The Artful Sojourn 2015 Look Book

1 The Artful Sojourn


Showcasing our most recent product line - all handcrafted and all benefiting orphans in India. Photographed in the urban landscape of Lynchburg, VA.

Transcript of The Artful Sojourn 2015 Look Book


The Artful Sojourn


The Artful Sojourn was founded on one goal: To live life for more than ourselves. That is why a portion of every purchase is donated to rescue and care for orphans from off the streets of India. To further make a difference in the world, The Artful Sojourn also supports and empowers woman in India by teaching them how to make jewelry and paying them a fair wage to handcraft some of our favorite looks. This opportunity not only provides these women with a way to create a sustainable living in a safe work environment for them and their children, but also it provides them with the chance to see and hear the gospel, and to receive encouragement to become the beautiful creations that God has intended for them to be.

This one goal is something that I, Lisa, the founder and designer for The Artful Sojourn, have let guide me through-out the start of this company. From the beginning, I have always wanted to use my career to help others, but the way in which I would be able to help others did not become clear until I was blessed with the opportunity to connect with Big World Project, a nonprofit organization that has been changing the lives of orphans in India for years. The day to day battle that orphans face has captured my heart, and I hope that you will join me to help rescue more orphans from off the streets of India to give them a home and care for their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.

I invite you to join the cause and live your life for more than yourself. Do something as simple as purchasing a necklace and help others in all that you do.

Lisa Gum

Founder & Designer

The Artful Sojourn







geode studs $ 14 . 95

tumbled stones $8


the jul iette necklace $35

preserv ing the good necklace $22 .95


hammered bar necklace $ 18

hammered bar necklace $ 18 hammered bar necklace $ 18

well rounded wood studs $8


quartz squared $20 enraptured r ing $ 15


broken to beaut iful $ 19 . 95