The dub dub dub mania

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Just some Internet stuffs, that hopefully you would like


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  • 1. Just some Internet stuffs, that hopefully you would like
  • 2. What the heck is this? Some figures about the Internet Some peoples portfolio Tutorial : SEO Basics Tutorial : WordPress Basics
  • 3. Internet Figures Today Facebook Users: > 1 Billion Google Searches: 1 Billion / day Gangnam Style: > 1 Billion views
  • 4. Who benefits from it?
  • 5. A Million Dollar isnt cool, you know whats cool??? A Billion Dollar. - The Social Network
  • 6. WordPress Basics What (is WP)? Who (can use it)? When (to use?) Where (to download)? Why (choose it)? How (to use/install it)?
  • 7. SEO Basics Terms: SEO Search Engine Optimization Google Top 1 Search Engine SERP Search Engine Results Page Page Rank Google Determinant Niche the general idea of your site
  • 8. Well, some important maths CPM Cost per Mille CPA/CPL Cost per action / lead CPC Cost per click CTR Click through ratio (heatmap)
  • 9. SEO in one slide How Google Search works Keywords and Key phrases Content, content and content On-page SEO (need HTML) Link-building Social Media (fb,twtr,ytbe,g+,lnkdn,instgrm,pntrst++) Article submission (ezine, hubpages, squidoo) Comments and forums Paid SEO (traffic exchange, SEO pros) Analytics
  • 10. A simple (SEO) experiment
  • 11. Survival Plan Price to pay Web hosting - $7 / month (about 3k+ / yr) Domain name $10-$14 / year How to survive Google Adsense Affiliate Marketing (?) Paid Ad Slots (?)
  • 12. The Team Developer(s) and Designer(s) makes site functional and beautiful Community Manager interacts with fans Site Admin / Site Moderators answers questions, deletes spam posts SEO Analysts makes site Google-friendly
  • 13. Bill Gates started with an idea Jobs and Wozniak believed in their product Mark Zuckerberg harness the power of the Internet
  • 14. Email: [email protected] Please visit: Money Gizmo ( Sisig Bytes ( Gizmo Blogr (