Scrunch time - Chris Dyson Mind-bending metal works â€کtrappeD’ Mirror€90by...

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Transcript of Scrunch time - Chris Dyson Mind-bending metal works â€کtrappeD’ Mirror€90by...

  • writer: laura hawkins

    M o

    d e

    l: e

    e rs

    e a

    t B

    o d

    y l

    o n

    d o


    Customisation is key this season, and

    issey Miyake has put a unique twist on

    the trend with a womenswear collection,

    the shape of which can be moulded at

    will. the collection, which includes

    undulating dresses and sculptural sun

    hats, is formed from ‘Dough Dough’

    fabric, conceived by creative director

    Yoshiyuki Miyamae, who was inspired by

    the process of kneading bread. we’ll be

    getting into shape this spring, twisting

    and crumpling these pieces into a range

    of new silhouettes.

    Scrunch time sculptable fabric adds spring to our wardrobe

    PhotograPhY: oskar ProCtor

    fashion: lune kuiPers

    Dress, £2,130, BY isseY MiYake

    PhotograPheD at

    Chris DYson arChiteCts’

    alBion works in haCkneY,

    lonDon, see Page 073

    for stoCkists throughout,

    see Page 216

    ∑ 069

    The sharpest trends, trailblazers and sartorial triumphs

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  • writer: rosa bertoli

    Folded metal is having its moment in the sun.

    Designers Kim Colin and sam Hecht, founders of

    industrial Facility, have collaborated with new brand

    Fucina on a furniture collection featuring thin, flat

    panels arranged in graphic compositions. applying the

    technique to smaller objects, swiss designer laetitia

    de allegri used discreet folded elements throughout

    her ‘secant’ collection of containers for london’s

    ace Hotel, while Josep Vila Capdevila’s ‘trapped’ mirror

    for aparentment serves both as a decorative and a

    functional object. originally designed for an exhibition

    exploring joints, leon ransmeier’s chair offers a softer

    approach to the fold, with multiple curves intersecting

    to create the sleek seat, combining aluminium and

    carbon fibre in its composition. it’s a design device

    that delivers clean lines and maximum impact.

    Into the fold Mind-bending metal works

    ‘trappeD’ Mirror, €90, by

    Josep Vila CapDeVila, For

    aparentMent. ‘piatto’ siDe

    table, £2,625, by inDustrial

    FaCility, For FuCina,

    FroM twentytwentyone.

    ‘Carbon tilt’ CHair, $10,000,

    by leon ransMeier. ’seCant’

    Container, prototype,

    by laetitia De allegri


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  • writers: emma moore, ellie stathaki

    Steep show we’re raising our spirits to new heights

    the fashion for aromatising your own alcohol can be

    credited to two prevailing trends. the one that wants

    none of your fake flavours, chemical contaminations

    or superfluous sweetenings, and therefore insists all

    enhancement processes be done in the home; and

    the one that has us imbuing drinks with the flavour

    heft of a five-course meal. to accommodate the trend,

    the domestic design arena is gaining a new product.

    kicked off by martin kastner of Crucial Design, who

    designed his ‘Porthole’ vessel for Chicago’s the aviary

    bar, alcohol infusers are proliferating, including the

    ‘alkemista’ by Californian brand ethan + ashe and

    the spinning ‘incanter’ carafe by sempli. whether it’s

    to macerate some moringa or permeate your pick-

    me-up with parmesan or meadow hay, we now have

    increasingly stylish ways to transform our tipples.

    ‘inCanter’ Carafe, $65,

    by Daniele ‘Danne’

    semeraro, for semPli

    at albion works, Ceilings

    were Cast against

    sanDblasteD Douglas fir,

    giving a rough, wooD-

    textureD aPPearanCe. in

    Contrast, walls were Cast

    against PhenoliC PlywooD,

    giving a smooth, almost

    PolisheD aPPearanCe

    work houses

    our shoot location is in the east london

    borough of hackney, where creative hubs

    nestle among derelict warehouses and growing

    residential neighbourhoods. Conceived by

    Chris Dyson architects for a private owner,

    the structure – a disused victorian cabinet-

    making workshop – now houses five

    contemporary, loft-style residences on the top

    three floors and studio space on the ground

    level. the development offers minimalist living

    and all mod cons, at the same time referencing

    its industrial origins through materials, shapes

    and treatments, resulting in a richly textured

    whole. inside, Dyson’s attention to detail, from

    the bespoke fittings to the specially made

    concrete ceilings, cast using sandblasted

    Douglas fir, celebrates the site’s heritage. ‘this

    project is simultaneously contemporary and

    rooted in the 19th century,’ says the architect.

    ‘the new elevations present a palimpsest of

    the past with their recessed blind windows,

    while generously proportioned Crittall

    windows frame long views across the gardens.’ See more at ∏


    ∑ 073

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  • writer: laura hawkins

    Big league Bottega Veneta turns up the volume this season

    Bottega Veneta’s new creative director Daniel lee

    has been thinking big. the former director of

    ready-to-wear design at Celine, under Phoebe Philo,

    has designed two bags for the italian brand, and

    our favourite comes in Xl proportions. lee drew

    from Bottega Veneta’s renowned skill for intrecciato

    technique, which sees strips of leather woven into

    accessories, like its signature ‘Cabat’ tote. it takes

    two days by hand to entwine the leather into this

    hyperbolic take on the style, proof that time does

    indeed work wonders.

    Bag, £6,825, By

    Bottega Veneta

    ‘weaVe’ CaBinet, sek51,680

    (€5,042), By lukas Dahlén,

    for ringViDe



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  • writer: rosa bertoli

    Quilt by

    association Unique, handmade covers inspired by art, architecture, aunts, allies and apparel

    Friends for more than three decades,

    annabelle Harty and sheelagh boyce

    recently joined forces on a creative

    project inspired by their mutual love for

    art and architecture. last year, the pair

    launched arrange whatever Pieces

    Come Your way to make handcrafted

    quilts that reference architecture by

    le Corbusier and Carlo scarpa, scenic

    vistas and more conceptual images,

    using materials they gather from family

    and friends. For their two latest quilts,

    QUilt 9, £12,000; QUilt 10,

    £10,000, botH bY sHeelagH

    boYCe and annabelle

    HartY, For arrange

    wHateVer PieCes CoMe

    YoUr waY

    the duo referenced a staircase in a house

    in italy designed by architects act

    romegialli, made using old Comme des

    garçons and brooks brothers shirts

    previously owned by artist Martin boyce

    and chef Fergus Henderson; and oscar

    niemeyer’s Communist Party HQ in Paris

    recreated using clothes from issey

    Miyake’s Plantation collection, belonging

    to Harty’s mother. so why not take a

    quilt trip down memory lane?



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  • writer: emma moore

    ‘Faaborg’ chair, £2,910, by

    Kaare Klint; ‘Society’ table,

    £5,442, by arne JacobSen,

    both For carl hanSen &

    SØn, From SKandium.

    balance box, £50, by PhiliPPe

    malouin, For umbra

    ShiFt. ’gloo’ roller taPe

    glue, ¥310 ($3), by nendo,

    For KoKuyo. imitation

    Squirrel-hair Sword

    StriPerS, From £16, by

    da Vinci; oil PaintS, £3 each,

    all From JacKSon’S art

    SuPPlieS. retouch PaStel

    PencilS and cubeS, £38, by

    caran d’ache. treStle

    bowl, Price on requeSt,

    by Zoë mowat. handmade

    beSPoKe PaPerS, £8 For

    an a4 Sheet, by mandy

    brannan. ‘colorS:

    retooling crayonS’, £34,

    by Keetra dean dixon, From

    PreSent & correct. ‘gloo’

    taPe diSPenSer, ¥1,600 ($15),

    by nendo, For KoKuyo.

    comPuter Keyboard

    bruSheS, £13 each, by

    geoFFrey FiSher. throwing

    toolS, PrototyPeS,

    by chriStoPher riggio

    leave it to nendo to revolutionise the childhood

    joy of gluing. why have a round glue stick when

    you can have a square one with a tip that glides

    seamlessly into corners. the designer’s new range

    of glue products, designed for Japanese stationer

    Kokuyo, addresses all manner of adhesive

    conundrums, from wandering cap to single hand

    use. there’s a