The Adventures of Zig and Zag. Zig and Zag were best friends!

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The Adventures of Zi g and Zag
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Transcript of The Adventures of Zig and Zag. Zig and Zag were best friends!

The Adventures of



Zigand Zag

were best friends!

They did everything together.

Rode bikes…

Played ball…

Liked the same movies…

And the same music.

One day, the guys decided to form a band.

Zig played the guitar,


Zag played the drums.

Zig composed some music


Zag wrote the lyrics.

Together, the boys formed a band and

practiced in the garage.

One day, when driving past the house, a recording agent heard the boys’ band.

He stopped and asked them if they would like to record their song!

He told them to send the music ahead, so the crew could prepare for them.

The boys agreed that Zig would write it all out…

and Zag would mail the music to the agent the next day.

The next week, the band met at the studio, cut the record, and were signed by the recording company!

When the CD was published…

Zag noticed that his name was not on the credits.

Only Zig’s.By ZIG

When Zag asked Zig about the credits, Zig said that they knew who wrote it, so what was the big deal??

That wasn’t the point –

What is the issue??

Zag had been robbed of his rights as the creator ---




Is that fair?

Is that fair?

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