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  • 1.SharePoint Apps model overview new challenges, new architecture 23/04/2014 V1.0

2. Competitive forces We want to pay only for what we need! We want you to be quicker than wind! We want the better quality for us! We want it cheap! We want to control what we are doing with our environments We want to develop the easiest way 2 3. Competitive forces QUICK ACCESS to SPECIFIC NEED SCALABILITY and STABILITY 3 4. The answer? Cloud model with multi-tenants Control what is running on each environment Microsoft cloud platform Major platforms in the Microsoft ecosystem available online Owned and operated by Microsoft Microsoft is a major competitor and goes quickly 4 5. The answer? Easier upgrade Multi-hosts capability Better integration Multi-devices SharePoint not required locally for dev purposes 5 6. App for SharePoint Defined "There's an App for that" Popular catch phrase that demonstrates the popularity of App Stores Like an App on a phone, Apps for SharePoint provide functionality that extends SharePoint Installed on a specific SharePoint Web but always runs somewhere other than SharePoint Rectangle thru which users interact with functionality 6 7. Technologies used for the apps HTML (5) CSS JavaScript No SharePoint server-side code! Need some server-code? It must be hosted outside 7 8. App Shapes for SharePoint 8 9. Chrome Control Present the navigation header of the Host Web in a block element on the App page Register the SharePoint ChromeControl JavaScript using a