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My life - my rules. I am Sergey Smirnov. This short story is about me. For what? To be able to connect to the people with the same attitude to life: today is the best day of my life. And the next one will be the same. My contacts: [email protected]

Transcript of Sergey smirnov life story english version

  • Sergey Smirnov An entrepreneur, A fruitful growth teacher A writer Minsk, Belarus Moscow, Russia [email protected] "Life are not problems, but are opportunities"
  • This is my wife Kristina, We have already been together for 18 years. She is a leading artist-designer in a big Russian Publishing House, And Tribal Fusion dancer. "Everyone has a wife, what he needs"
  • Co-founder of Smart Ltd: In our on-line workshop a customer is able to create personalized photo-picture on a framed canvas from the images of letters we have found in 12 countries around the world. This is a new product in the Russian market of exclusive gifts and Interior items. The facts of my life: an entrepreneur
  • Education: technician-mechanic, philologist, teacher of Russian language and literature, a marketer, a specialist in strategic marketing communications, TV host The facts of my life: education and business Before I have become an entrepreneur I was a marketing department head in Belarusian hypermarket, key client group head in Moscow advertising agency, Daewoo Electronics Moscow and CIS representative marketing department head and I had held others key marketing positions in Belarusian and Russian companies.
  • I am the author of the book Three principles of joyful life. Secrets of great teachers ". Published in the United States. The author website: The author of aphorisms published in the social networks. I have wrote a lot of advertising articles published on the website of the company "Smart: The facts of my life: a writer
  • The facts of my life: the competitions winner I am a winner of the exchange program for business professionals Community Connections", organized by the United States Agency for international development. I was an intern in Baltimore full service advertising agency. Had took a short course of marketing at the University of Maryland, the US I gave the lecture about the life in Belarus for American high school students. I was interviewed by "The Sun newspaper.
  • I am a winner of the contest Synchronized swimming" in the project "Gold spring", which was organized by Russian television channel ORT How it was: The facts of my life: the competitions winner
  • I danced in Minsk modern dance theater "Teleos. I was a soloist at the folk dance ensemble "Kryaok of Belarusian State University. I founded, produced and took part as a dancer in variety dance group "Minsk" in Bulgaria. Participated in daily television dance workout on Belarusian national TV. The facts of my life: a dancer How it was:
  • The facts of my life: a sportsman I am a champion of the Belarusian Council in field- and-track decathlon. I have 2nd degree black belt of Hng gia quyn School (this martial art is based on two animal styles: tiger and crane, but the main part is exercises of Noi- Kong (hard qigong)). I have also studied such kinds of sports as boxing, kickboxing, martial judo, swimming.
  • The facts of my life: : a soldier I am a guard sergeant major of the Soviet army. Deputy platoon commander in reserve. I was rewarded: with Excellence in military and political training breastplate, With 1st class specialist.(in the concrete military specialty) breastplate, With 1st degree warrior-sportsman. breastplate.
  • The facts of my life : an entertainment initiator I organized and hosted numerous corporate events. I love to sing. I participated in a creative contest for entering students to the Opera faculty of the Belarusian State Conservatory. I like to play the guitar.
  • I have twenty years experience in the field of self- development and realization of joyful and fruitful life. The facts of my life : a fruitful growth teacher Participated in the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius de Loyola, Spanish catholic saint of 16 century, the founder of the Jesuit order. I took part in dynamic meditation of OSHO, Indian spiritual mystic of the 20 century. I am practicing the exercises of Qigong, yoga, meditation. Studying Runic system of signs and bio- energetics.
  • It was the brief history of some significant facts of my life. There are not much of them, but I am proud what I did and doing at present time. And I intend to start new joyful and fruitful doings that are awaiting me right after the final slide. After all, life that is what you are doing! Life it is not what you think about it