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Refurbished Apple Products By: Taylor Weyer

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Refurbished Apple ProductsBy: Taylor Weyer

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Executive Summary

• The iPhone, by Apple, is a telephone with internet capabilities such as e-mail, a web browser, Facebook, and any other internet applications. The IPhone is

also capable of picture messaging and text messaging. It has a camera, calendar, calculator, alarm clock, music store, an MP3 player, and a game

center. The iPhone has its own built in stores, Itunes and the App store, which are used to buy applications for the phone and music or movies. The phone makes it easy for business people or students who are on the go, to access

their work or school work on their phones with ease. It also makes communicating easier because not only is it a mini computer, but it is also a

phone and you are able to call and text friends or coworkers. One of the competitive advantages the iPhone has is that it is made by Apple. Apple is a well known business that is known for its innovative ideas and great quality products. The iPhone is well known and has the most up to date technology

that other phones don’t have.

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Mission Statement

We want to provide great customer service to our customers. We want to provide refurbished Apple Products

at a great price with free shipping as well.

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Operational Plan

• I will price my item at a lower price then what it is sold for at an Apple store. It is typically sold in the Apple store for $499.99. I want to place it on my website for $299.99, whereas I would only buy it for $150-$200. Shipping will be free and I will give a free charger and headphones if they buy more than one Apple product. Shipping insurance will be optional for $15.00, but it will be recommended for every consumer’s best interest. I arrived at my pricing decision by seeing what the highest and lowest prices are set at and decided that I wanted to set mine at the higher end because I knew that people would buy it because it was a well known item and brand. I knew that it was in high demand across the nation.

• I hope to accomplish a bigger target market and to prove to everyone that the iPhone has more to offer than any other smart phone in the world. The iPhone makes life easier on the consumer by having the all in one package. I will list my product under electronics and phones because it is a cell phone, but also can be used as an IPod or an alarm clock. The generations that are interested in this phone will know how to locate the phone on EBay. My target customer is a wide range of people from the ages of 13-65 years old. The IPhone is also sold at any Apple store, Department stores, phone stores, vending machines and electronic stores. The internet is a great place to get the IPhone. I would use UPS as my means of shipping and I would give customers a way of being able to ship their product either standard, expedited or overnight shipping. That way I could adhere to every consumers needs.

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Critical Risks

• I might not make enough money off of the phones to continue my business.

• I might not be able to get enough refurbished phones to run my business.

• I might not be able to advertise as well at first as I will be able to in the future so at first I could fail due to not having enough money.

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