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  • Surviving Office Politics

  • What is Office Politics?Communicating indirectlyUsing covert tactics to advanceControlling other people through psychological manipulationBeing cautious about telling the truthHiding vulnerabilityCurrying favor"Poli" in Latin means "many" and "tics" means "blood-sucking creatures".Organizational Politics involves intentional acts of influence to enhance or protect the self-interest of individuals or groupsSreeja

  • What Creates Office Politics?Scarcity of resourcesA too competitive work environmentSubjective performance standardsUnclear job definitionsEmotional insecurity"A group of unicorns is called a blessing. A group of owls is called a parliament.Sreeja

  • Piranha or NirvanaHighly political climate: Score of 90 plus is Piranha Land.. Wear bullet proof vestRisky climate: Scores of more than 50 indicate some problemsZero or negligible politics: Score of 10 or less is Nirvana Never leaveMan is by nature a political animal.- AristotlePolitical Climates in Corporate WorldSreeja

  • Dealing with Office PoliticsPolitics is a necessary evil and often its just plain evil. Unfortunately, its also how things get done.- Mr. Blaine Pardoe, Director, Technology-Education Services, Ernst & Young LLP Its not the actual work that is driving you crazy; you like the work. Even the long hours are not the problem. Its the emotional undercurrents, gossiping and backstabbing thickening the air that you find exhaustingPolitics are real and unavoidable; Expect this in all situations. Politics are part of human reaction.Sreeja

  • Be known as a producer and not a politician.To strive, to seek, to find NOT to yield Live up to it.Do your work with dedicated interest and loyalty. Enjoy the tasks

    Be punctual. Know the time management ways. Finish the tasks within the expected deadline

    Do your best to observe the rules. There are many ways the same task can be done. Do it in the way relevant to your role

    Improve your knowledge and professionalism. Continue asking for superiors feedback and direction- Do not assume your boss knows all your accomplishments

    Be the best no matter the size of the job. Always be your own competitorSreeja

  • Think before you speak or actLearn to separate Gossip from Discussion. When you discuss somebody, ask yourself if youd say the same things in their presence. If you wont, then it may be unladylike and gossipy.

    Every message you send is being judged. Make sure you dont bury the lead in your e-mails. Get to the point quickly and end with a call to action

    Never discuss your salary with your colleagues. Remember what you earn is based on what you bargained for when you joined & based on your last salary at your previous job. If youre the one whos in a position to handle appraisals, you need to justify salaries and increments- but in a +ve way

    Power of a positive No The way we say and the reason are the keys. Remember, the no should be for your needs, not against the personA sharp tongue sometimes cuts its own throat.Sreeja

  • Be Honest and OpenHonesty is still the best policy. People who never compromise on their standards and integrity always win in the end and rise naturally above politics and competition

    If you have a problem or difference in opinion with someone, discuss the matter openly

    Dont accuse, Dont make judgments. If you are at fault, understand that and say sorry, adding how good it was that we talked.

    Accept your imperfections. Dont be defeated by criticism, learn from it. Take any criticism as constructive and let it make you think rather than defend yourselfTreat everyone with politeness even those who are rude to you, not because they are really nice, but because you are niceSreeja

  • Go beyond the job: Raise your profileIt is vital to keep yourself updated on happenings. Attend all meetings, learn about all your companys projects & be in touch with as many people as you can

    Join the professional organizations and become active in community programs. Many times, those in power positions are more likely to take notice if you are hosting a charity event than if you are back at the office with your nose to the grindstone

    Engineer your environment by documenting processes, analyzing activities, writing specifications. Fix the attitude, become a real asset to your business. Always try to think outside the box

    Find a mentor: someone who can guide and help you develop professionally. Look for someone with whom you share a common background, interests and chemistry- who is politically savvyA diplomat is a person who thinks twice before he says nothing. - Frederick SawyerSreeja

  • Be a professionalAttitude plays a vital role. Dont be emotional in a situation. Never get into a shouting match

    Dont underestimate anybody. Try to always give your colleagues and subordinates a chance to get into the limelight

    Never take sides. While its good to have close relationships at work, they should not interfere with your judgment of others

    Take things light-heartedly. Dont live in past. Dont hold grudges or be vindictive. Never take a problem to the manager without having two or three solutions for the problem

    Humor is the best antidote. Without being sarcastic, brush off gossip with a smile and without commenting on itWe hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.- AesopSreeja

  • Role of managers

    Seniors must lead by example. Build a positive work environment, which calls for open communication and teamwork.

    Focus on common interests rather than differences. Build enthusiasm by appealing to others emotionals, ideals or values.

    Clear job definitions. See the work is balanced. Take an interest in their personal well-being. Show the appreciation for a job well done.

    Always be there. Attend and respond to all mails and chats. Create a secure atmosphere by being a good listener.

    Be a leader - Find lack of confidence and trust in employees and encourage them to share their concerns. Lift others up with you and forgive failures.

    Encourage the team to maintain balance in their lives. Trust the team and help them in using the companys policies for a perfect work-life balance.A Boss says Do it , but a Leader says Lets do it!.Sreeja

  • Summary of Survival Strategies:Know your goals & interests.Focus on common ground, not differences.Build, nurture personal relationships.Be true to yourself.Think before you speak.Learn to say no to unnecessary topics.Be different not part of whining masses.Talk big, outside the box.Appear cool under pressure.Display good corporate manners.Learn new skills and sell them.Be a team player

    The hardest thing about any political campaign is how to win without proving that you are unworthy of winning. - Adlai StevensonSreejaAnd most important Realize its ok if we dont get along with a few! There comes the relevance of word compatibility. There is no need to please everyone!

  • Self-CheckSreejaLets take some time to see- How political you are!Questionnaire

    "Better to light a candle than curse the darkness."Chinese Proverb

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    All the quotable quotes came from my personal collection gathered from lots of sources.


  • Thank YOU!Sreeja