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1. fluent inenergy SHAREPOINT APPS 101 RON COURVILLE ENTRANCE SOFTWARE 2. fluent inenergy About Me LSU alumnus Working with custom SharePoint development since 2009 With Entrance Software since 2012 3. fluent inenergy Delivers functionality and/or UI to the host environment Web page + App manifest (XML) = App Apps for Office and SharePoint 2013 Deployable from the app store public or private On prem or O365 Utilizes web standard technologies like HTML5, XML, CSS3, JavaScript, and REST APIs Can be built in any web dev tools What is an app? 4. fluent inenergy Example app 5. fluent inenergy Example app 6. fluent inenergy Know WHY you are deploying custom code Out of the box Pros More affordable Faster rollout Pre-tested by Microsoft Cons Functionality restricted to existing toolset Limited control of presentation Does not support large scale applications Custom code Pros Complete control of functionality Can support large scale applications Allows more complex design Can avoid speed and data limit restrictions Control over presentation Cons Costly Delays rollout Additional complexity (ie. risk of new bugs) Upgrade compatibility not guaranteed 7. fluent inenergy Flashback to 2010 custom solutions Sandbox or Farm solution Sandbox is deprecated in 2013 Share farm resources Developers could implement dangerous methods allowunsafeupdates = true $list.EnableThrottling = $false Unlikely/expensive support in Office 365 Limited to SharePoint backend for hosting 8. fluent inenergy Why host outside of SharePoint? No memory leaks in the farm Degrade performance Difficult to track, and can take down the whole farm Dedicated and isolated app resources Separation of concerns Support large scale applications > 5000 rows Faster read/write access App data readily accessible by other LOB Can re-use outside of SharePoint 9. fluent inenergy App shapes Immersive - Full page App part - Iframe Custom actions custom menu How apps are surfaced onto SharePoint 10. fluent inenergy Framework of the SharePoint App App Web, App Domain http://app- Host Web Iframe 11. fluent inenergy Cross Domain Challenges Same Origin Policy Prevents a script or application from making a connection to any web server other than the one the web page originally came from 12. fluent inenergy Solving the cross-domain challenge OAUTH server side Cross-domain JS library client side 13. fluent inenergy Types of Apps SharePoint Hosted Hosted on the farm in app web, accessible in the (isolated) app domain Client side technologies only CSOM + JSOM + REST API Can implement most common SharePoint tools Lists Workflows Content Types People picker controls Remote event receiver * Uses privileges of signed in user Easiest to roll out Rough equivalent: "Site template deployable from the app marketplace" Cross domain challenges do not make this a viable alternative to most Site Template use cases 14. fluent inenergy Types of Apps Provider Hosted Hosted on independent, external server Independent web application Can use any architecture Can be developed in any web language(s) Most freedom of control; more technically challenging to implement 15. fluent inenergy Example - Provider hosted app with app part 16. fluent inenergy Types of Apps Auto Hosted Provider hosted + MS framework for faster builds Deprecated 17. fluent inenergy Additional Concerns SharePoint and app must be configured for https App part resizing Reading parameters from URL in the app Solution: "App Controller" Web Part 18. fluent inenergy App vs farm solution round up App SharePoint, Provider, or Azure hosted Can be hosted externally, rolled up to app web Safer Architectural freedom Enterprise and O365 ready Complex setup and coding for cross domain access Clunky UI handling Custom solution Sandbox or Farm solution More risky Limited to SharePoint architecture Not supported by O365, often not enterprise supported Easier to develop No iframe; more fluid UI 19. fluent inenergy Whats next? Office 365 API? 20. fluent inenergy Summary Stay OOTB if possible Provider hosted app > SharePoint hosted app App > Farm solution First evaluate the ROI App: Less risk, better performance, more specialized deployment process Development and deployment processes will likely become more streamlined 21. fluent in energy Questions?