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Essential Questions:

1. According to Declaration of Independence why did the colonies have the right to rebel?

2. What irony exists in the Declaration of Independence?

3. What roles did various groups of Americans play in the fight for independence?

4. What are the principles of American democracy?

5. How did leadership influence the creation of the new nation?

6. What is the nature of revolution and patriotism?

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Do Now: What was the most significant event leading the colonies into rebellion? What was the first tax levied by the British Parliament?

Objective: Over the next two weeks we are going to analyze the American Revolution.

What do you know and what do you want to know about the American Revolution?

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During the Second Continental Congress delegates sent King George the Olive Branch Petition and asked him to repeal the Intolerable Acts. Congress also set up a Continental Army and appointed George Washington as the commander. King George responded by sending 20,000 troops to the colonies to crush the revolt.

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Benedict Arnold, Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys captured Fort Ticonderoga without firing a shot.

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Opposing Sides in the 13 Colonies



No side

1/3 Loyalist

1/3 Patriot

1/3 no side

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Patriots – Continental Army British Soldiers

Fighting for their homesMany were comfortable with a rifle

Most experienced and best trainedWell armed and paidUse of mercenaries and Native Americans

Untrained and UndisciplinedPoorly paid and suppliedMany unwilling to enlist

3,000 miles from home

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In June of 1775 Captain Prescott and the militia fought the Battle of Bunker Hill. Washington then received cannonsfrom Ticonderoga forcing the British to flee to Canada.

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Who was the hero of Ticonderoga?

Why did the Continental Congress choose George Washington?

What was the last attempt by the Continental Congress at peace? Why did King George dismiss it?

What was the first major battle of the American Revolution. Who do you think won?

Do you think you would have been a loyalist, patriot or neutral if you were living in revolutionary America?

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January 1776- Thomas Painepublishes “Common Sense” urging independence.

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Thomas Jefferson authored The Declaration of Independence and the Continental Congress adopted it on July 4th 1776.

Preamble – Introduction (We have stuff to say)

Natural Rights: (We have rights too)

British Wrongs: (Britain messed up)

Independence: (We are free)

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How did Common Sense motivate the colonists?

Have any other pamphlets, books, movies etc motivated people like this since the American Revolution?

What was said in the Declaration of Independence?

Why was ironic about the Declaration of Independence?

Would you have signed the Declaration of Independence? (Why)

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Washington loses the Battle of Long Island and escapes to Morristown NJ to camp for the winter.

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From New Jersey Washington won the battle of Trenton by attacking Hessian mercenaries on Christmas evening of 1776.

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British General John Burgoyne’s plan called for capturing Albany to control the Hudson. Burgoyne lost to the Continental Army at the Battle of Saratoga.

Command decisions: The battle of Saratoga

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Benjamin Franklin was dispatched to France to seek aid from Louis XVI. France provided money, guns, and naval support. Baron Von Steuben of Prussia drilled the troops at Valley Forge while Marquis de Lafayette advised Washington.

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What should the Battle of Long Island really be called?

Was Washington a good leader?

What are the qualities of a good leader? In the modern world who would you say shows the qualities.

How did Washington win the Battle of Trenton? Why was it so important?

Was Saratoga a turning point in the war? (Why)

Why was Franklin’s work in France so important to the Revolutionary cause?

Why would Louis XVI be reluctant to support the rebel cause?

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Many women cared for farms and businesses while others cared for the wounded, washed and cooked for the army. Famously Betsy Ross sewed flags while “Molly Pitcher” carried water to soldiers and fought when her husband was wounded in the battle of Monmouth.

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Britain offered freedom to slaves that fought for them. Washington had to allow African Americans to serve. Many were motivated by the notion of “all men are created equal.”

Pbs website

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Fearing expansion from the colonists many Native Americans including Joseph Brant and the Iroquois sided with the British. Spain entered the war with the colonists in 1779.

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The powerful British navy dominated the seas during the Revolution. September 1779 saw the greatest American sea victory saw Captain John Paul Jones captured the Serapis and brought the war to Britain’s door.

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Captain John Paul Jones

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Thousands of battles and skirmishes were fought in New Jersey. The Continental Army spent 3 of 4 winters during the revolution camped in Morristown.

Mutiny in New Jersey?

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What roles did women play in the American Revolution?

How does this compare to women today? Are there any restrictions on women’s rights today?

What roles did African Americans play in the revolution? Why was George Washington reluctant to allow African Americans to participate?

Was John Paul Jones a hero or a murdering pirate? Why?

How was NJ important in the American Revolution?

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In 1778 Henry Clinton brought his armies to the south capturing Charleston. Clinton hoped for loyalist support. Fierce fighting took place between patriot and loyalist militia in the back country.

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Francis Marion “the swamp fox” led a small band of militia that employed guerilla tactics to harass the British.

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General Morgan was victorious at the battle of Cowpens by deceiving the British. Morgan combined his men with General Greene at the battle of Guilford Courthouse.

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Battle of Cowpens

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While commanding West Point Benedict Arnold turned traitor and agreed to deliver West Point for the British. Now a British officer, Arnold captured and burned Richmond Virginia. Spy letters

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Oath of allegiance: Benedict Arnold

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British General Cornwallis retreated his troops to the Yorktown peninsula. Washington, Lafayette, Rochambeau and the combined French – Continental army trapped Cornwallis. French war ships under admiral De Grasse surrounded them from the bay. On October 19th 1781 Cornwallis surrendered.

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The Treaty of Paris of 1783 Britain recognized the United States as a sovereign nation with borders reaching form the Atlantic to the Mississippi and north to the Great Lakes.

“Its all over”-Lord North

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Geography: “The home field advantage”

Foreign Help: France, Spain and the Netherlands

Guerilla Tactics:

Excellence in Leadership

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How was fighting in the South different from fighting in the North?

What was General Burguoyne’s plan? How would you describe Francis Marion?

Hero…Terrorist? Why do you think Benedict Arnold betrayed the

Revolution? Is there anything that would cause you to betray your country?

How was Washington able to win the war at Yorktown?

What was the most important event of the American Revolution?

Why did the colonists win the Revolution? Other than Washington who was the best leader of

the American Revolution? Is the American Revolution similar or different to any

modern uprisings around the world? How?