Studies in Jaimini Astrology by b. v. Raman


Transcript of Studies in Jaimini Astrology by b. v. Raman



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Pre f tce

My interest in Jaimini was aroused over 20 years agowhcn I was yet a college student by a Kerala Brahminastrologer who wag practising near my residence. Whatstruck me most was his admirable analysis of tbe fourthhouse in my horoscope, according to Jaimini, supportedby eloquent quotations from thc SUTRAS. He gave meto understand then that the 3rd and 4th Adhyayas hadbeen lost and that they were not to bc found either inprint or in manuscript form anywhere. By about 1936 anadvocate friend of mine prescnted me with a copy ofJeimini Sutras in Kannada script which also containedthe or iginal sutras of the 3rd and 4th Adbyayas. TbeKerala astrologer was kind enough to interpret the 3rdand 4th Adbyayas for 4y benefit and I am grateful to himfor this belp. Subsequently he shifted his office and I losttouch with him. Since then my interest in Jaimini beganto grow and I gathered valuable information tbrough mydiscussions with Pandits wbo used to visit my grandfatherlate Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao.

I have with me a number of versions of Jaimini inDevanagari, Kannada and Telugu scripts-most of themcontaining Neelakanta's commentaries. And the presentwork which I have the pleasure to place before theeducated public is mainty based upon my "STUDIES"done during the last fifteen years. Owing probably to thedearth of books dealing clearly with the principles, and of

' l v

scholars who have specialised in this particular branch ofastrological knowledge, Jaimini's mctbods have not beenpopular. Consequently it is not possible to say with whatdegree of success the principles given by Jaimini could beapplied to practical horoscopes. But there is no doubtwhatsoever that when once the tecbnique of prediction asgiven by Jaimini has been clearly grasped, considerablerccuracy could be aimed at.

In these.STUDIES I have merely endeavoured tomake available in compact and simple form the lcadingfacts or concepts of Jaimini 's pr inciples. Certain aspectsof Jalmini such as Dasas, Ayurdaya, etc. , which havehitherto remained obscure, have been dealt with exbaus-tively and their slgnificance shown. I do not ctaimoriginality. But I claim to be the first in India to havegiven an exposition of Jaimini in English with suitableillustrations.

It should be pointcd out in conclusion tbat if thiswork were to stimulate a more detailed study of Jaimini,my labours will have been amply rewarded.

Bangalore,Yijayadasami,20th October, 1950.


Preface to the Fifth Edition

It is with great pleasure that I present herewith thef i f th edit ion of my stuotes IN JAIMINI ASTROLOGY.

The fourth edition went out of print a couple ofyears ago and the br inging out of tbe f i f rh edit ion had tobe dehyed due to my other preoccupations.

This edition has been revised and typographical andother errors bave bcen el iminated.

Jaimini has certain special features especially bearingon longevity and Dasa interpretation furnistring freshmater ial for the research-minded. The information givenin this book has been based on al l the four chapters ofthe SUTRAS aod has becn tested by me on severalhoroscopes.

In fact as early as 1944, even before I brought outthe f i rst edi t ion, I had made predict ions based on Jaiminion the horoscopes of Hit ler and Mussol ini which wereremarkably ful f i l led.

I am thankful to Mr. G. K. Ananthram for havingbrought out this edition attractively.

I hope that astrological savants will welcomc this newedition as they have welcomed all my other books.

Bangalore29- l t -1986




Chapter l-Preliminary Observrtions

l . Jaimini and Parasari2. Differences3. Jaimini 's Abstruseness4. Standard Horoscope

Chepter II-The Essentials Exphined

5. The Karakas6. Natural Karakas7. Karakas in Jaimini8. Atmakaraka9. Amatyakaraka

10. BhratrukarakaI l . Matrukaraka12. Putrakaraka13. Gnathikaraka14. Darakaraka15. Detcrminat ion of Karakas16. Exceptions17. Minor Karakas18. Different Kinds of Lagna19. Arudha Lagna20. Hora Lagna21. Bhava Lagna22. Varnada Lagna

. . . I234



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Chapter-II (Contd.)23. Varnadas for Other Rasis24. Ghatika Lagna25. Nisbeka or Adbana Lagna26. Parasara's Method27, Samarsingh's Method28. Unsatisfactory Nature of Existing Methods29. Pranapada30. Method of Finding Pranapada31. Dwara Ras i32. Bahya Rasi33. Paka and Bhoga Rasis :34. Gul ika35. Brahma36. Exceptions37. Selection of Brahma38. Maheswara39. Rudra

Chapter lll-Aspects and Argalas40. Reckoning of Aspects41. Aspects in Jaimini42. Range of Aspect43. Argalas44. Formation of Argala45. Benefic Argalas46. Malef ic Argalas47. Counteraction of Argalas48. Significance of Argalas49. Argala Chakra50. Argala Chart in the Standard Horoscope


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. 1 5

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. 1 7, 1 7. 1 8. t 8. 1 9. 1 9. 1 9. 2 0

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Chapter IV--Planetaty and Rnsl Strdngtbs51. Sources of Strength52. Sources of Rasi Srength53. Atmakaraka Sttength54. Association Strength55. Location br Aspect Sffetrgth56. Strength due to Lord57. Strength of Odd Rasis58. A tmakarakaDispos i t ion St rength59. Sources of Planetary Strength60. Amsa Bala61. Moolathr ikona Bala62. Numerical Measure of Rasi Strength63. The Lord's Strength64' Moolatbr ikona Bala65. Amsa Bala66. Kendra Bala67, Chara Bala68. Druk Ba la69. Sthira Bala70. Total Rasi Strength71. Special Strength'12. Except ions

Chapter V-Dasas and Bhoktls73. Kinds of Dasas74. Choice of Dasa75. Chara Dasa76. Visbamapada Rasis77. Samapada Rasis78. The Order of Dasas79. Dasa Period


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ARTICLEChapter-V (Contd.)

80. Furrher Variat ions of Dasa Durat ion81. Variat ions due to Dual Lordship82. Conjunct ion of Dual Lords in Own Rasi83. h{ars-Ketu Conjunct ion in Other Signs84. Saturn-Rahu Conjunct ion in Other Signs85. One Lord in Own Rasi and the Other

Lord in a Different Rasi86. Dual Lords in Dif ferent Rasis87. Bhukt is in Chara Dasa88. Durat ion of Sub-periods89. Sthira Dasa90. Dasa Periods91. Calculat ion of Sthira Dasa92. Thrikona Dasa93. Span of Thrikona Dasa94. Sub-periods in Thrikona Dasa95. Varnada Dasa96. Brabma Dasa97. Yogardha Dasa98. Niryana Sula Dasa99. Niryana Phala Sula Dasa

100. Other Dasas

Chapter VI -Determination of Longevityl0 l . Genera l Observa t ions102, Jaimini 's Methods103, Terms of Longevity104. Method One105. A lpayu106. Ir{adhyayu107. Purnayu108. Reconci l ing Contradictory Results




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ARTICLEChapter-VI (Contd.)

109. Calculation of Exact LongevityI10. Summaryl l l . Method Twol l2. Method ThreeI13. Observat ionsI14. Kaksha Vriddhil l5. Condit ions fcrr Kaksha VriddhiI16. Kaksha Hrasal l7. Condit ions for Kaksha Hrasal l8. Rasi Vr iddhiI19. Rasi Hrasa120. Remarksl2l. The N{ain Periods of Death122. The Sub-period of Death123. Certain Exceptions

Chapter VII-Judgment of Horoscope124. Prel iminary Remarks125. Karakamsa126. Physical Appearance127. Character and Mind128. Financial Prospects129. Health and Disease130. Educational Prospectsl3l . Parents132. Brothers and Sisters133. Marr iage134. Combinat ions Appl icable to Womenl3 5. Chi ldren136. Profession137. Source of Death138. Nature of Death


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Chapter-VII (Contd.)139. Yogas in Jaimini

140. Raja Yogasl4l . Ar ishta Yogas142. Miscellaneous yogae

Chapter VIIl-Timing Events143. General Remarks114. Nature of Results145. Father's Deatb146. Mother's Dcath147. Nativc's Own Death148. Death of Wife149. Deatb of Other Relatives

Chapter lX-SummaryI J0. General Observationsl5 l . Karakas152. Different Kinds of Lagnas153. Aspects and Argalas134. Rasi Strengths155. Dasas and Bhukris156. Longevity157. Period of Death158. Judging a Horoscope159. Timing Events160. Yogas

An Index of Technical Terms



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Prelim inary Observations

1. Jaimini antl ParasariThe Jaimini system of Astrology upon which these

Studies are based marks a definitc departure from thecanons of Parasari, or the gcncral system of Astrologynow in vogue throughout India. It cannot bc maintainedbowever that Jaimini and Parasari arc at complete variancefrom each other or they are two distinct systems. On thecontrary, it seems rcasonable to suppose, that Jaimini ismerely an offshoot oi the general schemeof thcastro-logical science propounded by Parasara, for in the worksof Parasara and Vriddbayavana, frequent refcrences areto bc found to the specific and distinct mcthorlologycmployed by Jaimini. For instance, in Adhyaya l, Pada 1,Sutra 5, Jaimini says that planets in the 4th, 2nd and llthfrom an aspecting body cause Argalas. Parasara simplyconfirnrs this in his I/cra Sastra. Similarly in the matterof counteraction of Argalas, determination of Karakas,Arudha Lagna, results of Karakamsa, determination oflongevity, etc., it looks as though Parasara and Vriddha-yavana confirm Jaimini. This might tempt one to concludethat Parasara and Vriddhayavana must probably havcbeen later writers. Such a conclusion vlould be unwarrantedbecause Parasara, being the progenitor of Vyasa, couldnot have lived after Jaimini. The source of all astrologicalknowledge iu India is undoubtcdly Parasara. Jaimini must

2 Studics in Jaimioi Astrology

have picked up certain aspects ofParasari and given thema new orientation consistent with his own genius, and thusdeveloped almost a new system which did not becomepopular with the majority of the astrological savantEbecause of the fact, the principles were presented in theshape of Sutras.or aphorisms which are always capable ofa variety of interpretations. Subsequently, savants likeNeelakantha and Premanidhi have tried to elu'cidate orexplain these Sutras by way of valuable commentaries,thus facilitating their easy comprehension by the rank andfile of scholars.

Thc Jaimini system has its own distinctive features.The introduction of Karakas, the peculiar methods ofdetermination of longevity, the simplicity with which thestrength of planets is reckoned, the apparently complicatedprocesses involved in the working of the various types ofDasas, the empharis laid on the conception horoscope, thedistinction attacbed to Arudha Lagna and tbe great impor-tance given to the Karakamsa, and its bearing on thedetermination of one's livelihood, invest the wholc systemwith a certain amount of uniqueness and originality, thatit is no wonder it came to bc looked upon as a separatebranch of astrological knowledge, though the Jaiminisystem is doubtless a part and parcel of Parasari.

2, DifferencesWe can see quite a number of so-called 'differences'

between Parasari and Jaimini. In the first place, Rasis inJaimini are synonymous with Bhavas or Houses, while inParasari, the distinction between signs (Rasis) and Houses(Bhavas) is rvell marked. Aspects are not based uponmutual distanccs of planets. The Karakas are constantsin Parasari while in Jaimini they are variable. The Shad-bala strengths considered in Parasari involve elaborate

Jalmini's Uniqucnesr 3

calculations whilc Jaimini dispenses with cumbersomecalculations and suggests simple rules for evaluatingplanetary strengths. ln the determination of Ayurdaya(longevity), in the description of various Ypgas, in thcmode of reckoning and interpretation of Dasas and in factin almost every respect, fresh and entirely novel groundhas been covered by the Mabarshi. lt looks as thoughsome kind of special ability is required on tbe part of onewho wants to understand Jaimini correctly.

3. Jaimini's AbstrusencssThe Sage is often abstruse in some of his observations.

For instance, refercnce is made to a number of Dasas.Undcr what specific conditions, the different Dasas are tobc cmployed ? The reader is left to guess for himself. Andas far as I could see, no clue is given anywbere in all thefouiAdhyayasoftheSutras. Iam not unaware of thesuggestions to be found here and tbere (vide for exampleA. 2, P. 4, Su. l) that for knowing the results of a parti-cular Bhava, a certain type of Dasa is to be preferred.But tbe instructions do not appear to be clear. There bavebecn attempts on thc part of some recent writers to un-necessarily strain the Sutras with a view to discovering theclue. But I am afraid such an approach is not the rightone. My discussions with a number of scholars and aperusal of theextant literature on this particular branchof astrology lead me to the conclusion tbat the Sage gene-rally favours Charadasa (Art. 75 et. seq.) not only fordetermining longevity but also for predicting importantevents to happen during the life of a person. It is forreadcrs to decide for themselvcs the Dasa which wouldgive the most satisfactory results in actual practice.Wherever I have found a certain siltra tough, vague orcapable of a two-fold interpretation (probably because of

4 Srudies in Jaimini Asroloty

my own incapacity or inabirity to understand tbc trucimport sf the sutra properly) I havc invariably had recourscto the explanations of parasara or Vridih"ya""oa orcollateral Iiterature dearing witb the techniquc or l"i.iJ

As the name of the book implies, these .srzdres areintended to bring to the attention of the educated public, acummary of the principles of Jaimini, as understood by.".

^ In Adhyaya III, pada 2, the Sage has given a numberof combinations bearing upon the different Bhavas butapplicablc to Adbana Lagna, but in these Srzdres I havcsuggested tbeir application to the birth horoscope, becau8c,in almost all classical works, whenever a prasna Lago" o,Adhana Lagna is menfioned, Janpa Lagna is invaiiablyimplied.

4. Standard HoroscopeFor purposes of il lustrating the mathematical aspect

of Jaimini Astrology, I propose to consider the nativityof a person born on l2-2-lgS6A.D. at l2_2t p.m. ro.r"r_ponding to Gh. l4-3O after sunrise, Long. g4" E; Lat.l8u N. The following are the planetary longitudes a4dthe Rasi and Navarusa Diagrams.

Planet Rasi DegreeRavi Kumbha IChandra lvlesha lgKuja Thula 0Budha Kumbha gGuru Kumbha 2lSukra Dhanus 20Sani Mithuna 3Rahu Mesha 6Kctu Thula 6Lagna Vrishabha 13


Collatcral Litcraturc

Ranu Ihandra I Lagnaoapada





RaviBudhaGuru(A,K' ,




The Essentials Explained

5. The KarrkasEach planet ie supposed to be the Karaka or indicator

of ccrtain cvcnts in lifc. The functions of a Karaka rrcsimilar to those of thc Bhava or house. Karakas play animportant part in horoscope analysis,

6. Netoral KarakasAccording to Parasari, thc Karaka plancts are all

constant irrespectivc of their horoscopic positions. Thefollowing are the main Karakas :-


Ravi or the SunChandra or the MoonKuja or MarsBudha or MercuryGuru or JupitcrSukra or VenusSani or SaturnRahu or CaputKetu or Cauda

KarakaFatherMothcrBrothersProfessionChildrenWife or husbandLongevityMaternal RelationsPaternal Relations

Karakas become important factors especially inmeasuring Gochara or transit results. Even when a certainBhava is weak, the event signified by the Bhava could beraid to prosper provided the appropriate Karaka is strong.

Karala Dctcrmination 7

7, Karakas In JaiminlKarakas according to thc scheme of Jaimini vary with

regard to cach horoscopc. This feature is of great signifi-

cance. Any ptanet can acquire any karakatwa or lord-

ehip, as the basis for determining the karaka is merely thc

lonlitude of a planet reckoned from tbe beginning of the

sign concerned. 'f,here are 7 main karakas in Jaimini, uiz',(l) Atma, 12) Amatya, (3) Bhratru, (4) Matru' (5) Putra,(6) Gnathi and (7) Dara.

8. AtmakarakaThe chief or prime-lord or indicator is all important.

The planet having the highest longitude in a sign becomes

the Atmakaraka. The strength or weakness of the Atma-

karaka seems to reflect the general strength or weakness

of the entire horoscope, so that tbe position of the Atma'

karaka is very important. The natural Atmakaraka is

,however Ravi or the Sun.

g. AmatyakarahaThe next in importance is the Amatyakaraka. Devoid

of the signs, the planet who gets the next greatest number

of degrees becomes the Amatyakaraka or the sublord.

There is no naisargika (natural or permanent) Amatya-karaka but wc may assume Budha or Mercury to be as


10. BhratrukarakaTbe planet whose longitudc is next to that of Amatya'

karaka becomes the lord of brothers. All events pertain'

ing to brothers and sisters have to be read frotn Bhratru'karaka. Kuja or Mars is the naisargikakaraka forbrothers.

Studid in Jaimini Astrology

I1. Matrukaraka

The lord of mother is the planet that gets thc nexthighest number of degrees in a sign. Chandra or theMoon is howevcr the natural karaka of mothcr.

12. PutrakarokaThc lord of children is the planet that gets the next

largest number of degrces devoid of the signs. The natu-ral or naisargika indicator of this horoscopic function isGuru or Jupiter.

t3. GnathikarakaThe planet whose longitude is less than that of putra-

karaka becomes the lord of rclations. The natural karakaor indicator for Gnathis or cousins and relations is Kujaor Mars.

14. DareharakaThe lord of wife (or busband) is the one whose longi-

tude is lcast. Thc natural Dara or Kalatrakaraka is Sukraor Venug.

15. Determlnstion of KarakasSummarising the above, convert the longitudes of the

7 planets into signs, degrees, minutes and scconds. Rejcctthc signs and considering the degrees, minutes, etc.,tabulate the positions of plaocts in the descending orderof their number of degrees. The planet whose longitudeis the highcst becomcs thc Atmakarska. The rcst followaccording to the above order. It will be seen that thcorder of Karakas is cxactly similar to thc order of Bhavasfrom the firrt to seven cxcept that whilc the secondKaraka is styled Amatya, the gecond Bhava rcfers tofinande or Dhana.

Ccrtain Exceptionc 9

t6. ExceptionsThere are certain exceptions to tbe general rule

governing Karaka determination. Somctimes two or rrtoreplanets may occupy the same degree of longitude, so thatthey may have to share the same lordship. A contingencylikc this rarely occurs but it cannot bc entirely rulcd out.Under such an exceptional circumstance, when trvo orthree planets have to share thc same lordship, a few lord-ships become vacant and these have to be fillcd up byRahu and the other natural Karakas. Supposing Ravi isthe Bhratrukaraka and Chandra and Kuja have the samelongitude. Then all the three planets become Bhratru-karakas. This means tbat the Karakatwas, which Chandraand Kuja should have got, fall vacant. If in the aboveinstance, Matru and Putrakarakas become vacant onaccount of Chandra and Kuja sharing Ravi's functions,then Rahu becomes Matrukaraka and Guru, the naturallord of children, becomes the Putrakaraka. Such adevelopment hardly occurs. Rahu could be a candidatefor a lordship only when two or more planets have equallongitudcs. Otherwise he is not cligiblc. Tbe 2nd partof the Sutra (Saptanamashtanamva) in which Jaiminidefines karaka determination means "scvcn planets fromSun to Saturn or eight planets from' Sun to Rahu".Commcntators have differently interpretcd this part of theSutra. According to some, therc are 8 karakas (includingPitrukaraka which has been omitted in some versions ofJaimini) in which case the Sun to Rahu become Atma andother karakas according to their longitude (Rahu's longi-tude beini! measured from thc last part of the sign) whilcaccording to others thcre arc only seven karakas-Sun toSaturn Pitrukaraka omitted; and Rahu supplies thc gapformed when two or more planets hold the samc longitude.Thc latter vicw appearE morc rcasonable as it bas the

l0 -

Studica io Jaimini AstrologY

support of Parasara.' Rahu can be taken as the 8thplanct only when two or more planets have the samelongitude.

Example I

Determine the Karakas in the Standard Horoscope.

Tabulating the positions of planets according to thc

descending order of their degrees, we have :-

Planet Rasi Degree Minute

Guru or Jupiter ... Kumbh" (*) 21 38

Sukra or Venus Dhanus ( t ) 20 33

Chandra or Moon Mesha (T ) l8 29

Budha or MercurY ... Kumbha (-) I 27

Rahu or Caput Mesha (T ) 6 9

Ketu or Cauda

Sani or Saturn

Ravi or Sun

Kuja or Mars

Thula (^)Mithuna (X )Kumbha (*)Thula (^ )

Since Jupiter has the highest longitude, he becomes

thc Atmakaraka. The next highcst is secured by Venus

who becomes Amatyakaraka. The other planets similarly

considered get the following functions :-Lord

. Guru (4 )Sukra (e )Chandra ( ) )Budha (U )

Ravyadi Sani Paryanta bhavanti saptakarakaha :Amsaih mmyam grahaih dwou cha Rabum taDgunayodwijaba.



l lDifrcrcot Lagnas




17. Minor KarakarThe following allocation of some minor Karakas'

suggested by Jaimini's commentators, would be helpful in

priOi"ting "

correctly. (l) Mars-Sisters, younger

Lrothers, step-mother and brothers'in'law' (2') Mercury-

Maternal uncles, maternal aunts' (3) Jupiter-Paternal

grandfather and grandmother. (4) Yenus-Wife's parents'

maternal gran dParents.

18. Different Kinds of Lagnas

For making predictions, reference is made to difrerent

kinds of Ascendants. They are :-(l) Arudha Lagna'

(2) Bhava Lagna, (3; Hora Lagna, (4) Varnada Lagna'

(5) Ghatika Lagna and (6) Nishekr Lagna'

19. Arudha Lagna

Count as many signs from birth lord as the lord is

removed from the Ascendant' This will give Arudha or

Pada Lagna. Suppose Aquarius or Kumbha is the Lagna

and the trd is in Taurus, the 4th from Lagna' Then the

4th from Taurus, viz.' Simha would be the Arudha Lagna'

Example 2

Determine the Arudha Lagna tn the Standard

Horoscope.Ltina is Taurus. Lord of Lagna Venus is in Sagitta'

rius, 8th from Lagna. Therefore thc 8th from Sagittarius'

viz., Cancer is the Arudha Lagna.

I-ord(h )(o)(q)

12 Studics in Jaimini Astrology

20. Hora LagnaDivide the time of birth in gbatis (from sunrise) by

2.5. The quotient plus one counted from the Sun orLagna according as the Janma Lagna is odd or even,rcprcsents the Hora Lagna. The remainder reduced todegrees gives the exact longitude of Hora Lagna.

Example 3Find out the Hora l-agna in the Standatd Horoscopc.Lagna is Taurus-an even sign.Timc of birth is 14.5 ghatis after sunrise.

Dividing the birth time by ,.t, +*we

ger 5 as

quotient and 0.8 as remainder.Since Lagna is even, the 6th (5+l) from Lagna, vlz.,

Thufa becomes the Hora Lagna. The remainder, viz.,0.8 m'ultiplied by 30 gives 24".

.'. Hora Lagna = Thula 24o.

* Tbe methods suggestcd for calculating Hora Lagna, BhavaLagna, etc., appcar to be mathematicallyunsound unless the exactlongitude of the Lagna is not desired. For Hora Lagrra, each horaor 2.5 ghatis beiog equal to I sign or 30c, cacb ghati would bcequivalent to l2'. Mathcmatically, Birth Ghatis (rfter sunrisc) into12, counted from the (exact longitude of) Sun or tbat of Lagnaaccording as Lagna is odd oreven should give the Hora Lagna. InExpmpte 3, thc Hora Lagna would bc 14.5 x12- l74o.O away fromthc Birth Lagna. Hence mathcmatically the exact positioo of HoraLagna would be 430 9' +1740 -217" 9'= Scorpio 7o 9'. Actual ly,howcver, as we are asked to count from the sign ofLagna(i.e.,fromthc lst degrec ofthe Lagoa Rasi), we get 30 + l?4 - 204" - Thule 24o.

Finding Varnada Lagna t3

21. Bhava LagnarThis is the sign arrived at by counting n + I places

from the Sun or Janma Lagna according as tbe JanmaLagna is odd or even. z is an integral quotientarrived atby dividing thc birth ghatis by 5" The remainder reducedto degrees gives tbe exact longitude of Bhava Lagna.

Example 4Find the Bhava Lagna in the Standard Horoscope.

Janma Lagna is Taurus, an evcn sign.Birth Ghatis = 14.5.

1 4 {! . n= : i -2.9=Quotient=2 ; Remainder=0..9'.' Janma Lagna is an even sign, Bhava Lagna is the

3rd (r + l) from Janma Lagna, viz., Cancer.Multiplying the remainder by 30, we get 27o as the

exact longitude of Bhava Lagna.; Bhava Lagna= Cancet 27o.

22. Varnada LagnaIf the Janma Lagna is an odd sign, count clockwise

from Mesha to Janma Lagna. If the Janma Lagna is even,count anti-clockwise from Pisces to Janna Lagna. Callthis a. Similarly according as Hora Lagna is odd or even,count from Mesha (clockwise; or Meena (anti-clockwise;to Hora Lagna. Call this D. If both Janma and HoraLagnas are odd or both evcnn then takethesum sf o rndb,Ifone is odd and the other is cven, take the differenceTMoth"*atically Bhava Legna ir obtained by acding birthghatis from sunrise x 6, to longitude of Lagna or the Sun accordingas the Lagrra is odd cr even. In the Standard Horoscopc, birthgbatis x 6 - 87o. This addcd to +3" 9' ( longitudc of Lagna) Fives130" 9' -- Leo I0o 9' as Bbava Lagoa. Actual ly, horvever, 87o isadded to the lst degrce of Lagna : 130+87) . : l l7 -Catcer 27o.

14 Studics in Jaimini AgtroloSY

between. a and,b, call this c. Expunge multiples of 12 and

Varnada Lagna is the Rasi arrived at by counting c from

Mesha (direct) or Meena (reverse) according as the JanmaLagna is odd or even.

Example 5

Determine the Varnada Lagna in the StandardHoroscope.

Janma Lagna is Taurus-an even sign.Hora Lagna is Libra-an.odd sign.

.'. a=ll (counting in the reverse order from Pisces toJanma Lagna).

!=7 (counting in the direct order from Nfesba toHora Lagna).

'. 'Janma Lagna is even and Hora Lagna is odda-b=c (after expunging multiples of 12)ll -7 =4 (after expunging multiples of l2)

As Janma Lagna is an even sign, the 4th from Pisces,counted in the reverse order, viz., Dhanus is tbe Varnada


23. Varnadas for other Rasis

Just as we calculated Varnada for Lagna, we can

calculate Varnadas for all the other ll Bhavas by treating

the appropriate Rasi as Lagna. If Varnada for 2nd Rasi

is required, then treat it as Lagna and tbe 2nd Rasi from

Hora Lagna takes the place of Hora Lagna for purposes

of Varnada calculat ion. I f Varnada for the 3rd is

required, the 3rd from Hora Lagna takes the place of

Hora Lagna. Simi lar ly other Bhavas must be dealt with '

Example 6

Calculate the Varnada for the 2nd Rasi in the Standard


Varneda Lagnr l5

The 2nd Rasi is Gemini-an odd sign.The 2nd from Hora Lagna is Vrischikha-an even sign.i. a= 3 (counting in thc direct order from Meena toMithuna, the second Rasi).

. b = 5 (counting in the reverse order from Meena toVrischika, 2nd from Hora Lagna)..'. 2nd Rasi is odd and the 2nd from Hora even.Take thc difference between a and b:5 -3 :2.As the 2nd Rasi is an odd sign, the 2nd from Mesha

counted in the direct order, vlz., Vrishabha is the Varnadaof the 2nd Rasi. Varnadas for different Rasis would bcrequired for calculating Vasaa6a Dasa (see art. 95).

U. Ghatika LagnarDivide the birth ghatis by 12, reject the quotient and

tbe integral part of thc remainder (n) plus I counted fromJanma Lagna gives the Ghatikd Lagna. Tbe fractionalpart of the remainder reduced to degree gives the exactlongitude.

Example 7

Find the Ghatika Lagna in the Standard Horoscope,Janma Lagna ir Taurus.Bir th t ime in Ghatis- 14.5

' Mathematically, each Ghati bccomes cquivalent to 30o.Hence Ghatika Lagna can be obtaincd by mult iplying birth ghatis

from sunrise by 3O and adding the product to the longitude ol

Lagna. In the Standard Horoscope, tbc Gbatika Lagna accordingto str ict ly mathematical rules would be :

4780 9'- l lSo 9'= Cancer 28o 9'=4350 + 43o 9 '= (14 .5 +30) 43o 9 '

Actualty, however, wc arc askcd to add Birth gbatis x 30 to tbc 6rstpoint of Lagna. Tbis gives Goatika Lagna as l5' of Canccr'

Studics io Jaimini A.trology

Dividing the birth ghatis by 12,t45

we get i:2.5

(remaindcr).'The integral part is 2; fractional part 0.5; Ghatika

Lagna is tbe Rasi arr ived at by count ing n+l- (2+ l) ,i.c., 3rd from Janma Lagna, viz.,Kataka. The remaiuderp&tt, vi2.,0.5 reduced to degrees gives l50.

.'. Ghatika Lagna=Cancer l50.

25. Nisheka or Adhana Legna

This is the sign rising at the time of conception,There is a widesprcad belief current amongst some modernastrological students who always look to the West forastrological inspiration that Prcnatal astrology wasdeveloped in thc West. Such a misconception is partlydue to ignorance and pdrtly to prepossession that a theoryinvolving astronomico-biological correlations could notbave been developed by the ancients. To the utter dis-appointment of such half-informed scholars, we findfrequent references being made to conception Lagna andits relationship to the birth ascendant and how by takinginto consideration the conception horoscope, predictionsaffccting the future of an individual could be attemptedwith sufficicnt accuracy. In tbc course of these Studies,I do not propose to deal with the Nisheka Lagna exhaus-tively. I would just make a casual reference tc tLre thecryas propounded by Parasara and for a f'uller treatment ofthe subject I would refer the readers to Brihat ParasaraHora.

26, Parasara's MethodJaimini does not give any particular method for

finding thc conception time from thc birth horoscope.Thelcicre I shnll make a refercnce to Parasara's method,

Birth-Time Rectification l7

l which is as follows :-Add the distance from the Sun toMandi, to the distance from thc first to ninth house. TheSun in terms of signs, etc., counted backwards representsin terms of months the interval betwcen tbe timc of birthand the time of conception.

27. Semarsingh's MethodIn a work cntitled Manushya Jataka, refercnce is

made to Adhana Lagna by the author Samarsingh whosays that when the longitudes of Lagna and thc Moon inthe birth horoscope are the same, the period of gestationwould bc 273 days. When the Moon and Lagna areopposite, the duretion of pregnancy would be 258 days.

2E. Unsatisfactory Naturc of Existing MethodsAlmost all thc mcthods of deriving Adhana Lagna

.from Janma Lagna, now in vogue, appcar to be riddlewith inconsistencies. Quite a lot of research work has tobe done bcfore a workable system could be laid down foruniversal acceptance. The clue is to be found in Varaha-mihira's reference to the correspondence between JanmaLagna and Adhana Lagna hinted at in stanza 21, Ch. IVof Brihat fatuka. In the absencc of a fool-procf andsystematic mcthod of determining Adhana Lagr.a, wecould safely apply thc combinations suggested in AdbyayalV by Jaimini to birth horoscopes. The principles involvedin tracing the timc of conception frorn the time of birthand vicc yersa are astronomico-biological and hcre is afcrtile field open to scholars for investigation.

29. PranapadaThc theory ofPranapada appcars to have been based

on the law of pcriodicity according to which human,animal and vegetable births could occur only at certain


18 Studies io Jaimini AstrologY

dcfinite intervals. Consequently therc is a recognisableconnection between tbe Lagna and thc Pranapada sign. Agood many astrologers in North India take it for granted

that the Pranapada theory is the nraster'key for the deter-mination of the correct time of birth. No single methodcan cxclusivcly claim for itself infallibility or universalapplicability. Eacb horoscope requires an individual

approach. Parasara clearly suggests that in thc matter

of birtb rectification Pranapada, Chandra and Gulikahave all to be considered. Pranapada is a sensitive point

arrived at by a certain manipulation of the birth time.

3{r. lllcthorl of finiting PranapadaPranapada can be obtained by adding twice thc birth-

time in vighatis to (a) the Sun's longitude or (r) thc Sun'slongitude +240o or (c) the Sun's longitude + l20o accord-ing as the Sun is in a movable, fixed or common sign,

mult iplcs of 360o being invariably expunged.

Example 8Find the Pranapada Lagna in the Standard Horoscope'Birth Time - Gh. l4-30 = 870 vighatis.Sun's longitude-3010 l2 ' or 1o 12' in Aquarius, a

fixed sign.Applying the above formula, Pranapada Lagna is

obtained thus :-(2 x Birth time in vighatis) + (Sun's longitude 1240o)

= (2 x 870) + (3010 12t .7210")=17400+5J1" l z t - ,2281o 12 t .

Expunging multiples of 360o, wc get l2lo lzt.'. Pranapada Lagna--Simha lo i2'.

31. Dwara RasiThe sign in which a Dasa begins or the sign whose

Dasa is under consideration is the Dwara Rasi.

Gulika's Position 19

Suppose the Dasa of Mesha Rasi is under considera-tion either for determining Maraka or some other event.Then that Rasi becomes tbe Dwara Rasi.

32. Bahya RasiThe sign which is as many signs away frorn Dwara

Rasi as the latter is from Lagna goes under the name ofBahya Rasi. Suppose Lagna is Cancer and the Rasi underconsideration for purpose of maraka determination isThula.

'l 'hen Thula is Dwara Rasi. As Thula is the 4thfror.'r Lagna, the 4th from Thula, viz,, Makara would bethe Bahya Resi. Therefore, if Dwara is the 2nd fromLagna, Bahya would be the 3rd.

If Dwara is the 3rd, Bahya would be 4th, do. . 5 tb , do . 9 th .do. 6th, do. I l 7th, do. lst .do. 8th, do. . . 9 th , do . 5 th .do. 101h, do. ? I I th, do. l2th, do. I l lst , do. lst .

33. Paka and Rhoga RasisDwara Rasi is also known as Paka Rasi while Bahya

Rasi goes under the name of Bhoga Rasi. Both theseRasis will be found to be useful mainly in the determina-tion of longevity.

34. GullkaThe position of Gulika is important as it is frequently

referred to by Jaimini especially in the matter of determi-

20 Studies in Jaimioi AstrologY

nation of profession. Readers must not mix up Gulikawith Mandi. The position of Gulika is obtained thus :Divide the duration of da5, into 8 equal parts. The firstseven parts are ruleil by the seven planets beginning fromthe lord of the weekday concerned. Thc 8th part has nolord. The longitude of Gulika corresponds to thc longi-tude of ascendant rising at the end of Saturn's part.Suppose the position of Gulika is required on a Fridayand suppose the duration of day is 30 ghatis. Each partir equal to 3t ehatis. The ruler of the lst part is Venuslord of the weekday, and that of the 2nd part (upto 7|ghatis) is Saturn. Therefore Gulika's longitude corrcs-ponds to the rising degree at 7| ghatis aftcr sunrise.

In case of a night birth, divide thc duration of nightinto 8 equal parts. The first sevcn parts are ruted by theseven planets beginning from the lord of 5th weekdayfrom the weekday concerned. The 8th has no lord. Hereegain Gulika's position corresponds to the ending portionof Saturn's part of tbe night.

Dxample 9

Find the longitude of Gulika in the Standard Horoscope.Duration of Day, viz., Gh. 28.4 divided by 8 gives

G h . 3 . 5 s .Weekday of birth is Tuesday.

.'. Saturn's part extends from Gh. 14-12 to 17'4i.

Gulika's position corresponds to the rising degree atGh. 17-45 , v l '2 . ' M i thuna 4 ' 26 t .

35. BrahmaIn the matter of finding Sthira Dasa (art. 9l and also

the pcriod of Maraka, the planet becoming Brahma plays& very important part. Brahma is a certain distinction

Qualificrtion for. Brahma 2l

which a planct obtains by virtue of certain qualifications

ae per dctrila givcn below :-I. If thc lord of the 8th from Atmakaraka is in the

8th thercfrom, he becomcs qualified for the position ofBrahma.

II. Ascertain whether Lagna or thc ?th housc isstronger. Call tbir A.

Find the strongcst of the lords of the 6th, 8th rndl2th from A. Call thir B.

B becomcs qualificd for the position of Brahma if heoccupics en odd sign which should have reference to thevisible. helf of the zodiac.

36. ErceptionsIf Srturn, Rahu or Ketu becomes eligible as pcr

article 35 for the placc of Brahma, he becomes a nominalBrahma and is automatically disquali8ed. The realBrahme will be the 6th planet from the nominal Brahma,counted in the ordcr of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury'Jupitcr, VenuE, Saturn, Rshu and Ketu.

37. Selection of BrahmaWhen two or three planets become eligible for the

posit ion of Brahma; then selcct one with higherlongitude.In respect of Rahu, howevcr, the longitude must bemeasurcd fiom the last point of the sign. When twoplanets qualified to become Brabma trave the same longi-tude, then select Brahma by Raei Bala (sce art. 's2).

Example 10

Find Brahma Graha in the Standard Horoscope.TFrorn Legoa, "visiblc hrlt"' meaor thc 12tb to ?tb houscsreckoned backwards. For the 7th, "visible half" meeur 6th toLaSna couoted backwards.

' 22 Studies in Jaimini Astrology

Betwecn Lagna and 7th, Lagna is stronger= (A) (videExample l8).

Lords of6, 8 and 12 from A are Venus, Jupiter andMars respectively.

Jupitcr is the strongest because, his longitude is thehighcst (B).

. Jupitcr is in an odd sign and occupies tbe visiblchorizon. Hence Jupiter is Brahma.'

P.^S.-No other planet becomes qualified for thisposition.

3t. MaheswaraThe lord of the 8th house from Atmakaraka is the

Mahcswara.If thc 8th lord from Atmakaraka is exalted or in his

own house, then Maheswara would be the stronger of tbelords of 8th and l2th from Atmakaraka.

TVhen Rabu and Ketu join Atmakaraka or arc in the8th from Atmakaraka, thcn thc 6th planet from tbe Sunbecomes the Maheswara.

When two or more planets compete for the post ofMahcswara, choose the strongest onc.

Example 11Find Maheswara in the Standard Horoscope.Thc lord of the 8th from Atmakaraka is Mercury.

Hence he is the Maheshwara. Neither tho 8th lordis exalted nor is in his own house nor Rahu orKetu has joined Atmakareka or tbc 8th from it.Consequently therc are no other competitors.

39. RndraThe stronger of the lords of the 8th and 2nd from

Lagna becomes Rudra. The other, i.a, the weaker, if

Maheswara rnd Rudre 23

arpected by malcfics can also become nominal or supple-mental Rudra.

Example 12

Find Rudra ln the Standard Horoscope-The lord of thc 8th and 2nd from Lagna arc Jupiter

and Mercury. Jupitcr is strongcr than Mercury.Hence Jupiter is Rudra.


Aspects and Argalas

40. Rcckonlng of AepectrAccording to Hindu Astrology aspects arc generelly

reckoned with rcfcrence to signs, cvcn though in thc dctcr'mination of Drug bala or aspcct-strcngth, thc aspcctangles are invariably considered. A planct cannot aspectanothcr planct or Bheva witb 30o in front of it and 60obchind it. The aspect bcgins from 30o in front of a planetand it stops short at the 300th degree frorir tbc planet.

{1. Arpccte in JaiminiSo fer as Jaimini is conccrned, it looks as though tbe

aspect angles arc ignorcd.All movablc aigns aspect all fixcd signr, crccpt thc

adjaccnt oncs. All fixcd signs aspect ell movablc. cignscxcept thc adjaccnt ones. Common signs aspcct erchother. To be more clcar, Aries aspects thc fixed signs ofLeo, Scorpio and Aquarius and not Taurus, an adjacentsign. Likewirc Taurus aspccts Cancer, Libra and Capri-corn end not Aries, an adjaccnt rign. The vtrious aspectscan bc thus summariscd to facilitetc casy undcrstanding.

Aspccting signArics arpectsTaurus aapectsGcmini aspccts

Aspected signLeo, Scorpio and Aquariur.Canccr, Libra and Capricorn.Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Arpcct$ io Jalmioi

Aspecting sign AsPected sign

Cancer aspectsLco aspccts Libra, Capricorn and Aries'

Virgo aspects Sagittarius, Pisces end Gemioi'

Libra arpects Aquariuc, Taurul and Leo'

Scorpio aspects Capricorn, Aries end Cencer'

Sagittarius aspects ... Pisces, Gcmini and Virgo'

Capricorn aspects Taurus, Leo and Scorpio'

Aquerius aipccts Arics, Cancer and Libra.

Pirccs aspcctr Gcmini, Virgo and Sagittarius'

A. Ren3c of AsPectIn other words a Chara Rasi or a planet in it aspects

the 5th, 8th ancl llth from it. A Sthira Rasi or a planet

in it aspects thc 3rd, 6th and 9th from it, and a Dwiswa-

bhava Rasi or a planet in it arpects thc 4tb, 7th and l0th

from it. Thc iange of aspccts may bc said to be in

rcspect of


(a) Movablc Signs(D) Fixcd Signa(c) Common Signs

120o,2i0o, 300c60" l5oo,240090c, 180" 270"

Exrmple 13

Tabulate the aspects in the Standard Horoscope-Thc Sun is in Aquarius, a fixed sign and thercfore

aspccts Aries (and Rahu and Moon in it), Cancerand Libra (and Kuja and Kctu in it). Similarlyreckoned, thc following is thc table of aspccts inthe Standard HoroscoPe :

Aspccting Lord Aspectcd Lord Atpcctcd Sign

Thc flun - Rehu, Moon Mers, Kctu - Arics, Caocer Libra.The Moon ..- Suo, Mercury, JuPiter - Lco Scorpio Aquerius.Mars -- Suo, Mcrcury, Jupitcr, Lrjoa. Aquerius. Taurus Leo'


Aryecting LordMcrcuryJupitcrVenusSaturnRahuKctu

43. Argalas

Aspectcd Lord

Same as SundoSaturoVenus

Samc as MoonSamc as Moon

Studics in Jaimioi Astrology

Aspected Siga

- Same as Sun.- do ..- Pisces. Gemini and Virgo.-- Virgo, Sagitterius and Pisccs..- Semc as Moon.- Samc as Mers.

Plancts and Rasis aspect other planets and signsaccording to their dispositions. These aspect influenccsare ofected fbr good or bad by the presence, from an as-pecting lord or sign, of planets in certain places. These'affecting' or influencing agencies are called Argalas.

44. Formation of ArgalaPlanets in the 4th, 2nd, I lth and 5th from an aspect-

ing body (except Ketu) cause or bccome Argalas. Lordswho are in the 9th from Ketu become Argalas.

45. Benefic ArgalasNatural benefics in thc above-mentioned place act as

Benefic Argalas or augmcntary agents.

46. Malefic ArgalasNatural malefics in the places mentioned in article 4{

function as Malcfic Argalas or obstructing agents.Natural malefics in the 3rd can also become Argalas.

The interprctation of the sutra bearing on this particularpoint by the commentators is neither clear nor convincing.The consensus of opinion is that Argala could be causedonly when there are many malefics in the 3rd and notwben thcre are onc or two.

Argala Countcraction - 27

47, Counteraction of Argalas

The Argalas, generated by the disposition of planets

in the 4th,2nd, l l th and 5th from an aspcct ing lordor

house, get neutralised or counteractedby the simultaneousprcsence of planets in the l0th, l2th, 3rd or 9th respec

iively from ihe aspecting body concerned' With refcrcncc

to Ketu a planef in the 5th removes the Argala given rise

to by the presence of a planet in the 9th.Elucidating the same point further' we can say that an

Argala caused by the situation of a planet in thc 4th gets

cancelled by the presence of a planet in tbe l0th; the

Argala produced by a planet's disposition in the 2nd is

emoved by tbe presence of a planet in tbe l2th and tbat-

of the llth is cancelled by thc 3rd and tbat of the 5th by

the 9th. In other words, the Argala points, 4,2, l l and

5 have as their counteracting points 10,12, 3 and 9 res-

pectively. It will be seen that the Argala, caused by the

lr.r.n"" of malefics in the 3rd, has no neutralising

"g"o"y. Jt is a purely Malefic Argala, which could be

given rise to only when there are a number of malefics.

ih" foUo*ing schedule will furthcr clcar the Argalaquest ion:

Argala llace CounteractingPlaces

Nature ofArgala


. MalcficMaleficBenefic


r0 I12 l3 )



l l35

9 (Kctu)

28 Studics in Jaimini Astrology

If a planet obstructing Argala is weaker than a planctcaueing Argala, or is less in longitude, the Argala cannotbe counteractcd.

48. Significance of ArgalasFortunatc results will be conferred in the Dasas (sec

articlc 128) of Rasis in which Bcnefic Argalas are caused.Evil results will bcfall during Dasas of Rasis in whichPapargalas heve been centered. If the Benefic Argalashavc refcrcnccto, i.e., fall in Pada Lagna,Lagna or the7th and arc not neutralised, the pcrson becomes highlyfortunatc and wealthy.

49. Argah ChekraThis can be cart by taking into consideration the

Argala caused with refcrcncc to each Rasi by the prcsenceof plancts in places mentioned in articlc 44. Thus if in aboroscope, from Aries, a planet is in the 4th, causingArgala we can put the planet in Aries in thc ArgalaChakra.

Erample 14Find the Argalas and their neutralisalion in the

Standard Horoscope.Taking the Sun in tbe Standard Horoscope, we find

that the 4th and 2nd are vacant. The 3rd is not occupiedby a largc number of male6cs. Thc fifth is occupicd byVenus, causing Subhargala. The Malefic Argala causedby Saturn in thc 5th fron the Sun is neutralised by thepresencc of Mars in the 9th. The Bcnefic Argala causedby Venus in the llth is neutralised by thc presence of theMoon and Ketu in thc 3rd. As, howcver, the Argalacausing Saturn (3" 20t7 and Venus (20' 33') have greeterlongitude tban thcir tcspcctivc Argala-dcstroying agcnts



d 5 E' 3 E *Y V < , 6

F C I g i- d d. ^ u t o


. - ! t> ! :G 5 J( s l ( ,


ai'3gd F -

*5gE6 & a g

Erample for Argalas

:t-sB ag : r

dsd ' : f


. Y A3 t a

v r a

.! .tl t sR Ed r i

h l C

SE< 4U 9

. n 5t ovv

rS " i ^G : t 5 t

T(5E 5e F a o

< ' q ln ( &! i

6 t 5 E r' 3 6 ! €V V 6 d Z








aE 5e ( F a ( ,

is i3E d

t - v

E; t €ocv v

:g :tt it a

^ ^ ^ Y VI I g d . f. r a - t J ' = ' eddaJ,*J V V v v


ct '!t. - a a I )> " o L l Eq , t t & a& A ( 9 o i l

sa ( rs EgeG E' = d


tr .:ac r =v) (a

q ' ^ 6 l ^E s ! : rt t \ E \ ^5 1 5 - BF q ( ) t r ( ) iE ' i dq t d

/ &(n'o; ; ' =5 &, s


30 Studies io Jaimioi AstrologY

Mars (0'53') and Moon (18" 29') we can assume thatthere is no neutralisation of Argala.

50. Argala Chart in the Stanilard Horoscope

Planets not enclosed in brackets have caused Argalas.Thbse enclosed in brackets are the counteracting ones.Plancts in italics are those that have actually asserted theircounteracting influences. Take Mesha in the above chart.Ravi, Budha and Guru have caused Argalas whichthoughcounteracted by Sani have not bccn completely neutralised.Takc Vrishabha. Argala is caused by Sani, but it is coun-tcracted by tbe Moon' The Moon being stronger thanSani (because of having lesser longitude), therc is com-plete neutralisation of tbe Argala' Take Mithuna. Argalahas bcen generated by (a) Rabu and Chandra and (b) Kuja

and Kctu. That caused by Rahu and Chandra has notbeen obstructed. But the Argala caused by Kuja andKctu (because of thcir positionsin the 5th from l{itbuna)has been cancelled by Ravi, Budha and Guru (because of

thcir position in tbe 9th from Mithuna). But actually,thc Argata influence is trot cancelled rz /oto because of the

Argala producing bodies, e.g., Ketu is stronger thanGuru whi le thc Argala destroying Budha is stronger tbanKuja.

Argalas in the Standard Horoscope.Planetary


Thc Sun

Thc MoonMars

Argdla causedby

San i , Sukra

Ravi, Budha, GuruRavi, Budha, Guru

Argalacounteracted bY

Kuja, Ketu.Cbandra, Rahu.SaniSani





Same as MoonSani

3 l

Argala caused Argalaby coanteracred by

Same as Sun Same as SunDo Do

Chandra, Rahu,Kuja - Ravi, Budha,.Ketu Guru

Do Do

.Ravi, Budba,Guru

Planets in italics havc caused Argalas but thcre is noneutralisation either because of the weakness of the coun-teracting plauet or the obsencc of thc counteracting planetin tbe appropriate place. Take for instance Mars. Argalais eaused by Ravi, Budha and Guru in the 5th. Though aplanet is situated in the 9tb, he cannot ncutralise theArgala complctely because of the fact of his being weakand isolated.

Note for instance the Argala caused to the 7th houseby the situation of thc Sun, Mercury and Jupiter. Thenative was wealthy, fortunate and influential.


P lanctary rnd Rasi Strengths

51. Sources of StreogthIo Parasari, tbe strcngth of a planet is numerically

meesurablc, and consists of six kinds or varietics. Thcschave becn cxplained at considerablc lcngth in my bookGraha and Bhava Balas and I do not thercforc propose tosay anything about this subjcct in the coursc of this book.Determination of Shadbalas involves elaborate calcula-tions. Jaimini on the other hand dispenses with atl cum-bersome calculatiooc and the methods formulated forasccrtaining planetary and house strengths are simple. Inthe detcrmination of longcvity, planetary and housestrengths play an important role. It must be notcd thatfaimini lays greater emphasis on the strengihs of Rasis,whicb is always derived by the position of one or moreplancts in it. As Jaimini docs not recognisc thc distinc-tion bctwecn Rasi and Bhava, the meaning of tbese twowords in the contcrt of Jaimini's principles may be consi-dcred to bc synonymous.

52. Sourccs of Rasi StrengthThc clue for determining strengths of planets and

Resis is to bc found in Adhyaya2, Pada 3 of JaiminiSutras, A careful study cfthc relcvant sutras reveals thatthe subjcct of Rasi etrengths can bc classified into six

Rrsi Strca3th 33

distinct categorics, vlz., (a) Strcngth duc to Atmakarata,(D) Association strcngth, (c) Location or Aspect strcngth,(d) Strcngth due to the lord, (e) Strcngth ofodd signs and(/) Atmakaraka-disposition strcngth. Wc shall cxplaineach one of thcsc clcarly. For an improviscd method ofmy own, I would rcfcr thc rcadcrs to articlc 62.

53. Atmrkaraka StrengthSincc Atmakaraka is thc moet important planct in a

horoscopc. thc Rasi holding him bccomcs thc strongcst.

54. Association StrengthThis it besed upon the presencc or absence of planett

in a Rasi and the Rasi strengtb is measurcd tbus:(a) A Rasi occupied by a planet is stronger than a

Rasi that have no planct in it.(D) In case to Rasis have planets in them, that

which has a largcr numbcr is stronger than thc onc havioga lesser number.

(c) If Rasis havc an cqual num6cr of planets positedin them, tben measurc thcir respcctive streDgths by consi-dering whether the planeF arc cxalted, or arc in Moola-thrikona; in own or friendly or neutral or inimical houses,thc planct in exaltrtion being the strongest, that in Moola-thrikooa being lcrs strong, that in own house being strong,that in a fricndly sign less strong, tbat in a ncutral signstill less strong and tbat in debility or inimical house bc-ing thc lcast powerful. Thus, if two Rasis have two planetsin cach, and one planet is neecha in one Rasi and theother plane)t is uchha in tbe othcr Rasi, thcn thc Rasiwith the uchha planet becomes the strongcr.

(d) If strcngth of two Rasis is equal as determinedaccording to (a), (D) and (c), thcn the strcogth must bcarcertaincd by teking into consider.tion the Chara, Sthira


31 Studics in Jaimini Astrology

or Drviswabhave nature of the Rasi. A Sthira Rasi isstronger than a Charri Rasi and Dwiswabhava Rasi isstronger than a Sthira Rasi.

55. Location or Aspect StrengthThe Rasi could become strong by the conjunct ion or

aspect of Jupiter, Mercury or i ts won lord.

56. Strength due to LordOut of two Rasis, that whose lord has greater strength

as per articles 59 and 60 becomes stronger.

57. Strcngth of Odd RasisWhen i t is a quest ion of measuring thc strengths of

two Rasis both of which are odd, that rvhich has planctson ei thcr side should be considered the strongcr of thetwo,

58. AtmrkarakaDisposition StreigthRasis, whosc lords occupy KenrJra, Panapara and

Apoklima from Atmakaraka, get full strength, halfstrength and feeble strength respectivcly.

59. Sources of Planetary StrengthThere are two sources of planetary strength, viz., (a)

Amsa bala and (D) Moolathr ikona bala.

60. Amsa BalaAmsa means longitude and bala means strcngth. A

planet whose longitude (from the beginning of tbc sign) isgreater than that of another planet, becomes strongerthan the lat ter. Suppose the lotgi tudc of the Sun is 25oAries and that of Mars l8o Cancer. The Sun is stro4gerthan Mars.

Planetery Strcngth 35

61. Moolathrikona Bala

This has reference to the situation of a planet in an

inimical (satrukshetra), debilitated (neecha), ncutral(sama), friendly (mithrakshetra), own (swakshctra)'moolathrikona or exaltation (uchha) Rasis.

A planet in exaltation becomes the strongest and thatin debilitation the weakest, the strength decreasing fromexaltation to debilitation in the descending order thus :

Exaltation, Moolathrikona, own sign, friendly sign,neutral sign, inimical sign and debilitation sign.

In applying ttre rulcs for the determination ofplanetary strengths, the order mentioned above shouldbe observed. As in ordinary Astrology, one has to makea careful study of the principles, understand themthoroughly and then apply them to a number ofboroscopes so that one could get sufficient practicalexperience.

Example 15Determine the Rasi Srengths in the Standard Horoscope.

L Aries and Libra :-(a) Both have two planets each and both are Chara.(b) tsoth are aspected by Jupiter and Mercury.(c) The Moon in Mesha is in a neutral s ign whi le

Kuja in Tbdla is also in a neutral sign.(d) Kuja lord of Mesha and Sukra lord of Thula

occupy respectively Apoklima and PanaparaRasis from Atmakaraka. Thula is stronger thanMesha.

(e) Venus lord of Libra is stronger than Mars lordof Mesha. Hence Libra is stronger than Mesha.

36 Studics in Jeimini Artrology

II Gemini and Sagittarius :-(a) Both brve & ptanct eacb and both arc

Dwiswrbhava.(D) Gcmini aspected by Vcnus. a fricnd. Dhanus

aspectcd by Saturn, a neutral.(c) Saturn in Mithuna is in a friend's sign, Venus

is in the housc of a neutral(d) Budha lord of Mithuna is in a Kendra from

Atmakaraka but Guru is Atmakaraka himself.(c) Thc lord of Dhanus is stronger than thc lord of

Mithuna.Hence Dhanus is stronger than Mithuna.

III. Aquarius:-Has the largest number of planctsbesidcs being occupied by Atmakaraka. Both Sun andMcrcury arc also positcd hcre. Conscqucntly it is thcstrongcst Rasi.

62. Numerical Melsure of tssi StrengthAbovc I have given as clearly as possible thc eourccs

of strcngth of Rasis. It occurs to me thtt untess somemcthod, akin to the one suggested by parasara, is devised,it would be rather difficult to categorically say, which isthe etrongest or which is thc weakest Rasi. The wholctcchnique of Desa prcdiction according to Jaimini hingeson the Racis and their relative strengths. Baecd upon theprinciplcs adumbrated in articles SZto 6l and making aslight departure from Jaimini, or to be more correct,rdapting, the relevant principlcs from parcsari, I bavedeviscd the following improvised nethod of numericallydetermining thc strengths of the various Rasis. Readersmust clearly bear in mind that the method is offered as apossible solution of thc problcm of evaluating strengthsand it may be rcjected by tbose who may find thc mcthod

An Improvircd Mcthod t7

arbitrary or who may not favour thc idca of the slightcstdcparturc from faimini. It is givcn for what it is worth.

From tbe dctails furnisbcd in articles 52 to 6l it isclear that thc strcngth of a Rasi is mede up of (i) thelord's strcngth and (ii) the Rasi's own strengtb dcrivcdfrom (a) the cardinat, fixed or common naturJof thc signwhich I would call Chara bala, (D) rhc sign having tf,c.aspcct or rrsociation of Jupitcr, Mcrcury or itc own lord-Druk bale and (c) tbe fact of thc sign bcing occupicd byone or more plancts-Sthira Bala. We can thereforc raytbat thc total strength of Rasi io thc (a) sum of its ow!strength plus (b) that of thc lord. Wc ghall takc up thcsctwo items reparatcly.

63. The Lord'r StrcngthSo fer rs thc lord's strength is conccrned, it may be

assumed to bc madc up of strength due to (i) his residinccin exaltation sign, own house, ctc., whicb I would callMoolathritona bala, (ii) tbc longitudinal position_Amsabala and (iii) situation in Kendra, panaparaaod Apoklimafrom Atmakaraka-Kcndra bala.

g. Moolethrikona BelaLct not thc reader mix this up with Moolathrikons

bala dircusced in my Graha and Bhava Balas wherc a con_aidcretion of a planct's situation in a fricndly, inimical,own place, Gtc,, in all the Saptha Varges is requiied.

Hcrc thc rcfcrence ir only to Rasi Cbart. Thc lordof a sign (whosc rtrcngth is to bc found) may occupy ancxaltation placc, Moolathrikona, own hourc, ctc. Wccan essign for therc difrcrcnt situations thc followingnumerical valucs in terms of shachtiamsas :-



3t Studies in Jaimini Artrclogy

Own HouseFriend's HouseNeutral's HouseEnemy's HouseDcbilitation


65. Amsa BalaBy Amsa is meant the degree of longitude held by a

plrnet. According to article 60 a planet with a highcrlongitude is stronger than a planet wittr a lower longitude.Extending the same principle further, we can say that theplanet holding the higbest longitude would be the strongestand thc one with the lowest thc weakest, the strengthdecreasing in the descending order of the longitudcs;Excluding thc nodes, we have sevcn planets whorc lord-ehip alonc over the l2 signs is considered for purposes of.trcngth-detcrmination. As thc planet with the highestlongitude would be the strongest we could arbitrarilyassign 60 shashtiamsas as its Amsa bala whilo for theweakest 3.75 units may be assigned, the othcr plancts .being given the followiqg valucs:-

(1) The planet that has advanced most in esign 60.00 shashtiamses.

(2) Less advancedthan (l) 45.00 .'

(3) Less than (2) 30.00 "(4) Less than (3) 22.50 "(5) Less than (4) 15.00 "(6) Less than (5) 7,5O "(7) The least advanced ... 3.75 "

66 Kendra BaloArticle 58 says that the Rasi, whose lord ir in a

Kendra, Panapara, or Apoklima, from Atmakaraka, gets

Schcdulo of Strc4ths 39

full strengtb, ordinary strength and feebtc strength.Thereforc, we can assign thc following values as Kendrabala : -

A planet in a Kendra from Atmakaraka-60shashtiamsas.

. A planet in a Panapara from Atmakaraka-30shashtiamsas.

A planct in an Apoklima from Atmakaraka-l5shashtiamsas

Example 16Find Moolathrikona bala, Amsa bala and Kendra bala

of the various planets in the Standard Horoscope.The Sun.-(a) He is in Kumbha, an enemy's housc.

His Moolathr ikona bala is 7.5 units.(D) According to longitudinal position, thc Sun is thc

6th (ree Ex. l ) . Hence his Amsa bala is 7.50units,

(c) The Sun is in a Kendra (lst) from Atmakaraka.His Kcndra bala is 60.0 units.

.'.Thc total strcngth of the Sun is :MoolathrikonaAmsaKendre




sbarhtiamsas.Deating with the other planet, rii l i l.rly, we can enter

their strcngthr in a tabular form thus :-

Planet MoolathrikonaBala

Am,$a KendraBala Bala Total

The SunThc MoonMarr

, . . 7.50 (Setru) 7.50... 15.00 (Neutrel) 30.00... 15.00 (Ncutrel) 3.75

60.00 75.00r 5.00 60.0015.00 33.7s

Studics io Jaimini Artrototy

Planet MoolathrikonaBala

.Amsa KcndraBaIa Bala Total


... 15.00 (Ncutral) 22,50 60.00 97.50

... 15.00 (Ncutral) 60.00 60.00 135.00

... 15.00 (Ncutral) 45.00 30.00 90.00

.... 22.40 (Mitra) 15.00 30.00 67.50

67. Chrra BahFrom article 5a@) it is clear that a Dwiswabheva

Rasi ir more powerful than a Sthira Rrsi and that aSthira Rasi is morc powcrful than a Chara Rasi. Wc canthercforc asrign thc following valucs of strength :-

Dwiswabhava RasiSthira RasiChara Raci

68. DroL BehThis has rcference to article 55. A Rasi aspectcd by

(or associated witb) its own lord, or Jupitcr or Mercury isrendcred strong. Wc can thercfore say tbat when a Rasiir aspected by or asrociated with

Jupitcr, it gcts a Druk bala of 60 unitr.Mercury, it gcts a Druk bala of 60 units.Itr own lord, it gets a Druk bala of 60 units.

59. Sthira BrlaA Resi with two planets ir rtrongcr than thc onc with

one planet. That with thrcc is rtrongcr than that withtwo and !o on. Thcrc arc sevcn lords ud 2 nodes. Veryrarcly do morc then 7 planets and Rahu or Ketu canrtay in a single eign. We can thereforc arbitarily essignthc following numcrical velues:- .

60 shashtiamsas.30 "1 5 t t

Strength of Resir

When 8 plancF arc in a rign


165 shashtiamsas.150 . "1 3 5 "t20 "105 "9 0 "?5 "6 0 "

0 t t

Rasi. Its Chara tala

do. ' l

do . 6do. 5

do. 3 .do .

do . 4 do .do.

do . 2 dotio. I planct is in a signWhcn no planct

TaLe Mesba:-(a) Chora Bala :-It is a Chara

is l5 shashtiamsas.(D) Druk bala:-It is aspected both by Guru and

Budha and gets a total of 120 shashtiamsas asDruk bala.

(c) Sthira Bala:-Two planets, yiz., Chandra andRahu occupy Mcsha. Therefore, Sthira bala is 75rhashtiamsas.

Mesha's own strength is : l5+ 120 +75=210 shasht i-am8as.

Thc following is the schedulc of Rasis' own ttrengthin thc Standard Horoscopc:-

Reri Druk balaSthira Rasi'rbrla own







- 30.00- 60.00


! 30.00








12 Studics in Jeimiui Astrology

Charabrla Druk bala



















70. Totrl Rasi StrengthThe total strength of Rasi is the sum-total of Rasi's

own streDgth and that of thc lord. Thus in thc StanclardHoroscope, the total strcngth of Mesha is:

Strcngth of lordRasi's own strength


33.75 shasht iamsas210.00 "

243.',r5 I t

71. Special Strength

In addition to the above, a Rasi can get 60 shashti-amlas of special strcngth if it happens to house the Atma-karaka. This ir generelly got by only one Rari.

Example tE

Find the total strcngth of Rasis in the StandardHoroscope.

Spccial Streogih of Rasir 13


o flord

TotalRari's own strength ofstrength the Rasi

MeshaVrislrabhaMithunaKatakaSimhaKanyaThulaVrischikaDhanusMakaraKuntl i l ,^"

lvi,.:en a

33.7590.0097.5060.0075.0097.5090.003 3 .75








243.75120.002t7.50195.00105.00I 57.50300.0063.75



t 95.00

In !,re Standard Horoscope, the following are theltrengths of Rasis in their descending order:-KumbhaThulaDhanusMeshaMithunaMeenaKataka


T eoa 60 aberhtiamsas for Kumbba ar Atmakrralr Guru is init.

367.50 Strongest300.00255.00243.752r7.50195.0011e5.00 [157.50120.00105.00

... 3i:i3l wcakest x






Studio io Jaimini Artrology

72. ExceptloneWherc thc Sage has specifically mentioned that the

strcngth of a Rasi for purposcs of ccrtain specific predic-tions, should bc detcrmined according to thc loDgitudescovercd by thc lords, etc., the method suggcsted aboveshould not be applicd at all.


Dasas and Bhuktis

73. Kinds of DasasJust as in Parasari, there arc a number sf Dasas

mentioned in Jaimini. Whilst Parasara's scbemc of Dasasis almost entirely bascd upon thc plancts and thcir dispo-sitions in certain constellationr, Jaimini's Dasas invariablyrefer to Rasis. In calculating thc Dasas of Jaimini oneis likely to gct confused, owing to thc mcthodsof countingonc has to eniployed to arrive at Dasas and Bhukti periods.A littlc oversight may upset the whole schemc of a parti-cular Dasa and lcad the studcnt into erroneous deductions.One must thcreforc be careful in chccking end recheckingthe Dasa calulations bcfore attempting prcdictions.

Jaimini makcs mention of the fol lowing Dasas:.-(l) Chara Dasa, (2) Sthira Dasa, (3) Thrlkona Dasa,

(4) Sula Daso, (5) Ravi Dasa, (6) Kendra Dasa, (7)Yarnada Dasa, (8) Udu Dasa, (9) Navamsa Dasa, (10)Brahma Dasa, (ll) Yogardha Dasa, (12) Drig Dasa,(13) Nakshatra Dasa and (14) Mandooka Dasa,

74. Choice of DasaNo dcfinitc cluc is given by thc Sagc as to the rpecific

conditions undcr which tbc diffcrcnt Dasas should bcapplied for purposcs of prediction. Casual rcfcrcncesmadc here and there, thet an event such as for instancc

16 Studics in Jaimini Asirology

mother's dcath would happcn in a certain Thrikona Dasa,should guide us in the selcction of tbe appropriate Dasasfor appropriate events. As most readers woutd perhaps beaware, wbilst Parasara mentions a variety of Dasas, thepride of place is invariably given to Vimshottari and ex-perience warrants this. My grandfather late Prof. B.Suryanarain Rao used to tell me that Chara Dasa andThrikona Dasa could be applied to all horoscopes andthat all important human cvents could be timed witheufficient accuracy with the aid of Navamsa Dasa, whilefor longevity purposes, his choice was Chara Dasa orNiryana Shula Dasa. Siuce Astrology is a. practicalscience, dogmatic assertions, as to the suitability of thisor tbat sY.stem of Dasa, just bccause it is a favourite ofan eminent scholar are uncalled for. The choice must beleft to the discretion of the intelligent readi:r wbo shouldbe guided not only by his oln experience but by that ofscholars u,ho have madc a life-long study of the subject.I am personally inclincd to favour both Chara and SthiraDasas. This conclusion is, of course, based upon myown meagre studies.

I do not therefore propose to detail all the Dasasmentioned above in the coursc of this book. I shall dealwith Chara Dasa exhaustively and make brief referencesto Thrikona Dasa, Sthira Dasa, Rasi Dasa, BrahmaDasa, Varnada Dasa and Niryana Shula Dasas.

75. Chara l)asa

This particular system appears to be a favourite withthe Sage. Rasis have been dividcd in to two groups, riz.,Vishamapada (odd group) and Samapada (even group)for purpores of reckoning thc order of succession of Dasaand counting thc Dasa ycars.

Tbe Approprialc Dasa $

76. Vlshamapada RasisAries, Tausus, Gemini, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius

belong to the odd group (Vishamapada).

77. Samapada RasisCancer, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

bclong to the cven group (Samapada). For purposes ofclarity, we shall usc the terms Savya group and Apasavyagroup to denote the signs mentioned in articles 76 and77respcctively

78. The Order of DasasWhen thc gth house from Lagna refcrs to a sign in

the Savya group, the order of Dasa succession would bedirect or clockwise, the first Dasa starting from LagnaRasi. When the 9th from Lagna refers to a sign in theApasavya group, the order of Dasa in succession worr ldbe the reverse or anti-clockwise direction, the first Dasabeing that of Lagna Rasi. Suppose for example two caseswhere (a) Mesha and (6) Kataka are Lagnas. In the firstcase, the 9th house from Lagna, vz., Sagittarius refers toSavya group. The first and succeeding Dasas would bcin the order of Mesha, Vrishabba, etc. In the secondcase, the 9th house from Lagna (Karkataka) is Pisces,belonging to Apasavya group. The first and succeedingDasas would be in the order of Kataka, Mirhuna,Vrishabha, etc.

79. Dasa PeriodThe period of a Chara Dasa is not constant. lt is

variable according to the situation of a lord with referenceto his Rasi. The Dasa period of a Rasi is equal to n- lwhere n represents the distance (in terms of Rasis) bet-ween the Rasi in question and the lord thereof, counted

4t Studieg in Jaimini Astrology

clockwise or anti-clockwisc, according as thc concernedRasi belongs to the Savya or Apasavya group. Let us takea chart wherc Lagna is Mesha, lord of Lagna Kuja is inSimha, Sukra is in Vrischika and Chandra is in Simha.The 9th from Lagna, viz.,-Sagittarius, rcfers to Savyagroup. Consequently, the succession of Dasas, tlie firstalways starting from Lagna, would bc in the dircct ordcr.Since Lagna is Mesha, the first Dasa in this casc would be,that of the Lagna Rasi. yfz., Mesha. The lord of Mesha,vfz., Kuja is in Simha. Since Mcsba also belongs to Savyagroup, counting in the direct order from Mesha to Simha,wc get n equal to 5. Thercfore the duration of I\,teshaRasi Dasa is equal to 4 ycars (n-I). TakingVrishabha,the next Rasi Dasa : It falls undcr Savya g,roup. Itslord Venus is in Vrischika. Thereforc the distancc (n)from Vrishabha to Vrischika counted in tbe dircct order is? and thc Dara period of Vrishabha is (n -/) 6 years.The next Dasa (Mithuna) can also be similarly calculeted.Now to ascertain thc duration of Karkataka Dasa.Canccr falls in thc Apasavya group. The lord Moon is inSimha. Thc counting from Cancer must be in thc rcversedircction, which in this casc would be 12 (n) and thepcriod of Cancer Dasa would bc II years h-I).

Let us now take a chart where Lagna is Makara, Sani,Guru and Kuja occupying Simha, Mcsha and Kanyarespectivcly. The 9th from Lagna, viz., Kanya bclongs tothe Apasavya group. Consequently the first Dasa startingfrom Lagna (Makara Dasa) is succceded by subsequentDasas in the reverse order, uiz., Dhanus, Vrischika, Thula,etc. To find the duration of Makara Dasa. Its lord Saniis in Simha. As Makara is an Apasavya group sign, weget 6 (n) by counting from Makara to the placc of Saturnin the revcrse order" Thc duration of Makars Dasa is 5ycars (n -/). Thc next Dasa Rasi Sagittarius belongs to

Duretinn of Dasa 19

Savya group and the lord Jupiter is in Mesha. Thereforecounting directly from Dhanus to Mesha, we get t equalto 5. The duration of Dhanus Dasa would be 4 (n-l).In a similar manner Dasa periods for other Rasis shouldbe ascertained.

80. Further Variations of Dast DurationOrdinarily the Dasa period is denoted by the formula

given in the article 79. But the period is increased ordecreased according to certain benefic and melefic disposi-tions of the lords. Thris if a Rasi is occupied by its ownIord, then the Dasa period would be 12 years. If theRasi lord is exalted, the Rasi Dasa period obtained as perarticle 79 sbould be increased by one year. If the Rasilord is debi l i tated, the Rasi Dasa period is diminished byone year.

81. Variations dne to Dual LordshipIt will be seen that in the scheme of Jaimini, Kumbha

and Vrischika are ruled by two planets each. Kuja andKetu own Vrischika and Sani and Rahu own Kumbha.In determining the Dasa period of Kumbha and Vrischikain view of their double lordship, certain special con-siderations are necessary.

82. Conjunction of Durl Lords in Own RasiIf Kuja and Ketu, or Sani. and Rahu, are in con-

junction in their own houses, then the Dasa period ofVrischika and Kumbha will be 12 years each.

83. Mars-Ketu Corijunction in Other Signslf Mars and Ketu are in conjunction in a sign other

than their own, then qount clockwise (as Vrischika belongs4

50 Studies io Jaimini Astrology

to Savya group) from Vrischika to tbe Rasi in ques-t ion. The Dasa period of Vr ischikawi l l be as perart ic leT9.

84. Saturo-Rehu Conjunction in Other Signslf there is a conjunction of Rahu and Saturn in a sign

other tban Kumbha, then count anti-clockwise (becauseKumbha refcrs to Apasavya group) from Kumbha tothe Rasi in question. The Dasa period of Kumbha willbe as per article ?9.

85. One Lord in Own Rasi and the Other Lord in aDifferent Resi

When one of the double-lords (Kuja or Ketu, or Sanior Rahu) is in his own sign and the othcr is in a differcntsign, ignore the former and prefer the latter. That isif Mars is in Vrischikaand Ketu is in Mcena, ignoreMars and prefer Ketu. The Dasa period of Vrischikawill be decided by Ketu as per article 79.

86. Dual Lords in Dillerent RasisWhen Mars and Ketu (or Saturn and Rahu) are in

different Rasis, prefcr thc onc with an associate. If boththe lords arc associated with other planets, prefer theone with thc greater number of associates. When boththe lords havc an equal number of associates, prefer thcone with Rasibala by taking into consideration the Chara,Sthira and Dwiswabhava naturc of the Rasi (rasitahapranaha), Sthira being stronger than Chara and Dwi-swabhava being stronger than Sthira. If lbe two lordsappear equal in strength, cvcn according to Rasibala,then prcfer thc lord who gives thc, larger number of years.If per chancc tbe lord who gives the larger number ofyears is over-debilitated and the other lord is exalted,prefer the latter, increasing thc period by one year as perarticlc 80.

Example for Chara Dasa 5 l

Exampie 19Final the order of the Chara Dasas and their periods

in the Standard Horoscope.Order of Dasas:-The 9th from Lagna is Makara. It

belongs to Apashvya group. Therefore, the first Dasastarting from Lagna, r.iz., Vrishabha is continued in thereverseorder, viz., Yrishabha, Mesha, Meena, Kumbha,Makara, etc.

Dasa Periods :-Let us take the first Rasi Dasa, riz.,Taurus. It falls in the Savya group (Article lO). ihere_fo,re the counting must L,e in the diiect orOer. The lordof Vr ishabha,viz. , Srrk,ra is in Sagi i tar ius the gth (njfrom vrishabha. Therefore the Dasa period of vrisnablais z- l or 7 years. " I 'ake Mesha, th; next Dasa Rasi.It falls in the Savya group. The counting must be inthe dircct order. The lord of Mesha, vk., Kuja is in!!btg, the 7th (n) from Mesha. Hence the duration ofMesha Dasa is 7-l =6 years. Tbe third Dasa is that ofMeena.. It^belongs. to Apasavya group. The countingmust therefore be in reverse order. Jupiter, lord o-fMeena, is in the 2nd (d from Meena (iounted back-wards). Therefore Meena Dasa period is 2_ I = I year,Let us take Kumbha, a sign of jual lordship. netweeiRahu and Sani, both owning Kumbha, Rahu is withChandra. I{ence prefer Rahu (article g6). Kumbhafalls in Apasavya group. Therefore counting fromKumbha to tbe sign occupied get n as ll. Thereiore thedlrat ion of Kumbha Dasa is l l_ l :10 years. TakingVrischika, another sign of ciual tordship, we find thajboth Kuja and Ketu are in conjunction. Thereforc asper article 83, we have to simply count (in the directorder as Vrischika refers to Savya group) from Vrischikato Thula where Kuja and Ketu are in conjunction. Thisgives r as 12, and the Dasa period of Vrischika is

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l2-l- ll years. Calculating similarly for other Rasis,tbe following are thc Chara Daras in the case of theStandard Horoscope :-

Dasa yearsVrishabha 7 0 0Mesha 6 0 0Meena I 0 OKumbha l0 0 0Makara 7 0 0Dhanus 2 0 0Vrischika il 0 0

lxl't ::: ?33Simha d 0 0KatakaM i t h u n a

" 3 o o

No Rasi is occupied uy it, o*o, "*ut,"Jo?

f"o,,,ru,"olord.. Therefore there is no increase or decreasc of anyDasa period given above.

Example 20Find Chara Dasas in ihe case of a person born on 8th

August I9I2 A.D. at 7-JS p.m. (I.S.T.) at Bangalore,the positions of planets at birth being as given in the charl



tJupiter I


Anothcr Example 53

Dasa Order:-In the above horoscope, the 9th fromLagna is Thula, a sign belonging to Savya group.Consequently, the first Dasa, starting from Lagna, viz.,Kumbha, is continued in the direct order, vlz.,Kumbha, Meena, Mcsha, etc.

Dasa Perlods:-Taking the first Dasa Rasi, viz.,Kumbha, we find that it is a sign of dual lordship. Saturnand Rahu arc neither in conjunction nor in their own sign'They occupy different signs. Therefore applying articlc86, we have to prefer Saturn, as he is associated with aplanet. Kumbba falls in Apasavya group. Thereforecounting(in thereverseorder) from Kumbha to Saturn weget n as 10. Therefore the period of Kumbha is l0-l =9years. Taking Mecna, the next Dasa Rasi : It alsobelongs to Apasavya group. lts lord Jupiter is in Scorpio.Counting from Meena (in thc reyerse direction) to theplace of Jupiter we get 5 as n. Thcrefore the Dasa periodof Meena is 5-l -4. Let us take Cancer. lts lord Moonis in Taurus. Counting from Cancer to Moon (in thereverse order as Cancer belongs to Apasavya group) weget z as 3. Therefore (n-l)=2. As lord of Cancer isexalted, the period of 2 years is to be increased by onemore year (vide article 80). Therefore the Dasa period ofCancer is 3 years. Taking again Vrischika, a sign ruledby two lords, vlz., Mars and Ketu, who, in this horos-cope, occupy different signs, preference should be given toMars as he is associated with other planets while Ketubas no association. Counting from Vrischika to Kuja(in the direct order as Vrischika belongs to Savya group)we get l0 (z). The Dasa period of Vrischika is thereforcl0-l = 9. Similarly calculated, the following is thctable of Rasi Dasas in respect of the horoscope underconsideration :-



Studicr in Jaimini Aetrototy



l l 0 0800

87. Bhukthis in Chara DaraDetermination of thc ordcr of succession of the sub-

pcriods in a Rasi Dasa is based on the same principle thatis employed in deciding the order of ouccession

-of main

Dasa from the first Dasa. If the 9th from the Rasi, for,wbich thc sub-periods are desired, bclongs to the Savyagroup, tben thc sub-periods in that Rasi run in thc directordcr, the first sub-period being that of the 2nd Rasifrom the Dasa Rasi. If the 9rh falls in an Apasavyagroup, thcn the Bhukthis succced in the rcverse direction,thc first Bhukthi being that of the 2nd Rasi (in thc reversedircction) from thc Dasa Rasi concerncd. Supposc sub-pcriods in Vrishabha Rasi-Dasa are required. The 9thfrom Vrishabha, viz,, Makara bclongs to the Apasavyagroup. Consequcntly, the first sub-period will bc that ofthc 2nd Rasi (considered in the rcverse order) fromTaurus, viz., Aries, the 2nd, 3rd and other tub-periodsbcing Mecna, Kumbha, ctc., thc last sub-period bcingthatof Vrishabha irclf. Supposc sub-periods irom McshaRasiDasc arc rcquircd. The 9th from Mcsha rcfcrs to Savya

Bhukthic io Charr Drsa 55

, group. Hcncc tbe order of succession is direct. The firstsub-period would bc that of the 2nd Rasi (direct count)from Mesha, vlz., Vrishabha, the last sub-pcriod bcingthat of Mesha.

88. I)uration of Sub-periodsAs tbe number of periods is 12, the duration of a sub-

period would be onc-twclfth of the duration of a Dasapcriod. Thus in the Standard Horoscope, the Dasa peiiodof Vrishabha being 7 years, cach sub-period or Bhukthiextends for 7 montbs.

Example 21Find out the order of Bhukthis tn the Chara Dasa of

Yrishabha and Mesha in the Standard Horoscopes.As thc 9th from Vrishabha refers to the Apasavya

group, tbe succcrsion of Bhukthis is in the converse order,thc first Bhukthi being that of thc 2nd from Vrishabharrz., Mesha) countcd anti-clockwise. Thc following arethc sub-periods in Vrishabha Rasi : -

DasaVrisbabha .do .do .do .do .d o .


. . MakaraDhanusVrischikaThulaKanyaSimhaKatakaMithunaVrishabha

y . m . d .070070070070070070070070o70070070070


Studics in Jaioini Actrology

Taking the nert Dasa Mesha : the 9th from Mcsha

rcfers to Savya group. Thcrefore 'the succcssion of

Bhukthis will be in the direct order. The first Bhukthi

would be that of Vrishabha, the 2nd from Mesha. Thc

duration of each Bhukthi would be l/l2th (0"6-0) oftheduration of Mesha Rasi Dasa (6-0-0). Tbe sub-periods in

Mesha Rasi Dasa run thus :-

DasaMesha .


.. . DhanusMakaraKumbhaMeenaMesha

y. m. d.060060060060060060060060060060060060


89. Sthira Dasa

As the name implies, the periods of Sthira Dasa are

fixed and they are not variable. Sthira Dasa is held to be

very important in determining Maraka or death.

90. Dasa Periods

For purposes of Sthira Dasa calculation, the twelve

signs of the Zodiac have been divided into tbree groups'

according to the Chara, Sthira and Dwiswabhava naturc

of the signs. The durations of the Sthira Dasas of a

Duration of Sub-pcriods

Chara Rasi, a Sthira Rasi andrespectively 7, 8 and 9 Years.cxplanatory:-



a Dwiswabhava Rasi areThe following table is self'

Duration ofSthira Dasa



yearst t

, ,I t

t t

t t

t ,

, t

t t

Total 9 6 "

91. Celculation of Sthira DasaTwo views are expressed as regards the commencement

of the Dasa. According to one view, Sthira Dasa startsfrom Lagna or the ?th whichever is stronger. This view is

not supported by Parasara. Jaimini himself is very clearin saying in Sutra r 4 (Adh. II, Pada III) that the SthiraDasa starts from the Rasi occupied by Brabma) (see art.

35). Parasara clcarly supports tbis view. Therefore thefirst Sthira Dasa starts from the Rasi occupied by Brahmaaqd the subsequent Sthira Dasas succeed in the regularorder. There is also a suggestion by some learned men

that the balance of the first Sthira Dasa should be found

by taking into consideration the degree remaining to beTBr"h.adireva

58 Studics in Jaimini Astrology

traversed by thc Brahma Graha but this does not seemto have received thc approbation of commentators. Somesay that if thc starting Dasa Rasi is odd, the order ofsuccession would be dircct. If it is cvcn, the order wouldbc in the reverse direction.

Erample 22Find the Sthira Dasa periods in the Standard Horoscope.

As Brahma Craha Jupiter is in Aquarius, the lstDasa begins from that sign, the duration being 8 years,The next Dasas run in the order of Meena, Mesha, etc. ,as given below :

Years8 0 09 0 07 0 08 0 09 0 07 0 08 0 09 0 0? 0 08 0 09 0 07 0 0


92. Thrikona Dasa

Determinc the strongest out of thc Lagna, the 5th andthe 9tb. The first Dasa will start from it. The order ofSuccession will be direct or convcrsc according as thestarting Rasi refcrs to Savya or Apasavya group. If thc

RasiFirst Dasa Kumbha


Thrikona Dasa 59

lst Dasa Rasi refers to Savya group, then the subsequentDasa will succeed (in thc dircct order) in thc followingmanner:-

2nd Dasa i . .3rd4th5th6th7th8th9rh

lOthI l thi2 th l2 th

Suppose the first Dasa starts from Mithuna. The 2ndDasa would be that of the 2nd Thrikona (the 5th), the3rd Dasa, that of Kumbha (9th) the 4th, that of Karkataka(2nd) and so on.

When the first Rasi refers to Apasavya group, ttenthe subsequent Dasas succeed just as mentioned abovo butin thcreverse order. Thus if the lst Dasa is that ofKarkataka, the 3rd Dasa would be that of thc 5th fromit (countcd auti-clockwise), viz., that of Meena, thethird that of the 9th 1viz,, Vrischika), the fourth that ofthc 2nd (Mithuna) and so on.

93. Span of Thrikona DasaThc span of a Thrikona Dasa should be asccrteincd

by applying the same mcthod as is done in thc casc ofCharaDara, i ,e. ,by count ing in the clockwise or ant i -clockwise dircction (according as Rasi belongs to Savyaor Apasavya group) the number of Rasis interveningbetwcen thc Rasi in question and the lord thcreof. Thusif the Dasa period of Canccr is rcquircd and thc Moon

Sth from lst9th2nd6th

l0 rh3rd7th

I l th4th8th

60 Studics in Jaimini Astrology

lord is in Simha, Cancer belongs to Apasavya group.Consequently the count must be anti-clockwise. Thc Moonoccupies the l2th (n) and therefore the span of the Dasawould be ll years (n-l).

Exampte 2g '

Determine the order and duratian of Thrikona Dasasin the Standard and Horoscope.

Out of Lagna, the 5th and 9th, we find thc 5th Rasiis the strongest as its numerical strength is 157.5 units(Examplc l8). The first Thrikona Dasa must thereforestart from Kanya. Kanya belongs to Apasavya group,and tbe order of succession of Dasas is reverse. Thespan of Dasa periods would be the same as in the caseof Chara Dasa, as the undelrying principle is the same.The first Dasa is that of Kanya, the 2nd that of Vrishabha(the 5th from lst reckoned conversely), the 3rd that ofMakara (the 9th), the 4th that of simha (the 2nd) andreckoning in a similar manner, we could tabulate theDasas as fol lows :-

Thrikona Dasas in the Standard HoroscopeRasiKanya





Sub-pcriods in Tbrikona Dase 6l

gl. Sub-periods in Thrikona DasaThe duration of a sub-period is one-twelfth of the

duration of a major period. The order of succession ofsub-periods would be just as the order of succession ofDasas. If the Rasi for which sub-periods are requiredbelongs to Savya group, the sub-periods will succeed inthe direct order, the first period being that of the DasaRasi, the 2nd being that of the sth Rasi, the 3rd beingthat of the 9th Rasi, the 4th being that of the 2nd Rasi,etc., r€ckoned clockwise. If the Dasa Rasi for whichsub-periods are required refers to Apasavya group, thenalso the above order holds good, but in the reversedirection. Take for instance Cancer. It belongs toApasavya group. Tbe first sub-period would be that ofCancer, the 2nd would be that of the 5th (counted back-wards) vfz., Pisces, the 3rd sub-period that of the 9th(counted backwards), viz., Scorpio and so on.

Example UFind the sub-periods in the Thrikona Dasas of Dhanus

andMakara in the Standard Horoscope,Dhanus refers to Savya group. The reckoning there-

fore is in the direct order. The first sub-period would bethat of Dhanus, the 2nd that of Mesha (the 5th from thelst), the 3rd that of Simha, etc., as follows:-

The duration of Dhanus being 2ycars eachsub-periodlasts for 2 months.

Sub-periods in the Thrikona Dasa of .


y . m .d .020020020o20020

62 Studics in Jaimini Astrology .


y .m .d .020020020020020020020 .

Total 2 0 0

Taking the Thrikona Dasa of Makara, the span being7 years, the duration of each sub-period would be 0-7-0.As Makara balongs to Apasavya group, the reckoning ofsub-periods should be in the reverse order. The firstsub-period is that of Makara, the 2nd that of Kanya (the5th counted backwards from lrlakara), the 3rd that ofVrishabha and so on as fol lows:-

Sub-periods in the Thrikona Dasa of .d o .do .do .do .do .do .d o .do.d o .


y .m . d070070070070070070070070070070070070

Total 7 0 0

Varnada Dasa 63

95. Yarnada Dasa

This is based upon the relationship betwecn Lagnaand the Varnada Lagna. We bave already explaincd inarticle 22 bow to calculate Varnada Lagna. In the samemanner, Varnadas for the 2nd, 3rd and other Bhavasrhould be calculated. If the Lagna is odd, tbe order ofDasa would be direct; if even, revcrse. Different com-mentators have expressed different opinions as to thestarting and reckoning of Varnada Dasa and I do not pro-pose to deal with these controversial matters in a bookmainly intended for the students of astrology. Accordingto some, the Dasa must start either from Lagna or fromHora Lagna wLichever is stronger. I take my clue fromSutra 16 of Pada 3 of Adhyaya IV in which Jaiminisuggests that Varnada Dasa should commence fromLagna and run in the direct order if Lagna is an oddsign, and from the l2th and run in the rcverse order, ifLagna is an even sign. The counting of the Dasashould also be direct or otherwise depcnding upon theodd or even naturc of the rising sign. Thus if Lagna isMesha and the Varnada Lagna is Kanya, then the lstVarnada Dasa would be that of Mesha and its durationwould be 6 years, the distance counted clockwise fromLagna to Varnada Lagna. If, on the other hand, theLagna were to be Vrishabha and Varnada Lagna Kanya,then the first Varnada Dasa would be that of Mesha, itsduration being 8 years the distance from the 12th fromLagna to Varnada Lagna, counted backwards. Thc 2ndVarnada Dasa, in tbe case c'f an odd sign, would be thatof the second Rasi, its duration being equivalent to thedistance between Lagna and the 2nd Varnada Rasireckoned directly. ln case Lagna is an even sign, the 2ndDasa would be that of 3rd Rasi from Lagna or the 2nd

61 Studicl in Jaimini Astrolog

Rasi from l2th (counted in the anti-clockwise direction)

the duration being the distance in terms of signs betweet

the Lagna and 2nd Varnada counted in the reverse orderSumming up, when Lagna is odd, the order of Dase

woutd be direct. The span of a Varnada Dasa would be

th€ interval between Lagna and the Varnada concerned

in the direct order when the Lagna is odd. When the

Lagna is even, the order would be converse and the

duration of Varnada Dasa would be equivalent to the

internal between.the l2th (from Lagna) and tbe Varnada

in question counted backwards.

Example 25

Determing a few Yarnada Dasas in the Standard

Horoscope.Example 5 gives the Varnada Lagna as Sagittarius

and 2nd Varnada-as Vrishabha. Since Janma Lagna is

cven, the order of Dasa is converse and the counting will

be from the l2th, i.e., Mesha. The first Varnada Dasa

is that of Mesha (the l2th from Vrishabha)' Counting

from the l2th from Janma Lagna to Varanda (in the

teverse order) we get 5 as the span of Varnada Dasa'

Similarly, the 2nd Dasa will be that of Meena' The 2nd

Varnada is Vrishabh'a. Counting from the l2th from

Janma Lagnato Vrishabha, the sign of2nd Varnada rve

get12 as the duration of Meena Varnada.

Meena Varnada - 12 0 O

96. Brabma Dasa

If Lagna is odd, then the Dasa commences from

Brahma Rasi and the order of succession is direct' If

Lagna is even thc Dasa commences from the 7th from

Brahma Rasi and thc order of succession is in the reverse

Brahma Dasa

order. The span of a Dasa, irrespective of the order ofsuccession being direct or indirect, is equivalent to thcnumber of Rasis intervening between the Rasi in question

and the Rasi where the 6th lord from the concerncd Rasiis situated. In case where Lagna is Mesha and Brabmais in Vrischika, Mars occupying Kanya, the successionof Dasas would be direct from Brahma Rasi, as thcLagna is odd. As the 6th lord from Vrischika, thestarting Dasa, is the I lth from Vrischika, the span ofVrischika Dasa would be I l - l = l0 years.

The distinction between Sthira Dasa and Brahma

Dasa is that in the former scheme, the periods arc fixed,

though commencing from Brahma, while the latter nodoubt commences from Brahma or the 7tb from it, butthe periods are variable.

Exaoplc 26

Find the Brahma Dasas in the Standard Horoscope.T he agna is Vrishabha an even sign. Brahma is in

Kumbha. Tberefore the first Brahma Dasa commencesfront Simha (the 7th from Brahma) and runs in tbe anti'clockwise order, viz,, Simha, Kataka, etc, The 6th lordfrom Simha, viz. , Sani is in the 1l th from Simha. Hencetbeperiod of s imha Dasais ( l l - l ) = l0 years' The lord ofthe 6th from the ncxt Dasa Rasi, 12., Jupiter is in the 8thfrom Cancer. Hence the Dasa of Karkataka extends for

7 years. Similarly considered for other Rasis, we get thefollorving spans :-

Brahma Dasas in the Standard HoroscopeSimha l0 0 0Karkataka 7 0 0Mithuna 4 0 0Vrishabha 7 0 0Mesha l0 0 0



MeenaKumbhaMakaraDhanusVrischikaThu laKanya

Studies in Jaimini Astrolo8y

. l l 0 0200100

1200I t 0 0400

. 900

Some are of opinion that in the count ing of the span,direct and reverse order should be followed according asthe Lagna is odd or even.

97. Yogardha DasaThe first Dasa starts from the Lagna or the 7th

whichever is stronger. The order of Dasa successionwould be direct or converse according as the Rasi of thestart ing Dasa is odd or even. The durat ion of theYogardha Dasa of a Rasj is hal f the sum of i ts Chara andSthira Dasa periods.

Examplc 27

Find the order and duration of Yogardha Dosas in theStandard Horoscope.

Of the Lagna and the ?th, Lagna is stronger becauseVrishabha's total strength is more tban that of Vr ischika.Therefore the first Yogardha Dasa would be that ofVrishabha. As the Rasi of the lst Dasa is even, the orderof succession would be reverse, ri., Vrishabha, Mesha,ctc. The duration of Vrishabha Yogardha Dasa is l(Cbara Dasa of Vrishabha + Sthira Dasa of Vrishabha).

. ' - I (Yrs . 7 -0-0+ 8-0-0)= 7* years .Similarly reckoned, the following are the Yogardha Dasasand tbeir durat ion :-

Niryana Sula Dasa

VrishabhaMesbaMeenaKumbhaMakaraDhanusVr isch ikaThu laKanyaSimhaKarkatakaMithuna


y . m . d .760660500

.9 0 0700560960460800700500860


Some scholars hold that in case of women, the Dasamust always commence from the ?th irrespective ofwhether Lagna or the 7th is stronger.

9t. Niryana Sula DasaConsiderable importance is given to this system of

Dasa by students of Jaimini Astrology. Explanat ions bycommentators are vague as to the method and scopeof calculating Niryana Sula Dasa. I am therefore givingthe most popular method. I f the Lagna is an odd sign,the Dasa must start from Lagna. If the Lagna is an evensign, the Dasa starts from the 7th. The order is direct orconverse according as the Lagna is odd or even. Tbeduration of each Dasa is 9 years.

Exampte 28

Calculate Niryana Sula Dasa in the StandardHoroscope.

68 Studicc in Jaimioi Astrology

The Lagna Taurus is evcn.The Dasa must start from the 7th, viz', Vrischika and

run in the reverse order, v2., Thula, etc' The span of

Dasa is 9 years. The following is the order, etc' :-


Total 10800


gg. NirYana Phala Sula Dasa

This is employed mostly for predicting the native's

deatb. The duration of each Dasa is 9 years, It starts

from the 7th from Maraka Rasi and succeeds directly or

"oou.trtty according as Lagna is odd or even and

Maraka is said to happen when the Dasa reaches the

Maraka Rasi, which it generally does when the age is

from 54 to 63. Hence in actual practice it cannot be

applied to PurnaYu horoscoPes.

100. other Dasas

There are quite a number of Dasas dealt with by

J a i m i n i s u c h a s M a n d u k a D a s a , N a k s h a t r a D a s a ' S h u l aDasa, Drug Dasa, etc., which I do not proposc to deal

Other Dasas 69

with in the course oI these Studies. Parasara bas givena number of Dasas but only tw6, viz., Vimshottari andAshtottari are in vogue. Even out of these two, the mostpopular is of course the Vimshottari. Similarly withregard to Jaimini, even though the Sage deals with anumber of Dasas, sometimes casually hinting tbat a parti-cular Dasa system should be applied for makingpredictions pertaiDing to a particular Bhava, Chara Dasa,Thrikona Dasa and Sthira Dasa, when properly studiedand understood, should enable us to predict almost allcvents. It is for students with an investigative bent ofmind to apply the various Dasas and pick out the best andthe most satisfactory one.


Determination of Longevity

f01. General Observations

Longevity determination has always been a hard nutto crack. Several methods, predictive as well as matbe-malical, are in vogue but the mathematical methods seemto hardly work in actual practice. Of tbe prediclivemethods, rules for Maraka determination plusthe Gocharadispositions would enable one to anticipate the probableduration of life fairly accurately.

102. Jaimini's MethodsJaimini has given a number of combinations for pre-

dicting longevity, the rules being scattered in differentchapters seemingly lacking continuity of presentation andconsequently leading a student to confusion. In thesepages, I have confined myself to the discussion of justthose principles, which, in my humble opinion, could besafely relied upon for accuracy. It is superfluous for meto remind readers that these Studies are not a literatprcsentation of all the Jaiminian principles but a summaryof thc essentials which I have had the occasion to testwith considerable satisfaction. The various methodssuggcstcd by Jaimini have been grouped by mc into threc

Diffcrcot Tcrms

kinds which for tbe sakeA, B and C.


of conveniencc, f would call

103. Terms of LongevityAll astrological writers divide the span of human tifc

into three distinct categories, viz., Alpa, Madhya andDeergha or short life, middle life and longlife respectively.But the terms allotted vary with regard to differeni authors.But the most.commonly accepted terms for purposes ofapplication of Jaimini are : Alpayu upto 32 years,Madhyayu 33 to 64 years and Deerghayu 65 to 100 years.

104. Method OneTbree sets of two factors each are employed for as-

ccrtaining longevity. They are :-(a) Lords of Lagna and8th, (D) Lagna and the Moon and (c) Lagna and HoraLagna.

105. AlpayuShort life is indicated if out of two factors of a set

(art. 104) one is in Chara and the other is in Dwiswa_bhava, (D) if both are in Sthira, (c) and if one is inDwiswabhava and the other is in Chara. The reckoningshould be made in respect of all the three sets of factors.Thc tcrm of longevity for Alpayu is 32 years.

t06. MadhyayuMiddle life or Madhyayu is indicated if out of thc

two factors (o) one is in Chara and the other is in Sthira,(D) one in Srhira and the other in Chara or (c) both inDwiswabhava. The reckoning should be made in respectof all the three sets of factors. The term of Madhyayu is64 ycars.

72 Studics in Jrimiai Asrology

107. PornayuThis is caused, if of the two factors (a) both are in

Chara, (6) one is in Sthira and the other in Dwiswabhava,and (c) one in Dwiswabhava and the othcr in Sthira. Thereckoning should be made in respect of all the three setsof factors. The term of Purnayu is considered to be l3{}by some and 120 by others. But we proposc to consider100 ycars for of il lustrating Jaimini's principles.

108. Reconciling Contradictory ResultsIf two or all the three sets of factors revcal the samc

term of life, then it must be accepted. If each set rcvealsdifferent terms, then preference should be given to thcterm of life dcnoted by Lagna and Hora Lagna. If,however, when three different terms are obtained, andthe Moon is in Lagna or the 7th, the term of longevityindicated by Lagna and the Moon should be preferred.-Call

the longevity obtained according to this methoda s A .

1(D. Calculrtion of Exect LongevityAfter ascertaining the term of life-Alpayu, Madhyayu

or Purnayu-to which a particular nativity bclongs, thecxact number of ycars can bc calculatcd thus. If suppos-ing Madhyayu is indicated; thc full tcrm of 66 years isgranted, provided the lords of Lagna and the 8th arc atthe beginning of thc respective signs occupied by them.Ifbowever they happen to be in the last degrcc of theRasis concerned, they give zero years in thc term anddeath may take placc at the close of Alpeyu. If they arcin thc intermediate positions, the years given by themchould be ascertained separately by rule of three. Thctum of tbe ycarr given by the two factors (lords of Lagna

Eract LotrScvity 7t

and thc 8th) divided by 2 would be thc actual number ofycars gained in that particular category of Ayurdaya orlongcvity.. Suppose Purnayu is indicated and the lords of Lagna

and the 8th are in 25o and 12" respectively in r,he respec-tivc signs occupied by them. The lord of Lagna is rc-moved from the first point of the sign by 25" and at therate of l.l year perdegree the reduction due to his positionwould be 25 x l.l =27.5 years. This is as good as sayingthat he will give 5'5 (33-27.5) years as bis quota in theterm of Purnayu. Similarly, the lord of the 8th, havingbeen removed from the beginning of the sign concernedby 12", the reduct ion due would be 12 x l . l = 13.2 years.Or the 8th lord gives 19.8 (33-13.2) years as his quota.The actual quotd given by these two lords is the meanof tbe sum of the years separately given. Here the actual

l 9 . R r { . {guota $'ould bc " :Z' :-:- = 12'65 years. This must be

added to 66 from which Purnayu starts and total lengthof life would be 66 r' 12'65 = 78.65 years.

110. Summery

The following formulae facilitate calculation of thecxact period of longevity :-

A l p a y u : ( 3 o - x ) = l ' lMadhyayu : a + (30-.x) = l.lPurnayu : b+(30-x ) - t ' t

(where x : Long, of the planet devoid of signs,a - term of Alpayu and D = term of Madhyayu).

fll. Method Two(a) Find out the stronger of the lords of tbe 8th

from Lagna and the 8th from the 7th. According as thc

74 Studier in Jaimini AstrologY

lord is in a Kendra, Panapara or Apoklima, the term oflife would be long, medium or short. Call the longevityobtained according to this method as B.

ll2. lVlethod Three

Apply the above rules in respect of the stronger of thctords of the 8th from Atmakaraka and the 8th from thc7th from Atmakaraka and ascertain the term of life. Call

the longevity obtained as C. If, however, ttie Atmakarakaoccupies the 9th from Lagna, Alpayu becomes Purnayu

and vice versa.but Madhyayu remains as such.Tbere is a suggestion in III, Pada 2. tlrat in determin-

ing longevity, the Lagna and Atmakaraka should also beconsidered in the same manncr 4s Lagna and Chandra.

113. ObservationsAs i4 Parasari , qui te a number of nrethods are given

by Jaimini for ascertaining longevity. There is no hintanywhere as to the sui tabi l i ty or otherwise of anyparticular me thod under any particular horoscopicconditions. It occurs to me therefore that from a practi-

cal pointof v iew, the fol lowingprocedure may beadopted.Find out the terms of l i fe according to A, B and C,

and declare that term which is revealed by the majority ofconsiderations. Thus if Method One teveals Alpayu'Method Iwo reveals Madhyayu and Method TnreeMadhyayu, say the .nat ive has Madhyayu. l f methods1,2 and 3 reveal different terms, then assign A, B or Caccording as the Hora Lagna, Lagna or Atmakarakais the strongest.

ItA. Kaksha Vriddhi

This means the increase of term of longevity, Alpayubecomiog Madhyayu, and Madhyayu becoming Purnayu.

A Suggcgtion 75

It5. Conditions for Kahsha Vridilhi

There will be Kaksha Vriddhi when any one of thc

following conditions are present. (a) The Lagnt and thc

7th have been hemmed in between benefics. (D) Atma'

karaka and the ?th from Atmakaraka are hemmed in bet-

ween benefics. (c) When benefics are present in Lagna or

thc 7th or in a Trikona from them. (d) When benefics are

with Atmakaraka, or in the Trikonas from him. (e) Whon

the Atmakaraka being a benefic is not debilitated but is

cxalted or is with malefics. (/) When Guru has benefics

on either side, or in Trikonas. (g) When Jupiter is in

Lagnaor the 7tb, devoid of malefic aspects or associa-


116. Kaksha HrasaThis means a particular term of longcvity being

reduced to the next lower one, thus Purnayu becoming

Madhyayu and Madhyayu becoming Alpayu.

ll7. Conditions for Kaksha HrasaThere will be Kaksha Hrasa, (a) when either the Eth

lord from Lagna or the 8th lord from the 7th becomes orjoins the Atmakaraka, (D) when Lagna and the 7th arc

Lemmed in between malefics or have malefics disposed in

Trikonas, (c) when Atmakaraka or the 7th from Atme'karaka is between malefics or has malefics disposed in

Trines, and (d) when Atmakaraka being a malefic ir

dcbilitated or asgociated with malefics.

118. Rasi VriddhiThis means increase of longevity by a Rasi. If tbc

placcs suggested for benefics for Kaksba Vriddbi in

art. l15 are occupied by Full Moon or V€nus, then {hcrewitl be increase of longevity by ono Rasi Dasa.

Studics in Jaimini Astrology

l l9. Rasl HrasaThis means the decrease of longevity by one Rasi

Dasa. Rasi Hrasa will be caused when Sani occupies theplaces suggested for malefics for Kaksha Hrasa.

Example 29Find out the longevity in the Standard Horoscope.Method 1:Q) Lords of Lagna and 8th arc in Dwiswabhava

and Sthira ; hence purnayu.(ii) Lagna and the Moon are in Stbira and Chara_

Madhyayu.(ttt) Lagna and Hora Lagna are Sthira and Chara_

Madhyayu.'.. the same term, viz., Madhyayu by two sets

of factors is indicated, accept it.The horoscope belongs to Madhyayu category : (A):

Method 2 :Lord of 8th from Lagna is Jupiter.Lord of 8th from 7th is Mercury.Jupiter is more powerful than Mercury according to

Rasi Bala.Jupiter occupies a Kendra.

.'. Term of Life-purnayu : (B).Method 3 :

Lord of 8th from Atmakaraka is Mercury.Lord of 8th from thc 7th from Atmakaraka_Jupiter.Jupiter is more powcrful than Mercury.Jupiter bimself is Atmakaraka and is in a Kendra

from Lagna..'. Term of Life-Purnayu: (C).

Atmakaraka is not in the 9th from Lagna. Hence nofurther correction is neccssarv.

Rcductions 77

'.' Tbe horoscope belongs to the category of Purnayuas rvealed by 2 and 3.

.'. There is neither Kaksha Vriddhi nor Kaksha Hrasabccause factors for and against countcrbalance eachother.

For Vriddhi:*(a) Atmakaraka is a benefic.(D) Atmakaraka is Guru himsclf,

Far Hrasa :-(a) The 8th lord from Lagna is Atmakaraka.(b)Lagna and ?th hemmed in between


120. Remarks' In applying tbe various methods of longevity determi-nation, due attention should nccessarily be paid to tbegeneral strength of thc horoscope. Mark for instance theItrong disposition of Atmakaraka in the Standard Horos-cope. He is in Kendra from Lagna and is the strongestplanct in the horoscope because of the strength oftbcRasi he is in. When the Atmakaraka is so strongly posi-ted, no matter, whatever be the other frctors, the nativewill have full life.

l2l. The Msin Period of DeathA number of combinations have been mentioned for

predicting thc probable time of death. Some scholars areof opinion that any of the Dasas mentioned by Jaiminicould be applicd provided one is thorough with thctechnique. Still others hold that only Shula Dasa shouldbe made use of for predicting death. There is also aschool of thought according to which Navamsa Dasa andSthira Dasa should alonc be employed for purposes ofascertaining Maraka period. It is our personal vicw, andthis may be taken for what it is worth, that in determiningMaraka, Sthira Dasa and Shula Dasa may be tried with

?t Studies in Jaimini Astrology

fair chances of success. I give below some select prin-ciples bcaring on Maraka determination.

(a) If theTth from Atmakaraka or Lagna is occupiedby Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, death occurs in the lst, 2ndor 3rd part of the divisions concerned. That is when thcterm of lifc is Madhya, and the 7th is occupied by Sani,death can happen in the lst part of Madhyayu; if Rahuis in the 7th, in the 2nd part of Madhyayu; i f Kctu isin the 7th, in the third part. This principle is applicableto all the three terms.

(D) Death is likely in the Dasas of Rasis which happento be Trikonas to the 8th house.

(c) Whcn Saturn is in the 8th, death may be antici-pated in the Dasa of the 8th Rasi. Here the refercnce is tothe Navamsa Dasa.

(d) If the 8th Rasi bas mixed influences, i.e., ofbenefics as wpll as of malefics, death is likely in the Daseof the 8th Regi.

(c) Death happens in the Dasa of a death-inflictingRasi (in Sthita Dasa) provided the said Dasa falls withinthe terms of lifp fixed for the native. Thus if a person hasPurnayu and the death-inflicting Rasi Dasa rulcs beforecomm€[cement of Purnayu term, then death does not takeplace.

(/) Death is also possible in thc Dasa of a Rasi (i)that is hemnrcd in between malcfics; and (ii) that hatmalefics disposed in the 8th and l2th from it.

(q) Deatn may happen in the Dasa of the 8th or l2thRasl provided it is devoid of aspects of planets other thEnweak Moo,n and Venus.

(D1 h mAee cs or Rudra is in the 8th or 2nd fromLagna,, Moon or Atmakaraka, de.ath takes placc in thcDasa of the Rlsl. p*evious to the Dasa of the dcath-inflictlng Rasi.

- 7 9Pcriod of Dcath

(f) Death is also possible in the Dasa of the 8th Rasi

f rom the Sun and Venus.

ff) Longevity generally extendq from Brahma to

Maheswara (according to Sthira Dasa).(&) Death is also likely in the Dasa of the Rasi hcld

by Rudra .(/) Death can also take place in the Dasa laccordiqg

to Sthira Dasa reckoning) of the Rasi occupied by Mahes-

wara, and in the Antardasas of lst, 5th and 9th Rasis

from the Rasi held by the lord of 8th from Mabeswara'(ln) The strongest of the lord of the 3rd, 6th, 8th and

l2th from Atmakaraka becomes the maraka and death

takes place in the Dasa of the Rasi held by him.(n) When two or three lords as per above becomc

marakas, choose the one whose Rasi Dasa (i.e-, the Dasa

of thc Rasi occupied by him) is appropriate to the terms

of life. That is, if supposing three Rasis become marakas,

all being equal in strength. The native has Purnayu'

Suppose the Dasa of 2 planets come before Purnayu and

that ofother during the course of Purnayu. Then the

Maraka will be the Rasi whose Dasa falls rvithin the

Purnayu span.

122. The Sob-period of Deatb(a) In the course of a Maraka Dasa, death can be

brought about in the sub'Dasa of tbe strongest of thc

lord of 6th,2nd and l2th from Atmakaraka, i .e. , inthcrub-period of the Rasi held by such planet.

(D) In the Rasi occuPied bY Rudra.(c) In the minor periods of the Navamsa Rasis hcld

by lord of Maraka Rasi and the 6th therefrom.Suppose Maraka Rasi is Cancer. The lordof this,

and that of the 6th from it are the Moon and Jupiterrcspectively. Supposc they arc in Meena and Thula

E0 Studlcs in Jaimioi AstroloSy

Navamsas respectively. Then in the lvlaraka Dasa con-cerned, death can happen in the sub-periods of Meenaand Thula.

123. Certain BxceptionsWhen the Dwara and Bahya Rasis are affiicted, death

takes place in thcir own Navamsa Dasa.When the 8th lord from Lagna is exalted, there will

be a gain of one Navamsa Rasi Dasa, l .e.r9 years. Insuch a circumstance, death takes place in Navamsa Dasaof Rasis, which are in a trikona from lords of Lagna.and8th or in the Navamsa Dasa of the Rasi occupied by thelord.

, D e t e r m in e, r, * rrlllill, io, r, s t an da r d H o r o s c o p e.Applying the principles given in articles l2l and 122.(D) The Trikona Rasis to 8th house are Dhanus,

Mesha and Simha. Death is likely in the Dasa of thestrongest of the three Rasis, viz,, Dhanus (vide. Ex l8).. (f) Taurus is hemmed in between malefics. Hcnce

Taurus is also a death inflicting Rasi.Dhanus has a malefic disposed in the 8th. Hence it

is a death-inflicting Rasi.G) Death may the Dasa of Dhanus (8th

Rasi) or Aries (l2th Rasi) but as Aries is not devoid ofaspects of planets other than weak Moon and Veaus (1.r.,is aspected by Jupiter, Sun and Mercury) it cannot cause .Maraka.

Dhanus is dovoid of aspects (except that of Saturn)but is associated.with Venus. Hence it acquires Marakapower.

(i) Kanya and Kataka are also death-inflicting Rasis.

An Example 8l

(k) Kumbha also can causc death as i t is the Rasioccupied by Rudra and Meheswara.

(z) The strongest out of the lords of the 3rd (Mars),6tb (Moon), 8th (Meicury) and l2th (Saturn) from Atma-karaka is Mercury (videEx.16). He occupies Kumbha.Therefore Kumbha can become a maraka sign.

Thus the following Rasis have acquired death-inflictingpowcr :-

(b) Dbanus.(/) Vr ishabha,. Dhanus.(g) Dhanus.(r) Kanya and Kataka.(k) Kumbha.(m\ Kumbha.Dlranus becomes by far the most powerful Rirsi

capable of causing death in i ts Dasa. As regards thc sub-pcriod (vicle article 122) the strongest of the lords of 6th(Moon), 2nd (Jupiter) and thc l2th (Saturn) from Atma-karaka is Jupiter. Hcnce during the suh-Dasa of Kumbha(thc sign occupied by Jupiter) in thc Maha Dasa of Dhanus(as per Sfhira Dasa reckoning) death is l ikely.

Dhanus Drsa (Sthira Dasa) commences from the 8lstyear of the native and Kumbha Bhukthi starts when thenat ive is aged 81, years 6 months. He died in his 82ndyear.


Judgment of Horoscope

124. Preliminary Rernarks

. The crux of the problenr in astrology i! horoscope-judgment. Jaimini 's approach in this regard is quiteunique. I have collected combinations bearing on thedifferent Bhavas scattered in different Adhyayas.

l2S. KrrakamsaWe have already seen in articlc 8 that Atmakaraka is

the planet who gets thc highest number of degrecs in asign. Karakamsa is the Navamsa occupied by Atmakaraka.

126. Physicrl AppearanceThough there does not appear to be any suggestion

anlwhere in Jaimini's Sutras that the sign rising at birthdetermines tbe personal appearance and character of theperson concerned, yet we have to give due consideration tothe sign factor. The physical featur€s, complcxion, etc.,are to be known by the nature of Karakamsa lord, theNavamsa lord and Varnada Lagqa, the last being speeiallyimportant for judging the'conplexion. Planets r is ing inthe Lagna, Navamsa Lagna, Varnada Lagna and in Kara-kamsa impart to theperson their respective characteristics.

Karakamsa lnfluences ,8-l

. Colours oftbe planets are to be taken as suggestedio the general astrological principles. When in Lagna,Navamsa Ltgna, Karakamsa or Varnada, Ketu andSaturn conjoin, the complexion would be light red; Rahurod Suturn-dark; Saturn and Venus-blackish; Saturnand Jupiter-golden colour; Saturn and Mercury-bluish;Saturn and Mars-Raktasuvarna or reddish yellow; andSaturn and the Moon-white.

Pranapada (art. 30) falling in Kanya gives ruddinessto the complexion and produces softness and greaterdclicacy; in Makara-fairly ruddish complexion; Simha-ugly. The person looks as though aged if Ketu occupiesthe 2nd flont Lagnarudha (art. l9). Saturn in tbe 2ndfrom the lord of the 7th frorn Upapada** makes one'sappearance extremely uncouth or ugly. Mercury andVenus in the 2nd or 5th give ugly jaws and l ips.

Example 3lJudge the physical appearance of the native in the

Standard Horoscope.The lord of Lagna is Sukra, Karakamsa lord is Mar8,

Navamsa Lagna lord is Mars, Varnada Lagna lord isSukra. As Mars.and Venus are the dominant planets, thenative partakes of the characteri.stics of Mars and Venus,viz., fak complexion, healthy constitution, large eyes,dignified stature and softness and delicacy.

127, Cha(acter and MindPranapada Lagna falling in Kumbha Will make the

subject a bypocrite. He will be depressed and gloomy if*-TU" Sun to Saturn represent red, *hitc, reddish, grcen, yellow,

mixcd and black colourg respectivcly. ll,3 Brihat Jataka,'* Upapada istho "Arudha Rasi" of the l2th from Lagna; in

other rvords find out thc .'Arudha" for fhe l2th house as perA r t . i 9 .

t4 Studies in Jaimini Aetrology

the Moon and Rahu are in the sth of aspect the Sth. Hewill be wicked and of destructive outur. if Moon andRahu are in the 9th from Lagna or Atmakaraka. TheLagna_being aspected by Mars is co-existent with a quick,wrathful and passionate temperament. An inspiraiion"iend righteous nature is revealed if Karakamsa happens tofall in Meena. The person commits sinful deeds andbecomes a hypocri te i f Ketu joins Karakamsa, whi le theSun and Rahu in Karakamsa aspected by Mars confers adestructive tcnperan?ent. One becomes firm-minde<I ifthe lOth from.Karakamsa is not joined by Mercury but isasppcted by other benefics. Malefics in the 3rd fromKarakarnsa make one brave. If the 5th and 9th fromKarakamsa are occupied by malefics but aspected bybenefics, one poss€sses generous instincts. Saturn inKarakamsa or in the 5th from jt indicates great ner-vousness in assemblies. One lacks power of expression,clr will be an indisrinct speaker if the 2nd from Kara_kamsa is occupied by Ketu and aspected by matefics.The subject wi l l be highly intel l igent, i f th i 5rh lordaspects Atmakaraka or Lagoa. One wi l l lead a hoppyl i fe i f the 4th lord from Lagna (or Atnrakaraka; aspectsthe Lagna (or Atmakaraka). Lord of the t2th from Lagna(or Atmakaraka) aspecting Lagna (or Atmakaraka) nrakesone a spendthr i f t .

Example 32Judge the mental characteristics in the Standard

Horoscope.' The Lagna is aspected by Mars._a quick and passio_

nate temperament, The 5th lord Mercury is with Atma-karaka-the native was a man of precocious inteligence.He led a happy life because the 4rh lord from Lagni, viz.,Sun has joined the Atmakaraka. The native was notcd

La3narudba t5

for his character. He was of swect manners, forgivingtcmporamcnt and found of progressive and responsiblemovcments. Mark the disposition of Lagnadhipathi intbc sign of Atmakaraka and Karakamsa being stronglydisposed and the Sth lord Mercury joining Atmakaraka.

128. Financiel ProspectsBy the general strength of thc horoscope and by

applying the usual principles of astrology, one's financialworth is to be judged.

Tbe llth from Lagnarudha bcing occupied by exaltedor fricndly planets givcs rise to immense wealth. Thc earn.ings would be tbrough legitimate or questionabte meansaccording as the planet or planets in the l l th are goodor evil. lf Arudha Lagna is associated with or aspectedby bencfics, thc nativc becomes wealthy. There uill bcconsiderable wealth if th€ 2nd from Lagnarudha is occu-pied by Venus, Moon and Jupiter. If the Arudha Rasi oftbe 7th house happens to be a kendra, kona or the'3rd orllth from Lagnarudha, the person earns a lot of moncyand amasses good fsrtunc. Arudlra Rasi of the Zth fallingin the 6th, Sth or l2th from Lagnarudha will produce diffi-culty in ecquiring money and tbere will be great poverty.Immense wealth will be conferred if tbe Lagnarqdha (orLagna) and the Arudha of the 7th house (or 7th hourc)are not subject to malefic argalas (see art. 45 & 46) orhave benefrc argalas. Poverty will rcsult if the lord of the8th'from Atmakaraka (or Lagna) aspects thc Atmakaraka(or Lagna).

Thcrc will be destruction of wealth throrrgh assoiia-tion with women of il l-reputc if the 9th from Karakama8tis joined by Rahu. Thc 2nd housc from Lagnarutlhrbcing joined or aspected by benefics or by thc lord ofLagnarudhe or Yogakaraka plancts (sce art. l,t0) conferc

86 Studics in Jaimini Astrology

good financial prospects. The best combination for finan-cial prosperity is an aspect or association between thcAlmakaraka (or the lord of Atmakaraka sign) and the2nd lord from Atmakaraka.

Example 33Judge the financial Prospects in the Standard Horoscope.Lagnarudha, viz., Cancer has the argala of Mhrs, but

it is counteracted by the presence of Moon in the l0th.The argala caused to Lagnt by Sani is neutralised by rhepresence of Chandra and Rahu in tbe lZth The ZtlL houseis subjected to benefic argalas and tbere is no counrerac-tion of tbese argalas. The 2nd from Lagnarudha is as-pected by the I\,foon (and also Rahu) lord of Lagnarudha.The 2nd house from Atmakaraka is aspected by Sani lordof Atmakaraka sign. Conscquently the subject's financialconditions were very good. Mark the fact that ArudbaLagna. has tbe aspect of jupiter, Atmakaraka and anatural benefic arid that of the Sun lord of the 2nd fromArudha Lagna. Mark also the fact that Arudba of the7th falls in the 3rd from Lagnarudha. The person earneda lot. Budha, the lord of the 8th from Atmakaraka, iswith Atmakaraka. This perhaps accounts for his havingspent away all his earnings.

l?9. Health and DiseaseThe person will be generally healthy if the 8th

house is aspected by the lord of the 9th. The organsrcpresented by the zodiacal signs rtrling them wiil bedeveloped or othcrwise according as the signs concernedare conjoined with or aspected by benefics or malefics.According to Jaimini, the Lagna and the other bhavas inregular order typify respectively the head, face, neck,armo, stomach, shanks (jaghanam), buttocks (prishta),

Atoatankr rnd Hcaltb n

serual organs, lcgs, eyes and ears. Thc Sun or Lagnawhichcvcr is stronger, dcnotes the deha or body. iteMoon or Lagna, whichever is stronger, denotes the heart.If Pitrukaraka and Matrukaraka arebefore cleha defectsitthe constitution arise late in life. The situation of tbcAtmakaraka in a particular Navamsa (Karakamsa) iataid to predispose the subject to certain troubtes and jan-gcrs. The results of the location of Atmakaraka in thcdiffcrent Navamsas arc as foilows : -

Arles:-Fear from cats, rats and simitar creatrlres.'Taurus :-Bulls, horses and similar quadrupes. Gemini_Frequent suffering from cutancous diseaces and an in-clination towards cotpulcnce. Cancer:- Dangers fromaquatic sourccs. and diseases like leprosy. Leo z-Fearfrom dogs and other caninc . gnimals yirgo:-Dangerfrom fire, skin troubles and inclination towards cor-pufence. Scorpio:--Fear from aninrals, insects andrcptiles, Sagittarius:-Accidents from conveyances, fallsfrom high ptaccs. Capricorn:-Troubles fiom lishes,whalcs, wild animels, women and spirits. Aqtnrius:-Mental disturbanccs, fnsomnia: piscee:-Wateiy disease,particularly dropsy and sweiling of fect.

The subject will be generally healthy if the Arma_karaka is frcc fronr malefic associations and aspects. If theMoon is io Karakamsa aspected by Mars, the from complicated diseases. Thc following specialcombinations indicate the diseases one is likely io suffcrf1om. The sevcrity of the discasc must be judged fronthc strength of tbe africtcd planets and the amount ofrcliefgiveq by good aspecrs.

(a) Swelling of Tcsticlcs or Hernia :-Karakamsa inlssociation with Gutika and aslrccted by Mcrcury.

G> Ear troubles:-Karakamsa joined by Ketu andaspected by or arsociated with malefics.

Studicg in Jgimini Astrology

(c) Whitc leprosy:-Thc Moon in the 4th fromKarakamsa aspected by Venus.

(d) Black lcprosy :-The Moon in thc 4tb fromKarakamsa aspected by Kctu.

(e) Consumption :-Mars and Rahu in thc 4th or 5thfrom Karakamsa disposes one to consumption. If thcMoon aspects Mars, thc disease becomcs incurabte.

(f) Tumours and abscesses are caused by thcpresencc of Mars iu the 4th from Karakamsa: or thetewill be cruptions, boils or skin discascs.

(g) Dropsy : Kctu in the 4th from Karakemsa.(h) Gastric troublcs are caused if Rahu or Ketu is

in the 7th from Lagnarudha. Thc most important factorsare tbe Lagna, the sign occupied by Atmakaraka andKarakamsa and the 6th from these places. In general,affiictions to the 6th from Atmakaraka Rasi antl Kara-kamsa produce more serious conscquences than tbose tothe 6th from Lagna. The relative affiction possessed bythe 6th house from each of the above factors sbould betaken into consideration.

Example g4

Jtrdge the nature of healthof the native in the StandardHoroscope.

Thc 8th house is aspected by Saturn lord of the 9th.The nativc was generally healtby. The 6tb from Karakamsais occupied by Moon and the 5th lord from Karakamsaic in a benefic sign. Again thc 6rh from Atmakaraka hasthe aspects o[ Mercury and Atmakaraka Jupiter. Thcnative never suffered from any serious disease or il l-health.The 9th from Atmakaraka is occupied by two maleficsKuja and Ketu. Thc 9th rules fcct. It was during TbulaDasa (Sthira) rhat his left foot bccame slightly rwollcnend this rcmaincd practically titl his derth.

Educationel Prospec$ t9

130. Educational ProcpectsAccording to Parasara, education is generally ascor-

tained from the 4th house. Jaimini's treatmcnt of thcsubject bearing on education is not cxhaustive. He givesa few combinations for proficiency in different branches ofknowledge. It is for readers to put these principlcs intoruch use as tbey deem fit. Jupiter in Karakamsa or.inthe 5th from it gives proficiency in grammar, Vedas andVcdangas. fulercury in Karakamsa or Sth from it indicatesa good insight into Meemamsa, Mars in Karakamsa or inthc 5th from it gives high legal education. When thcMoon is in Karakamsa or in tlre 5th from it, it makesone a musician or gives him scholarship in literature,Ketu in Karakamsa or in thc 5th from it gives proficieneyin mathematics. When the above combinationr areaspected by Jupitcr, the person becomes a versatile genius.

Example 35Indicate the educational prospects in the Standard


The 5th from Karakamsa is occupied by Moon andaspected by Budha. The subject possessed great scholar-ship in literature and was a lover of music. Mark also theassociation of tbc 5th lord Mercury witb Atmakaraka,Judged from Parasara's methods, thc house of educationis strongly fortified by being aspccted by the lords of the4th, 5rh and Jupiter.

l3 l . ParcutsThe general significators the Pitrukaraka and Matru-

karaka arc determined as pcr article ll. The good disposi-tion of the 4th from Arudha Lagna and the Matrukarakais necessary for getting a good and lou3-livcd mothcr. The

90 Studiet in Jaimini Astrology

faiher will be long-livcd if the Pitrukaraka and rhe 9thfrom Arudha Lagna are not affiicted.

132. Brothers and SistersThe third house from Upapada rules younger brothers

and sisters and the eleventh house from Upapada ruleselder brothers and sisters. There will be death ofbrothers if tbe 3rd or llth frorn Upapada Lagna (or lordof Upapada) are occupied by Rahu and Sani.

The mother wi l l have abort ions i f the 3rd or l l thfrom Upapada or its lord is occupied by Venus. Theperson will have a number of brothers and sisters if Mars,Jupiter and the Moon are in the l l th and 3rd housesfrorn Upapada or its lord. The elder brother rvill die ifthe l l th from Upapada or i ts lord is aspected by Saturn4nd Mars. If the house affiicted is the 3rd, rhen theyounger brother wi l l d ie. Mars in the l l th or 3rd l iomUpapada or i ts lord, aspected by Saturn, wi l l cause thedeath ofal l brothers, exccpt ing the nat ive. The personwill have elder or younger sisters according as the I i tb or3rd fr<;nr Upapada is occqpied by its lord or Ketu.

No clue is given for ascertaining the actual number ofbrothers and sisters. Obviously we have to fal l on thegeneral pr inciples and judge the number taking into con-sideration the navamsas gained by the 3rcj and I ith bhavasor Bhratrukaraka.

Example 36Judge events pertaining lo parents and brothers ond

JiJterJ in the Stahdard Horoscope.Parents :-Pitrukaraka is Sun.

Matrukaraka is Mercury.The 9th from Arudha Lagna is aspected by Saturn as wellas by Venus, whiie Pitrukaraka bimself is aspected by

9lUpapada Influooccs

Kuja, Kutu, Rahu and Chandra. Pitrukaraka Sun iswith Atmakaraka. Pitrubhava may be said to be fairlywcll situated. The father died when the native was agedrbout 37.

The 4th from Arudha is considerably aflicted by beingoccupied by Kuja and Ketu and aspected by Ravi. Thccvil is tempered sligthtly by the aspect of Budha and Guru.Matrukaraka Budha is equally affiicted by lris situation inthc 8th house from Arudha and by being aspected byKuja and Ketu. The dcath of the Eother occurred in theDasa of Thula (Shoola Dasa). Mark the fact of TbulaEs the 4th from Arudha Lagna being affiicted.

Brothers-Bhratrukaraka is Moon. Tbe UpapadaLagna is Mesha. The third from it is occupied by maleficSaturn and the I lth by a bencfic and two malefics. Hehad one clder brother who predeceased the native (thel l th lord himself is Saturn).

f 33. MarriageIn judgiag the affairs of nrarriage according to Jaimini,

the starting point is tbe Upapada. And all the followingcombinations have reference to the Upapada. But we aroalso asked to consider the 2nd and 7th houscs and theirlords from Upapada as well as Darakaraka. The wife orhusband will be handsome and domesticated if the 2ndhouse is occupied by benefics or has a predominance ofbenefic shadvargas or Jupiter and the Moon occupy the?th from Karakamsa. The rvife comes from a respectableor low family according as the 2nd lord is exalted or in abenefic sign or debilitated or in an inimical sign. If the2nd house is occupied by an exalted planet the person willhave many wives. The wife will be a learned woman if the7th from Karakamsa has the aesociation of Mcrcury. Theperson will be married to a woman in a forcign 'country

92 Studics ia Jaimini Astrotogy

if tbe Moon is in the 7th from Karakamsa. If the 2ndhouse happens to be a malefic sign or occupied or aspec-ted by a malefic planel, thc wife will dic (early). In thispart icular coDtext, tbe Sun should not be considerdd as amalefic. The wife will be oitjer than the husband ifSaturn joins rhe 7th from Karakamsa. The pcrson willmarry or will have liaison with a widow if Rahu is in the7th from Karakamsa. Mars or thc Sun in a similarposition indicates that tbc marriage partner will bedeformed. Wife's death will not happcn if the Sun joinsthe 2nd house or the 2nd house happcns to be Simha.Benefics . aspecting the above combination lessen orneutralise thc evil. More than one wife should be predic-led in case the 2nd from Upapada is occupied by anexalted planet or it happens to be Gemini, If, however,the 2nd house is occupied by Atmakaraka or its own lord,then death of wife will take place late in life. The personwill be obliged to reject rhe wifc through scandals ifSaturn and Rahu join the 2nd. The wife wilt be sicklyand suffers frorn various typcs of diseases when the follow-ing combinat ions are present:- :

Venus and Ketu in the 2nd or aspect ing the 2ndfrom Upapada-menstrul 'or lvomb disorder ; hrercuryand Ketu-thinning of the bones; Saturn, Sun andRahu-wast ing disease; Saturn aid Mars, the 2nd beingVirgo or Gcmini-Peenasa roga; Mars and Saturn, the2nd being Arjes or Scorpio-Peenasa roga; Jupiter andSaturn, the 2nd being the sign of Mars or Mercury-cartroubles; Jupiter and Rahu, the 2nd being a sign ofMlrs or Mercury-dental diseases; Sani and Rahu, the2nd being Virgo or Libra:windy complaints such asdropsy. The evils in thc above cascs will be conriderablylessened by benefic aspects. Marriage proves miserable

Femalc Horoscopy 93

when both Upapada and Atmakaraka signs have their&cond housos considerably affiicted.

Examplc 37Analyse the 7th house in tlze Stundqrd Horoscope.Karaka for wife is Kuja.

The 2nd from Upapada is a benefic sign and the 2nd lordoccupies a benefic (but neutrat) sign. The wife camefrom a respectable family. The 2nd house is aspected bytwo first-rate malefics and the wife should havc died veryearly had it not been for the fact that Darrkaraka Marsis in a benefic sign aspected by benefics (including theSun who is also benef ic). Consequent ly the wifc l ived r i l lthe native was aged about 48. Mark the fact that .the2nd from Upapada is aspected by Mars. The wife clieddue to exc€ss of bleeding at the t ime of an abort ion.

134. .Combination Applicable to WomeriA woman having Jupiter in a tr ine from Mercury or

Lagna in her Navamsa chart becomes chaste and dcvotedto her husband. Simi lar results are produced when Venusis in Lagna. Ketu in La'gna or irr a trikona from Lagna(in the Navamua) makes tbc lady filthy and repulsivc. Shewill be wcll disposed and highl-v intclligent if the Moon isin Taurus in Navamsa and Mcrcury and Venus are in the4th from Lagna in Navamsa. Wlien Saturn is in NavamsaLagna or in a trikona from it, the woman will bcmasculine in appearance lacking feminine grace, beautyand del icacy. She wi l l become vindict ive, f i l thy,

,uncouth and indolent i f Kctu is in Navamsa Lagna or ina trikona from it. Whem Lagna is aspected bv Mars,the rvoman bccomes extremely passionate and wrathful.She will be vile, lustful and debased if Navamsa LagnaRasi happens to bethe l2th or 9th from Janma Lagna

94 Studics in Jeimini Astrotogy

Rasi. The Moon and Venus in Hora Lagna renders thelady amorous and sensuous. If the Navamsa of HoraLagna is in conjunction with Ketu or aspected by maleficsshe becomes an adulteress. The woman woutd be socruel-hearted and debased as to murder her husbandif the8th from Upapada is aspected by Mars and Ketu.

The Sun in a trikona from Lagna i.n the Navamsabrings about widowhood. The Moon in the 3rd fromAtmakaraka or from Lagna or from Varnada Lagna defi-nitely causes wiciowhood. lvlars and Ketu occupying the8th from Hora Lagna is a clefinite sign of early widowhood.

t35. Children

, The 5th house from Upapada indicates progeny whilethe 5th house from Lagna is also connected with issues.All combinations given in this article refer to these twofactors. We are also asked to consider the 5th from thclord of Upapada in judging matters pertaining to children.

There will be a number of issues born when the llthhouse from Upapada or the 5th house from Upapada lordhappens to be an even sign. Predict that the person willhave a number of children if tbe sth from Upapadahappens to be an odd sign or the Sun and Rahu are in theTth from Upapada or its lord. Only one issue will beborn when the 5th from Upapada is occupied by the Moon.The person will have no children if Mercury and Saturnjoin the 7rh, or the Navamsa of the planet in the 7th, orthe 7th lord or the Navamsa of the 7th lord. Whenaffiiction is lessened, predict issues late in life. The subjectwill adopt a child in case Mars and Saturn occupy the 7thor llth from Upapada. If in the Navamsa chart, Mercuryis in a trikona from Lagna, the wife becomes barren.

Abrencc of Iseuer

fudge detailsHoroscope.


Example 3gpeftaining to children in the Standard

The 5th frgm Upapada is an odd sign. The 5th lordfrom Upapada is in the llth from Upapada and is fairl:rEtrong. The subject had a number of issues.

136. Profession

In Parasari, the l0tb house rules occupation, fameand bonour. But in Jaimini . Karakemsa seems to playimportant part in indicating the nature of profession oneis likely to pursue. Though the particular nature of theoccupation is difficult to judge, yct by a careful study andinvestigation of the methods formulated by Jaimini, it maybc possible to discover principles which could give a defi-nite clue in tbe matter of choice of profession. .Thcfollowing combinations are to be applied with reference toKarakamsa. I f the Karakamsa or i ts l0th is not occupiedby any planet, take the tord of tbe lOth from Karakamsaand judge profession considering his positjon in theNavamsa.

The Sum in Karakamsa confers political leadership orState service. Full Moon and Venus in Karakamsa giverise to authors, preceptors and to those who make a livingby the dissemination of knowledge. When Mars is in theamsa of Atmakaraka then a profession involving dealingwith factories, printing presses, chemicals, fires andmetallurgy will be involved. Mercury makes onc abusinessman, sculptor, artist, cloth merchant and well-versed in classical lore. Jupiter in Karakamsa produces adecp scholar in religious subjects and a profound philo-sopher. Venus in Karakamsa gives rise to autbors, rulers,ministers and Government ofrcers. Saturn makes one a

96 Srudics in Jaimini AstroloSy

well-known businessman. When Rahu is in Karakamsa,the pcrson ekes out livelihood by Dhanurvidya or as adruggist, swindler or a profession involving manufactureof machinerY i or one may become a mechanic. Keturender$ the person earn his livelihood by fraudulent anddeceitful means. Rahu and Ravi in Karakamsa devoid ofaffiictions indicate doctors solely dealing with poisonousdrugs, or preferably chemists and druggists; one l ives bythe art of swindl ing others i f Karakamsa Rasi fal ls in thesign of Gul ika (see art . 34) and aspected by Moon. Theperson lives by the performance of sacrifices and otherreligious ceremonies when Karakamsa joined by Keru isaspected by Vcnus. The Sun and Venus aspectipg Kara-kamsa rnakes one an ambassador or servant of the Crown.Tbe Sun in thc lOth aspected by Jupiter alone-the personlives by protecting cattle, i,e,, by running a dairy farnn orthe like. Malcfics in the 3rd and 6th from Karakamsagive lise to agriculture and gardening, Guru in the 9thfronr Karakamsa denotes income through large estates orlanded propert ies. . One may take to alchemy i f thc Moonoccupying Karakamsa is aspectcd by Venus. Thc personwill be a doctor if the Karakamsa occupied by Moon isaspected by Mercury. If Saturn occupies Karakamsa orthe 4th from it, the pcrson becomes skillcd in using armsand consequently may take to police or military career.Qne becomcs a watch-maker or horologist if Karakamsaor the 4th from it is joined by Ketu. Rahu in the positionsuggested above may give a profession likc manufacturingmachinery or mining. The Sun or Mars in the 4th fromKarakamsa makes the person live by bearing diffcrcnfkinds of arms. The Moon and Jupiter in the Karakamsaor in rhe 5th from it indicatcr that the person becomet afamous writer, author, editor or a journalist. If insteadof Jupiter, Vcnus joins the above position, thc person will

Occupation 97

be a mediocre writer, author or -editor.

One becomes agreat poet or iiterateur if Sukra alone joins Karakamsa orthe 5th from it. Guru in the above position confers all-iound knowledge and the person becomes an author. Atrerson becomes a high official of the Government if Guruor Sukra occupie$ the 5th from the lords of Lagna and the?th. If malefics from lords of Lagna and the 7th areposited in the 3rd or 6tf , one becomes a Commander.When the m'alefic arrd benefic influences in respect ofKarakamsa are evenly disposed,. the subject becomes aleader of his corirmunity.

It will be seen from the above that the position ofKarakamsa and the disposition qf planets in certainhouses from it are the main coasiderationsin determiningthe avocation or nature of livelihood. The strength of thecombinations will be augmented or weakened accordingas the planets and signs concerned are. under benefic ormalefic argalas. A careful study of the sutras suggeststhat the following allocation of professions could be madeto the different planets.

The Sun:-Presidents, Kings, Ministers and otherhigh ranking Government services.

The Moon::- Ministers and high officers of theGovernmcnt.

Mars :-Commanders-in-chief, scientists and fireindustries.

Mercury : Professors of philosophy, authors, artists,sculptors, weavers, journalists, editors, lawyers, intellec-tuals and even businessmen.

Jupiter :-Priests, judges, professors of philosophyand leaders in general.

Venus: Officials of the Government, ambassadorsand representatives of ruling heads.


9E Studies in Jaimini Artrotojy

Saturn: Ordioary or comrpon professions, manu-facture of arms and. ammunitions, hardware merchants,printing, body-guards, etc.

Rahu :-Thieves, body-guards, doctors and healers.Kelu;- .Servan'ts, labourers, dl ivers, mechanics.

qasons and brick-layers.

Example 39Judgc rhe profession in the Stanilard Horoscope.Neither the Karakamsanor the lOth from Karakamsa

have any planets in them. The l0th lord from Karakamsais associated with the Sun, Venus and Mars, while thel0th is aspected by Rahu and Ketu. Consequently, thestrong position of thc 1Oth lord from Karakamsa and hisassociation with the planets mentioned above shoulddecide the profession, viz., Saturn-businessman : Mars-dealing with printingpresses, etc; Venus-author. Thusdiffcrent pro fcssions are indicated.

lg7. Source of DeatbWc bave already discussed in articles l0l to 123 the

methods of ascertaining longevity and death-inflictingRasis. In the course of this article, I shall record thecircumstances under which dcath actually takes place, i.e.,whether the end will be natural, violent, or peaceful andthe character of the violent, natural or peaceful death.I have merely given the principles cullcd out from Jeiminiand it is for readers to convince thcmselvcs about theirpractical applicability or otherwise.

138. Nature of DeathAccording to commentators of Jaimini, Dushta

Marana, or violent end means dcath caused by fires,cxplosions, cartbquakes, drownings, volcanic eruptions,

Spccial Combinations 99

falls from eminences, etc. Subha Marana or natural deathmeans thc end being brought about by feuers and otherdiseases. When malelics are in the 3rd from Lagna orAtmakaraka, tbe person will have an unnatural death.Benefics denote natural death. Here also good aspectsinterposing among aff i ict ions and bad aspects interposingamong bcnefic dispositions will often change the nature ofdcath. In considering the fol lowing combinat ions, when-ever a conjunction is meant, aspect is also automaticallyimplied.

When the 3rd house from Lagna or from Atmakarakais conjoined with (or aspected hy) the Sun, death will bedue to pol i t ical of fences, vl 'z. , hanging, beheading, etc. ;Mars-f i re, weapons and injur ies ; Saturn and Gul ika-poisons, snake-bi tes, incarcerat ions and drownings; andMoon and Gul ika-by eat ing hard anct indigest ible food.Death can happe n by snakc-bite if Rabu anC Ravi are inKarakamsa.

When the 3rd house from Lagna or from Atmakarakais occupied (or aspected) by the Moon, death wiil bc dueto coosumption ; Saturn-windy diseases, rheumatism ;Ketu-dropsy and other warery diseases ; Jupitcr_indigestion, vornitings and inflammation of the phlegm;Venus-sexual and female diseases such as syphi l l is andgonorrhoea. Whcn a number of planets are connectedwith the 3rd house, death will be caused by various con-plications and miscellaneous diseases.

When tbe house of death, i.e., the 3rd from Lagna orAtmakaraka is occupied by benefics, death takes place inholy places, or near temples, cburches and mosques. Ifmalefics are in the 3rd death takes place in evil surround-ings, i.e., in places where sins are comrnitted. The nativewill be conscious or unconscious at the time of death

t00 Studies in Jaimini Astrology

according as the 3rd is occupied (or aspected) by Jupiterand Venus, or other planets.

Example 40Find the nature and sources of death in the Standard

Horoscope.The third is Cancer, a benefic sign and it is not occu-

pied by any malefics. The person should have a naturaldeath. The third is aspected by three planets-Sun,Mercury and Jupiter-the .strongest being Jupiter. Theend was due to some sort of inflammation of the phlegmand he was conscious when he breathed his last.

139. Yogas in JaininiFor purposes ofconvenience, I propose to deal with

Yogas as per Jaimini system under three distinct cate-gories, viz., Raja Yogas, Arishta Yogas, and Miscella-neous Yogas which include Sanyasa Yogas, Vahana Yogas,ctc.

140. Raja YogasWhen Janma Lagna, Hora Lagna and GhatikaLagna

are aspected by a planet, a powerful Raja Yoga iscaused and the person becomes a king or an equal to him.If one or two of the Lagnas are aspected, then the Yogais not formed. It is not clear whether all the three Lagnasshould be aspected by the same planet or by differentplanets.

A Raja Yoga is said to arise if in Rasi, Navamsa andDrekkana the Lagna and the 7th are conjoined with oraspected by a planet. The person becomes a king. Theintensity of the Yoga is reduced if aspect or association ofa planet is not found in all the six factors. tf the samcplanet aspects, the Yoga becomespar excellence.

Vitality of Rajayoga tOl

- Raja Yoga can also arise if either in (a) Navamsa orin (6) Drekkana diagrams, the Lagna, Hora Lagna andGhatika Lagna are aspected by (or associated with) aplanet. In all the above cases, the condition for theexistence of an all-powerful Raja yoga is that all thethree factors and not merely one or two should havc therelationship of a planet. By implication_and the com-mentators seem to confirm this, it means that if only onefactor (Lagna or Hora Lagna or Ghatika fagna; isinvolved, the yoga can operate nominally or formally.Some commentators hold that the tbree factors (fagna,Hora Lagna and Ghatika Lagna) should U" aspect"J bythe same planet.

When Mars, Venus and Kctu are in mutual aspectsor in the 3rd from each other, an ordinary type of RajaYoga known as Vaithanica will arise, confeiiing on ttrenat ive dist inct ion and fame.

Raja Yogas are formed under the foilowing condi_tions :

( l ) When the2nd,4th and 5th from Atmakaraka areequal in strength or are occupied by benefics, (2) whenthe 3rd and 6th from Atmakaraka are of equat itrengtnor are occupied by malefics and (3) when the 2nd,4thand 5th from the lord of Lagna or from the lord of the7th are occupied or aspecred by benefics. When theint luences are mixed, one becomes an equal to a ruler butnot an actual ruler.

Tbe posit ion of Venus in Karakamsa in highlyfavoured as it is said to confer immense fortune and life.

The following are also Raja yogas capable of confer_ring different grades of poliriual po*.., fame, and rankconsistent with their v i tal i ty.

102 Studice in Jaimini Astrology

(a\ Lords of Lagna and the 5th in conjunction, andexalted or debilitated or in their own Navamsas-a greatruler.

(b) Wben the Yoga is merely due to an associationbetween lord of Lagna and the 5th, or 7th and 5th, itmakes itself expressed ratber late in life.

(c) Venus, Mars and Ketu in Atmakaraka Rasi and2nd and 4th respectively from it-a king.

(d) The strong disposition of Lagna, the 7th and 9th-political power.

(e) Same number of planbts in Lagna and the 7th :Raja Yoga fonns but it wiil be enjoyed by the native latein life.

(f) Equal number of planets in Lagna and 4th-fame and honour.

(g) Jupit.t and Moon in Lagna and the I lth respec-tively or in Lagna and the 7th aspected by benefics-Ruler.

(h) Raja Yoga in early life if Mercury and Jupiterin Lagna and llth or Lagna and ?th aspected by benefics.

(D Venus and Moon in conjunct ion with or aspect-ing Atmakaraka or the 10th from him.

(j) Moon in the 7th in conjunction with or aspectedby benef ics-a servant of the Crown.

(k\ Thrikonas and Kendras devoid of bencfics-6ervant of k ing.

(/) Benefics or planets witf benefic vargas occupyingAtmakaraka Rasi or the l0th from it-ntoderatc RajaYoga.

(m) The Moon in the 4th or I l th from Jupiter inNavamsa-Fame and power.

(n) Benefics in Jdnma Rasi and in the llth and lOthin Navamsa-fairly powerful Raja Yoga.

(o) The Lagna and Atmakaraka Rasi bcing occupiedor aspected by exalted planet-a ruler.

Formation of Rajayoga 103

(p) The Navamsa Rasi of Atmakaraka same asLagna or Janma Rasi or thc Rasi occupied by Jupiter_Raja Yoga of a fairly high order.

(q) Same numbcr of benefics in Arudha Lagna andthe Navamsa Rasi of the 9th-political power.

(r) Malefics in the 3rd and 6th frorn Atmakaraka orArudha Lagna-Ruler.

Wc are askcd by Jaimini to study Raja yogas, whenthe start ing point is not def ini tc ly mcnt ioncd, from Lagna,Atmakaraka and the 5th.

Raja Yogas given by Jaimini have not been tested ashis mcthod has not been in vogue. It is for readers totry, apply thc various yogas to practicat example andthen sec how far they could be madc usc of for prcdictingpowcr and fame.

Example 4lDescribe Raja Yogas, if any, in the Standard Horos_

cope.The following Raja yogas are present :_(a) Janma Lagna is aspected by Kuja and Ketu.

Hora Lagna and Ghatika Lagna arc aspected by the sameplanets, v iz. , Jupiter, thc Sun and Mercury_hence afairly powerful Raja yoga.

(b) The Navamsa Lagna, Hora Lagna and GhatikaLagna are occupied by Jupitcr, Rahu and Ketu respec_tively*fairly powerful Raja Yoga.

(c) Except ing the lOth Kcndra, al l theother Kendrasand Thrikonas arc devoid of occupat ion by benef ics.

(d) Karakamsa is the same sign as the Janma Rasi.It might interest rcaders to learn that the native

enjoyed all the blessings of Raja yoga, short of wieldingporver.

104 Studies in Jaimini Astrology

l4l. Arishta YogasThese refer only to dire misfortunes. But I have

included in this section combinatio : that make onediabolical or criminal in his temper. The following cornbi-nat ions should be of special interest.

Ketu in Karakamsa-thief ; the Sun and Rahu inKarakamsa aspected by Mars-del ights in sett ing f i re toothers' houses ; Ketu in the Karakamsa aspected byBudha and Sani-becomes a eunuch. The shadvargas ofSukra and Kuja predominating in the 9th from Kara-kamsa-seeks sexual gratification through women otherthan his own wife. The person wi l l be hen-pecked i f tbe9th from Karakamsa is aspected by or associated withGuru. Malef ics in the 2nd and 8th from Janma Lagna orJanma Arudha-misfortunes and poverty. Mercury in thel2th from Lagnarudha=-loss of money through l i t igat ion.Same number of planets in the 2nd and l2th or 5th and9th or l2th and 6th or l0th and 4th- imprisonment. Samenumber of planets in the 2nd and 9th-great misfortunes.Rahu in the Arudha of the 5th house aspected by theSun-loss of s ight. Karakamsa having the shadvargas ofSaturn or Karakamsa being associated with Sani, Rahuor other malef ics-the nat ive wi l l be an i l legi t imate issue.Gul ika in Karakamsa makes one to administer poison toothers. Or he wi l l h imself die bypoison beingadministeredto him.

142. MiscellaneousYogasSome of the combinat ions grouped here wi l l be found

to be useful in gratifying the curiosities of the limited fcwwho may be interested in things other tban purelymundane.

A person gets vehicles and horses if the Moon andVenus are in mutual aspects or the Moon is in the 3rd

Uniquc Metbod of Direction lO5

from Venus or both are in the 2nd. If the Moon andVenus aspect the 4th from Karakamsa one acquires fineand beautiful houses. Rahu and Sani in the 4th fromKarakamsa give houses bui l t in stone whi le Kuja andKetu enable one to acquire houses bui l t in br ick. Whenthe Sun is in the 4th, he lives in thatched huts andimprovised structures.

Malefics in the 2nd from Upapada reveal that onebecomes an ascetic. If the Moon and the Tth are inconjunct ion with benef ics, one becomes a mahant or arel igious head.

I f the Atmakaraka occupies the Navamsa of Kumbha,the person bui lds tanks and choultr ies and lays parks forpublic benefit. He will also be inclinecl to do charitabledeeds i f the Karakamsa happens to be Meena. One wi l lhave Moksha or final emancipation if benefics occupy thel2th from Karakamsa, or i f Karakamsa being Aries orSagit tar ius is occupied by Ketu. One wi l l have devot ionfor Siva, Gouri , Lakshmi, Shanmukha, Vishnu, Sambasiva,Durga and Ganapathi , provided Karakamsa has the asso-ciat ion of Ravi, Chandra, Sukra, Kuja, Budha, Guru andKetu respect ively. The person wi l l worship Kshudradevathas or lower for ins of dei t ies i f Karakamsa being animmovable sign and joined by Saturn or Venus. Simi larresults accrue i f Amatyakaraka is in Karakamsa. Onebecorne s a mantravadi if both the 5th and 9th from Kara-kamsa havs sag malef ic each. Fait l r in God should bejudged from the Devatakaraka. l f the Devatakaraka is abenef ic he wi l l worship a benevolent dei ty ; i f a malef ic acruel dei ty. The devot ion wi l l be sincere or otherwiseaccording as the Devatakaraka is exalted and otherwisestrong or debi l i tated or otherwise wcak.


Timing Events

143. General RemarksTiming or calculation of future events has always

been a hard nut to crack. The birth horoscope is signifi-cant for the whole life and according to Parasari, theresults duo to var ious combinat ions come into operat ionduring the various Dasas and Bhuktis influenced to someextent by the Gochara or transits of planets. Here inJaimini , we have a unique method of approach to thewhole problem of direction. There is no mention of eitberplanetary Dasas or Gochara, though nevertheless thereare suggestions in works like Jathaka Rajeeya andVancha-natheeya which are mainly based upon Jaimini that RasiDasa influences are affccted by transits. There are quitea number of Dasas in Jaimini and these havc been referredto in art ic le 73. What are the speci6c condit ions underwhich the different Dasa systems should be apptied todiffercnt events ? No clear instructions have been givenin this matter by the commentators, evcn though here andthere a hint is thrown, upon which one has to draw one'sown infcrences. Pandits, with whom I had the pleasureof discussing this mattcr, are of div ided opinion. Somesay that Chara Dasa is the Sage's favourite system forpredicting all important evcnts, basing tbeir authority onAdhyaya l, Pada 2, Sutra l2l,in u,hich Jaimini says that

t' Unfevourable Rasi Dasas rc1

L "all combinations mentioned earlier fructify during or int l the begirning of the var ious Rasi Dasas". I am unable

to offer any concrete help in this regard for the number ofhoroscopes to which I have applied the various Daras ofJaimini are not adequate enough to warrant any categori-cal opinions or statements. I would rather rely upen 1lsopinions of scholars until forced to revise my views bywhat I would call "experimental evidencc". Sthira Dasais supposed to be equally reliable not only in asccrtainingCeath but also in predict ing othcr eveDts whi le ThrikoneDasa in the cases worked out by our Research Sectionhave yielded encouraging results. Niryana Shula Desaappears to be quite useful in predicting death of parents,brothers, sisters and relatives, while Niryana ph:rla ShulaDesa, mainly intended for predict ing one's own demiseand probably appi icable to only Madhyayus-horoscopes,could be considered to be purcly of academic interest. It

- occurs to md that all the various methods of Dasareckoning grew side by siele aud were attempts to developcorrect methods of timing eveDts, probably by a processof hi t and miss. As my task is not to advocate but to

- simply render a faithful account of Jaimini's principles, asI bave understood them, I leave i t to my intel l igentreaders to decide for thcmselves the choice of a Dasa. Ican only add that tbe consensus of opinion is in favourofboth Chara and Sthira Dasas for predict ing importantcvcnts, and Niryana Shula Dasa for ascertaining thepcriods of death of one's parents, brothers, sisters, wifeand rclat ives.

144. Nature of 'Rcsults

As in Parasari, several considerations have tqbe takennotc of in judging the results of Dasas and Bhukt is. Asa gcneral proposition, it may be stated that a Rasi during

I08 Studieg in Jaimini Astrology

its Dasa generally gives the results pertaining to the houseit refers to from Karakamsa or from Arudha Lagna.Rasis occupied by exalted planets, or tbeir own loids,generally confer favourable results in their Dasas. Apartfrom tbe relation a particular Rasi whose Dasa is underconsiderat ion bears to Karakamsa, Atmakaraka, etc. , thecapacity of a Rasi for producing benef ic or mischievousresults seem to depend to a large extent upon certainharmonious or inharmonious disposit ions of planets fromthe Rasi concerned. Thus malefics in the 2nd give finan-cial losses. When the 5th Rasi is occupied by the Sun orthe Moon in association with Saturn, or the Moon andRahu are in the 6th and 8th, the subject comes under thewrath of the Government. On the other hand, the Sun'sdisposition in the 6th gives favours from superiors andaccess to wealth. When malefics are on either side of theRasi, or in the 8th, or in the Rasi concerned, there wi l lbe troubles, nrisfortunes, losses and a generally un-favourable period during the Rasi Dasa. The positionsof Guru in a Kendra is recommended. In the abovecombinat ions and the fol lowing ones, I am supported byworks such as Vanchanateeya, which bave been primarilybased on Jaimini. The following rules of Dasa interpreta-t ion, cul led from the same sources, may be taken noteof : (a) A Rasi Dasa confers wealth i f the Moon andVenus are in the 3rd, (D) loss of wealth i f these planetsare in the 12th, (c) Rahu in the l2th-fever and otherbodily ailments, (d) Rahu in the Rasi, foreign travels,(e) malefics in the 9th-danger to father. Taking theDasa Rasi as corresponding to Lagna and considering thebenefic or malefic influences centered on the appropriateRasjs the-refrom, fortunate or unfortunate results may beanticipatEd. Tbus if malefics are in tbe 4th, we have toinfer mother's health will be in danger.

hAcquisition of Property 109

Of the Dasas of the var ious Rasis, those of Thula;Kataka, Vrishabha, Mesha, Dhanus, Kanya and Mithunaare said to generally give rise to favourable results, thegood decreasing gradual ly from Thula to Mithuna in theorder given above. Simha, Mesha, Kumbba, Vrischikaand Makara generally confer evil results, the degree ofevil increasing gradually in the order given above. Inshort , the nature of the results of a Rasi Dasa should bemeasured by a consideration of the strength or weaknessof the lord and the affictions the lord and the Rasi areeubjected to.

Upon the hint given by Jaimini in the last sutra ofAdhyaya l, Pada 2, to which reference is made in article143 we may formulate a general principle that the resultspertaining to a certain combination will come into frui-tion in the Dasa and Bhukti of the Rasis involved inthe formation of the concerned combination. Take forinstance, Adhyaya I , P. l , S. 42. The Moon and Venusin the 4th from Karakamsa give palatial buildings. Sup-pose Karakamsa is Mesha. Then the combination hasreference to Karkataka or the 4th. The Dasa of Karka-taka can enable the person to acquire houses and otherproperties provided, it has no affiictions such as thosealready indicated above.

145. Father's Death(i) The stronger one between the Sun and Venus

should be considered as Pitrumaraka. If the weakerplanet between the Surr and Venus happens to be aspectedby a malefic, then that becomes the Pitrumaraka. Deathof thc fatber takes place in the Dasa of the Shula Rasis-itri

Uasir for ascertainiDg the strcngtbg of Rasis for purposes ofrpplying NiryaFa Shula Dasas is, according to some, the Rasi beingoccupled by planets and the longitudes of the lord of the part icularRasis.

I l0 Studies in Jaimini Astrology

( lst , 5th and 9th), (a) f rom pitrumaraka Rasi, i .e. , tbesign occupied by the lord of the gth from pitrumaraka.Suppose for instance pi trumaraka is Venus and his longi-tudc is 20u Virgo, and the lord of the gth from pitru_maraka is Mars, his longitude being 24o Taurus. ThenMars is stronger. Dearh of the father will happen in theDasa of the lst , 5th or 9th Rasi f rom Taurus ( the Rasiheld by Mars). (ii) Take rhc 9th .from Lagna and the 9thfrom ?th. See which is more powerful. Death of thefather will take place in tbe Niryana Shula Dasa (see art.98) of the more powerful Rasi. For exampl. ,uppor.that Aquarius and Simha are the 9th from LagnJ andfrom 7th respect ively and that Simha is the stronger Rasi.Tben deatb of father can be predictcd in the Shula Dasasof Simha ( lst) , Dhanus (5th) or Mesha (9th). Berweenthe two methods given above, the latter is supposed tobe more reliable, as it is spccially intended for prcdictingdeath events.

Exanple 42Find the maraka period of the father in the Standsrd

Iforoscope.(i) Pitrumarakas are the Sun ancl Venus.

,'. '. Venus has greater longitude, he is stronger thanthe Suir .

He could becorne pi trumaraka.The Sun is aspected by a malef ic.

. ' . thc Sun could become pitrunraraka.But since Venus is also aspected by a malef ic Saturn,

the strongcr of the two, viz. , Venus is pi t rumaraka. The8th lord from Venus is the Moon. Between Venus andthe Moon, Venrrs is stronger because of greater longitudc.Death of father can take place in the Dasa of Dhanus(lst) , Mesha (5rh) and Sioha (9th).

Death of Mothcr I I I

By the end of Simha Dasa (see page 78 & 79) thenative rvas aged 36 years. The father actually died in thp37th year of the nat ive.

(ii) The 9th from Lagna and the 9th from Tthare,respec.tively, Capricorn and Cancer. The latter is thestronger (see Ex. l8).

.'. Father's death can, take place in Karkataka,Vrischika or Meena. Meena is ruled out as the Dasacomes very late in life. Between Vrischikaand Karkatakatbe latter is stronger as its lord has greater longitude, TheShula Dasa of Karkataka lasts for 9 years from 36 to 45Father died as soon as Karkataka Dasa commcnced.

146. Mother's Death(i) The stronger between Mars and the Moon becomes

Matrurnaraka. I f the weaker between these two isaspected by a malefic, that becomes Matrumaraka (a).Dcath of the mother takes in the (Chara) Dasa of ShulaRasis (1, 5 and 9) from (a), tbe 8th from MatrumarakaRasi or (D) from the Rasi held by the lord of the 8th fromMatrumaraka Rasi.

(ii) Ascertain the stronger Rasi between thc 4th fromLagna and the 4th from the 7th. Dcath of thc mothermay be predicted in the Niryana Shula Dasa of the lst,5th or 9th from the stronger Rasi.

. Example 43

Find the period of mother's deathin the StandardHoroscope.

1i) Moon and Mars are Matrumarakas. Moon (18" 29,)ls stronger than Mars (0. 53,) . Mars as wel l as the Moonarc aspected by thc malefic Sun. Herrcc, the strongerplanet, the Moon, alone is Matrumaraka,

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The 8th lord from Matrumaraka is Mars.Hence pref'er the Moon..'. Mother's death can take place in Shula Rasis of

Mesha, r iz. , Mesba, Simha and Dhanus. Of the three,Mesha is the strongest as i t has two planets.

Mesha Dasa lasted (see page 54 & 5.5) til l the age of13, within which period morherdied.

(ii) The 4th Rasis from Lagna and from 7th aresimhaand Kumbha respectively. Kumbba is stronger thauSimha, as the former bas planets in it. Therefore mother'sdeatb can takeplace in the Shula Dasa of Kumbha,Mithuna or Thula. Kumbha is ruled out as it comeswhen the native is aged nearly 80 years. Between Thulaand Mithuna, Thula is the stronger, as it has two planets.Shula Dasa of Thula lasts from 9 to 15 years duringwhich period the native lost his mother. Actually thesub-period was that of Mithuna.

147. Native's Own DeathElsewhere, rules for the determination of Maraka

Rasis have been given in detail. In this article, I merelypropose to refer to the method of predicting the native'sown death according to Shula Dasa. Find the stronger.of tbe Lagna and the 7th. Death happens in Shula Dasaof the stronger Rasi or the 5th or gth from it.

Example 44Find the periodof native's death according to article

147.Between Lagna and the Tth,Lagna alone is stronger

(see Ex. 18.). Therefore death can happen in the ShulaDasa of Vrishabha, Kanya or Makara. Since the horo-scope belongs to the category of Purnayu, Makara is thedeath-inflicting Rais. The Shula Dasa of Makara runs

Deatb of Relat iver 113

f rom 90 to 99 years. Thc subject did just when hecompleted 81 years.

148. Death of Wife(t) This can happen in the (Chara) Dasas of the Rasi

held by Jupiter and the 5th and 9th from i t . In judging

the probable period of death, due considerat ion should begiven to the general strength of the B,'rava in question.

Example 45Find the period of death of the wife in the Standard

Horoscope,Jupiter is in Kumbha. Death may happen in the

Dasa of Kumbha, Mithuna and Thula. Kumbha Dasaterminates when the nat ive would be aged 24. The 7thhousc is fairiy strong. Therefore wife's deeth is possiblein the Dasa of Thula, the stronger between Thula andMithuna. Thula Dasa extends t i l l the nat ive completcshis 46th year. Death happened just at the end of 46thyear.

149. Death of Othcr Relatives(t) Taking into considerat ion the posit ions of Putra

and Matula and other Karakas, death of the respect iverelatives may be predicted in thc (Cbara) Dasa of therespect ive Shula Rasis.

(ii) Take the stronger Rasi between the 3rd fromLagna and 3rd from the 7th, and prcdict the death ofbrothers in thc appropriate Niryana Shula Dasa. Death ofchildren can happcr in the Niryana Shula Dasa of lst, 5thand 9th Rasis from the stronger Rasi between thc Rasisfrom Lagna and the 5th from ?th.

Thc eldcr brother's death can bc anticipated in theE

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Shula Dasas of the lst, 5th and 9th Rasis from thestrougcir Rasi between the l l th from Lagna and the 7th.- In predict ing al l these events, the indicat ions must bef i rst ascertained by careful ly studyingthe bir th horoscope.I f fcr instance, a bir th chart does oot ,ho* indicat ionsfor the bir th of chi icJren, then the quest ion of t iming theevent of tbe death of chi ldren does not ar ise at al l .

Example 46Find the probable periods of death of brothers and

children in the Standord Horoscdpe.

Younger BrothersThe 3rd Rasis from Lagna and 7th are respectively

Cancer lnd Ir,,[akara. Cancer is the stronger. Death ofyounger brothers ( i f any) can happen in the Shula Dasaof Cancer, Scorpio and pisces.

Elder BrothersThe l l th Rasis from Lagna and ?th respect ively are

Meena and Kanya. Meena is the stronger. Thercforeelder brother 's death can happeJr in the Shula Dasa ofMeena, Kataka or Vrischika.

ChildrenThe 5th Rasis from Lagna and the 7th arc respectively

Kanya and Meena. The latter is the stronger. Thereforedeath of chi ldren can happen in the Shula Dasa of MeenaKataka or Vl isgfui1..



150. General ObservationsThough Jaimini and parasari systems of Astrology

appear to be different, actually Jaimini is merely an off-shoot of Parasari , developed according to the genius ofthe Sage and presented in the shape of sutras or apborismsnot capable of easy comprehension or understandingunless aided bycommentar ies. Jaimini 's special i ty consist iin the importance given to karakamsa and Arudha Lagna,in the simplicity of methods used for the determination ofplnnetary strengths and longevity, and the original andunique approach to the problem of direct ions or Dasas"The selection of an appropriate Dasa for predicting anappropriate event has been a matter of controversy. Theintelligent reader should try to discover for himself thetype of Dasa that suits a particular horoscope or aparticular event or set ofevents. There is no doubt thatpride of place has been given to Chara Dasa.

lsf . KarakasAccording to Jaimini, Karakas vary with regard to

each horoscope. There are seven main Karakas, vrz.,Atma, Amatya, Bhratru, Matru, putra, Gnathi and Dara.Convert the longitudes of planets into signs, degrees, etc.Reject the signs and considering the degrees, etc. ,tabulate the positions ofplanets in the descending order

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of the number of degrees. The planet that gets, thehighest degree becomes Atmakaraka. In the order ofKarakas given above, the other planets become Amatya,Bbratru, etc. , according to the descending order ofdegrees. When two or more planets hold the samelongitude, therc wi l l be a merging of Karakas and thosefal l ing vacanr wi l l have to be f i l led up by Rahu and theapplopriate rratural Karakas.

Dxample 47' Find the various Karakas in the horoscope of Herr

Hitler, born ttn 24-4-1889 at 6-30 p.m. (L.M.T.) corres-ponding to Gh. 33-30 after sunrise, Lat. 4go N., Loog.T3" E.

Planetary posit ions in tbe horoscope are :-Planet Rasi Degree trIinuteThe Sun Mesha 9 -s6The Moon Dhanus 15 q6Mars Mesha 25 3 lMercury Mesha 4 4gJupiter Dhanus l j 23Venus lr{esha 25 50Saturn Kataka 22 35Rahu Mithuna 25 6Ketu Dhanus 25 6Lagna Thula 4 54

McrginS of Karakas 1l?

The fol lowing are the Rasiand Navamsa diagrams:-


SaturnVarna t i a


Moonu p i t upi t .


Tabulat ing. the posi t ions o1 ' p lanets according to thedescending order of thei r degrees, etc . , v , ,e have : -

P lane t Rasi Degree 14 inuteSukraKujaSani

lvlesha 25Mesha 25


Kataka 22 35Guru DhanusChandra DhanunRaviBudha

l 7 231 5 4 6

Ir.{eslra 9 56Mesha 4 48

Since Sukra has the highest longitude, he becomes thcAtmakarqke. The other Karakas are as fol lows :-




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152. Difrerent Kinds of LagnasOf tbe various Lagnas referred to by Jaimini, Arudha

Lagna, Hore Lagna, Varnada and Ghatika Lagnaareimportant in the judgment of a horoscope, especially inregard to the application of Raja Yogas. Arudba Lagnais the sign arrived at by counting as many signs fromLagna as lord of Lagna is from Lagna. Hora Lagna isrepresented by the sign arrived at bycounting the quotient(obtained by dividing birth timc in ghatis from sunriseby 2'5) plus one from thc Sun or Lagna according asthe Lagna is odd or even. The process involved in findingVarnada Lagna is this : According as Janma Lagna isodd or even count clockwise or anti-clockwise fromMesha or Meena to Lagna. Cal l this .a ' . Deal withHora Lagna similarly and obtain 'b'. Then tbe sum of,or di f ference between, 'a ' and'b' represents'c ' accordingas both Janma and Hora Lagnas are odd, or one is oddand the other is even. Varnada is the Rasi arrived atby counting'c' from Mesha (dircct) or Meena (rcverse)according as I agn" is odd or even. Ghatika Lagna canbe obtained by adding to the lst degree of Lagna Rasithe product of time of birth (in ghatis) x 30.

Example 4t

Flnd out Arudha, Hora, Varnada, Bhava and GhatikaIagnas in Hitler's horoscope.

Arudha Lagna:-The lord o[ Lagna Sukra is in the7th, and the 7tb from the 7th, viz., Lagna itsclf willbe Arudha Lagna.

Hora Lagna:- Dividing the birtb ghatis by 2.5, we(33'512'5) = l3 as quot ient and . l as remainder.Expunging 12 and counting 2 (n+ l) from the

l l 9Diffcrcnt Lagnag

Sun, as Janma Lagna is odd, we gct Vrishabha

as Hora Lagna. The remaindet,viz', ' l multiplied

bY 30 givec 12o.Ilora Lagna= Vrishabha l2o.

Bhava Lagna.'-Janma Lagna is Thula, an odd sign'

Bir th Ghatis -33'5.

3 3 ' 5 . - n - - - ^ t - - L . ^ - r r !i . n =' :S' 6 '7 - Quot ient 6 and Remaindcr 0'7 '

Janma Lagnais odd, Bhava Lagna is the 7th

(6 + l) from the Sun, vlz', Thula : Conver'

ting the remainder we get 2lo'

Varnada Lagna:-Janma Lagna is Thula, an odd

sign. Hora Lagna is Vrishabha, an cven sign'

a = ? (counting direct from Mesha to Janma

Lagna).' b= l l (count ing backwards from Meena to

Hora Lagna).

even, take the difference between c and b,' which is equal to 4. As Janma Lagna is an

odd sign counting 4 from Mesha we get


,'. VarnadaLagna-Kataka.

Ghatika Lagna:-Janma Lagna is Thula.

Biith Timc in Ghatis = 33'5.

Dividing the birth ghatis bY 12,

3 3 . 5wc get -iZ-

9'5 as remainder

120 Studier in Jrinini Artrolo3y

The integral8part is 9 (n) and fact ional part . 5. Ghat ikaL ,agnn is the Ras i a r r i ved a t by count ing n+ l , (9 t l )from l4rr l Lagna.

Ghatika Lagra - Ketakl l50.Pranapada is a certain sensitive point which can be

obtained by adding twice the bir th t ime ( in vighat is) to(c) thc Sun's longitude, (6) the Sun's longitude+240n or(c) th€ Sun's longitude+120' according as rbe Sun is jn amovable. f ixed or common sign.

Dwara Rasi is thc r ign whose Dase is under considera-t ion ei ther for judging ccrtain events of l i fc or the marakaperiod.

Bahya Rasi is thc sign which is as many signs awryfrom Dwara, as Dwart is f rom Lagna.

Gul ika, to whom importancc is given by Jaimini , issaid to preside over the part of t ime (obtained by dividingthe durat ion of a day or durat ion of night by 8) al lot ted toSaturn.

Brahma, Mahesware and Rudra are al l certain dist inc-tions conferred on planets by virtuc of certain horoscopicdisposit ions. Brahma's posit ion is important for calcu-lat ing Sthira and Brahma Dasas and Rudra and Mahes-wara are considered to ascertain the deatb- inf l ict ing Rasi.

Example 49Find Gulika, Brahma, Maheswara and Rudra in

Hitler' s horoscope.Gul ika (Art 34) :--Weekday of bir th : Sarurday.

Duration of day, viz., Gh. 34.4 divided by 8 gives4 . 3 .

.'. Saturn's put cxtends from sunrise to 4.3ghrt is.

Arga las t 2l

.'. Gulike's position corrcsponds to tbc risingdcgree at Ghs. 4'3 from sunrisc. =Vrishobha 17' 57'.

Brahma (Art. 35) :-Between Lrgna and the 7th, thelattcr is stronger= A (vide Art . 53). Lords of 6,8 and 12 from A are Mercury, Mars end Jupiterrespect ively. Among these three, Mars isthe strongcst. Next comes Jupiter (vidc Art. 59).But Mars not bcing in thc vis iblc half ( f rom thc?th) Jupiter should be considored as thc Brahmaas he is not only in the vis iblc hr l f but in en odds ign a lso .

. ' . Brahma is Jupitcr,Mahcswara (Art. 38) :-The lord of the 8th from

Atmakaraka is Mars. He is in his own house.l2th lord is Jupiter. So we have to choose thestronger of the Sth and 12th lordr from Atma-karaka, vfz. , Mars and Jupiter. Thc former isstronSer. Hence N{aheswara is Mars.

Rudra (Art . 39) :-The lords of the 2nd and 8th fromLagna are Mars and Venus respect ively. BecauseVenus is stronger than N{ars, he is Rudra.

153. Aspects and ArgdesAl l movable signs aspect al l f ixcd signs except the

adjacent ones. Al l f ixed signs aspect al l movable signsexcept the adjrcent ones. Al l common signs aspect eachother. Argalas mey bc def ined as .agents' promoting orobsruct ing f low of fortunatc vibrat ions in a horoscope.Planets in tbc 4th. 2nd, I l th or 5th from an aspect ingbody causc Argrlrs. These are countered by a simul-t lncous disposir ion of planets in tbe l0th, l2th, 3rd or9th. A number of malef ics in the 3rd cen also give r ise

122 Studics in Jaimini Astrology

to Papargala. Kctu is an exception. Planets in thc 9th

from Ketu cause Argala which gets neutralised when

there are planets in the 5th. For the bene8c or malcfic

nature of Argalas, refer to articles 45 and 46'

Example 50

Find out the Argalas in Hitler's horoscope and prepare

an Argala Chart.

Plsnctary Argalas in Hitler's Horoscope

Planet Argala caused by Counteracted by

Ravi Sani None

Chandra Ravi, Budha, Sukra, Kuja "

Kuja Sani "

Budha Sani "

Guru Ravi, Budha, Sukra, Kuja "

Sukra Sani ' t

Sani None "

Rahu Sani, Ravi, Budha, Sukra, Kuja "

Kctu Nonc t)

t23Arjrle Chart




a av . q


tng "

t , t! l r(6(ax



.9e. - : . t



El c ! l r

€r 5€d t l 9 V



I\ asf i6v

a E Y'E e 5{E€6 & Y v t A &

121 Studies in Jaimini Astrology

In the rbove chart, Sani has been placcd in Mesha todenotc the Argale ceused by him to Mesha Rasias wcl l Es planeh r i tuatcd therein. I t sbould alsobe noted tbat there is no opposit ion to his Argalawherers for Vrirhabha though Rahu has causedArgala, the planets shown in brackets exertcounter inffucnce

154. Resi StrcngthsJaimini always leys grcat stress on Rasis and their

strength. The strength of a Rgsi depends upon its ownstrength plus that of the lord. The lord's strength maybe assumed to be made up of (a) strength due to hisdistance from the first point of tbe sign, (D) strength derivedby his posit ion in Swakshetra, Uchcha, Neecha, etc. (art .63) and (c) a certain disposition from Atmakaraka. ARasi's own strcngth is duc to 1a) its association with aplanet or planets, (6) i ts being Sthira, Chara or Dwiswa-bhava, and (c) its being aspected by or associated withJupiter, Mercury or i ts own lord. The net strength of aRasi is the total of its own strcngth plus that of the lord.A Rasi could gain special strengtir by its being occupiedby Atmakaraka. . An improvised method of numerical lydetermining Rasi strength dcvised by us has been elabo-rated in article 62.

Strengths of Planets 125

Exnrnple 5l

Determine Rasi ond Plunetetry Strengths in Hitler'shoroscope according to the improved method'

Planet Moolatri-kona Balu Total



Ku ja






l s '0

30 .0

15 .0


l 5 .0

7 . 5

1 5 . 0

4 5 0

3 . 7 5

2 2 . 5


3 0 . 0


4 5 . 0

r 35'0

7 8 ? 5


l 3 5 . 0









l ' lanetary Strengths

Studies in Jaimini Astrolott



: rrr rrr a9Or - .O r r r r - q l . I \ n rn r n v ,: l : 1 99O i n rno € r \ c \ t F r -t \O r,Q al l-- O t/| (\ c.t - q +c . ) - ( \ l F t \ - - C r t - N N


r | ' rO O r . - O , r t s O O r r . ) ! n ( n

! ? i o o t a t \ t l ' ) i n r . } t - F F r Fc . r c i c * $ N f \ . o r ) b a o , \ O- E E -












o;*:t +$r ; eE € Hgs5s fsF F frS s s

o o o\o \o \o+ : + +

\!) \O \O

o o < ) o o o o o o o o oa .t r Q Q r ) Q Q t r , c ) € ) h c ' Oqc.r \C - ci\O E C.t \O - 6 \O



aIa ,x

Dasa Pcriods 127

155. Desgs rnd Bbukthies

The various methods of Dases recommended by

Jaimini always refer to Rasis and the most favourcd one

sppears to 6c Chara Paryaya Dasa' Aries' Taurus'

dcmini, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius belong to thc

Savya group of signs and tbe rest to the Apasavya group'

ln calculating any Dasa, two things have to be borne in

mind, viz, , theorderof the Dasas and the rpan of thc

Dasa periods ag these vary with regard to each horoscopc'

The sian howevcr remains constant in respect of Sthira

and Siula Dasas. Taking up Chara Dasa again, the first

Dasa invariably starts from Lagna Rasi' The ordcr of

succession of Dasas is direct or converse according ar the

9th Rasi from Lagna falls in a Savya or Apasavya group'

The period of a Rasi is equal to thc number of signs

intervening between tbe Rasi and its lord, counted clock-

wise or anii'clockwise according as the Rasi in qu€stion

bclongs to Savya or Apasavya group. If the lord of the

Rasi ii Uchhe the period is increased by one year ; if the

lord is neecha, thc pcriod is decreased by one year' In

the case of Kambha and Vrischika, as they have two lords

each, there is a slight variation in the mattcr of reckoning

tbeir Dasa Periods.The duiation of a sub'period or Bbukti is one-twelfth

of the durationof a main period or Dasa' If 9th from

the Rasi of which sub'periods are required refers to Savya

3roup, the order of succession of the sub-pcriods is direct,

iue nrst being that of thc 2nd from the Rasi. If it refers

to Apasavya group, the Bhuktis succeeded in the reverse

ordei starting from the 12th from the Rasi concerned'

In Sthira Dasa scheme, a Chara, a Sthira and a

Dwiswabhava Rasi, gets 7, 8 and 9 years respectively as

its span. The Dasa starts from the sign occupied by

Brahma and the other Dasas succeed in thc direct order'

L28 Studies in Jaimini Astrotogy

The Thrikona Dasa starts from the strongest Rasi out ofLagna,5th and 9th, and other Dasas run in the dircctor converse order according as the starting Rasi refers toSavya or Apasavya group. Tbe Dasa span of a Rasi isthc same as in the case of Chara Dasa. Refer for furtherdetai ls to art ic lc 93.

In the case of Varnada Dasa, i t star ls from Lagnaand ;uns in the direct order i f the Lagna is odd. t f ineLagna is even, the Dasa starts from ttre l2th and ruus inthe reverse order. The span of a Dasa is the distancemeasurcd in terms of s igns from Lagna to the Varnadaconcerned. Brahma Dasa starts from Brahma Rasi andruns in the direct order, or starts fronr the Zth fromBrahma and runs in the reverse order, according as Lagnais odd or even. The span of a Dasa is the distance fromthe Rasi concerned to the Rasi occupied by the lord of thc6th from thc Rasi in quest ion. The span of the Rasi Dasain Yogardha Dasa is the mean of i ts Sthira and CharaDasa periods. The order is djrect or otherwise accordingas the Rasi of tbe f i rst Dasa lwhich wi l l be Lagna or th;7th whichever is stronger), is odd or even. Niryana ShulaDasa is of considerable importance. I t is employed fordetermining the life-terms of the native and his relatives.

Example 52Find ( I) Chara Dasa. (2) Sthira Dasa, (j) Thrikona

Dasa, (4) Brahma Dasa, (5) Varnada Daia and (6)Niryana Shula Dasa, in Hitler,s horoscope,

Table of Rasi Dasas in Hitler,s ChartCbart Dasa

ThulaoVrischika 6 years

5 "' Among the co'rords, Kuja rncr Ketu, thc formcr arono shourd

bc considercd bciog associatcd with morc plaqets (vidc Art, g6).

Drrr Perlodl




Sthire Desr


l2 years6 "g "

3 6 "1 2

' t

I I "10 t '

7 "5 t '

. . . 5 t t

Sincc Sthira Dasa commences from the Rasi wbereBrahma is posited, the order of different Rae i Dasas willproceed as follows (vr'de Articlc 9l):

I st Dasa2nd "3rd "4th 'r

sth "6th "?th .'

Eth ,

9th "loth "l l t b "l2th ' '

96 yeare

I Lords of l(umbha, Rahu aod Saoi, arc placcd in difiorcot sigoand hcnco lrc havo to rpply art. 86. B oth arc uaarsociatod.But REbu tg in a morc powcrful Rasi and also givcs morc ycarrs thc Dasr span.

Dhanus 9 yearsMakara 7 "Kumbha 8 "Mecna 9 "Mesha 1 "Vrishabha 8 "Mithuna 9 "Kdtaka 7 "Simha 8 "


Kanya 9 "Thula 7 "Vrischika 8 "

130 Strdicc in Jaimlni Arttoloty

Thrikone Desa (Art. 93) :The 9th house is the stroogest out of the three

Tbrikonas in vicw of the fact that it happens to be aDwiswabhava Rasi and also bas a plane in it. SinccMithuoa falls in the Savya group, the succession ofDasas proceed in the direct order as shown bclow:-

lst Dasa Mithuna2nd " Thula3rd 't

4th "5th ' '

6th "

Kumbha 8 t'

Krtakc 7 "Vrischika 5 "Meenl 3 "

'r Mcsha t 2" Kanya 5 "" Yakara 6 "

4 ycars3 t t

- 1 0 i r

I t t

- 12 ' )- l l- 10 "

5 t t

- l l i r

l0 ycars6 ' r


l0thI l th

' r $ imha 5 "

" Dhanug 12 "

l2th ' ,

Brehme Dase (Art. 96) :

Vrichabha I I "

The Lagna is odd and hcncc the Dasa commcncesfrom Brahma Rasi and tbe ordcr of succession is dircct.The span of life contributed by cach Rasi bcginning fromDhanus is given below :-


Brahma Drsa l 3 r

- l0 yearst t t

5 ' t


Niryrne Shule Daga (Art. 98) :In Hitler's boroscope, thc Lagna being odd, tbc Dasa

starts from Lagna, viz., Thula followed by Vrischika,Dhanul, Makera.. . . . . . . . . . lnd Kanya cach contr i 'buting 9 yearr.

Vernrda Dase (Art. 95) :Lagna is odd and thc Dasa commenccs from Lagna,

viz. , Thula.Janme Legne is Thula.Varnada Lagna is Ketaka.

Counting in the dircct ordcr from Thula to Kataka, weget l0 as tbe sprn of the lst Varnede Dase. To find outtbc 2nd Vernada Dasa first we have to fix up the VarnadaLegna for the 2nd house, viz., Vrischika ar per rules givenio Articlc 23.

Thc 2nd Rasi from Lagnr=Vrischika (even).The 2nd from Hora Lagna = Mithuna (odd).

: . a 5 .b 3 .c - 2 .

Sincc the 2nd from Lagna ir an cvcn siga, the 2nd (c)from Mccna, vlz., Kumbha bccomes thc Varnada of the2nd Rasi. Now for thc span of thc 2nd Varnada Das8,count from Thula to Kumbha whicb gives 5 years. In alike manner, the duration of the rest of thc Vunada Rasishave to be found out.

155. LongcvityLongevity has to bc ascertaincd from (a) lords of

Lagna and 8th, (6) Lagna end Moon and (c) Lagna end

132 Studica in Jaimlnl Astrology

Hora Lagna. Alpayu, Madhyayu and Poornayu are revealedby a certain disposition of these six factors in movable,fixed and common signs. Wherc the three sets of factorsreveal three djfferent terms, prefer tbe one indicated byLagna and Hora Lagaa. ln such a case, if tbe Moon isin Lagna or 7tb, consider the term given by (D); otherwisegive preference to the majority indications. Accordingto another method (Art . l l l ) the longevity would beAlpa, Madhya or Poorna according as the planet (thestronger of the lords of 8th from Lagna and the 8th from7th) is in Kendra, Panapara or Apoklima. In the thirdmethod suggested in Art. ll2 the ptanet considered is thcstronger of the lords of the 8th and 2nd from Atmakaraka.By a judicious consideration of the pros and cons the termof life of an individual should be carefully fixed. A parti-cular term of life is capable of bcing replaced by a higheror shorter tcrm and conditions for such Kaksha Vriddhiand Kaksha Hrasa bave been dealt with in Art. ll4 et seq.

Example 53Find the term of life in Hitler's horoscope.

Term of Life (Art. 104)(A) The three sets to be considered for deciding

whether Hitler's horoscope falls under Poornayu, Madh-yayu or Alpayu are: (a) Sukra ( lord of Lagna and 8th),(D) Thula and Chandra (Lagna and the Moon) and (c)Thula and Vrishabha (Lagna and Hora Lagna).

Art . 83 Art . 84 Art . 85Alpa Madhya Poorna

Lord of Lagna-VenusLord of 8th-Venus X XLagna-Thula.Moona-Dhanus Alpa XLagna-ThulaHora-Vrishabha X Madhya




Loogevity Dctcrmiortion 133

The above table shows thc three ccts reveal thrcediffcrcnt terms. Hencc a3 per Articlc 108, we have to

choosc the term shown by "Lrgna and Hora Lagna",

viz., Madbyayu; in othcr words as per method "A" theterm is Middle Life.

Method B (Art . l l l )Lord of 8th from Lagna is Venus end thc 8th from

7th is owned by Mars. In this caso, the question ofthe strongcr among these two does not arise at all. Sincoboth Venus and Mars happen to be in Kendra, the tcrmof life thould be Poorna.

Method C (Art . l l2)The plancts involved are again Mars and Venus.

Thercfore thc third method confirms B.Thus wc have A indicating Madhyayu, and B and C

indicating Poornayu. Consequently, thc chart belongsto the category of Poornayu. Thc 16xf st€p in thc dcter-mination of longcvity is to scc whethcr thc term of liferevealed above is subject to any reduction or othcrwite,i,e., to Keksha Hrasa or Kaksha Vriddhi (Art. I l4).

Kahsha VriddhiBenefics in Thrikona from 7thBenefics in Thrikone from Atmakaraka

Kaksha Hrasa8th lord becomes Atmekaraka8th lord from 7th joinr AtmakerakaMelefic Rahu in Thrikona

,, from 7th from Atmakaraka


= l= l .

2 units

II 'I14 r"itt

13{ Studicr in Jaimini Astrology

Though Poornryu is sbown in thc first analysis, thefrctors for Kaksha Hrasa arc morc than those for KekrhaVriddhi; Consequently, the cbart bclongs to the cstcgoryof Madhyayu. It must be noted that there is incrcetc ofone Rasi Dasa, by the position of thc Full Moon in trineto Atmakaraka (vide Art. I l8).

157, Period of DeathDisposition of Rahu, Ketu or Saturn in thc 7th

from Lagna or Atmakaraka dctermines whcn dcrth takesplacc in thc lst, 2nd or 3rd part of the term of Ayuseerned by the native. Dcath gcnerally lreppens in Rasis(a) which arc trinc to 8th, (D) subjectcd to PapekarthariYoga, (c) having malcfics in tbo 8th and l2th, (d) in the8th and l2th Reri if thcy bavc no cspects of planets otberthan Moon and Venus, (c) in the Rasis of Rudra andMabeewara. The Rasi chosen must bc consistcnt withwith the fact of its Dasa running within the prescribedterm of Ayus.

Fintd the msraka,:;:;:t:^in o,o$oo, of Hitrcr.Lookiry into tbc possiblc Rasic capablc of kill ing the

native, wc find thc following oncs qualificd:-Art. 121 (D) Vrishabha, Kanya and Mekarr.

(f) Vrisbabhe is hemmed in bctween malcfics andhence a death-inflicting Resi.

(g) Thc 8th and l2th Rasis arc Vrishabha and Kanyarespectively. Out of thcse two, Kanya Rtsi Dasais ruled out as it falls in thc Poornayu Sectionirrespectivc of thc Dasa chosen. The other Rari,yfz., Vrishabha also gets dirquelified duc to thcaspcct of Sani on it.

Longcvity Determination 135

(h) Saturn is in the 8th from the Moon and so thereis a possibility of dcath happening one Rasiearlier.

(t) Vrischika also is qualified.

U) Mesha-due to the location of Mehesware.(ft) Mesba-due to the location of Rudra.(m)

'l 'he lords of 3, 6, 8 and 12 from Atmakaraka are

Mercury. Mers and Jupiter. Mars being strongcrtban thc other two (Art. 59) the Rasi held by himnamely Merha is qualified.

Tbus from the foregoing it will be seen that the stresson Mesha is indced very heavy followed next by Vrisba-bha. Before deciding finally Mesha as the death-inflictingRasi, we shall sce what Art. 147 has to say in the msttcr.Here the referencc is to Sula Dasa and the ThrikonaRasis from the stronger of the Lagna and the 7th are thesensitivc signs. In the present caso undoubtedly thc ?th(Mesba) is not only stronger than Lagna but strongestamong its trincs also. Evidently we should expect thenativc's death during thc Dssa period of Mesha Rasi.According to Niryane Sula Dasa, the period of lvleshaRasi commences with Hitler's 55th year and will continuetill bis 64th year.

Next we shall rec the most critical period during thcrcnine years. It ir said that tbe death can bc brought aboutin the sub-Dasa of thc strongcst of the lords of the 6th,2nd and l2th from Atmakaraka (Yenus), or the Rasi occu-picdby Rudra (Mesha) or in the minor pcriod of theNavamsa Rasi held by the lord of the 6th from MarakaRasi (Vrishabha-tbe 6th lord from Mcsha, Mcrcury ir inVrisbabha Nevamsa). So the sub-prriods of Meeba andVrishabha are highly critical and Hitler dicd in his 56thyear during the minor period of Vrishebha.

136 Studies in Astrology

158. Judging a HoroscopcThe neture of thc Karakarnsa, Navamsa andVarnada

Lagna lords dctermines the personal appearance of theperson, while his character end mind are largely revcaledby planctary dispositions from Karakamsa. Combinationsfor wealth are generally referred to Arudba Lagna and thebert combinat ion for wcalth i i an aspect or associat ionbetween the Atmakaraka and thc 2nd lord from him.

Dif ferent planets r is ing in or aspect ing Karakamraindicate one's pre'dispt-isition towards diffeie nt troublesand dangers. For instance, Karakamsa being Ariessuggcsts fear from cats and rats. \ry'hen Karakamra isSagittarius, there will be accidents from conveyairces, fallsfrom high places, etc. Mars, Rabu and Ketu in di f ferentpositions from Karakamsa indicate different diseases oneis likely to suffer from.

Educational prospects are also analysed with referenceto planetary disposit ions from Karakamsa. Upapada isen:ployed for ascertaining dctai ls about brothcrs andsisters. These are enumerated in Art ic le i32, and com-binat ions indicat ing death of brothers and sisters. Upa-pada is the starting point for knowing the affairs ofmarriage. Benefics and malefics il the 2nd and ?th fromUpapada give a clue to understand the general dispositionof the 7th house. Widowhood is caused by the disposit ionof the Sun in a Thrikona from Lagna in the Navamst, asalso by Ketu and Mars occupying thc 8th from HoraLagna. The 5tb and l l th houses from Upapada describethe framework of children. Then we bave combinationsfor childlcssness, barenncss, etc.

From the point of view of determining profession,Jaimini's method is really unique. Here is wide scope forresearch and investigation. Thc main considerations indctermining the avocations or nature of livelihood are the

floroscopc Judgmcnt

position of Karakamra andcertain houser from it,


the p lanetary d isposi t ions in

Tbe nature of death is generally rcvealcd by thc 3rdhousc from Lagna or Atmakeraka. Different planets inthe 3rd house denote death try different causcs. Goodplanets bring about a peaccful end whilc evil ones bring aviolent deatb. Art ic le i 14l and 142 refer to misce l laneouscombinat ions denot ing cbari t ies, devot ion, moksha, sym-pathy', etc.

Example 55

Find the naturc of Hitler's death.According to Jaimini , thcni: ture of one's clcath has to

be decided from the 3rd house from Lagna or from theAtmakaraka. Malcf ics in thc 3rd denote violent end andbenefics a peaceful onc. Here Rahu is in the 3rd fromAtnrakaraka and from Lagna the Moon, Jupiter andKetu, Betrvcen Atmakaraka and Lagna if we choose thestr('Dger the former apperrr to be more porverful in viewof thc fact that hc is associated with three planets lvhereasLagne is neither associatcd with nor aspected by anyplanet. So Rahu in the 3rd (poison) is the chief indicatorthough his violent nature is tempercd by the aspectr ofMoon and Jupiter.

159. Tirning EveutsAl l important cvents can be predicted by the Chara

f)asa method, rvhile for all events pertaining to deatb,Sthira and Niryana Sula Dasa may be employed withadvantage. Gcnerally, a Rasi givcs beneficial resultsduring its Dara if it is powerful and does not have maleficsdisposed on ei ther side or in the 8th and l2th. The naturcof thc results produced by a Rasi Dasa will pertain to theevents of the Bhava which it happens to represent from

t3t Studios in Jaimini Astrology

Lagna or Atmakaraka or even Karakamsa. Death offather can be prcdicted in the Dasas of Sthira Rasisaccording to Chara Dasa (Article 145) or in Sthire Rasisaccording to Niryena Sula Dasa. Similarly, with the aidof these two Dasas can be ascertained the probableperiods of death of mother, brothcrs, childrcn, etc. Eventhe native's own death can be anticipated on the basissuggested in Articlc 147.

160. YogasA powerful Raja Yoga can be said to exist when-

fanma Lagaa, Hora Lagna and Ghatika Lagna are allsimultaneously aspccted by a planet. The intensity of thcYoga is lessened if all the three are not aspected. Anumber of other Raja Yogas indicating rank, position andfame arc given. Article 141 describes Arisbta Yogas whichcompreheud a species of misfortunes ranging from dia-bolical propensities like setting fire to others' houses, toimprisonment and illegal sexual gratifications.

Before leaving Hitler's chart, it is essential that weshould look into some of the important fcatures of hishoroscope as revealed by thc Jaimini Systom. Lookinginto his personality, the Karakamsa disposition reflccts toa great €xtent his physical appcarance, mental charac-teristics, etc. Mars when associated with Karakamsa aloneis capable of produciog a good soldier. Mars-Venus con-junction in Karakamsa raiscd him from the position of asoldicr to thst of a ruler and commander. But Kctu'sprescncc in Krrakamsa is not desirable. Often thc meanscmployed will be questionable-attended with freud anddeceit. Malefics in the 3rd from lst lord and 7th lRahu)also is eaid to make one a Commander. The followingere some of the outstanding Raja Yogas which hevecontributed to his greatness and power :-

Yogag 139

Four planets in thc ?th from Janma Lagna andDrekkana Lagna, three in Navamsa Lagna and two in the7th from Navamsa Lagna. So, out of thc six factors,four havc been fulfillcd. Though technically a singleplanet alone is rcquired (vide Raja Yoga2) wc have herefour planets thus giving rise to a very powerful RajaYoga. Added to that, thc Yoga gets considerable strcngthbecause of the fact that it is generated by the same planetsviewed eithcr from Janma Lagna, Drekkana Lagna orNavamsa Lagna.

Another powerful Raja Yoga is causcd by the aspectsreceived by the Janma Lagna and Ghatika Lagna andHora Lagna from Saturn and Mars, Venus and the Moonrcrpcctivcly.

When Mars, Venus and Ketu arc in mutual aspects,a Raja Yoga is said to arise. In this chart, tbough theyarc not cxactly in mutual aspect, therc is mutual conjunc-tion.

The conjunction of Atmakaraka with thc exalted Sunis itsclf a Raja Yoga and the most noteworthy factor isthat all these Raja Yogas havc refercnce to Mesha Rasi :or in other words Mesha Rasi has become the pivot ofHitler's horoscope. The influcnccs that have been focussedthcrein are indeed strong. Over and abovo all these,Mesha has scored 437 points in Rasi Bala. And in his4lst year the Cbara Dasa of Mesha Rasi commenccd. Wehave said earlier that the Chara Dasa systcm is the favou-rite of Jaimini for timing the cvents in one's cerecr. ltruled for 12 years and it was during this period thatHitler rose to powcr and Germany undid the wrongs doncto her in thc I World War.


An Index of Technical Terms :

Adlrana Concept ionAdhana Legna Conccption AscendantAnhyaya ChaprcrAlpayu ... Short lifcAmsa Longitude, planctary-Amsa Bala Strcngth due to longitudcAmafyakaraka The lord ncxt in importance to

the pr ime lordAparavya Sinistral or ant i -c lackwiseApokl i rna 3rd, 6th, 9th and l2th signsArgala . . Agcncy. an obstruct ing or aug-

mcntlng-Argala Chakra Diagnmmatic rcprcscntation of

Arishta yoges "l;tlllt",e

combinationsArudha Thc sign which is as distant from

the lord 'as

the lord is fromthc house concerned

Arudha Legna Thc sign as apart from the lord of. Lagna ss the lord is from Lagna

Ashtottari A system of directionAtmakaraka The principlc or main lordAyurdaya Longevity

Bahya Rasi .. Thc sign rvhich is as apart fromDwara Rasi as the lattcr isfrom Ascendant

An Index of Tcchnical Tcrms l1l

Bhavas HouscsBhoga Rasi Another name for Bahya RasiBhava Lagna A certain kind of AscendantBhratru BrotherBhukt i Sub-pcr iodBrahma A dirtinction conferred on a

planet by certein horoscoPic

Brahma Dasa ^ tJ:il:'j':?",rn,o,

cventsBrahma Rasi Sign occupicd by BrahmaBudha Mercury

Chakra Dasa A mcthod of timing eventsChandra MoonChara Bala Strcngth duc to the naturc-car-

dinr l , etc. , of the sign.Chara Dasa A mcthod of dircctionChara Rasi Moveble sign

Dara Wife or husbandDarakaraka Lord or indicator of wifc or

husbandDasa Direction or period rulcd by signsDcerghayu Long lifeDeba' Ascendant or SunDhanurvidyu Sciencc of archcryDhanus Sa3it tar iusDrckkana DecanatcDrig Dasa A mcthod of timing evcntsDruk Bala Aspect strengthDurga The Principel Destructivc Cos-

mic ForceDusbta Marane Violent death


Dwara RasiDwiswabhava Rasis


GhatikaGhatika LagnaGnathiGocharaGouriGulikaGuru


Hora LagnaHora SastraHrasa

JaiminiJaghanamJanma LagnaJataka

KakshaKaksha HrasaKaksha VriddbiKalatrakarakaKanyaKarakaKarakamsa


Studies in Jaimlni Astrotogi''

'The sign under considerationCommon signs

An Aspect of Cosmic Forcevoked at the beginningevery venturc

24 minutes in timeA certain kind of AscendantRelatives and cousinsPlanetary transitsConsort of SivaA tertiary planetJupiter

A unit of time-measure equal toI hour

A certain kind of AscendantScience of Time or AstrologyReduction

A great Indian SageShanksAscendantHoroscope

A term or divisionDecrease of a term of lifefncrease of a term of lifeSignificator of wifeVirgoSignificatorThe sign occupied by thc prime

lord in NavamsaCancerQuadrant


An Indcx ofTcchnical Tcrms 143

Kendra Bala Strength due to quadrangularposition from prime lord

Kcndra Dasa A mcthod of timing cventsKetu cauda or Dragon's TailKuja MarsKumbha Aquarius

Lagna Rasi Ascendant sign'Lagnarudh a . . . see Arudha Lagna

Lakshmi Goddess of Wealth

Madhyayu Middle LifeMaharsbi .i. A great scer or sageMaheswara A special distinction conferred

on a planetMakara CapricornMandi A tertiary planetMandooka Dasa A mcthod of timing event$Mantravadi WizardManushya Jataka A Treatise on HoroscopyMaraka Death-inflictingMaraka Dasa The period of deathMaraka Rasi Death-inflicting signMatru MotherMeena PiscesMesba AriesMithra Kshcthra Friendly signMithuna GeniniMoolatrikona Strcngth due to location or rcsi-

Bala dence

Nairergika Karakas ... Natural significatorsNakshatra Dasa A method of timing GventsNavamsa Ninth dcvision of a rign


Navamsa DasaNcechaNeelakantaNiryana Shula Dasa . .NishekaNishcka Lagna


Pada I agnaPaka RasiPanaparaPapargalaParasariPeenasa RogaPitrukarakaPranapadaPrasna LagnaPremanidbiPrisbtaPurnayu

Studics in Jaimini Astrology

A method of timing eventsDcbilitationA C.ommentatorA mcthod of t iming deathConsummation of marr iageAsccndant at consummation

Odd group

Another name for Arudha LagnaAnother name for Dwara Rasi2 n d , 5 t h , 8 t h a n d I l t h s i g n sA n:alefic agencyParasara's methodNasal diseaseSignificator of fatherA cestain sensitive pointAsccndant at qucstion timeA CommentatorButtocksLong lifeSon

Caput or Dragon's HeadCombinations leading to power

and famcReddish ycl lowStrength of signsRuling period of a signReduct ion or loss of a sign'Increase or gain of a signSunA special distinction conferred

on a planet


RahuRaja Yogas

Rakta SuvarnaRasi BalaRasi DasaRasi HrasaRasi Vriddhi ...RaviRudra

Aa Iodox of Tecboical Tcrms t 1 5

Neutral s ignAn Author of a Treatise on

Prenatal AstrologyEven groupAnother narne for SivaSaturnCombinations for asceticismScven kinds of s ign-divis ionsClockwiseSix sources of strengthSix kiuds of s ign-divis ionsThe six-faced son of SivaUnits of streng,thLeoOne of the Hindu tr in i ty typi fy-

ing thc destructive aspect ofCosmos

Strength due to the presence ofone or morc planets in a sign

Fixed signNatural deathBenefic augmenting agencyVenusA method of timing eventsAphorismsOwn house

A method of timing eventsLibra

ExaltationA method of timing eventsThc sign as apart from l2th lord

as the latter is from l2th


SamapadaSambasivaSaniSanyasa YogasSapta VargasSavyaShadbalasShadvargasShanmukhaShasht iamsasSimhaSiva

Sthira Bala

Sthira RasiSubha MaranaSubhargalaSukraSula DasaSutrasSwakshetra

Thrikona DasaThula

UcchaUdu DasaUpapada

146 Studics in Jeimini Astrology

Vahana Yogas Combinations for possessingconvcyances

Varnada Dasa A mcthod of timing eventsVarnada Lagna A certain kind of AscendantVimshottari A system of directionsVishamapada . . . Odd groupVishnu The protective aspect of Hindu

TrinityVriddhi fncreaseVriddha Yavana An ancient wiiter on AstrologyVrischika ScorpioVrishabha Taurus

Yogakaraka A planct conferring power, fame,ctc.

Yogardha Dese A method of timing eventsYogas Certain planctary combinations

I Books on

by Suryanarain Raol. Stri Jataka2. Jaiminisutras3. Compendium of Astrology4. Brihat Jataka

by Dr . B . V . Ramanl. Graha and Bhava Balas2. Muhurtha or Elect ional

Astrology3. Planetary Influences on Human Affairs4. Ayurveda5. Astrology for Beginners6. Ashtakavarga System of prediction7. Prasna Marga (Vol. I)8. Prasna Marga (Vol. II)9. Ninety Years Ephcmcris of planetary

. Posit ions (1891 to 1980)10. Raman's 20 Years Ephemeris

(1981 to 2000 A.D.)ll. How to Judge a Horoscope (Vol. I)12. How to Judge a Horoscope (Vol. II)13. Notablc Horoscopes14. A Catechism of Astrology (Vol. I)15. A Catechism of Astrology (Vot. If16. Hindu Predictive Astrology




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