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Fall issue of the San Luis Obispo community newsletter.

Transcript of SLO Merchant


    The San Luis Obispo Collection held its

    2nd annual Cork Couture luau-style on Saturday September 13th, infusing the

    Court Street Terrace with an ambience

    of the Hawaiian islands. Our whole

    communityfriends, family, cohorts and

    croniesraised their glasses, savored

    nibbles and swayed to the music of local

    favorites Fialta. Walking the bamboo

    carpet while eager paparazzi snapped

    photos, the ladies wore flowers in their

    hair, and the gents rocked fedoras and

    aloha-print shirts. The terrace glittered

    under swags of fairy lights and bright

    swaths of sailcloth. Best of all, the event

    raised awareness and funds in support of

    one of SLO Collections favorite causes,

    Big Brother Big Sisters of SLO County.

    Hope to see you at next years fte!

    ALSO IN THIS ISSUE:World-class office space in the heart of

    downtown San Luis Obispo


    VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3 FALL, 2014

  • 2805 COLLECTIVE AND THE CANA FAMILYHow a few college friends set their sights on creating their dream office space in downtown San Luis ObispoTen years ago a few college buddies got together and dreamed of finding a way to continue living in San

    Luis Obispo while they grew their creative enterprises.

    They rented out a warehouse on South Higuera and got busy creating art: Graphic Design, Video Production, Painting, Photography, Coding, Woodworking, Music, and Web Design. As their businesses805 Collective and The Cana Familygrew, the friends set their sights on a studio more centrally located in the city they loved. Soon enough, they found the perfect downtown space, and they tricked it out with art sourced from local artists and unique design elements, like desks re-purposed from old upright pianos. 805 Collective focuses

    primarily on Web Development and Design and works

    with all kinds of commercial clients, from Fortune 500

    corporations to local companies. The Cana Family keeps a busy international schedule with both commercial and lifestyle filmmaking. They also compose and record all

    the soundtracks to their films. Both firms embody the

    easy-going spirit of San Luis Obispo, focusing on the

    important things. (The Cana Family currently holds claim

    to best facial hair in the office.) Their unofficial slogan

    is Every hour is happy hour. They invite you to drop by

    their new office and verify this!

    The San Luis Obispo Collection brings together world class shopping, the citys finest restaurants, upscale retail, museums and theater. San Luis Obispo, named the Happiest City in America, is the cultural hub of the Central Coast, which embodies the California lifestyle and offers locals and visitors alike historic architecture, sweeping vineyards, pristine beaches, charming beach towns and mountain ranges, and is home to Cal Poly University. In this issue of SLO Merchant, we highlight two groups of entrepreneurs who are both bringing their unique flavor and style to the SLO community.

    SLO OFFICEKnown for its best-in-class shopping and dining, the San Luis

    Obispo Collection also features top-shelf office space.

  • 3INTRODUCING JAMIE BARLETT AND POLYPAYWoman-owned and San Luis Obispo-based, PolyPaythe brainchild of entrepreneur Jamie Barlettrecently relocated to Court Street.Michigan to Saint Louis to Boston to Los Angeles to San Francisco and finallySan Luis Obispo. Ultimately, Jamie Barlett found the best, like so many other business owners here.

    Jamie is the President and CEO of PolyPay, a merchant processing business that began late last year and established its official roots at

    999 Monterey Street in the spring of this year.

    PolyPay is an Independent Sales Organization

    (ISO), wholly owned by Jamie and is one of

    only a handful of women-owned ISOs in the

    United States. As an ISO, PolyPay can provide

    competitive pricing, merchant support and

    customized payment processing solutions.

    The Merchant Processing business was a natural fit for Jamie as she has a credit card

    services heritage in her background. Her

    previous fifteen years of business experience

    with a major consulting firm, plus high

    tech companies both in Silicon Valley and

    Southern California pointed her toward

    serving merchants in a hands-on manner with

    service at its core. Jamie has always enjoyed working with data and data analysis and along with the inherent knowledge of the credit card industry, PolyPay has emerged both as a service and a passion. Merchants can be

    assured that their businesses receive hands-

    on attention with representatives of PolyPay

    dedicated to their success: solving issues, answering queries and keeping merchants updated with the latest technologya true

    imperative in 2014.

    Jamies family had moved to San Luis Obispo

    in 1999 and her visits after her undergraduate

    years continued to draw her back to the area. When she felt she was totally equipped to offer the services of a company centered on

    serving merchants with every possible tool

    for their success, San Luis Obispo was the

    perfect location.

    All PolyPay employees are Cal Poly graduates

    and each is trained, as was Jamies goal when she started PolyPay, to dedicate personal attention and service to their clients. PolyPay has also made a commitment to support community services here and continues

    to seek out ways to make PolyPay service-

    oriented to customers and citizens.

  • Abercrombie &

    The Apple

    Balis Yogurt805-594-1172


    Barnes and


    California Pizza

    Cal Poly

    Chinos Rock &

    Ian Saude


    Moondoggies Surf

    The Movie

    Open Air




    Powells Sweet



    SloCo Pasty

    Solstice Sunglass

    Splash Cafe Seafood &




    White House Black

    LEASING INFORMATION:Therese [email protected]

    S A N L U I S O B I S P O C R E E K



    EN S




    O S







    O S






    S ST


    S ST

    M A R S H S T M A R S H S T

    M O N T E R E Y S T

    H I G U E R A S T H I G U E R A S T

    To Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

    Mission San LuisObispo De Tolosa




    Ian Saude Gallery

    Sunglass Hut

    The Apple Store

    Barnes And Noble

    Cal Poly Downtown

    Abercrombie & Fitch

    Banana Republic

    Salon Lux-Aveda

    Open Air FlowersPottery Barn

    White House Black Market

    Powells Sweet Shoppe

    The Movie Experience

    Balis Yogurt

    Chinos Rock & Tacos

    California Pizza Kitchen Jamba Juice

    Palazzo Giuseppe

    Pizza Solo

    Splash Caf Seafood & GrillStarbucks

    Sals Paradise

    Moondoggies Surf Shop

    Urban Outfitters

    Victorias Secret

    SloCo Pasty Co.

    Bulls Tavern


    Solstice SunglassesExpress

    Shoe Palace