RDM tools and tips

RDM tools and tips Sarah Jones Digital Curation Centre www.dcc.ac.uk


A presentation given to researchers in the Business School at the University of Northampton on 20th February 2013.

Transcript of RDM tools and tips

  • 1. RDM tools and tips Sarah Jones Digital Curation Centre www.dcc.ac.uk

2. Todays TalkWill provide pointers to Guidance resources Training RDM tools Good practice Specific support at Northampton 3. An introductory guide UK Data Archive, Managing and Sharing Data: best practice for researchers (May 2011) http://www.data- archive.ac.uk/media/2894/ managingsharing.pdf 4. The UKDA guide includes: Sample consent forms to reuse A table of recommended file formats Models and tools for version control Best practice on storing and transferring data securely Guidance on costing data management Practical case studies on each topic A data management checklist 5. UKDA training materialsEach section contains: introductory powerpoint(s) presenters guide - where necessary exercises and introduction to exercises quizzes answershttp://data-archive.ac.uk/create-manage/training-resources 6. An online training course University of Edinburgh, Research Data MANTRA (August 2011) http://datalib.edina.ac.uk/ mantra 7. MANTRA includes: Best practice guidance Videos of researchers Quizzes & exercises Software practicals 8. MANTRA software practicals SPSS module R module ArcGIS module NVivo moduleExample coverage Introduction Preparing your Qualitative data for use in NVivo 9 Managing your data when working in Nvivo 9 Managing your data at the end of your project 9. DCC How to guidesShort, practical guides on various topics:How to develop a data management and sharing planwww.dcc.ac.uk/resources/how-guides/develop-data-planHow to select and appraise research data:www.dcc.ac.uk/resources/how-guides/appraise-select-research-dataHow to licence research datawww.dcc.ac.uk/resources/how-guides/license-research-dataHow to cite datasets and link to publicationswww.dcc.ac.uk/resources/how-guides/cite-datasets 10. Disciplinary metadata catalogueA catalogue of disciplinary metadatastandards, explaining what they are, whos usingthem and how to use themhttp://www.dcc.ac.uk/resources/metadata-standards 11. DCC tools catalogueA catalogue of RDM tools for different audiences.Tools for researchers focus on datahandling, managing workflows, citation andimpact. http://www.dcc.ac.uk/resources/external/tools-services 12. DataUp is an open source tool to help youdocument, manage, and archive your tabulardata. It integrates with Microsoft Excel. DataUp will Check your spreadsheet for best practices Help you to create metadata Get credit for your work via identifiers Ease data sharing and archivinghttp://dataup.cdlib.org 13. ...a web-based tool to help researchers write DataManagement Plans according to different funderrequirementsWere currently enhancing it with practicalexamples, boilerplate text and tailored supporthttps://dmponline.dcc.ac.uk 14. How DMP Online works Create a plan based onrelevantfunder / institutionaltemplates......and thenanswer the questions using the guidanceprovided 15. Tailored guidance We can also work with you to develop guidelines and examplesfor your department / research groupWe are currently working with a researcher in Centre forChildren and Youth (CCY) and have developed a crib sheet withguidance and examples based on his data management plan.These examples can be fed into the DMP Online toolExampleHow will you back-up the data during the projects lifetime?All data will be stored on a secure server at the University of Northampton. Thisserver is provided free-of-charge for University staff and is systematically backedup on a daily basis according to institutional policy. 16. Data Centres & Repositories Check out what data centres are available Reuse existing data where possible Link to data from your publications A repository to showcase research at Northampton List of data centreshttp://nectar.northampton.ac.uk http://databib.org 17. Northampton RDM policy Adopt the RCUK code of good practice Write and follow a Data Management Plan Make data accessible wherever possible Deposit in a repository for preservation www.northampton.ac.uk/info/20283/academic-research/1606/research-data-policy 18. UoN storage and backup adviceIT strongly recommend that you store and backup your files to the University network Personal areas (R: drive) Shared departmental areasFile servers are backed up automatically by ITservices 19. Accessing data remotely Fileway Fileway lets you access your data from anywhere using a web browser and Novell login. https://fileway.northampton.ac.uk/Fileway iFolder This service synchronises the same folders across several computers, so you can work online or offline.www.northampton.ac.uk/info/20273/it-and-technical/335/storing-your-work 20. New research data store trial The University is rolling out TUNDRA 2 open content management system to store, manage and preserve files facility to share internally and externally Well trial using this for research data storage Let us know if youd like to be involved! 21. Advice and supportCheck out the new Research Support Hub!Its a one-stop-shop for researchers to come for the latestresearch news, forthcoming events and research supportThe Hub is a combined initiative from the GraduateSchool, the Research and Strategic Bidding Office andLibrary and Learning Services at the Universityhttp://researchsupporthub.northampton.ac.uk 22. Advice from SAS staffMiggie PicktonResearch Support [email protected] Phil Oakman Records Manager [email protected] 23. Thanks - any questions?For DCC guidance, tools and case studies see: www.dcc.ac.uk/resourcesFollow us on twitter @digitalcuration and #ukdcc