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My very brief presentation from the RECTEC conference held in Sydney November 2011

Transcript of Sourcing Tools & Tips

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Emerging Tools & InnovationFind. Evaluate. Integrate

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Support your goals

Support your sourcing strategy

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First thing first: What’s the goal?

Finding and attracting & engaging candidates

Find new tools by reading blogs, following people on Twitter, connecting at conferences

This could also include technology news eg TechCrunch

Set up RSS

Think outside the square

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Remember your goals

Does it save you time?

This may not be immediately obvious

Does it give you access to new pools of talent?

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Again with the goals

Work any new tools into your overall strategy

Test. Review. Iterate

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All the shiny things...

Search Engines

Social Aggregators


Social Tools

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Search Engine: Blekko

Features: Slashtags, No Spam, Human/Tech Mix

Try using /people

Use a keywords then /findslashtags

Create your own Slashtags

Get RSS for your results

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Quick Tip: Profile Images

Try using reverse image search on a profile pic

Use Google Images & TinEye to do these searches

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Social Aggregators

Get information from a variety of sources

Best when you have a name and are building a profile or cross referencing

Pull information from a large range of social sites so you don’t have to check each one individually

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kgbpeople & Webmii

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You might be losing time on tasks that can be automated

Most basic searches can be automated in some way

Google CSE & Blekko Slashtags are both examples of automation

There are a lot of programs that support you in automating; you may already have access to one

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Automation: OutWit

OutWit is essentially a web scraper, it collects information from websites

With some configuration you can tell it to ‘scrape’ a website and pull down specific information then export in a variety of formats e.g. Excel

Pro: Free/Low cost solution

Con: Configuration can be complicated

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OutWit Hub