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Transcript of Ska Vision Presentation Eng2010 Bg Market April

  • 1. Ska Vision Your Cost-effective Partner 24/7 April 2010

2. Why the bamboo?

  • The bamboo has many facets, which successfully complement to each other. It is fast-growing grass, but with woody stems. It is flexible, but strong. Bamboo is a symbol of longevity and friendship in some cultures.
  • It is not expensive and could be used for a great variety of purposes.
  • All in all bamboo is friendly and versatile, durable and non-expensive, just the same way we are.

3. Contents

  • Who we are and what we believe?
  • Brief history
  • Main activities and services
  • Why to work with us?
  • What benefits do we offer?
  • Companys structure
  • Contacts

4. Who we are and what we believe?

  • SKA Visionis a marketing and communications agency;
  • It employs a team of marketing, advertising and PR experts;
  • We see our role as your assistants in creation of vital brands. Brands that successfully manage to attract and hold customers attention and loyalty;
  • We are confident, that one skillfully built brand on many occasions makes the only difference between the companys success and failure.


  • SKA Vision was set up in 1999 with lots of passion, will and enthusiasm. Its founder put into practice all he had learned while working for the Bulgarian office of prominent advertising agency and well-known world brands. His desire was the new agency to combine internationally recognized full-service advertising agency standards with more flexibility and promptness;
  • This proved to be a good strategy and soon clients realized agencys potential and it started working on some BTL projects for brands like Danone, Kraft and Carlsberg;
  • In the following years agencys healthy attitude towards problems added new clients and new services to companys portfolio. The team grew up and experienced in creation of strong brands through long-term communication campaigns, consistent graphic conceptions and modern corporate identity development;
  • We successfully worked on and completed various communication projects for companies and brands like UniCredit Group, Bata, Nivea, Mars, Gillette and many others.

Brief history 6. Main activities

  • Branding;
  • Graphic design and desktop publishing;
  • WEB design, programming and maintenance;
  • Printing
  • Production - Custom and Hand-made
  • Photo shooting and processing

7. Branding

  • Brand architecture;
  • Positioning and re-positioning;
  • Brand communications management;
  • Naming and verbal branding

We start any brands communication process by deciding what of the brand essence (rational and/or emotional benefits, character, promise) to stress on and which way it should be communicated.You have the opportunity to receive an external opinion of specialists with huge experience in dealing with different brands, from different industries. 8. Graphic design

  • Logo and other corporate identity materials;
  • Business presentations, annual reports, trade catalogues;
  • Posters, flyers, others;
  • Packages
  • Restaurant and hotel consumables
  • Visuals for print media;
  • Visuals for outdoor and transport advertising

The agency offers customized graphic design solutions for a broad range of printed materials.We will plan, develop, and deliver any size project from small one-off logos, business cards, and brochures to comprehensive branding & identity packages. 9. Graphic design Examples- Logo This Batas brand originated from India and Hawaii, but became truly popular in Africa. Last year the brand was re-positioned from mainly-on-the-beach used flip-flops to a lifestyle product, which could be used while site seeing, shopping, lounging etc. This re-positioning reflected in the new logo and packaging, which had to encompass brands African popularity with the new global targets. 10. Graphic design Examples- Logo Fiberlan is a small, but flexible Internet provider in Sofia. The quality of their services mainly depends on the fiber cables they use. Its logo should represent at one and the same time the technological, but warm, young and friendly character of the brand. 11. Graphic design Examples- Logo Bulgarian company a retailer of joinery and other specialized and qualitative building materials Italian pargets, paints, terracotta, other. 12. Graphic design Examples- Logo Alu-plast was the second biggest Bulgarian joinery producer and retailer. The new companys logo had to replace an obsolete one, and to suggest a modern view and friendly outlook of company trying to reach the first spot into the category. 13. Graphic design- Examples Pons Holding calendar and trade catalogue. 14. Graphic design- Examples NLB bank Annual report 15. Graphic design- Examples Address real estates - calendar 16. Graphic design- Examples UniCredit Bulbank Product presentation 17. Graphic design- Examples UniCredit Group posters and leaflets 18. Graphic design Examples- Packaging Marie Claire shoebox, shoe tag and inlay tissue paper 19. Graphic design Examples- Packaging Margarine 20. Graphic design Examples- Packaging Bebelan company selling babies products 21. Graphic design- Examples Comfit poster and media visual Sundrops poster and media visual 22. Graphic design- Examples Address (estates) fair stand 23. Graphic design- Examples Alu-plast fair stand 24. Graphic design- Examples Patapata standers 25. Graphic design- Examples Alu-plast transport advertising 26. Graphic design- Examples Alu-plast shop branding 27. Desktop publishing

  • Companys brochure, catalogues and other documents;
  • Books; Company Newspapers and newsletters;
  • Replication - implementation of your idea for different advertising vehicles. We would find some appropriate creative solutions for you to choose from and then we would DTP the right one;
  • Brand manual development, including text translation, artwork generation and/or appropriate amendments;
  • Vector and raster graphics editing, rendering, 3-D modeling;
  • Text setting, editing and modifying.

You have an Idea . its even visualized by your design team. We could put the final touches and DTP in various electronic formats and on different platforms, prepress and print.At the end of the process you would receive your document prepared in the desired format:pdf, tiff, eps, or whatever else format you need along with the working files. 28. Web sites design, programming and maintenance

  • Web design and multimedia - When we design graphics and multimedia, we design them to visually communicate your ideas to your customers, employees and suppliers. Among our multimedia services you will find tools to help you add new dimensions to your website and your business. Our graphics & multimedia services include interface design, image editing, photography, Flash, 2D and 3D animation, 3D rendering, sound production, video production, corporate presentations, banner design and other online advertisement designs;

To turn Internet into competitive advantage you need professional web site, which in addition to showcase your products and services, give you credibility and bolster a trust-based relationship between you and your customers.We see the opportunity to create a masterpiece in every project - from online marketing campaigns, through corporate websites and fully interactivepresentations and complex website solutions. 29. Web sites design, programming and maintenance

  • WEB development - All of the websites we build are designed to work in multiple browsers at different screen resolutions and sizes. Websites can be based on entirely HTML platform or hybrid HTML & Flash structures, backed by a PHP or .NET based Content Management System;
  • Web maintenance - Whether we build your website, or you have already had one, we can help you maintain it. By keeping your site up-to-date you will keep your customers coming back;
  • It doesn't matter how your website was built, our team can work on it. We undertake all kinds of website maintenance and technical support work including application maintenance, upgrading, troubleshooting and testing, as well as graphic updates, interface redesign, content updates, and additions.

30. Web sites design, programming and maintenance - Examples a site presentingBatas charity iniatives - showcase website for haute couture designer Nevena 31. Web sites design, programming and maintenance - Examples micro site with an interactive table-football game. - promotional micro site with online shop for Heineken | Krups Beertender in Bulgaria 32. Web sites design, programming and maintenance- Examples - interactive online shop for German Snowboarding company - award winning website for photographer and cameraman Martinesss 33. Web sites design, programming and maintenance- Examples - promotional website for a dance club - apartment and villa renting 34. Printing

  • Company advertising materials like: