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  • 1. Testing TeachersBy: Kyle McMindes ENG 102 3/27/12

2. Does the Licensing process forbecoming a teacher reinforce the values looked for in teacherevaluations, or does it provide a false sense of what it is to be a teacher? 3. Teacher Licensing Receiving a teacher license is no easy task. You have to know much more than simply the subject you are attempting to teach. 4. 3 Key Licensing Criteria (#1)Student Development and Learning A teacher must be ableto analyze theirstudents strengths andweaknesses and adaptaccordingly. A relatively goodunderstanding of thehuman psyche isessential to a teacher. 5. 3 Key Licensing Criteria (#2) Instruction and Assessment Teacher lessons andinstruction must helpchildren grow not onlyacademically but sociallyas well Assessing students isalso considered on boththe academic and socialfield. 6. 3 Key Licensing Criteria (#3) The Professional Environment Teachers areprofessionals and arerequired to do manythings other thansimply teaching. They also must knowhow to handle issuessuch as speakingwith parents in aprofessional manner 7. Things looked for in Teacher Evaluations Teachers are graded onclear and preciseperformanceexpectations. The absolute mostimportant factor in theevaluations is evidencethat the students arelearning the material. This is most commonlyobserved through statemandated testing. 8. Reasons for the Teacher Evaluations Teachers are expected to be learning from the feedback that they receive. If they are not adapting and becoming more successful their must be consequences. 9. Why are evaluations consideredimportant They allow for teachers to have an outside source offer feed back and encourage growth even for already established teachers. Teaching needs to be a very flexible field because generations are constantly changing so the evaluations offer a quick way to find out new successful teaching trends. 10. Issues (1)Imbalance in social and academic The Licensing process and test to become a teacher focuses heavily on both the social and academic requirements teachers must possess. The teacher evaluations however focus primarily on student performance. 11. Issues (2)No professional follow up The process tobecome a teacherrequires a knowledgeand understanding ofthe professionalenvironment. Evaluations payliterally no attentionto a teachersprofessional manner. 12. Issues (3)Lack of Creativity Since the largest proportion of your rating comes from state mandated testing teachers begin to only teach to the test. Originally creativity in assignments and lessons was encouraged, however the evaluations make it dangerous to try new styles of teaching. 13. Issues (4)Scores made public Some evaluations aredisplayed so thepublic can see. These statistics causepandemonium inschool districts andhumiliate teachersrather thanencourage growth. 14. Are Evaluations Successful? They try to pin point the scores of the evaluation mainly on state test scores. They very often contradict the skills learned and developed through the licensing process. 15. Can they be Successful? There needs to be more than just state mandated states as a means to judge the success of teachers. Ranked just as highly needs to be the teachers ability to help kids develop socially (Social surveys?) Also direct praises and criticisms from higher ranking officials needs to be totaled in. 16. Bibliography "Evaluation 2.0." . The New Teacher Project, 2009. Web. 26Mar 2012. . "New York State Teacher Certification Examinations." . N.p.,21012. Web. 26 Mar 2012. .