The Art of Delegation Part 1 Melissa Meetze

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Transcript of The Art of Delegation Part 1 Melissa Meetze

The Art of Delegation Part 1 Based on Manager Tools Podcast: The Art of Delegation

The Art of Delegation Part 1Based on Manager Tools Podcast: The Art of DelegationBy: Melissa MeetzeSeptember 30, 2015BA499 - Tolbert


What is Delegation?Transferring work that is currently your responsibility to a subordinateUsed to make an organization growThere are right and wrong ways to delegate

Managers often think that theyre able to do everything themselves, but this isnt the case. The boss in charge of the manager may add more and more work which makes it impossible for you to keep up without delegating it to someone else. An organization grows with delegation because the less important stuff gets delegated to people who arent as high up in the company so managers have time to work on more important stuff rather than getting weighted down with little tasks. We will talk about the right and wrong ways to delegate.2

Be Realistic With Your BoxLeave time for things like using the restroom, texting, lunch etc.Work on things that are the most important rather than the ones you find the most funIf box isnt full then you can be replaced so you need to ask for more workIf responsibilities stay the same, youll figure out how to manage them and it will feel like less responsibilityDont hire more people, get more productive

Were going to create an abstract idea for your time and tasks using a box and different sized balls. The box represents the complete amount of time you have in a week. This is concrete so you cant just add time to your week. The balls represent tasks you have to complete during that week with the varying sizes meaning the various difficulties and importance of the task. The big balls are definitely the most important and should be completed first regardless of how you feel about doing them. The white space represents the free time you have for things like using the restroom, sleeping, spending time with your family etc. If your box isnt full then you need to ask your boss for more work because this isnt productive for the company. Many managers feel that when new work gets thrown in their lap that they need to hire more people in order to grow the business. This isnt true because delegation exists. Delegate small tasks to subordinates and make yourself become more productive.3

Why Delegation?Only so much can fit into your box before it becomes overwhelming

As we were talking about before for a company to grow managers must delegate. The orange ball which represents the new task you were assigned wont fit in the box, but this isnt acceptable so what do you do?4

Which Balls to Delegate? 3 Options:Delegate a big ball. GOOD or BAD?

Delegate the big orange ball.. GOOD or BAD?

Delegate one or more of the small balls. GOOD or BAD?

Delegating a big ball wouldnt be a good idea because to your subordinates this may be really overwhelming. It was a large responsibility to you so to them its going to be even larger.Delegating a big orange ball wouldnt be a good idea because this orange ball is something you yourself havent done yet either so your subordinates are unable to come to you for advice, and would cause you to have to go to your boss to ask questions. Not efficient.Delegate one or more of the small balls would be a good idea because it opens up space for you and also doesnt overwhelm the subordinates with something that is too complicated for them to handle.5

How to Delegate?Step 1: State your desire for help. Subordinates will respond better if you ask them for help rather than telling them.Remember to ask nicely


How to Delegate?Step 2: Tell them why youre asking THEM.Help the subordinate understand why you chose them.Dont try to suck up to them just explain yourself.

Step 3: Ask for Specific AcceptanceMost likely the subordinate will agree at this pointIf not.. LISTEN to their objectionsWhy at this time?

Listen to their objections because you need to come up with a solution as to make them feel more comfortable with taking the extra work load.Once youve given them solutions they will most likely say yes. We ask them for specific acceptance at this time because if we give them all of the details before theyve accepted then they are less likely to pay attention and also less likely to agree to the task.7

How to Delegate?Step 4: Describe the task/project in detail.Be sure to address the subordinates concerns

Step 5: Deadline and Quality Standards.Standards must be discussed to prevent you from revising what the subordinate turns into you


How to Delegate?Step 6: Nail down reporting standards.No need to chase someone down to make sure work is done.

Step 7: Ask for Skill/Resource Needs.Be a resource to your direct if they need it.With good briefing, they shouldnt need you.


DELEGATE!!!Dont be afraid to delegate.A recent report from the Conference Board said that 78% of subordinates feel that many of the tasks their bosses are doing would be more efficient if done by someone at their level.


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