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Usability Keynote for NextStep 2013

Transcript of Steve Krug Keynote at OutSystems NextStep

  • Steve Krug


    Just one more thing you

    dont have time for?

  • First, help me calibrate

    Show of hands

    Who has read Dont Make Me Think?

    2001 Steve Krug

  • Times have changed

    2001 Steve Krug







    1995 2000 2005 2010 2015

    Number of times per month you heard the words user experience or UX or usability

  • Think back

    Was Create great user experiences a bullet item in the job ad you answered?

    Nowadays everybody trolls for unicorns Developers who can do UI design Designers who can code

    2001 Steve Krug

  • Its now a job expectation because

    Your boss read a book

    2001 Steve Krug

  • 2001 Steve Krug

  • 2001 Steve Krug

    Sir Jonathan "Jony" Ive

    Senior Vice President of

    Industrial Design at Apple

  • Meanwhile

    2001 Steve Krug









    1995 2000 2005 2010 2015

    Number of hours officially added to your work-month to spend on creating improved user experience

  • Of course

    You could do it in your abundant spare time

    And in the gaps when your projects get finished ahead of schedule

    Its no wonder were obsessed with time management

    2001 Steve Krug

  • The good news

    OutSystems has done a lot to help

    Im not easily impressed, but I like what theyve done

    Im not going to spoil Paulos fun

    2001 Steve Krug

  • But there will still be problems

    Anything built by people to be used by people will have usability issues

    Always a variety of users, tasks

    People will always do things youd NEVER expect

    Inherent nature of programming (no time, design by committee, shifting priorities, constraints)

    Its just plain hard to get design right

  • More good news

    Theres one thing you can do that will produce the greatest improvement in UX

    2001 Steve Krug

  • What is a usability test?

    Watching people try to use what you create

    while thinking out loud

    2001 Steve Krug

  • Do-it-yourself usability testing

    Almost anyone can do it I couldnt write an application But you can do a valuable usability test

    It doesnt have to take a lot of time or effort

    It always makes UX better

    2001 Steve Krug

  • What Id like to do today

    Try to convince you

    that usability testing is the most valuable thing you can do to ensure that what youre building is as good as it can be

    that its much easier than you think

    and that you can--and should--be doing it yourself

    2001 Steve Krug

  • First, a live demonstration

    2001 Steve Krug

  • 2001 Steve Krug

    A brave volunteer?

    Well try an actual test Its painless Its brief Youll get a round of applause when were done

    Qualifying criteria: Have used a Web browser English-speaking adult A developer

    Havent used Forge to share a component

  • Your task

    Youve created a component that lets you display a Google Map for a location in an application.

    Use Forge to share the component.

    Its in an OutSystems Solution Pack file named GoogleMap.osp.

    You created an icon for the component. Its in GoogleMapIcon.png.

    2001 Steve Krug

  • What I heard for years

    Staggered sprints, leapfrogging, laying out track

    Round peg in a square hole, not convincing, assumes dedicated UX person who protoypes well

    UX person is required to create prototypes ahead of developers

    Better: Test work in progress

    Give feedback while most useful 2001 Steve Krug

  • 2001 Steve Krug Carol Smith, Agile 2011

  • 2001 Steve Krug

  • Its a lot like therapy

    2001 Steve Krug

  • I believe anyone can do it

    ...if they keep it simple enough

    2001 Steve Krug

  • Most sites dont get tested



    Lack of management buy-in

    2001 Steve Krug

  • Traditional usability testing


    Experienced professional

    8 users, minimum

    Big honkin report

    Weeks of work, usually by an outsider

    $5k - $10k

    Happens rarely

    Team not always convinced

    2001 Steve Krug

  • 2001 Steve Krug

    Do-it-yourself usability testing

    Three users per round Youll find more problems than you can fix

    No lab or mirrors Set up a monitor in another room so the

    development team can watch

    Record with a screen recorder (Camtasia, Silverlight, etc.)

  • 2001 Steve Krug

    Do-it-yourself usability testing

    No stats, no exit questions, no faux validity

    No big report Debrief over lunch Report is a 1-2 page email, mostly bullet


  • 1. Start early

    2001 Steve Krug

  • 2001 Steve Krug

    Start earlier than you think makes sense.

  • Incorrect thinking

    2001 Steve Krug


  • Correct thinking

    2001 Steve Krug


  • You can test

    Your existing app if redesigning

    Competitors sites or apps

    A sketch on a napkin


    Prototypes (e.g. Balsamic, Axure)


    Portions that have been built

    Alpha, beta, etc.

    2001 Steve Krug

  • 2. Test on a regular schedule

    2001 Steve Krug

  • 2001 Steve Krug

    A morning a month, thats all we ask.

  • 2001 Steve Krug

  • 3. Test frequently, with few users

    2001 Steve Krug

  • 4. Focus on fixing the serious problems

    2001 Steve Krug

  • 2001 Steve Krug

    Focus ruthlessly on a small number of the most important problems.

  • 2001 Steve Krug

    Problems you

    can find with

    just a few test



    you have the

    resources to fix

  • Result:

    The most serious problems often dont get fixed

    Well fix that in the next major redesign

    2001 Steve Krug

  • 2001 Steve Krug

  • Details! We want details!

    Join me tomorrow at 2

    2001 Steve Krug

  • 2001 Steve Krug

  • 2001 Steve Krug

  • 2001 Steve Krug

  • 2001 Steve Krug

  • 2001 Steve Krug

    Thanks for all the fish

    Send any questions, feedback, gripes to

    or @skrug on the Twitter

    And come visit

  • 2013 Steve Krug