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Essential Kitchen Equipment Before we begin Click to play Essential Questions What kitchen equipment did you see in this video?
Why is it so essential that a kitchen be outfitted with the proper equipment? How does a well-organized and properly outfitted kitchen promote efficiency and safety in the culinary arts lab? The proper tools are essential and could mean the difference between a job done well and one done carelessly, incorrectly or, even dangerously. Consider: Food equipment can be dangerous Models are not always alike Cleaning is a critical operational procedure Always try to conserve energy Your hands are your best tool Essential Kitchen Equipment for your Culinary Arts Lab Cooking Equipment Rangetops Open Elements Flattop/Heavy-Duty Flattop Induction Cooktops Ovens Conventional ovens Convection ovens Revolving ovens (reel ovens)
Slow-cook-and-hold ovens Combination steamer ovens Barbecue ovens (smoke ovens) Infrared ovens (reconstituting ovens) Wood-burning ovens Microwave ovens Broilers, Salamanders, and Grills
Broilers and Salamanders Overhead broilers Heavy-duty broilers Salamander Grills Gas Electric Charcoal Griddles, Rotisseries, Deep Fryers, and Tilting Skillets
Flat, smooth heated surfaces Rotisseries Cook by turning foods slowly in front of a heating element Deep fryers Standard deep fryers Automatic fryers Pressure fryers Tilting skillet Tilting brazier Tilting fry pan Steam Equipment Steam Equipment Steam Jacketed Kettles Steam Cookers
Tilt or trunnion kettles Non-tilt kettles Steam Cookers Pressure steamers Pressureless or convection steamers Processing Equipment Processing Equipment Food Chopper or Buffalo Chopper Blenders Juicers
Mixers Slicers Vertical cutter/ mixer Food processors Holding and Storage Equipment Holding and Storage Equipment
Steam tables Bain-marie Overhead lamps Freezers Refrigerators Storage Containers Small Equipment Small Equipment Cookware (pots, pans) Measuring devices Knives
Hand tools Cookware Metal and Heat Conduction Copper Aluminum Anodized aluminum
Stainless steel Cast iron Ceramics and glass Plastic Enamelware Nonstick coatings Measuring and Portioning Devices
Scales Balance scale Electronic scale Portion scale Volume measures Measuring cups Ladles Portion scoops Thermometers Selecting Knives Selecting Knives Carbon steel Stainless steel High-carbon steel
Materials Carbon steel Stainless steel High-carbon steel Ceramic Handles Full tang riveted handle Molded style Socket joint handle Materials have a lot to do with personal preference Handles-- have a lot to do with how the knife balances in your hand Wrap up and Review List and describe some different types of:
Cooking equipment Processing equipment Holding and storage equipment Small equipment Any Questions?