and ciders, you'll want a good ladle to do the job. The Rada brand soup ladle won’t scratch your pan!

Rada Soup Ladle

Page 9: The Essential Kitchen Tools

Plastic Cutting Board

Plastic cutting boards are more durable and safe than wooden ones. Wooden cutting boards can harbor bad bacteria and is difficult wash out. Plastic cutting boards are easier to wash and safe. Plus, they're flexible!

Rada Cutting Boards

Page 10: The Essential Kitchen Tools

Can Opener

Whether hand-held or electric, anything's okay as long as you can get the food out of the can!

Page 11: The Essential Kitchen Tools

Handi-Stir or Whisk

With a Handi-Stir, you're able to mix up things like gravy, Jello, batters and sauces. Make sure to add one to your kitchen. The Rada Cutlery Handi-Stir features the perfect angle of the head so you get superior mixing.

Rada Handi-Stir

Page 12: The Essential Kitchen Tools

Chef's Knife

A Chef's Knife is used for mincing, slicing, and chopping vegetables, slicing meat, and disjointing large cuts.

Rada Chef Knives

Page 13: The Essential Kitchen Tools

Heavy-Duty Mixer & Bowls

If you're planning on making some sweets or cakes, you will need a good quality mixer and mixing bowls. It's worth the investment to get one that will last a long time and endure heavy mixing.

Page 14: The Essential Kitchen Tools

Knife Storage

How you store your knives might be making them dull. A knife block not only prevents dulling it keeps them handy too.

Rada Oak Blocks

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