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Best Profitable Stocks to BuyBy Stratx Markets

Solar WindsTicker: SWIRecent price: $22.46 (close of business, october 5)Sales: $171 million (trailing 12 months)

HMS HoldingTicker: HMSYRecent price: $24.30Sales: $339 million

Ancestry.comTicker: ACOMRecent price: $24.15Sales: $354.4 million

Buffalo Wild WingsTicker: BWLDRecent price: $57.86Sales: $681.5 million

iRobot CorpTicker: IRBTRecent price: $28.24Sales: $422.6 million

IPG PhotonicsTicker: IPGPRecent price: $45.04 Sales: $402.7 million

OPNET TechnologiesTicker: OPNTRecent price: $37.70Sales: $157.1 million

BJ's RestaurantsTicker: BJRIRecent price: $44.61Sales: $559.4 million

TEAMTicker: TISIRecent price: $24.47Sales: $544.6 million

DG (formerly known as DG FastChannel)Ticker: DGITRecent price: $17.68Sales: $256.3 million

Emergent BiosolutionsTicker: EBSRecent price: $16.98Sales: $283.9 million

HawkinsTicker: HWKNRecent price: $32.90Sales: $311.6 million

Exlservice HoldingsTicker: EXLSRecent price: $23.08Sales: $295.6 million

HealthStreamTicker: HSTM Recent price: $12.68Sales: $73.8 million

Interactive Intelligence GroupTicker: ININRecent price: $29.15Sales: $192.2 million