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Rameswara Group Enterprise

Corporate Profile



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About Us

K olkata – The Capital City of State of West Bengal is one of the significant metropolises of India

and a substantial business hub. Ever since the late eighties, the city has been restoring itself to modernity and re-instating corporate interests especially for Healthcare, Banking, Insurance and Services sectors.

Along the same timeline - Rameswara Group Enterprise, with interests in the Packaging Industry began pioneering Real Estate Developments in the city of Kolkata. Since the past 25 years the corporation built to its credit several Hi-End Landmarks dotting the prime areas of the city.

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Through our committed team of Management, Technical, and Commercial Executives, we make sure all our projects deliver immense value in terms of both lifestyle and capital appreciation.


The value proposition of our projects has continually been the combination of three distinct features –

Best of Location

Best of Design

Best of Detailing


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Project Name Location in Kolkata City, India Type Built up area


Status ( Year Completed/ Ongoing/


Sale Value as at Year of Completion (in Million


Group Company

Rameswara Apartments 19-A,Sarat Bose Road. Residential 120,000 1986 1.28 Khetawat Properties Ltd

British Deputy High Commis-

sion Ho Chi Minh Sarani Mixed Use 24,000 1996 0.43 Indus Developer Pvt. Ltd.

Devadwar 34, Ballygunge Circular Road. Residential 130,000 2000 5.34 Great Western Developers

Metro Tower Ho Chi Minh Sarani Mixed Use 240,000 2000 8.55 East End Towers Pvt. Ltd.

Garden Apartments 2/10, Sarat Bose Road. Residential 90,000 2001 1.39 Rameswara Developer Pvt.Ltd.

Rameswara Niket 38-B,Elgin Road Residential 27,000 2001 0.43 Rameswara Leasing Pvt. Ltd

Tolly Gardens 4, Moore Avenue Residential 80,000 2002 2.14 Swaika Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Hi - Tech Chambers 84/1B,Topsia Road Commercial 40,000 2004 1.71 Khetawat Towers Pvt. Ltd.

Identity 38- B,Gariahat Road. Residential 80,000 2004 2.35 Rameswara Developers Pvt.Ltd

The Residence 22/1, Ballygunge Circular

Road Residential 60,000 2004 3.21 Great Western Developers

Gestener Factory Salt Lake Industrial N.A. 2005 0.43 Rameswara Developers Pvt.Ltd

Metro Heights 114, Dr.Lal Mohan

Bhattacharya Road Residential 165,000 2006 5.34 Rameswara Developers Pvt.Ltd

Sunflower Garden 74, Topsia Road (South) Residential 285,000 2006 5.34 East End Developers Pvt Ltd

South City Prince Anwarshah Road. Mixed Use 3,490,000 2008 256.41 South City Projects (Kolkata) Ltd

South City Pinnacle IT Park Sector V Salt Lake Commercial 375,000 2009 27.78 South City Projects (Kolkata) Ltd

South City Gardens BL Saha Road Residential 850,000 2010 63.57 South City Projects (Kolkata) Ltd

South City Bel Air Alipore Park Place Residential 187,000 2010 32.05 South City Projects (Kolkata) Ltd

Rameswara Mansion 10/4A, Elgin Road Residential 130,000 Ongoing 34.19 Khetawat Properties Ltd

Residential Basina Mouza, Rajarhat Residential 350,000 Planned 15.17 Khetawat Towers Pvt Ltd

Residential 1/20A, CIT Scheme-

VII,Ultadanga Residential 275,000 Planned 42.74 Rameswara Developers Pvt Ltd

Residential 12, Tangra Lane Residential N.A. Planned 40.38 Rubicon Builders LLP

Wesman 54B/1 Tiljala Road Commercial 40,000 Planned 6.84 Great Western Developers

Rameswara Group Enterprise has completed construction of over 6 Million Sq. Ft. area comprising landmark developments, with a number of projects in the pipeline.

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Among Kolkata’s Most Prestigious High Rise Buildings, one of the earliest of its kind located on the Posh Corridor of Sarat Bose Road in South Kolkata.

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British Deputy

High Commission


A Hallmark Development and Kolkata’s First Modern Consular Office Space located off the Historic Chowringee Corridor of Central Kolkata

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A Multiple HIG Highrise Condominium Project located in the Posh locale of Ballygunge Circular Road in South Kolkata.

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Metro Towers


Iconic Mixed Use Development – Comprising Of Residential, Retail and Office Space on Ho Chi Minh Sarani

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Unique Development On Sarat Bose Road Comprising Of 7 Low Rise Town Houses with Car Parking Confined To The Basement Level

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Tolly Gardens


Landmark Condominium Project at Moore Avenue —A Prestigious Locale of South Kolkata.

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The Residence


A Signature Residential Condominium comprising of Twin Towers located on the Posh Ballygunge Circular Road in South Kolkata.

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Hi Tech Chambers


One of the Earliest Grade ‘A’ Commercial Buildings on the Strategic Park Circus—EMBypass Connector

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A Stand Alone Residential Development On Gariahat Road With Limited Retail At The Road Side Approach

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Metro Heights


18 Floor Highrise Condominium Project located Residential Building at Moulali, Kolkata

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A Highrise Condominium Project with Multiple Towers, Swimming Pool & other facilities, located at the Park Circus Connector, Kolkata

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The Rameswara Corporation has also jointly developed by far the biggest mixed-use project of Eastern India of superlative proportions.

Spanning 31.5 acres, considering its positioning within the confines of a geographically classified city like Kolkata.

South City


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Among the best Grade ‘A’ Commercial Landmark Buildings in Sector V, Salt Lake, Kolkata

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The tallest Luxury Condominium in the most posh address of Kolkata at Alipore Park Place

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Mr. Jugal Kishore Khetawat is the founder Chairman of Rameswara Group Enterprise. A first generation businessman, he founded RTL Logistics Ltd, a renowned logistics service provider. Subsequently he ventured into the Packaging Industry with Gopala Polyplasts which manufactures packing material for the cement industry with a current turnover of more than INR 1 Billion. As a business notable – Mr. Khetawat contributes his management acumen to several city based and national industrial and social organizations. He was the founder member of CREDAI (Confederation of Real Estate Developers) and has also had active participation in several leading transportation industry representations at the national level.

Mr Anil Khetawat, is a second generation Developer and is the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Rameswara Group Enterprise. At South City Projects (Kokata) Limited, which is a Joint Venture Company (JVC), Mr. Khetawat was responsible for the successful marketing of the flagship development – South City. He also sits on the board of two subsidiaries of South City Projects (Kolkata) Limited, namely – Bengal Anmol South City Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. and Bengal South City Matrix Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Khetawat Co-Chaired the Indian Panel at the Global Real Estate Investors Forum in 2008. Mr. Khetawat obtained a Bachelors Degree in Buisiness Education from Babson College, USA.

LAWYERS: Mr. R.L. Gaggar, Solicitor & Advocate, Temple Chambers, 3rd Floor, 6 Old Post Office Street, Kolkata 700001. India AUDITORS: Agrawal & Agrawal Chartered Accountants 74 Bentinck Street, Kolkata, 700001. India


Lawyers & Auditors

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Rameswara Group Enterprise Headquarters: 19A, Sarat Bose Road,

Kolkata 700 020, INDIA

Tel: +91 33 2475 5222 | +91 33 3057 6921 | +91 33 3057 6922

Fax: +91 33 3057 6924 |

Email: [email protected]

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