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These slides are about review of novel The Notebook which is available in movie also. I have added a new title for that novel as well. this was a project of our course Basics Of Academic Writing.

Transcript of Review on The Notebook novel/Movie

  • 1. GROUP MEMBERSUroosa Manzoor Rafia Zameer

2. THE NOTEBOOK BY NICHOLAS SPARKS 3. About The Author Internationally bestselling American Author 15 published novels 5 have been turned into Films including THE NOTEBOOK Translated into more than thirty languages. Include Christianity, Love Tragedy and Fate in his Novel. 4. Based on a true story 5. NOAH CALHOUNALLIE NELSON 6. ALLIE comes from afamilyLon Hamilton 7. Lon Hamilton is caught inof true love of Allie and Noah 8. Will Allie leave Lon for Noah???? The judgment is up to the readers.. 9. THE NOTEBOOK This story affirms love marriage. It is a worth Reading Novel.Topic depicts content of the novel It shows lifelong commitment among lovers. There are few swear words used in the novel to express true love. There is a depiction of love so strong, so enduring and so everlasting. 10. To be read by anyone under 17 or 18 year 11. Conversely, This Novel is opposite of what God has planned for a before marriage relationship. This is a story about a girl who cheats on her fianc. This gives a terrible message to young girls. The idea of saving love for marriage was lost in the novel. Also the way the two young lovers reacted to each other in their anger. All the pushing, and slapping was shown as a normal and expected way for people in love to act. 12. Story gives immoral message of premarital relationship.such relationships are completely covered in a void of emptiness. The Story was lacking accountability, parental guidance and prayers to the God. The power of love is highly selfish and motivated towards fulfilling the desires of one another. It portrays a message that wrong is right and right is nonexistent. 13. TitleDELIGHTFUL DISTRACTIONS 14. References:* *