Artful Poetry

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Artful Poetry Combining Art Masterpieces and Poetry

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Artful Poetry. Combining Art Masterpieces and Poetry. Mona Lisa By~Leonardo da Vinci. American Gothic By~ Grant Wood. Lyric (Man on a Horse) By~ Wassily Kandinsky. Breezing Up By ~ Winslow Homer. Three Musicians By ~ Pablo Picasso. Self-Portrait By ~ Vincent Van Gogh. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Artful Poetry

Artful PoetryCombining Art Masterpieces and Poetry

Mona LisaBy~Leonardo da Vinci

American GothicBy~ Grant Wood

Lyric (Man on a Horse)By~ Wassily Kandinsky

Breezing UpBy ~ Winslow Homer

Three MusiciansBy ~ Pablo Picasso

Self-PortraitBy ~ Vincent Van Gogh

Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Grand JatteBy~ Georges Seurat

The RunawayBy ~ Norman Rockwell