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Skyfall opening scene analyses

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The very first scene in the opening sequence shows a man falling, this automatically gives the audience enigma and makes them question what is happening and why. As he is falling the camera pans out of a high angle shot, this allows the audience to see that the man is venerable and gives them feelings towards him. During the whole opening sequence a peaceful, slow but dramatic song is played, this makes the audiences mood change as the volume starts quiet then gets louder then quiet again. The whole beginning sequence is underwater and very blue, this gives a mysterious feeling for the audience.

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The scene of a man falling fades out into a black blank screen, this alerts the audience as they wonder what has happened to him and if he is still alive.

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the long shot of the male character being held by the foot by a giant hand and being dragged down suggests a lot towards the audience about how insignificant and venerable the character is and makes them feel feelings towards him. In the original clip there is a faint skull being created, this gives the audience an idea about the theme of the film and that it is not happy.

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Cardboard cut-outs of the character appear from far away underwater all somehow broken in one form or another, one has a bullet shot in the shoulder with blood leaking from it, this gives the audience an idea that the film contains violence and death, the camera is still with everything moving towards it, this gives the audience an effect where they feel that the character is coming towards them like he's begging for help, again showing the characters vulnerability.

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As the camera moves along the sea bed knifes and guns fall onto the floor and behind lots of gravestones are revealed, this shows that death is a big theme in the film.