Sing a chant . T : Hello, how are you? P : I’m fine. Thank you

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Sing a chant . T : Hello, how are you? P : I’m fine. Thank you. Thursday, the twentieth of December. Урок англійської мови у 6 класі. Тема: « Round the calendar » ( Гортаючи календар ). ARE YOU READY ? — Are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready to begin? — Not quite, not quite. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Sing a chant . T : Hello, how are you? P : I’m fine. Thank you


Sing a chant.

T: Hello, how are you? P: Im fine. Thank you.

6 : Round the calendar ( )Thursday, the twentieth of December


Are you ready?Are you ready?Are you ready to begin? Not quite, not quite.Just a minute, just a minuteI ll be ready in a minute,In a minute we ll begin.

Weather forecastNew Yorkcool+5Londoncool+8Hadiachcold- 15

StorytellingHolidays and Their Symbols

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Say if it is true or falseThere are public and religious holidays.The symbols of the birthday are cake and pumpkin with cut eyes and mouthThe symbol of New Year is a stockingWe give presents on the birthdayA roast turkey is the symbol of Thanksgiving Day in AmericaBeautifully coloured eggs are the symbol of Christmas.People like holidays because they are a great fun and a chance to meet relatives and friends and have a good time with them. Summer flowers are usually in the pictures which we prepare for Mothers Day.TrueTrueTrueTruefalsefalsefalsefalse7

Grammar mixComplete the sentencesYou cant do this, ____________? Yes, I ____________.He is going to do it, ___________? Yes, ____________.Kate will wear a new costume, _____________? No, _____________.It is snowing now, ______________? No, _____________.Mary wasnt in time, ____________? Yes, __________.My parents have lived there since 2003, ____________? Yes, _____________.Tom was training, ___________? No, ___________.Children didnt go to school yesterday, __________? Yes, _________.

Hot Warm Beautiful Good Wet Wonderful

hotterthe hottest warmerthe warmestmore beautifulthe most beautifulbetter the bestwetterthe wettestmore wonderfulthe most wonderful

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Sing a songHometaskTo make up a Christmas greeting card.

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