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  • 1. Screen Grabsin edit story sequence from Film Teaser Trailer with Text and directors comments by johnv1

2. Wipe acrosssignifies the startand like uncovering of text ,similar to computer text be typed or revealed left to right and it impacts the name into audience head so that itstay there like a enigma growing . 3. Wipe acrossreveals and plants name of film in head. Use of silence and white noise(small background fizz to add to atmosphere so thing is about to begin. Over black backgroundis biggest hint that this horror themed trailer. Use of white and red fonts is other clue to audience . 4. Introduce the wide shot of a dark creepy night time scene. Set the shots of dark creepy street similar to Halloween .the longs shot reveal whole street to introduce trailer. 5. A side profile shot showing mis en scene of young teenager on computer looking at screen. Slight jerky camera movementwas going to be reshot ,but lack of time meant it could not be redone easily. 6. A graphic website shot from actual live website to introduce and leave sense of evil website .The use of red and white colour with black gives sense of danger. 7. Big close-upof face with detail in the eye and looking at unknown website. 8. Over the shoulder shot of Tom hearing noises and investigating with video camera rolling. 9. Cutaway shot to show graveyard where body of Susan is buried. This shows detail of grave stones and flowers symbolising death and peace. Narration tells of Susan death and I felt distressed having to show scene of young student being killed on screen so I used the cemetery( local Croydon /mitcham Cemetery )to show that she is buried here. 10. Big close-upof face with detail face looking from below .spin gives viewer a uneasy feel. This represents the madness that tom is going through. Use of unconvential and traditional film making hence challenging conventions of traditional horror films. Modern horror films like Blair witch and paranormal Activity. 11. Big close-upof face a low angle mid close up to show intense fear on face. Remember some of this was shot by myself using camera. I am firm believer that camera should always be on tripod and movements should be done to enhance scenes, butsometimesyou break to rules to experiment and I think it was worth it. 12. Big close-upof face with detail in the eye and looking at unknown website. Almost dream like quality ,slow close of eyes. Death is on it way and the close show the fear exaggerated to the viewer .This young lady is aimed at the target audiencealthough the lead may be seen as a male character. I could have used final girl theory by using a female lead ,but trying to find a female teacher with time availableafter school could have been a issue. 13. Mid shot showing aface with detail in the eye and looking at something in the dark. Use of blue and white light gives ghost like appearance to audience. 14. Fireworks are to symbolise that it is nearly Guy Fawkes night and the loud noise is to disorient the viewers. With the dark sky and the bright flashes of hope and fear. 15. More scenes of fire works exploding. The use of loud bangs excite and sharpen the audience atmosphere. 16. Tom going up the stairs with camera. The mis en scene with the tinsel on stairs is to show time passed after Halloween murder and during Christmas the increase in strange happenings in house after viewing website. Due to comment about the tinsel I given more information that for mis en scene tinsel puthere being close to Christmas after November. Reality was I shot some scenes during Christmas holiday and did not think about setting . 17. Big close-upof face shows toms fear and dis- orientation and as the camera spins around. Challenging the usual tripod still shots. 18. long shot establishesmis en scene in a bedroom ,switching the light on and getting ready to filmthe eerier noises outside. 19. Tom walks up the stairs to loft to check the strange noises upstairs and this time has his camera to record the event that unfold. 20. Mid close-upof face with detail in the face looking down at something and definitely scared. The uses of a close up shows detail on face. The red light adds to terror through the use of lighting and facial expression is not happy. 21. The audience looking at the do not enter message from unknownmurderous website. 22. Shot of spin and the sense of unwell looking round adds to horrorthemes with great use of camera angles. 23. Big close-upof keyboard ,obviously the young girls hand typing looking at unknown website. 24. 25. Midshows face of Tim the head of departmentlooking threatening as he hints that is a evil website. 26. Vising graveyard was a great ideaMids shot of face with detail in the eye and looking at unknown website. I had shot scenes inside church but due to time factor I regret not using those scenes. 27. Big close-upof face with detail in face of real terror. This ghost was a apparition a good strange warp filter was added on here using premiere cs3 under filter additions. 28. Big close-upof face going mad as and sitting on bed to represent the sense of giving up all and loft where noise get unbearable. Filter added using premiere cs3 and this meansspecial effectsadds to strange mad sense. 29. Seeing the ghostly apparition to show evil is here and it is creepy . 30. On bed ,is he pushed or is he dead . 31. Cutting back to chase and most of all the fear in face . 32. Fireworks definitely show the scary night tine 33. Dutch slanted low and tom looks scared. 34. This girls loses keyboard and mouse and shows frustration of entering website .. 35. Frustrated ,stares at TV screen.. 36. 37. Wide shot showing night-timewith sound effects added to give sense of whatis madness. 38. Big close-upof facewith swirl filter added to make the ghost look scary. 39. Face of boy, may be reference with the death. 40. Firework with loud sounds 41. Audience POV long shot showing the noises he is hearing in bed. 42. Audience POV long shot showing the noises he is hearing in bed. 43. long shot showing the noises and fireworks being intercut to show madness in Tom head. 44. long shot showing the noises and fireworks being intercut to show madness in Tom head. 45. Ghost like shot of lady standing looking horrified. See the use of bright light to symbolise angelic ghost or see white light when you about die . 46. Wide shot of cemetery walking wards camera ,shows depth in scene and empty behind but tom looked scared. The enigma of what is behind corner. 47. See the detail of stress as tom is now getting more scared . 48. Scene where the Head of Department meet tom to find out whyhe wasting time with website . 49. We see head enter the room looking serious ,the body language tells us something could be wrong. 50. Text of repeated over the cemetery shots to death awaits all who enter the website .Film is marketed heavily using viral techniques using the website to give more info about film to audience. 51. The choice of red and white fonts symbolise danger ,death and adds to enigma. 52. Scene back to office where the head talks about tom recent actions. Watch body language carefully. 53. Head sits down and talks to tom. 54. A dark sinister shot showing tom in house with little lights , great use of shadows and lights and body language shows tom is hearing something. We empathise with tom going mad. 55. Tom Covers ears and goes upstairs into unknown loft to investigate. 56. We see the camera with himshot .This mis en scene prop was used to give shots similar to Blair witch project and paranormal Activity. 57. Big close-upof face with detail Blood on face. This is use of graphic gore ,violence which pays homage to some horror films. Looking at audience for help shot. 58. Big close-upof face with detail in the blood down face. 59. Big close-upofface/throat being cut. This is explicit ,but I want to give the sense to audience ,is he being killed, is it a dream from his madness. The text of another website used for marketing. Using new technology with horror was part of my aims. 60. Side profile low angle shot of cemetery and lead Tom. 61. Big close-upof feet toward camera .Low angle and sinister type. 62. Running with the camera and overlay graphics of main website. 63. The real http url ,I created for to enhance and further make it believable and give sense of converging technologies .I do believe films now use internet to help with marketing the movies to different target audiences more easily. It is easy to setup WebPages to direct young audience to certain less violent pages and the more mature audience to the strong graphics content and both different target audiencemay see the same movie thinking they have something they wanted from the film. I found issues with free website to upload and learn how to use their online creation tools especially with schools blocking policy system ,so I had to create two just in case one was not working. 64. Big close-upof hand on wind chime and harsh sound effects as it is loud. This was further enhanced by increasing the loudness to ensure it make audience jump. 65. Big close-upHand on wind chime. Not a brilliant well lit scene ,but I wanted a loud bang for audience to jump and had this in the house and used it. 66. White ash pictures is independent production company and link with paramount means they will push my film. This create a synergy between two companies and with help of main distributor paramount will go promoted in more cinemas or Through DVD and ITunes . The reference of when this film will be released is key to Horror Teaser trailer for me.