Saving Sadie: A Dog’s Miraculous Journey after an Act of Animal Cruelty

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Sadie was shot in the head and back after having puppies and was left for dead. Joal adopted her and is working with three veterinarians to get Sadie to walk again. #mystartupstory

Transcript of Saving Sadie: A Dog’s Miraculous Journey after an Act of Animal Cruelty

  • The Rehabilitation of Sadie: A Dogs Miraculous Journey after an Act of Animal Cruelty
  • Who is Sadie?
  • I am Sadie
  • Who is Joal? My mom, Joal, found me at a no-kill shelter in Wisconsin. She fell in love and scooped me up and took me to many doctors. Most of them gave me a grim prognosis, I was urinary and fecally incontinent and paralyzed and mom was advised to do the kind thing. But ,Doc Jodie at the Animal Doctor said that we should give me a second chance. Joal, Jessica & Sadie
  • Who is Joal?
  • Our Story I had the bullet removed from between my eyes. The bullet and shrapnel in my back are too deeply embedded to remove.
  • Therapy After recuperating from surgery, I started rehabilitation and daily therapy.
  • Therapy Swimming
  • Therapy Balance
  • Therapy Laser
  • Therapy E-Stim
  • Therapy Walkin Wheels
  • Therapy Treadmill
  • Therapy Power Plate & Peanut Ball
  • Therapy Hot House
  • Therapy Aqua Treadmill
  • Therapy Air Splints
  • Therapy HAKO MED
  • Therapy Swimming Acupuncture
  • Sadie Supporters
  • Dont Stop Believin
  • Kindness The Sadie Story is so much more than just the rehabilitation of a dog who was shot. The person or persons who shot her have no idea of what that cruel act set into motion. The kindness of people worldwide is truly pure love for a dog who deserves a second chance at life.
  • Appreciation We can all relate to being hurt either physically or mentally. Life truly is not fair and sometimes the ones we love and care about the most disappoint us. We will never know what Sadie was thinking when she was being led up to the mountain in Kentucky, but, with no lasting effects of remembering what happened to her, we can all learn from Sadie how to appreciate our daily blessings to forgive, forget and move on with the life that we have left.
  • Acceptance Accept that we are all different and that we all have something wrong with us, whether others can see it or not. Sadie has accepted her limitations. She shows children and adults alike that despite our limitations, there is a full life ahead of us. Grab life with all of the gusto that you can, just like Sadie does.
  • Update I am no longer urinary or fecally incontinent! My treatments are ongoing and prognosis is unknown although I continue to make progress every day. I am very happy, and healthy. I dont remember the past. I have family and friends who love me and I enjoy making new friends.
  • Progress
  • Friend, Follow, Love