Scaling the Content Audit: ConfabMN 2014

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How to scale content audits to map your ecosystem. Methods for quantitative, qualitative, and competitive analysis. This is intended as an introduction and work of inspiration, if you have questions about details involved in research please contact me via Twitter at @meaningmeasure. Let's get a lot of people to help provide answers that benefit all of us :)

Transcript of Scaling the Content Audit: ConfabMN 2014

Scaling the Content Audit: Methods for Exploring Your Content Ecosystem Misty Weaver | #ConfabMN JS Bracher Misty Weaver JS Bracher Misty DAWN Weaver JS racher JS Bracher @content_insight | @meaningmeasure #ConfabMN #ConAudit #Chunkthatblob Content audits are a tool and a process for making informed decisions in strategy and design Murray Thompson Your range Methods for Exploring M. Lounsbery Ecosystem Content Is Alive Eckhard Jakob Content Audiences InfluencersCompetition Business Content Ecosystem Whats Your Context? JS Bracher 3 Dimensions of Scale drbob we MEASURE Ronnieb we SIZE Jeltovski we CONQUER JS Bracher So Why arent we doing a content audit? Because why ARE we doing a content audit? Match scale with context Have a destination orientation Before you start Why before what. What before how. [email protected]_the_IA What you need to know How much time do you have? How much money? How many people? Can those people stare at spreadsheets for days? Pain Really, before you start 1. Quantitative Inventory Content without an inventory is like a library without a catalog Content inventory: map your assets Know where you are and see where youre going Refresh Redesign Migration Care and Feeding Find quick fixes Orphans Duplicates URL structures Basic Hierarchy Missing data Scale it Robots are our friends Can an intern do it? Can an intern do it?What does intern mean to you? Level up with a technical audit Mightyohm Audits help you improve what you have and how you will improve everything to come Content models, page tables, templates, checklist and editorial calendars Scale it Earl53 Can an intern do it? Be very clear about what you want to collect and catalog and WHY Social Social Audits: From dead to connect Create pathways, build relationships JS Bracher Scale it Jeltovski Can an intern do it? Make sure they understand the platforms, evaluative needs, and outcomes. You are not alone Competitive & Comparative Audits FidlerJan When do you need a competitive audit? Mind the Gap Benchmarks Differentiators Audience Insights Potential Partners Scale it Can an intern do it? 3. Qualitative Audit Define quality Business Goals Audience Needs and Tasks Systems and Constraints You CAN do too much calls to action, links, duplicate content, headings, subheadings, titles, captions, consistent use of terms, publish date, author, event date, location, price, sequence or series, speaker or teacher, image metadata, use of Keywords, jargon, overall readability, scroll length, break points, load time accessibility, seo, shareability Can a person complete a task based on content provided? Is the content, function accurate? We all have journeys JS Bracher We all have tasks Amanda L. Goodman @godaisies It is so scalable JS Bracher Can an intern do it? Then so can you! Call it an audit THAN DO A CONTENT AUDIT Time for a reframe Your mountain is waiting Thank you, Ive been @meaningmeasure Ready to Audit Resources Sample Course Syllabus strategy-syllabus/#reads Kevin P Nichols Inventory and Audit template How to Conduct a Content Audit by Donna Maurer Content Knowledge is Power by Sara Wachter-Boettcher power/ Content Insight: The Qualitative Audit articles/qualitative-content-audit/ Building the Mother of All Content Inventories by Sue Davis content-inventories/