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Architect & Specificator May/June 2010 Contents 3 From the Desk ... Cover Story 5 Feeling Bullish Practice Profile 6 Less But More Trends in Leisure 0 Night Racing Comes to SA 4 Agriculture is the ‘New Golf’ Energy Efficiency 7 Turning Up the Heat 37 Into “Green” Hot Water Cladding & Coating 2 Getting it Covered Kitchens & Bathrooms 24 Designer Water Insulation 27 Setting the Ceiling Architectural Hardware 32 Showing Off the Goods 42 News & Views 56 AAAMSA Matrixes SASEMA, SA Shower Enclosures Manufacturers Association SAGGA, the SA Glass & Glazing Association EPSASA, the Expanded Polystyrene Association of Southern Africa TPMA, the Thermal Panel Manufacturers’ Association AAAMSA Fenestration SAGI, South African Glass Institute SAFIERA - South African Fenestration & Insulation Energy Rating Association Architect & Specificator is an alternate monthly magazine. 9100 copies are distributed to individuals and companies involved in the building industry AAAMSA, The Association of Architectural Aluminium Manufacturers of SA incorporates: SABISA, the SA Building Interior Systems Association ASDA, the Aluminium Stockists’ & Distributors’ Association SASA, the Skylight Association of Southern Africa TIASA, the Thermal Insulation Association of Southern Africa Featured on cover: Grace Haven Industries Tel. 011 608 2800 Email. [email protected] Website. Promech Publishing P O Box 373, Pinegowrie, 2123 Tel: (011) 781-1401 Fax: (011) 781-1403 E-mail: [email protected] Website: Editor: Susan Custers Contributor: Brigitte Billings Advertising: Di Bluck DTP: Zinobia Docrat and Sanette Lehanie Printer: Typo Colour Specialists AAAMSA, PO Box 7861, 1685 Halfway House, E-mail: [email protected] Tel: (011) 805-5002, Fax: (011) 805-5033, Website: Views expressed in articles and advertisements are not necessarily the view of AAAMSA members or the publisher. Articles or extracts thereof may be reproduced, provided prior permission is obtained from the publisher and full acknowledgement is given. Architect & Specificator is the official journal of the following organisations: May/June 2010

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�Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

Contents3 FromtheDesk...

CoverStory5 FeelingBullish

PracticeProfile6 LessButMore

TrendsinLeisure�0 NightRacingComestoSA�4 Agricultureisthe‘NewGolf’

EnergyEfficiency�7 TurningUptheHeat37 Into“Green”HotWater

Cladding&Coating2� GettingitCovered

Kitchens&Bathrooms24 DesignerWater

Insulation27 SettingtheCeiling

ArchitecturalHardware32 ShowingOfftheGoods



SASEMA, SA Shower Enclosures Manufacturers Association

SAGGA, the SA Glass & Glazing Association

EPSASA, the Expanded Polystyrene Associationof Southern Africa

TPMA, the Thermal Panel Manufacturers’Association

AAAMSA Fenestration

SAGI, South African Glass Institute

SAFIERA - South African Fenestration & Insulation Energy Rating Association

Architect & Specificator is an alternate monthly magazine. 9100 copies are distributed to individuals and companies involved in the building industry

AAAMSA, The Association of Architectural Aluminium Manufacturers of SA incorporates:

SABISA, the SA Building Interior Systems Association

ASDA, the Aluminium Stockists’ & Distributors’ Association

SASA, the Skylight Association of Southern Africa

TIASA, the Thermal Insulation Association of Southern Africa

Featured on cover:

Grace Haven Industries Tel. 011 608 2800

Email. [email protected].

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Architect & Specificator is the official journal of the following organisations:

May/June 2010

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2 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

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3Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

Hans A Schefferlie, executive director

From the DeskFrequently asked questions about thermal insulation

Q: Is there a minimum quality/performance standard that insulation material should comply with that a consumer should check before purchasing? Is this the same for all types of insulation and applications (eg, walls and/or ceilings)? In other words are all R-Value claims by suppliers equal?

A: All insulation materials have to be tested to the relevant SABS standards pertaining to the specific products. Products need to be in compliance with the requirements of the relevant Standard to be “acceptable” for usage.

The performance requirements are different for different products. One might use for an example; a polystyrene insulation which would have a dif-ferent thermal performance requirement for a wall than for a ceiling (refer SANS 204).

R-value claims quoted by suppliers are different for different materials. SANS 204 gives a clear guidance to the thermal performance requirements for roofs and ceilings in the different climatic zones of South Africa (refer to table “Typical deemed-to-satisfy thicknesses of generic insulation products” in SANS 204, also on our website).

Q: How big is the South African industry – many role players or a few only? Is there a ‘list’ of sup-pliers should we want to engage with the industry to structure a promotional campaign or is there an appropriate forum to channel this through eg, TIASA?

A: We would obviously prefer to use TIASA as the appropriate forum as we represent the major-ity of the insulation manufacturers, contractors, suppliers and distributors in the country and have a membership list which would make it easier to assist Eskom.

Q: Who typically does installation – primarily the homeowner/DIY after purchasing from a DIY store or is it mainly installed by the supplier or a combination of these approaches?

A: Unfortunately the installation of roof insulation in South Africa has been neglected and/or ignored but generally insulation is installed by the Roofing Contractors, TIASA Specialized Contractors or the DIY market. This will now obviously change with the introduction of the legislation.

Q: Are there quality concerns? (For example, with the promotion of Compact Fluorescent Lamps it was found that several cheap, but low quality lamps where being imported and sold) and if so, is there a way to avoid promotion of inferior products eg, ‘consumer’s are recommended to purchase only SABS approved products’ or something to that effect?

A: There is a flood of insulation materials entering our country, especially those “cheap imported” ones. We would definitely recommend products that have been tested and approved in accordance with the relevant South African National Standard (SANS). It does not matter if it has been “tested” overseas, it might not comply with our National Building Regulation requirements with regards to health and safety. In South Africa thermal insulation is also applied internally whereas in Europe it is externally. It is therefore safer to evaluate products through our Association to determine whether it is suitable or not.

Often products “tested overseas” fail our local fire safety requirements. It might have good thermal properties but could be a fire hazard. Safety always comes first.

The statement “SABS Approved” is also very misleading as only products that have the SABS Mark of Approval are considered to be “SABS Ap-proved”. However, this does not mean that one cannot use any other insulation products on the market that has also been tested in accordance with the relevant South African National Standard and are in compliance with the requirements of the standard. Often statements are made that products have been SABS tested, but that on its own is not enough. Test Reports should always be available for inspection to proof compliance.

Q: Are there installation quality considerations/concerns? Is this regulated in any way – are there

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4 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

recommended installers for instance? What should a homeowner look out for when doing his own installation or when an installation is being done/selecting an installer?

A: A BIG YES! Insulation materials incorrectly installed will not achieve the required thermal performance.

TIASA has taken the initiative to start a “Specialist Contractors Division” to ensure that contractors are familiar with the installation procedures of the various products and requirements in accordance with the new National Building Regulations. Our Manufacturers are actively involved with this initiative as it is a wonderful opportunity to cre-ate new employment opportunities as “unskilled” labour can also be trained.

We would obviously recommend TIASA approved installers and then of course there is the DIY market as well. The DIY installers will unfortunately not be able to submit a “Conformance Certificate” after installation. Only accredited installers will be able to submit such a certificate to the owner of the building.

Q: Is there a limited life expectancy (I saw the product loses efficiency after time, but that this was considered in the recommended R values) – does this differ from product to product or is this prescribed by any standard? Should homeowners therefore consider replacement after time?

A: In accordance with the Application of the National Building Regulations “any material used in the erection of a building shall be of a quality adequate for the purpose for which it is to be used. The requirements shall be deemed to be satis-fied if such material complies with the standard prescribed for it in the relevant standard specifi-cation. The life span of replaceable components and materials, such as claddings, roof materials etc, shall not be less than 15 years”.

“Aging” of certain insulation material properties are adversely affected but has been taken into consideration when establishing the performance parameters, ie, R-Values in accordance with SANS 204.

It should not be necessary to replace the insula-tion if it complies with the relevant SABS standard and installed in accordance with the installation specifications of the Manufacturer.

Hans A SchefferlieExecutive Director

PORT ELIZABETH Tel:041 581 4530Fax:041 581 5128

JOHANNESBURGTel: 011 663 6600Fax:011 663 6700

DURBANTel: 031 207 3533Fax:031 207 3572

CAPE TOWNTel: 021 531 4100Fax:021 531 8558

GEORGETel: 044 873 4292Fax: 044 873 4293

Making Dreams AReality!

Tired of the restrictions created bythe boundaries of traditional exteriorand interior doors and windows?

Allow us to open up your creativeimagination.

As the market leader in the design and manufacture of sliding door gear systems and with decadesof knowledge and experiencebehind us, we can make yourdream a reality.


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5Architect & Specificator May/June 2010


When “Architect & Specificator” chats to Lionel Mansfield, MD and Clinton Bunch, sales director, at GHI, they’re enthusiastic about the new range.

“Taurus is a world-class range of floor springs, door closers, locks and handles,” explains Clinton, by

way of introduction. “As a company that has become aligned with some of the world’s most prestigious brands within this industry including Securistyle from the UK and Olivé Quimica from Spain, this fits perfectly into our existing offering.”

Impressive productionLionel adds his vote of confidence, describing the Taurus production facilities. “It’s one of the most impressive factories I’ve ever seen,” he tells us. “It produces over 40 000 floor springs a month to very tight specifications at exceptionally high quality levels. “

The range available in South Africa will be expanding to include stainless steel pull handles in addition to the spring-loaded, narrow-style handle that is currently available.

On top of trendsGracehaven is no stranger to staying on top of trends and Clinton adds that they’re moving increasingly into frameless fixtures and fittings, such as those found in shopfronts, shower cubicles, balustrades and internal doors.

With 30 years under its belt, GHI has become known as a quality aluminium hardware special-ist, but Lionel emphasises that the company has a firm foothold in numerous other areas of the industry. “Apart from toughened glass hardware, we’re also big players in the silicone sealant field, and even in wooden window and door hardware,” he interjects.

Structural siliconeThe structural silicone sphere has certainly seen major input from the company, with a number of landmark projects incorporating the material in the form of the Olivé Quimica range from Spain. “We have a number of clients who are strong supporters of this product,” says Clinton.

“Ronnie Mazor, of Mazor in Cape Town, has used Olivé SG-71 in projects such as the Cape Town Stadium and Mandela Rhodes House.” The ma-terial has also been used in the Teatro at Monte Casino.

Olive 933 was used on the ‘Calabash’ at Soccer City. “The sealant was used in the upper arc of the curve of the structure,” continues Clinton. “It was originally meant to be gasket glazed, but the subcontractor, Burger Emonyeni, had used Olivé before and preferred it.”

Back on the topic of the Taurus line, Lionel concludes that while GHI is the direct importer of the range it will also be available from other distributors to facilitate access to market. “This is an international-class product,” he ends off. “The floorsprings have a 500 000 cycle guarantee, locks have a 5-year guarantee and products are made from AISI 304 grade stainless steel. They truly are equal to anything available worldwide.”

Clinton Bunch, Grace Haven Industries, Tel. 011 608 2800, Email. [email protected], Website.

40 000 floor springs a month to very tight specifications at exceptionally high quality levels

Feeling BullishThe new Taurus range of doorwear distributed by Grace

Haven Industries (GHI) looks set to provide local specifiers with architectural hardware that can compete with the best

in the world.

Clinton Bunch (left) and Lionel Mansfield at GHI are enthusiastic about the new Taurus range

Olive 933 was used on the ‘Calabash’ at Soccer City

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6 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010


You also need talent, business skills and guts

Lameck Garonga, however, takes his guidance from a somewhat higher place. “God is my inspiration,” he smiles, during an interview with “Architect & Specificator”. He is, after

all, the ultimate architect.

A man of strong religious convictions, Lameck cut his teeth in various architectural firms before deciding that starting his own firm would allow more freedom to express his individual style, and, more importantly, devote time to his religious pursuits.

Getting out there“I was with Rabana until 2007, and then joined Muhle Unlimited Designs until 2009, when I took the brave step to start my own company. The in-spiration came from my need to develop my own architectural style and concepts,” he explains. “Every firm has its own style; Rabana was quite conservative, while Muhle was younger and more fast-paced.

Less But More

“I had both aspects within me and wanted to define myself, handling my own scheduling and financial planning. But these skills are not enough to start a firm. You also need talent, business skills and guts,” he emphasises.

With two degrees under his belt, Lameck is well aware of the value of education. “I studied at the architectural school in Zimbabwe; we were pioneers at the institution,” he tells us, chuckling as he adds: “I’m a Mozambiquen who studied in Zim and practices in South Africa. In a way, I owe each a debt of gratitude.”

Embracing minimalismIn spite of his spiritual leaning, Lameck has a steadfastly pragmatic approach to business. His

Every architect takes inspiration from some source, whether

it’s the environment, a mentor or the classic works of a

previous designer.

Lameck Garonga, LBM Architects

Mash-Lap’s Contractor’s Building in Soweto is designed to rival any office block in Sandton

Page 7: Arch: May/Jun 2010

7Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

young firm, LBM (Less But More), expresses a design ethic based on the style of Mies van der Rohe, embrac-ing minimalism and simplic-ity, with a strong focus on solid architectural principles laced with spirituality.

“For a new company, mar-keting is vital,” says Lameck. “Referrals are the best way to do this, but we need to gather the work experience first which we allocate a lot of budget to putting propos-

als together to generate work. It’s the only way we can compete with the big firms which have estab-lished reputations.”

With a portfolio that shows a strong background in gov-ernment-based projects and in support of government’s initiatives regarding service delivery for marginalised communities, LBM’s leaning towards healthcare is beginning to emerge. “We’ve worked on a number of health-oriented facilities,” he continues, and are currently completing a sub-stance abuse centre in Cullinan.”

Although some might feel that the firm’s minimal-ist style is not suited to providing a warm healing environment, Lameck assures us that simple de-sign, coupled with clever use of light and colour

The area around Gold Reef City is the last big node in terms of development in the South


Simple design, coupled with clever use of light and colour can create a very welcoming space for health-care facilities, such as the Substance Abuse Centre in Cullinan

Much of LBM’s proposal work is centred around upgrading property in the South of Johannesburg, such as the Uncle Charlie project near Southgate

can create a very welcoming space. “We also incorporated natural elements into the design, focusing on the abundant greenery outside, natural sunlight and aeration; putting patients back in touch with nature.

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� Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

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�Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

Big approach“Although small, we’re a firm with a big approach,” Lameck smiles as he continues. “Renovations or new buildings are fine but we’d really like to get involved in some ground-breaking projects.”

In association with contracting firm, Marsh-Lapp Investments, LMB has already come up with some pretty innovative concepts for new projects, the flagship being Mash-Lap’s own new Contractor’s Building in Soweto. Designed to rival any office block in Sandton, the building forms part of the Soweto renewal project. Lameck has plenty more ideas for this area.

One proposal takes the old Uncle Charlie restau-rant, a dilapidated building in the interchange near Southgate, and converts it into a 16-storey structure incorporating hotel and restaurants. “The area around Gold Reef City is the last big node in terms of development in the South,” explains Lameck.

“Development in the North is rampant and we’d like to see this trend take off in the South. Many of our proposals are based on providing develop-ers with ideas on how to invest successfully in the area. We’re also costing projects in order to submit them for funding so that we can follow them through ourselves.”

Youthful energyAt just 31, some might think that Lameck’s opti-mism in the face of challenging projects is due to youthful naivete, but he laughs this off. “According to SACAP figures, there are only 98 self-employed young architects in South Africa, and I’m proud to be one of them. If I have youthful energy on my side, then I’ll take advantage of it – we’ll need all the help we can get in order to establish our name, particularly since it’s ultimately my dream to have offices in South Africa, Maputo and Zim.

“Our work will have to speak for itself, so we’ll


LBM has been involved in projects forming part of the renewal of Soweto’s buildings

Last big

node in

terms of


in the


need to keep churning our business plans and proposals. With the help of the ultimate Green Architect, we will meet our goals,” the left-handed architect ends off.

Lameck Garonga, LBM Architects, Tel. 011 432 6640, Fax. 432 6641, email. [email protected], website.

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�0 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

TemperamentsHowever, it was not just a matter of putting up poles and affixing bright lights on top like you would for any other sports arena. Race horses are a breed of their own and apart from costing an arm and a leg, they’re highly strung, so they don’t take kindly to anything unusual which may distract them from their sprint down the turf. “Ap-

parently a horse will simply stop running if one of the lights happens to catch its eye head-on,” says Mark Malherbe, technical director of Prosound, the company responsible for installing the specially designed lighting systems.

“Architect & Specificator” had first-hand experience of race-horses tetchiness when we visited Turffontein to take photos of the unique aluminium structures being erected to bear the lights. We were told to walk 500 metres down the straight and to hurry it up as some of the 800 horses housed at Turf-fontein, were soon coming out to practice and then no movement of people whatsoever is allowed along

the track as it will upset them.

Constraints“We had to be very patient with the installation,” says Mark. “Apart from covering the bottom part of the structure with Hessian to ‘hide’ it from the horses, our teams had to leave the area ev-ery morning and every afternoon while the horses came out on the track to exercise. We weren’t even allowed to put banne r t ape around the con-struction areas as we usually do.

Night Racing Comes to SAIf you Google horse racing events like the Durban July and the J&B Met, there is more about fashion than the actual

racing. With night racing coming to South Africa, will we be looking at fabulous pyjama parties? Fact of the matter is, horse racing at night is here. Turffontein racecourse is the first venue to present such an event. The race course has

been buzzing with activity as special lighting towers provide enough light for the TV cameras and night-time race-goers.

Mark Malherbe of Prosound


Night racing in Hong Kong

Simply stop running if one of the lights happens to catch its eye head-on

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��Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

The uprights going up on the straight

“Obviously the usual system of supporting light-poles with cables anchored to the ground would not do as they could cause damage to a very expensive horse if they happened to break loose. So we came up with a whole new concept in terms of a stand-alone lighting structure” explains Mark. “The other criterion was that the structures should not obscure the view of television cameras covering racing events.”

AluminiumOne of Prosound’s main lines of business is provid-ing and erecting the temporary structures for the staging of rock concerts, theatre lighting grids and other outdoor events. At the core of these structures are aluminium trusses designed and manufactured by Dutch company Prolyte Products. Confronted with the Turffontein requirements, Mark called on the expertise of Paul Erik Haseloop and Ivo Mulder of Prolyte to see if they could help.

“We had never done anything like this, but Ivo, our senior engineer immediately had some idea of how we could utilise our truss design experience to come up with something sturdy enough as a stand-alone structure,” says Paul Erik, worldwide sales director. “Armed with some basic ideas, we flew out to South Africa to study the requirements together with Mark and then went back to the drawing board.”

The design“All our trusses are made in-house in Holland where we have the expertise and necessary spe-cial fabrication equipment. But if we had to make this whole structure out of aluminium, the cost of the material and shipping it out here would have been prohibitive,” adds Ivo. “As stresses in a 22 metre high structure tend to be in the lower part, we designed the first nine metres as a steel truss

Paul Erik Haseloop (right) and Ivo Mulder of Prolyte at the first structure erected

that could be made in South Africa.

“The rest of the tower was then specially made out of 6082T6 aluminium which tapered down in sections to reduce the amount of material re-quired, the higher we went. A twenty-two metre truss across the two towers then completes the

goal post structure which is securely bolted onto a concrete foundation of four metres by two metres with just the plinth sticking out. Before finally specifying material thicknesses and lengths of the section, we had to take the prevailing wind pressures at Turffontein into account to make sure the structure wouldn’t sway too much in windy conditions,” says Paul.


A unique design, a first for Africa and as far as I know also a world first

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�2 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

KWIKOT INLAND (011) 897 4600 AFTER-SALES-SERVICE: 0861 KWIKOT (594568) KWIKOT EASTERN CAPE (041) 373 0575 KWIKOT WESTERN CAPE (021) 534 3691 KWIKOT KWAZULU-NATAL (031) 574 8700

...Architects and specifiers can relax in the knowledge that Kwikotelectric water heaters deliver safe, efficient and durable performance

bath after bath and shower after shower, backed by unsurpassed after-sales-service.

The Kwikot 600 Dual Slimline and Standard range of high pressure electric water heaters are designed primarily for domesticapplication and are SABS 600kPa approved. The inner porcelain inner tank offers longevity and tank hygiene. Units can be installedhorizontally or vertically and the feet brackets can be adjusted for horizontal wall mountings. Kwikot Multi Pressure Control Valves,

Kwikot Drip Tray and Kwikot Vacuum Breakers compliment a Kwikot 600 Dual electric water heater installation,in compliance with SANS 10254.

No matter what the need, when the application requires a hassle-free hot water supply, look no further for the optimum solutionby specifying a Kwikot electric water heater that provides absolute peace-of-mind.


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�3Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

Aluminium structure specially manufactured in Holland

Safety“When Ivo finished this design, we had it audited and reviewed by an independent third party standards organisation in Germany before submitting it to the client in South Africa,” says Paul Erik. “It being

a unique design, a first for Africa and as far as I know also a world first, we are more than satisfied with the outcome now that the first structure has been put up. We now have a new product line to add to our portfolio and the first application that comes to mind is camel racing at night in Dakar,


for instance. This system would also work perfectly for night-time tennis matches.”

Judging by Ivo’s ruddy glow, he’s clearly had a lot of South African sun shining on his pale European skin as he checks out the Prosound crew install-ing along the track. His glow is heightened due to his excitement about this world-first. “Today was fairly windy and I was pleasantly surprised how little it affected the structure while we were fitting the cross beam truss,” he says with a broad smile before we dash off the track so that the horses won’t spot us and start going wild.

Mark Malherbe, Prosound, Tel: (011) 470-6800, Email: [email protected]

A lot of South African sun shining on his pale European skin

KWIKOT INLAND (011) 897 4600 AFTER-SALES-SERVICE: 0861 KWIKOT (594568) KWIKOT EASTERN CAPE (041) 373 0575 KWIKOT WESTERN CAPE (021) 534 3691 KWIKOT KWAZULU-NATAL (031) 574 8700

...Architects and specifiers can relax in the knowledge that Kwikotelectric water heaters deliver safe, efficient and durable performance

bath after bath and shower after shower, backed by unsurpassed after-sales-service.

The Kwikot 600 Dual Slimline and Standard range of high pressure electric water heaters are designed primarily for domesticapplication and are SABS 600kPa approved. The inner porcelain inner tank offers longevity and tank hygiene. Units can be installedhorizontally or vertically and the feet brackets can be adjusted for horizontal wall mountings. Kwikot Multi Pressure Control Valves,

Kwikot Drip Tray and Kwikot Vacuum Breakers compliment a Kwikot 600 Dual electric water heater installation,in compliance with SANS 10254.

No matter what the need, when the application requires a hassle-free hot water supply, look no further for the optimum solutionby specifying a Kwikot electric water heater that provides absolute peace-of-mind.


A first for the IndustryBohle Glass Equipment (Pty) Ltd, the fully owned South African subsidiary of Bohle AG, Haan, Germany, is proud to advise that the first ever Lady Master Glazier will visit South Africa and attend the GlassExpo that will be held at the Johannesburg Expo Centre, Nasrec over the period 8 to 11 September, 2010.

She will conduct demonstrations on the Bohle Glass Equipment (Pty) Ltd stand (Stand num-ber 7B7) that will cover all aspects of glass cutting, including template cutting, thick glass cutting (19mm glass), circle and oval cutting with glass thickness up to 19mm as well as UV bonding technology.

Ursula Feulbach is employed as a Master Glazier by Bohle AG, Haan, Germany and has been with the company since February, 2003. She has conducted seminars in professional glass cutting and UV Bonding Technology in countries such as Spain, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Italy, Sweden, Japan and France and is extremely proficient in what she does.

In Germany, there are rigid and exacting standards for the glass Industry and before anyone is allowed to work for a glazing company, they have to attend Glazing School for a period of three years, during which time all aspects of glass are taught to the students in both theory and practical terms.

The understanding of glass, glass handling and glass cutting are some of the subjects taught at Glazing School and after successfully completing these courses with a high pass mark as well as completing glass projects, only then is a student classified as a glazier and allowed to be employed by a glazing company.

Tel: (011) 792-6430, Website:

Ursula Feulbach

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�4 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010


Dr Chris Mulder, founder and CEO of the design and architectural firm CMAI, is the pioneer of the concept of farm living which combines residential development with agriculture in a rural environment

A R3,4 bn farm village lifestyle project planned next to the Van Staden’s River gorge has received the go-ahead from the Department of Economic Affairs,

Environment and Tourism of the Eastern Cape who has approved the plans without any preconditions. It earlier received the blessing from the national department of agriculture.

A delighted Dr Chris Mulder, one of the main shareholders and originator of this concept says Crossways Farm Village, as the new develop-ment will be known, will be the first of its kind

in South Africa to be built to this scale. His urban design and architectural firm CMAI is responsible for the design, planning and implementation of the project.

Chris, who gained international prominence with his Thesen Islands development in Knysna, has just returned from the US where he found enthu-

In the US there is growing support for the concept of rural living in an agricultural environment. The slogan ‘Agricul-ture is the new golf’ has been taken up enthusiastically by

people in all walks of life concerned about the environment. There is in particular an increasing awareness of the impor-tance for the future of safe access to food and water, and of

the need to live with the land in a sustainable manner.

The concept of Crossways is that of a typical village of yesteryear in a modern idiom. At the centre of the village will be a town square which will also be the centre of activity for residents and visitors

It will have its own mini-municipality that will provide all essential services

Agriculture is the ‘New Golf’

Page 15: Arch: May/Jun 2010

�5Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

siastic acceptance of his concept of farm living. He was invited to present a lecture on interdisci-plinary cooperation at the Texas A&M University’s College of Architecture, Urban Design and Land Development, where he obtained a doctorate in environmental planning and urban design in 1980. The College of Architecture, the largest academic institution of its kind in the US, presented him with its Outstanding Alumnus Award in 2002.

Mini-municipalityCrossways Farm Village, which forms part of an existing dairy enterprise, will comprise some 780 residential units designed to accommodate virtually the full income and housing spectrum. In support will be extensive sporting and other outdoor recreational facilities. The development will also include light “cottage” industries with related retail, commercial and office components. Run by the future homeowners’ association, it will have its own mini-municipality that will provide all essential services, from electricity and water to refuse removal and sanitation.

The size of the present dairy operation will be extended to almost 170 ha of the total property of some 560 ha with new pastures being estab-lished and a state-of-the-art milking parlour built to accommodate the enlarged herd of about 500 Holstein stud cows.

Divided equallyOn-site education and training facilities will offer courses in farm and dairy management, the only facility of its kind in the Eastern Cape to do so. The profits of the farming operation will be divided equally between the homeowners’ association, the farm management and the farm workers. The one third due to the homeowners’ association will be

An aerial impression of a completed Crossways Farm Village on the plateau above the Van Stadens River gorge to the west of Port Elizabeth. It represents a new concept in rural living

used to reduce members’ monthly levies.

Your own cowCommenting on the slogan “agriculture is the new golf”, Chris said in the United States a great many golf estates have run into financial difficulties due to high maintenance costs. “Research has shown that 83% of people living on golf estates don’t

play golf. They bought there because of the life-style. Crossways will offer a similar lifestyle with the added advantage that the farming operation will not be an expense, but a source of income for residents.

Homeowners can even purchase cows in the herd which will be looked after by farm management


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Homeowners can even purchase cows in the herd which will be looked after by farm management. At the end of the month they receive a cheque for the milk their animals produced.”

Fresh vegThe accent for the planned development will be on rural living. “The property adjoins the Van Stadens Wild Flower Reserve and large tracts of land will consist of rehabilitated indigenous vegeta-tion crisscrossed by walking trails. Fresh fruit and vegetables produced on the farm will be available to residents as well as an extensive range of dairy products, to promote a healthy lifestyle.

“Although rural living is the motto, the development will be underpinned by the latest wireless and fibre optic technology for communication, security and other services.

Two great passionsBy blending residential development with agri-cultural activity, Chris is combining the two great passions of his life. He initially studied agriculture at the University of Pretoria and, after obtaining his BSc degree, farmed very successfully in what is


Save money. Spare the environment.

Bohle Glass Equipment · 3 Graphite Industrial Park · Fabriek Street · Strijdom Park 2125 · T +27-11-792-6430

Water purification for Glass Processing MachinesUsing clean water for an extended period of time in Glass Processing Machinery is notonly better for the environment but also for your wallet. The new Water Purification systems from Bohle can help you achieve that. Available as a Sedimentor for StraightLine Edgers, Drilling Machines and Double Edgers, water in the collection tanks neednot be drained or disposed of weekly, but now only topped up when required.

Significantly reduced cleaning requirementsVirtually clear water for the systemImproved processing qualityLonger service life of toolsWater pipes remain open and clear of sludge

Water Purification Systems from Bohle. Save money, water and the environment.

today the Limpopo Province. When his farms were expropriated for one of the erstwhile homelands, he returned to his alma mater to continue his stud-ies, but this time in landscape architecture. Last year, the Institute for Landscape Architecture in Southern Africa (ILASA) elected him one of three icons of landscape architecture in South Africa, the first time in 70 years the institute has conferred this honour on any of its members.

Chris Mulder Associates Inc (CMAI), Dr Chris Mulder, Cell: 082 881 2903,

Light “cottage” industries with related retail, commercial and office components.

Features JulyAug 2010Trends in office and commercial developmentsSoftware for architects and specifiersRoofingGlass and glazingInsulationWalls and floorsDoors and windows Concrete and cement

Contact Di Bluck on Tel (011) 781-1401, Fax (011) 781-1403

or E-mail: [email protected]


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�7Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

E llis Park stadium in Johannesburg, however, no longer has this problem. An infrared heating system has been fitted to raise the comfort level for spectators in the grandstand

areas. This radiant heating system was installed by Eastleigh, a combustion engineering specialist company in Benoni who are the sole agents for GoGaS heating products from Germany. “Architect & Specificator” speaks to Fritz von Graszouw about this new technology.

Thermic comfort“Due to the high efficiency rate of infrared systems, a high level of thermal comfort is achieved, even at low outdoor temperatures,” Fritz elaborates. “The effect can be compared with solar radiation in winter where even in low temperatures, you feel comfortable.

“Our high efficiency radiators emit infrared radia-tion which transforms into heat once it hits a solid surface. As spectators are in the stadium only for a short stay, the heat must be available at once which

is exactly what this system does. Instant heat, just like when a light is switched on.”

FuelsEllis Park utilises natural gas from the Egoli gas line, but the system can also be run off gas bottles. “In the not too distant future, it will also be possible to

run off natural gas from a virtual gas pipeline supply system where gas is stored in large special containers called Mats,” says Fritz.

Mats are currently being introduced to the South African market system-atically for a variety of applications, including vehicles that have been converted to run on compressed natural gas.

Operation“The system is switched on remotely simply by flicking an electric switch,” says Fritz. “The temperature is controlled by a sensor aimed at the actual flame and it will adjust the flame lower or higher to radiate a constant pre-set temperature. The gas burner is fitted with a pilot burner ignition device and detection system as opposed to the standard system usually used on gas burners.

Turning Up the HeatFans of winter sports like rugby and soccer know they have to brave the cold to see their favourite teams play, but even seasoned fans sometimes have second thoughts when the

weather turns nasty. This is compounded by the fact that the new stadiums are all open structures, putting more of a bite in

the cold air flowing into the grandstands.


Infrared radiation transferred into heat when it hits a body

Ellis Park stadium in Johannesburg

The GoGaS heating system, installed at outdoor and indoor sports arenas all over Europe is not only for stadium heating

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�� Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

Efficient Use of Natural Energy.


KWIKOT INLAND (011) 897 4600


KWIKOT EASTERN CAPE (041) 373 0575

KWIKOT WESTERN CAPE (021) 534 3691


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��Architect & Specificator May/June 2010


It is also fitted with a unique new anti-propagation device that not only simplifies installation, but also prevents propagation from damag-ing the burner while increasing the safety of the system.”

A heating system using gas infrared radiant heaters is the best way to fulfil the special requirements of open space heating. It is clean and easy to regulate, there are no distribution losses and it’s energy-saving as heat is imme-diately usable.

Comfortable and healthyThe gas infrared radiant heater emits medium-wave infrared

radiation transferred into heat when it hits a body. As the air is almost permeable to radiation, it is not heated up. Therefore it is possible to heat open grandstands in sports arenas or other open spaces economically and comfortably. Bright radiators are directly heated. The gas/air mixture burns on the surface of a ceramic plate where the surface temperature is about 850°C to 900°C. Most of the heat is transferred to the surroundings by direct radiation.

The temperature sensed by a person is a combination of the air temperature and the intensity of radiation. Due to the high amount of radiant heat emitted by the gas infrared heaters, a high thermal comfort is reached even in the face of low outside temperatures. The ambient air remains cool and fresh and thus the climate is comfortable and healthy. In addition, indirect heating comes from the heated walls, floors and other objects warmed up by the radia-tion before spectators are seated.

ImpressedPaul Appalsamy, Chief Executive Officer at Ellis Park comments, “Often event schedules overlap with our winter and any event with a 15h00 kick-off and later, held at the stadium during the winter period, is very uncomfortable. Blankets are provided to our VVIP and VIP guests to ensure their comfort but it’s cumbersome and untidy.

“When we were first exposed to the GoGaS heating concept, I was immediately convinced that such an installation would be of definite value to our venue and in line with our facility improve-ment. The GoGaS space heating covers the main west grandstand over level 1 to 3.

Bundling into their boxes“And it’s a real big hit with the ladies who are now able to sit and enjoy the total atmosphere of the game,” he continues. “It also means we have less of a crush with everyone bundling into their boxes because of the cold. The installation process and the speed with which it was implemented was also very impressive.”

The GoGaS heating system, installed at outdoor and indoor sports arenas all over Europe is, however, not only for stadium heating. “We customise the control system for various applications including factories, churches and large aircraft hangars,” says Fritz.

Fritz Von Graszouw, Eastleigh Engineering, Tel: (011) 969-1992, Email: [email protected]

Fritz Van Graszouw of Eastleigh Com-bustion Engineering

Blankets are provided but it’s cumbersome and untidy

Efficient Use of Natural Energy.


KWIKOT INLAND (011) 897 4600


KWIKOT EASTERN CAPE (041) 373 0575

KWIKOT WESTERN CAPE (021) 534 3691


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CORO000422_Arch&Speci_May-June2010.indd 1 4/14/10 9:01:39 AM

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2�Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

CORO000422_Arch&Speci_May-June2010.indd 1 4/14/10 9:01:39 AM


professionals and ourselves to achieve the best possible solution.

“It’s very exciting to be involved in this field when so many great things are happening. Many of our buildings are becoming landmarks and watching the work progress is fantastic. Sites develop daily,” he smiles. “15 Alice Lane Towers, for example, is a stunning project.”

Scheduled for completion in November this year, the award-winning 15 Alice Lane Towers project in Sandton applied some innovative thinking to

Invariably it involves a complex iteration process between various professionals

Getting it Covered

From an architectural

standpoint, the façade of a building plays a

tremendously important role, since it can set

the tone for the entire structure. It’s not

surprising, then, that the field is becoming

more specialised on an almost daily basis.

Colin Gardner, Grinaker-LTA FaçadesOne company that’s been involved in some exciting projects is Grinaker-LTA Façades, which specialises in external cladding of buildings, primarily in glass

and aluminium. “We generally subcontract on large projects in what is a very specialist field,” General Manager, Colin Gardner, tells “Architect & Specificator”.

Front-end design“We head up the front-end design and development responsibility and drive this part of the practice ourselves,” he continues. “Invariably it involves a complex iteration process between various

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22 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

Façades are also a useful way of getting new buildings to work cohesively with existing ones

overcome the challenge of creating a vertically curved curtain wall made up of panels of different tinted glass. The outcome is a chequer-pattern effect, with geometric shapes creating a dramatic partnership with the fluid flow of the walls.

Innovative concept“The professional team came to us with conceptual drawings, and we knew we could do it,” Colin says. “Obviously we prefer to have a little more to work with, but this was such an innovative concept that we were keen to get involved.”

The vertically curved curtain wall, which protrudes five metres past the outside of the structure, con-sists of a variety of patterned glass elements with panels held in place by a combination of brack-etry and structural silicone. While Grinaker-LTA Facades’ Jet Park factory boasts state of the art machinery for manufacture, special dies had to be made for the Alice Lane development. “It’s been a very complex project,” explains Colin. “It took a year of design and development and we’re still resolving issues as the building progresses.”

Planning ahead“All projects have their share of challenges,” he continues, referring to the new Investec Building


The chequer-plate façade of the Alice Lane project is made up of numerous glass panels held in place by aluminium clips

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23Architect & Specificator May/June 2010


The new Investec Building on the Umhlanga Ridge includes a combination of flush glazed single and double-glazed panel systems

on the Umhlanga Ridge in Durban. One of the most noteworthy elements of this project is the 600m2 planar screen which uses a combination of imported and specially-designed local fittings and suspension cables to hold the structure in place. A combination of varying densities of fritted glass provides shading from the sun.

“Specialist consultation is a crucial part of the pro-cess,” adds Colin. “We advise on all the technical aspects of the job. This also applies to the thermal and shading criteria. The clients choose the glass and we, in conjunction with our suppliers, assist by providing the technical properties. This informa-tion is then passed on to the HVAC professionals to determine their requirements.”

Blending inThe R33-million subcontract for the Inner Circle offices in Rivonia Road, Morningside was completed ahead of schedule last year. Comprising 1600 curtain wall units, the 10 500m2 curtain wall is not only a shimmering façade with its combination of Arctic Blue and Marine Blue glass, it was also designed to maximise the natural lighting and reduce solar heat build-up in the 10-storey office block.

“Façades are also a useful way of getting new buildings to work cohesively with existing ones,” Colin explains. “Creating landmarks is invigorat-ing work, but in many instances buildings need to remain true to the surrounding architecture. Façades make this possible without compromis-ing on the integrity of the design. Add this to the ability to optimise thermal efficiency, address light

And we’re still resolving issues as the building progresses

The chequer-plate façade of the Alice Lane project is made up of numerous glass panels held in place by aluminium clips

issues and control energy consumption, and you have a pretty attractive package.” Grinaker-LTA is a subsidiary of the JSE-listed Aveng Group.

Colin Gardner, Grinaker-LTA Façades, Tel. (011) 578-6200, Email. [email protected], Website.

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24 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola has designed a vibrant organic range for Hansgrohe’s Axor brand

Designer Water

were a swearword. We had to assure clients that they could rely on us for stock and parts – all within a 24 hour turnaround time.”

Raindrops keep falling…Although Anthony is focused on service, it’s the design and technology of these products that catches our attention. “The technology is phenomenal and it’s what sets our products apart from the cheap knock-offs,” he explains. “Hansgrohe products go beyond simply dispensing water.”

Using the Venturi principle, the shower heads mix air into the water stream to create a unique sensory feel. “If a strobe light is shone on the stream, you’d be able to identify individual droplets. It’s like standing under raindrops,” he smiles. “The sensa-tion is softer and more in harmony with nature.”

Universal systemA firm belief that technology and design should work hand-in-hand has encouraged the company to develop its ‘iBox’, a universal concealed unit that works with any type of mixer from any of the design ranges, along with all associated equipment, such as thermostatic devices.

“This allows you to change from one product range to another without hav-ing to change your entire plumbing set-up,” explains Anthony. “It not only gives the homeowner the freedom to upgrade with ease, but makes the plumbing process a lot simpler.”

Clean waterNot only are the products techno-logically advanced, they’re also environmentally friendly. The green showerhead, Crometta 85 Green, uses six litres of water instead of the industry standard of 15 to 18. For Hansgrohe, however, green culture is not a new concept.

“Our factories are situated in the Black Forest, an ecologically-sensi-

It seems to be a sign of society’s sophistication when basic living conveniences become reengineered, re-invented and redesigned to an art form. Hansgrohe AG is a family-run business that has been around for generations, and in that time, it has become recognised for redefining the way we perceive the household

water dispenser.

Anthony Mederer, MD of the South African chapter of this sanitary style icon, tells “Architect & Specificator” that for the German-based company, service is not

an option. “We’ve invested a fortune in our service centres,” he tells us. “Setting a service benchmark was vital back in the days when imported products


Without having to change your entire plumbing set-up

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25Architect & Specificator May/June 2010


Fittings in the Axor Urquiola

range reflect harmony

tive area, so green manufacturing processes are entrenched in our operational methodology,” says Anthony. “Our factories are energy efficient and our manufacturing processes are as safe as possible to the environment.”

Small sacrificeHe admits, however, that green compliance some-times requires small sacrifices. “At the end of the day, a water efficient shower head dispenses less water and while we’ve introduced methods to maximise flow, inevitably some people will notice the difference.”

This issue is easy to overlook by those committed to the process, who will no doubt also appreciate the Hansgrohe’s Pontos water recycling system. This domestic unit is able to treat bath and shower water before re-routing it for gardening, cleaning and toilet flushing purposes.

Smart and beautifulHansgrohe’s design team have produced outstanding ranges for a variety of markets. The Pharo brand includes shower solutions and steam cabins, Pontos addresses grey water recycling systems while the Axor range highlights top-end design.

“Our designers are world renowned and they’re not afraid to take chances,” Anthony says with clear pride. Names like Phillipe Starck, Patricia Urquiola, Antonio Citterio and Jean-marie Massaud trip off his tongue with practised ease while a new range by the Bouroullec Brothers is set for its launch in South Africa in June.

“We work with top creators to keep us at the vanguard of the design sphere,” he explains. “It’s important to work with the best people to get the best results. Often companies try to do everything themselves, from developing the technology to handling the design. We recognise the importance of employing specialists to handle the various areas.

Organic form“Our designers draw attention to our name. In ’94, when Starck brought out a range featuring counter-top basins and tall taps, he set a new standard in bathroom design. Citterio’s edgy square tap with its simplistic design has changed the look of taps everywhere and Massuad’s organic form is nature inspired. These designers really test the limits of bathroom design.”

Hansgrohe’s attention to design, has won the company some heavyweight design awards. “This is what has made Hansgrohe a powerful player in the sanitary industry,” concludes Anthony.

Anthony Mederer, Hansgrohe, Tel. 021 447 7144, Fax. 021 447 2817, Email. [email protected], Website.

Jean-Marie Massaud unique tap design

Green compliance sometimes requires small sacrifices

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26 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

The ultimate test of any technology is how seamlessly it fits into everyday life.

Yale’s range of digital locks has been created to do exactly that. Every aspect of its function has been thought out and designed with lifestyle in mind. The RF key is both convenient and highly secure, whilst the keypad offers a backup solution should you forget your RF key or accidentally lock the door.

The lock also boasts an alarm, which sounds if anyone tries to tamper or force the device. The consequence of this intelligence in design is sleek, elegant and highly secure product. Proof that true style is a result of sophistication.

Yale digital door locks are available from select retailoutlets and Yale Security Point stores. For more information

or to find the nearest store please call 0800 201 505

For additional product information log onto or buy online at

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27Architect & Specificator May/June 2010


When “Architect & Specificator” speaks to Thomas Datel, MD of Datlink, he has a lot to say on all of these subjects. “With the SANS 204 Thermal Efficiency

Standard for buildings due to be legislated in June this year, buildings will have to conform to the standards stipulated by TIASA and the SABS,” he tells us.

“This is a positive development – thermally efficient building, together with performance windows, will save in the region of 4500MW. In the face of our current energy crisis, the importance of this aspect simply cannot be overlooked.”

Smart buildingWhile it’s generally assumed that green building is, at least at the construction stage, more expensive than conventional building, in many instances energy efficiency relies on smart, passive design of the building envelope to effectively manage heat loss and gain. Including insulation adds some expense, but has so many benefits that the cost factor is quickly outweighed. Using green insulation takes the environmental commitment a step further.

“Everyone is talking about green options at the moment, but it’s important that the products that are used are verified by an independent body to ensure that they will be accepted by the Green Building Council,” Thomas advises.

Affordable solutionsWith extensive experience in providing cost-ef-fective yet efficient green insulation solutions for affordable housing, Datlink has researched the subject exhaustively. It’s projects are frequently showcased in various housing competitions. A project highlighted in ABSA’s Innovative Afford-able Housing Competition incorporated InnoBlok 140mm Insulated Masonary Blocks developed by Datlink specifically for use in the affordable hous-ing sector. Datlink’s 42m² entry level house was awarded 2nd place in this competition.

“The material, which is NHBRC and Agrement approved, has additional benefits since it can also save costs by not having to be plastered when used with ThermocousTex or IsoBoard ceil-ings, allowing funds to be used on other useful mechanisms. Installing solar water heaters are not only energy efficient, but they also play a social

It’s important that the products that are used are verified by an independent body to ensure that they will be accepted by the Green Building Council

Setting the

CeilingInsulation has received a lot

of interest lately with ongoing attention being given to the thermal efficiency in build-

ings. In addition, the carbon credit system has made en-ergy efficiency more attrac-tive than simply a means of

building green. ThermocousTex used at Cape Town Airport

Thomas chats to residents of an affordable housing settlement

The ultimate test of any technology is how seamlessly it fits into everyday life.

Yale’s range of digital locks has been created to do exactly that. Every aspect of its function has been thought out and designed with lifestyle in mind. The RF key is both convenient and highly secure, whilst the keypad offers a backup solution should you forget your RF key or accidentally lock the door.

The lock also boasts an alarm, which sounds if anyone tries to tamper or force the device. The consequence of this intelligence in design is sleek, elegant and highly secure product. Proof that true style is a result of sophistication.

Yale digital door locks are available from select retailoutlets and Yale Security Point stores. For more information

or to find the nearest store please call 0800 201 505

For additional product information log onto or buy online at

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2� Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

LAF_513700_Architect & Specifier_Print Ad_P.indd 1 4/22/10 2:12:17 PM

Page 29: Arch: May/Jun 2010

2�Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

role by raising the quality of life of the residents,” says Thomas.

“Although ThermocousTex is well-known for its acoustic and thermal properties, it is also effec-tive as a ceiling in affordable housing projects in either a skimmed or vinyl laminated form and can be used in either a nail-up or retrofit application,” Thomas tells us.

ThermocousTex products are thermally bonded bulk-fibre and board thermal and acoustic insu-lation products for ceilings, walls and floors for residential, commercial and industrial applications. It is produced using a mix of virgin and recycled

V&A Waterfront


LAF_513700_Architect & Specifier_Print Ad_P.indd 1 4/22/10 2:12:17 PM

Oliver Tambo Airport

The carbon credit system has begun to draw local interest

Page 30: Arch: May/Jun 2010

30 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

Page 31: Arch: May/Jun 2010

3�Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

polyester fibre, or kenaf, which is a non-toxic and non-harmful, low VOC product as well as being a more installer-friendly alternative to fibreglass insulation. Romatherm insulation can be installed on top of ceilings, and mixed InnoFilla insulating material into concrete to provide thermal values.

Taking credits“In addition, with the energy savings achieved, certain projects can register for carbon credits. For example for low cost housing we show energy savings of 45% over conventional houses and between 4-6 tons of carbon per unit per year,” he adds. “This can generate about R550,00 rand per house, which can be used to build more units, put back into the community for improvements or be used to pay off loans to build better units.”

Formalised in the Kyoto Protocol in a bid to di-minish concentrations of greenhouse gases, the carbon credit system has begun to draw local interest. The goal of the scheme is to allow market mechanisms to drive business towards a low-emissions approach. Greenhouse gas mitigation projects generate credits, with one carbon credit being the equivalent of one ton of carbon dioxide. These credits may be purchased by companies, governments or other entities with high footprints to lower their rating by effectively becoming financers of carbon reduction projects.

Fortunately, affordable housing is not the only area of the construction arena that has validated the importance of insulation and acoustics. Some of Datlink’s other clients have recognised the material

Grand West Casino

for its acoustic properties. Cape Town Film Studio, Gautrain, Cape Town International Airport, and a number of call centres and education facilities have benefited from the company’s advice and product installation.

“There’s often the implication that green products are more expensive than others,” ends Thomas “However there’s a growing number of green op-tions that are competitive with their non-green counterparts. We’ve been very happy with the performance of our green range; they’re excellent products in their own right. Being green is simply a bonus.”

Thomas Datel, Datlink, Tel. 0861 DATLINK, Fax. 086 520 6475, emai. [email protected], website.


Canal Walk Shopping Center

We show energy savings of 45% over conventional houses and between 4-6 tons of carbon per unit per year

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32 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

Brochures and catalogues do a good job of showcas-

ing a product range, as do interactive websites,

however little can compare with the sensory satisfac-tion of actually handling the items themselves.

When “Architect & Specifcator” visits the offices of Geze South Africa, a tour

through the showroom with MD, Kevin Diamond, gives us first-

hand experience of the vast array of handles, hinges and door systems the company offers.

First impressions“We find that this is the most effective way of show-

ing architects what they’ll be working with,” says Kevin. “They can feel how the mechanisms operate and it gives them a real sense of how the product will fit into their design, and of the impression it creates with the mechanism they choose.”

While some might think that door mechanisms are a minor detail in the grand scheme of things, for Kevin, they’re vital. “A doorway creates a first impression of the building you’re entering,” he explains. “Ironmongery is generally the last thing that happens in a building, but a handle is the first thing you touch when you enter.”

The company currently has three product ranges on offer: Hoppe’s upmarket range easy-to-install door handles; Exidor, which is a European compliant

range of panic hardware and the highly specifica-tion-driven Geze range of door mechanisms which range from door closers to automatic doors.

“The three options complement each other perfectly,” says Kevin, explaining that each meets a specific market need. Geze, however, draws our attention due to the innovative nature of the products. In the past year alone, the company has introduced

Showing Off the Goods

Ironmongery is generally the last thing that happens in a building, but a handle is the first thing you touch

Kevin Diamond


Page 33: Arch: May/Jun 2010

33Architect & Specificator May/June 2010


23 new offerings ranging from safety technology to radio-controlled opening mechanisms and a new security-based electronic range that can be built into a building’s management system.

Simply greenOne product that has already received attention in previous issues of this publication is the Geze RWA system. While previous articles have focused on the safety applications of the system, Kevin explains that it has considerable scope as an energy saving device.

“While smoke control and emergency evacuation are primary features of the RWA range, the prod-uct also has a significant role to play in terms of managing energy consumption within a building. The potential for green design is huge,” he says with enthusiasm.

When fitted with sun and rain sensors, the sys-tem facilitates natural ventilation, automatically opening and closing windows to manage airflow

My father was a carpenter and for him, quality was not negotiable; it was simply the way things were done

Swing door drive

within a building. “It’s a very practical approach to minimising airconditioning and even lighting costs,” Kevin continues.

Practical approachIn fact, this principle generally drives the entire company. Geze is a family-run business headed by Bridgitte Voster-Alber and her practical approach comes through in their products.”

“Our products can easily be worked into a manage-ment system. For instance, we can retrofit access control into an existing building,” he says,

“A strong component of our business is working closely with the architect to specify a product, closely with the merchant to deliver it to site, and closely with the contractor to assist with installation. On-

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34 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010 FOR A BRIGHTER, GREENER FUTURE.Available from leading lighting, electrical and retail outlets.


&)44).'3� s� ,!-03� s� %,%#42)#!,Radiant is committed to a brighter future by creating lighting solutions which are beautiful by design and inspired by the environment. We offer the widest range of superior quality lighting solutions for the home, offi ce and garden. Radiant is a responsible, caring company that always has the best interest of our clients at heart.


Page 35: Arch: May/Jun 2010

35Architect & Specificator May/June 2010FOR A BRIGHTER, GREENER FUTURE.Available from leading lighting, electrical and retail outlets.


&)44).'3� s� ,!-03� s� %,%#42)#!,Radiant is committed to a brighter future by creating lighting solutions which are beautiful by design and inspired by the environment. We offer the widest range of superior quality lighting solutions for the home, offi ce and garden. Radiant is a responsible, caring company that always has the best interest of our clients at heart.


The TSA series is an automatic swing door with secure functionality and an attractive design

With Slimdrive, extremely low construction height allows you to integrate these drives almost invisibly into your facades

site support is crucial,” Kevin emphasises. “We’re starting to see contractors moving towards having manufacturers on-site to offer installation training as a means of maintaining product quality.”

In Kevin’s opinion, this is not so much a new ap-proach as it is a return to old values. “My father was a carpenter and for him, quality was not negotiable; it was simply the way things were done. We need more specialists like this on site to oversee the process.”

Meaty projectsA specialist philosophy is also reflected in the Geze team. “In addition to our incredible Gauteng branch, we have a very strong team in Cape Town and wonderful people in Durban. This is getting us some meaty projects that we’re really proud of.

“For example, the Port Elizabeth and Cape Town football stadiums have seen our products beautifully installed. We walked out of there with our chests puffed out,” he laughs. The staff is passionate and

motivated, which is essential in a market that’s so difficult to read.

“We’re also very lucky with Geze because of the innovations it constantly introduces; we’re never static. Architects love something new and exciting, particularly if they’re given a chance to tinker with it, which is why our showroom is so useful. It makes the products real for the guys; they get to interact. All in all, it’s a winning combination.”

Kevin Diamond, DCLSA, Tel. 011 315 8286, Fax. 011 315 8261, email. [email protected],


We walked out of there with our chests puffed out

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36 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

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37Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

Into “Green” Hot Water

In a world of instant gratification, most of us take

hot water for granted. However, as society turns its attention to all mat-

ters green, many of us are becoming aware that an electric water heater (geyser) is

becoming an expensive item on numerous levels.


Established in 1903, Kwikot boasts over a century of design and manufacture, with a green initiative that started as far back as the 1980s. “Architect & Specificator”

speaks to Kwikot, to learn about the company’s solution to the ecological, social and psychological implications of hot water.

The company has had tremendous success with their export of the indirect double-jacketed solar water heater tanks, which where designed in con-junction with an Aus-tralian company in 2001. In 2007 this product was aligned with Eskom’s initia-tive to subsidise domestic solar water heaters,

along with the launching of the new Kwiksol brand name.

Product offeringThe Direct System is used in frost-free areas, or where the ambient temperature remains above 5ºC. The potable water in the solar water heater is heated directly by passing through the solar collector panels or manifold for an array of solar vacuum tubes.

The Indirect System is installed in very cold, frost-prone areas, such as the Highveld and utilises a dilution of propylene glycol and water as the heat

transfer fluid. This fluid passes through the double-jacketed tank and the solar collector panel or manifold of the solar vacuum tubes, heating the water in the inner tank indirectly.

Both systems can also be used as conventional electric geysers if there isn’t enough solar energy to heat the water as they are fitted with an

element and thermostat.

Frost-proneKwikot has also recently launched a

complete Direct System that can be used in frost-prone areas. However this system can

only be used in conjunction with an array of solar vacuum tubes with manifold and frame, and is supplied with a pitched roof support for a themo-syphon close-coupled system.

Silicone tubing is supplied, which is inserted into the external copper piping that connects the solar water heater to the manifold for the tubes. This silicone tubing prevents the pipes from freezing up in very cold conditions.

Affordable solutionMost South African homes are equipped with an electric water heater due to the abundance of electricity available and cheap electricity in the

Recently launched a complete Direct System that can be used in frost-prone areas

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3� Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

As a leading building materials group, AfriSam is proud to launch its new Eco Building Cement. Due to its unique, environmentally-friendly composition, this high quality, general building cement offers excellent long-term strength and durability with a Carbon Footprint half that of the world average for cement.

Eco Building Cement contains a high proportion of mineral components which makes it technically superior in many respects. It is remarkably durable, designed for superior ¿�QLVKHV�DQG�RIIHUV�H[FHOOHQW�ORQJ�WHUP�VWUHQJWK�DQG�GXUDELOLW\��It also produces concrete that is less permeable and has greater resistance to penetration of harmful substances.


Specify Eco Building Cement for your projects.


Build a better future



M 2



The Low Carbon Footprint, High Quality General Building Cement.






e g















2AfriSam is committed to reducing its Carbon Footprint.

CO2 statistics are calculated in accordance with the

Cement CO2 Protocol developed by the World Resources

Institute and World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

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3�Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

80s, 90s and even into the turn of the century. Changing to a complete new solar water heating system comes at an initial substantial cost, which many homeowners cannot afford and/or they have electric water heaters, which are still in perfect working condition. So Kwikot offers a system that converts an existing installed Kwikot electric water heater to solar, at an affordable price. An attractive alternative to investing in a complete new solar water heating system.

The Solarfit kit, also known as a Retrofit kit, includes a flange assembly for either direct or indirect water heaters, glass solar vacuum tubes with frame, manifold, solar circulating pump and solar photovoltaic panel. The indirect system also comes with an expansion tank and a one-litre bottle of Kwiksol propylene glycol solar heat transfer fluid.

RebatesKwikot currently has 15 products tested and reg-istered with Eskom on the rebate system, from 100lt, 150lt, 200lt and 250lt solar water heaters indirect and indirect systems, various flat plate solar collectors with different aperature areas and solar vacuum tubes, 12, 16, 20 or 32 tube system.

Another three products are currently awaiting testing and Eskom registration. All of these systems are distributed through Kwikot’s national distribution network and to outlets who are accredited Eskom solar suppliers.

Social impactWhile the company’s products have principally been aimed at the middle and upper income mar-kets, South Africa’s burgeoning affordable housing sector has become a focal point. The company has not neglected the millions of low-income households that have electricity but no geyser, or no electricity at all. These households heat water on stoves, paraffin burners (which are a safety risk) or by making a wood or coal fire, none of which is an ideal.


As a leading building materials group, AfriSam is proud to launch its new Eco Building Cement. Due to its unique, environmentally-friendly composition, this high quality, general building cement offers excellent long-term strength and durability with a Carbon Footprint half that of the world average for cement.

Eco Building Cement contains a high proportion of mineral components which makes it technically superior in many respects. It is remarkably durable, designed for superior ¿�QLVKHV�DQG�RIIHUV�H[FHOOHQW�ORQJ�WHUP�VWUHQJWK�DQG�GXUDELOLW\��It also produces concrete that is less permeable and has greater resistance to penetration of harmful substances.


Specify Eco Building Cement for your projects.


Build a better future



M 2



The Low Carbon Footprint, High Quality General Building Cement.






e g















2AfriSam is committed to reducing its Carbon Footprint.

CO2 statistics are calculated in accordance with the

Cement CO2 Protocol developed by the World Resources

Institute and World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Converts an existing installed Kwikot electric water heater to solar, at an affordable price

So, the company has introduced a 110litre, non-electric complete low-pressure evacuated tube solar system. Safe and affordable, this solar system puts hot water within reach of a sector of society that is often sidelined when it comes to life’s little luxuries.

Apart from eliminating the potential health and safety risks of informal heating methods, simply providing hot water can make a tremendous dif-ference to the quality of life. Considering that a few million houses are home to tens of millions of people, the social implications are significant.

Skilled installersIn a bid to increase the number of skilled solar installers in the country, Kwikot also provides SAQA-accredited training towards the Level 4 Solar Installer title at its training centre in Benoni. Since January this year, 203 plumbers have been trained.

The demand for solar water heating has been growing and it’s set to skyrocket as the additional costs by Eskom’s increases are felt over the next three years. The increase in Eskom’s rebates will make it far more attractive to invest in a solar water heating system. What is vital though is that there are the necessary skills available to ensure that the systems are installed correctly as, without this, the successful roll-out of these products, coupled with back up maintenance, will be significantly hampered.

Kwikot. Tel. 011 897 4600 Fax. 011 9142108 Email. [email protected], Website.

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40 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

The mark of responsible forestry© FSC A.C. 1996

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4�Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

The mark of responsible forestry© FSC A.C. 1996

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42 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

News & Views

Versatile style A sophisticated new tufted nylon carpet tile range from Nexus, the commercial division of Belgotex Floorcoverings, adds a new dimension of luxury and style to the tried and tested hardiness of the needlepunch collection.

Base Line, Time Zone and Time Square are luxury ranges designed specifically for commercial office applications with the same excellent soundproofing advantages of broadloom carpets. Made from SDX yarn, these carpet tiles are completely stainproof and UV resistant to fading from sunlight.

Base Line features a subtle light/dark embossed geometric design to create a soft dappled but formal effect in heavy commercial applications. Time Square with its subtle geometric square design and Time Zone with a striated effect are excellent choices in heavy commercial applica-tions where the need to disguise soiling is an important consideration.

Rubix Cube is made from Stainproof Miracle Fibre which is also completely stainproof and very hardwearing. Suited to medium commercial installations where differing textures are key to the design concept, this range features a softer “circuitboard” look for more subtle and repetitive patterned designs in eight contemporary colourways.

Should these tile ranges not meet individual specifica-tions, the Custom-X department offers tailormade designs for unique, custom-made installations in the pattern and style of your choice.

Belgotex Floorcoverings are fully compliant with ISO

A cut above the restSaint-Gobain Gyproc recently launched the BladeRunner, an innovative cutting tool that cuts through RhinoBoard with ease. Designed to save time, reduce injury and boost productivity, the BladeRunner is also economical: each blade set will cut up to 1 100 running metres before it needs

14001 as well as full members of the Greenbuilding Council of South Africa.

For further information, please email [email protected] or visit

Assembly of judgesPG Bison has announced its judging panel for the 2010 1.sixoneeight Competition for Students of Archi-tecture and Interior Design – as well as an all important endorsement by the IID (SA Institute of the Interior Design Professions), the first com-petition of its kind to achieve this significant design industry seal of approval.

“We’re thrilled to confirm we’ve secured the services of notewor-thy design experts and authorities Brian Steinhobel, Derek Patrick, Greg Gamble, Phill Mashabane, Kim Fairbairn, Pat Henry, Nthabi Taukobong and Andrea Kleinloog

as judges on this year’s panel,” says Jason Wells, Brand Manager of PG Bison.

“Andrea is a newcomer to the judging team who actually won the PG Bison South African Interior Design Student of the Year award in 2005. While not a judge, Prof Des Laubscher of the Greenside Design Center will facilitate and convene the stellar judging panel which has been as-sembled for 2010.”

Another interesting addition to the competition team is one of the founders of the Night of 1000 Drawings, David Chong. “David has opened our eyes to an array of interest-ing design concepts and is keeping everyone on their toes, especially some of the judges who have been photographed in a whole new way!”


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43Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

News & Views


The sharp blades are safely concealed

within the device, and BladeRunner users cut board by

pushing the device away from them. This keeps fingers safe and prevents any other injuries that could be caused by a naked blade.

The BladeRunner also cuts RhinoBoard in one sweep, eliminating the need to cut both sides of the board. This reduces cutting time by at least half, as the device’s circular blades score the board on both sides in one quick, safe pass, after which the board is cleanly snapped. BladeRun-ner cuts straight or curved lines, steps and corners, and a tape-measure slot ensures accuracy, every time.

For more information about BladeRunner, RhinoBoard or Saint-Gobain Construction Products, contact 0860 27 28 29

Explore opportunitiesMurray & Roberts has merged the operations of two of its specialised building products manufacturing companies, Technicrete and Oconbrick. The move is aimed at exploring wider marketing opportunities in the construction industry and improving overall financial performance, according to a company statement.

Headed by Technicrete managing director Paul Deppe, the newly aligned company – named Murray & Roberts Building Products – will however continue to market the individual Technicrete and Oconbrick brand-name products.

Technicrete is one of the largest manufacturers of concrete products in South Africa, producing a broad range of prod-ucts at 12 manufacturing plants in six provinces.

Founded in 1982, Vereeniging-based Oconbrick is a lead-ing Gauteng manufacturer of hjgh quality clay stock bricks

and semi-face bricks, and has been a preferred supplier to major landmark developments in Johannesburg

and the surrounding province. These include the Constitutional Court, Montecasino, Tsogo Sun, the Palace of the Lost City, Sandton City and Sandton Square shopping and office malls and

the 146m-high Michelangelo Tower hotel.

Murray & Roberts Building Products, Tel: (011) 674-6940

Rising to the challengeIt may be one of the smallest and newest franchises within the Trellidor stable, but Trellidor Lephalale is responsible for setting a new record in the number of security barri-ers supplied on a single project in the company’s 30 year history. With assistance from technical staff from both the Durban head office and Johannesburg branches, the franchise fitted 3 498 security barriers to 350 homes at Eskom’s Ledibeng Eco Estate in Limpopo Province.

“A total of 804 security gates and 2 694 window fixtures had to be measured, manufactured, transported to site and installed within 40 days,” says marketing and sales direc-tor, Peter Rawson. This equated to installing an average of 120 units a day.

From the preliminary measuring for the quotation to the final fitting of each custom-manufactured unit, this has been a team effort with support for Trellidor Lephalale coming from Trellidor’s commercial manager, Paul van Blerk, technical support manager Shaun Erasmus and installation teams from Trellidor Johannesburg.

“The fitting has gone smoothly in spite of the constraints, and shows that our commercial division and franchise operation are capable of handling any sized contract any-where in the country,” Peter concludes.

Paul van Blerk, Trellidor, Tel: (031) 508-0800, Website:

Trellidor window and door fixtures

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44 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

News & ViewsSmall-site solutionTHE difficult job of manoeuvering bulky mobile cranes into small building sites has been made a lot easier by Echo Floors with investment in a specialised truck-mounted crane to facilitate the installation of hollow-core concrete flooring panels. The crane is a key tool in Echo Floors’newly established department geared to serve the domestic home-building market.

“Small sites and restricted access into estates and complexes have previously excluded Echo from some of these types of developments,” says Melinda Louw, marketing director of South Africa’s largest manufacturer of hollow-core concrete flooring slabs. “Architects and developers have frequently expressed preference for the hollow-core concrete panel system, because of its proven benefits, but have not always been able make use of it because of space restrictions.”

Echo Group, Tel: (011) 393-4655

Completed in minutesA new range of steel beams that are set to revolutionise the local steel construction industry, especially in the multi-storey arena, will soon be manufactured in South Africa by Konti Steel group company, Konti Blue, under licence from Fabsec Ltd in the UK.

Konti Blue managing director, Costa Kontopirakis, says that the unique manufacturing process of the plated Fabsec beams requires significantly less energy than standard manufacturing methods. “This will lower building costs to the point where multi-storey construction using steel framing will become a very competitive alternative,” he says.

The beams, which will be ‘I‘- and ‘H’ shape, consist of flanges and web all stripped from hot-rolled steel plate and coils, assembled and welded together using state of the art assembly, handling and submerged arc weld-ing technology.

The unrivalled cell geometry and position permitted in Fabsec beams includes

Services can be taken through openings in the beam web, reducing building heights and therefore overall costs

Door TechnologyAutomatic Door Systems

RWA and Ventilation SystemsSafety Technology

Glass Systems

Bewegung mit SyStem

Supreme Building Technology - GEZE Overhead Door Closers

GEZE door closers are a perfect example of attractive design and practical functionality. Optically, they blend with any architectural solution and provide a wide range of convenient in-stallation and adjustment possibilities.

They incorporate the very latest technical and constructional features, and perform their task safely, reliably and with low maintenance requirements decade after decade.

geZe South Africa | 118 Richards Drive | Halfway House ext. 111 | midrand 1685 |


geze_ad_drittelA4_DoorCloser_TS5000R.indd 1 22.04.2010 15:48:42 Uhr

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45Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

News & Views

Catching a liftTwenty kilometres from Sun City, the Moruleng office devel-opment will be the new headquarters of the Bakgatla-Ba-Kgafela Traditional Administration (BBKTA), which provides services to a community of about 350 000 people living in 32 villages in the area, north of Rustenburg.

The first phase of the Moruleng development has reached completion and the occupants moved into their new of-fices at the end of February 2010.

“We implemented green guidelines in the design, ensuring that sustainability became an integrated part of the plan-ning -- rather than trying to do it afterwards,” says DBM project architect, Christine Goosen.

The Moruleng Tribal office development

circular, rectangular and elongated openings in both normal and fire-engineered conditions. “ With the beam design optimised through the FBeam proprietary software, the beam weight is usually substantially less than the equivalent hot rolled steel beams or castellated alternatives.

Hennie de Clercq, SAISC, Tel: (011) 726-6111, Email: [email protected], Website:

Pavers, blocks, timber, stone and cladding have been sourced locally, decreasing long-distance hauling of materials. The re-use of materials and products from the region have also been encouraged. Provision has been made for taxi and bus drop-off zones close to the site. “It was agreed that there would be fewer than 4 bays per100m² of parking.

This encourages visitors and staff to use public transport or to car pool,” adds DBM project architect, Christine Goosen.

”Geothermal energy systems proposed for phase 2 of the project which will, in theory, reduce energy consumption by 75%. The system uses the constant core temperature of the earth (14 to 18 degrees C) to extract the heat from the building and exchange it into the earth, effectively replacing the need for airconditioning,” says Christine.

Bakgatla-Ba-Kgafela Traditional Administration (BBKTA), Johannes Matshego, director of BBKTA projects, Tel: (014) 556-1889, Christine Goosen, architect, DBM architects, Tel: (012) 365-3441

Independent analysisEnergychek In-ternational, an

energy solutions consulting firm has opened a

Africa Division, with headquar-ters in Kwa Zulu Natal. Eben Com-

brinck, President of the new Division, says Energychek

is positioned as an unbiased third party providing energy solutions through proprietary analytic energy modeling, design, and manage-ment.” He adds, “We are excited to be part of a solution that offers the commercial and industrial sectors savings that translate to more profitable business, and more im-portantly, the retention of jobs.”

Specialising in municipal, industrial, and commercial buildings, Energychek consistently finds substantial en-ergy efficiency improvements. Working with the client, the improvements are made and paid for with the energy cost savings found.

As a third-party service provider, Energychek does not have products or maintenance contracts to sell. Instead, the goal is to find the highest efficiency reductions possible with the fastest return-on-investment (ROI). Their experts do this by first recycling wasted energy, then retrofitting and re-commissioning existing equipment, and finally recom-mending the highest impact improvement options.

Eben Combrinck, Email: [email protected]

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46 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

Mapei supplied waterproofing solutions used in the construction of the apartment’s bathrooms

Durable lasting luxuryMapei South Africa, has supplied a variety of products for the construction of luxury apartments located in Dunkeld West. The apartments have been widely acclaimed as some of the most opulent on the market today.

Mapei’s building materials have succeeded in solving construction challenges where numerous competitor products have failed. Pieter Aucamp, building products manager, Mapei South Africa, explains, “We were approached by Varnero Construction SA and were asked to provide a product which would effectively fix cracks that had formed in the underside of the apartment’s balconies. The company had already utilised a number of traditional products to try and overcome the challenge, with limited success. These products were not suited to the application and the cracks soon reappeared.”

Lollita Pitso, Mapei SA (Pty) Ltd, Tel: (011) 552-8476, Email: [email protected]

News & Views

Door TechnologyAutomatic Door SystemsRWA and Ventilation SystemsSafety TechnologyGlass Systems

BeWeGunG miT SySTem

Supreme Building Technology - GEZE Automatic Door Systems

The art of controlled movement is demon-strated by aesthetics combined with innova-tive technology. GeZe Automatic Door systemsadd elegance to superb functionality; combining architectural beauty with functionalefficiency and reliability.

Adopting a no compromise safety policy, GeZe has developed a wide range of devices designed to control safely and reliably every type of automatic entrance -e.g Swing, Bi-Parting, Revolving, Telescopic, Folding, Curved and Circular doors.

GeZe South Africa | 118 Richards Drive | Halfway House ext. 111 | midrand 1685 |

SoluTion FoRyour NEEDS

geze_ad_drittelA4_Automatic_3.indd 1 29.04.2010 09:17:59

Six times betterThe Ikhaya Futurehouse System (IFHS) which consists of thermally insulating walling panels, has been designed to improve building comfort, enhance

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47Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

News & Views

structural performance and to significantly reduce energy required for heating and cooling in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings.

“This environmentally-friendly and safe to use building material, with enhanced thermal and sound insulation properties, also offers advanced structural integrity over traditional building methods, like bricks and mortar,” says Claudio Rossi of Ikhaya Futurehouse Systems.

The ‘sandwich’ structure of IFHS wall panels consists of an 80 mm thick corrugated EPS sheet core, which is encapsulated by a pre-galvanised, high tensile steel mesh cage and 35 mm thick sand cement plaster for structural strength. If necessary, this plaster can be further re-inforced with the addition of polypropylene fibre. These factory manufactured panels, which are 2,5 m high and 1,12 m wide, have a finished wall thickness of 150 mm.

A standard IFHS wall has a thermal insulation value at least six times better than a 230 mm plastered brick wall, which improves building comfort and reduces en-ergy required for heating and cooling. Sound insulation characteristics of these wall panels are 10 dB superior to a conventional wall.

These lightweight panels are also easy to transport and posi-tion. Each panel area is 2,8 m² which means construction is quick. Plastering can be done conventionally, or by the spray method if greater building speed is required.

Claudio Rossi, Ikhaya Futurehouse Systems (IFHS), Tel: (012) 653-0095, Fax: (012) 653-0926, Email: [email protected], Website:

The Ikhaya Futurehouse System (IFHS) which consist of thermally insulating walling panels, has been designed to improve building comfort, enhance structural performance and to significantly reduce energy required for heating and cooling in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential buildings

Hot receptionSo you require hot water at your office kitchen, but don’t want the expense of installing a large conventional geyser? No problem! Cobra Watertech has designed a series of mini instant water heaters that suit areas where the volume of hot water usage is low, such as medical suites, office kitchenettes, clinics, and domestic kitchens.

The Cobra Prisma Deluxe is available in 10l, 15l and 30l units while the Cobra Boil – for smaller applications – is available from 2.5l to 25l. These instant water heaters solve the problem of having to wait for hot water from larger electric water heaters (geysers) that are installed some distance from the point of use, thus avoiding heat loss through long lengths of pipe.

Cobra Prisma Deluxe Heaters have a Titanium glass-lined cylinder for longer life. All units have a gloss finish non-corrosive polypropylene outer casing, which provides aesthetic appeal and will not discolour over time. Water remains heated for longer periods, thanks to thick polyurethane foam insulation inside the cylinder that prevents heat loss, thus saving on high electricity bills. Units are fitted with a larger sacrificial anode, providing additional inner cylinder protection.

For further information contact Cobra Watertech on 0861-212121, Email: [email protected], Website:

The Cobra Boil Hot Water Heater in a white casing

Highs and lowsCivcon Construction celebrates 30 years of construction excellence in 2010.

The last 30 years have seen some lean times, according to MD, Lex Henning. “The ability to recognise the warning

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4� Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

News & Viewssigns early has resulted in Civcon being able to maintain a reasonable order book throughout the highs and lows. And our ability to undertake large or small contracts has meant we are not exposed to just one sector.”

The 30-year celebrations follow Civcon’s successful merger with Altx listed construction group, Erbacon Investment Holdings Limited in 2009. This occurred concurrently with black-owned private equity company, Medu Capital (Pty) Limited’s acquisition of a 29.4% stake in the group. Erbacon has achieved CIDB 9CE status, which is the highest CIDB grading a construction company can achieve.

Erbacon CEO, Dave Erskine, says that Erbacon is now fully compliant with the BEE requirements of the Construction Industry Charter. In addition, the deal has increased the enlarged group’s footprint in the construction industry and enables it to tender more competitively on larger construc-tion projects.

Vanessa Greeff, Civcon, Tel: (011) 206-9660, Fax: (086) 517-8068, Email: [email protected]

Doubling their footprintSheraton Hotels & Resorts is increasing its worldwide footprint through a strategic expansion that will add approximately 50 new hotels and over 20 000 rooms to the brand over the next three years.

More than $4 billion is being invested in new hotel open-ings across four continents. Sheraton currently boasts more than 400 hotels in 70 countries with 92% global awareness among business travelers - the highest of any hotel brand in the world.

Beginning in 2010, the brand will open roughly 50 new hotels over three years in 15 countries, including the United States, Colombia, India, Russia, Slovakia, Taiwan and Vietnam. Sheraton - the largest international upper-upscale hotel brand in China - will nearly double its footprint in the country with the addition of 28 stunning new proper-ties, including the Sheraton Shanghai Hong Kou Hotel, Sheraton Qingdao and Sheraton Huadu Resort, bringing its total number of hotels there to 50.

The brand will also add 10 new resorts to portfolio, ex-pand its footprint in New York City with new properties in Brooklyn and Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood and open several new convention hotels.

By 2015, it is estimated that 400 million Chinese and Indians will have sufficient incomes to travel abroad – this figure is seven times the number of international travelers who visited the United States in 2009.

Willie Williams, Sheraton Pretoria Hotel, South Africa, Tel: (012) 429-9999, Fax (012) 429-9328, E-mail: [email protected], Website:

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4�Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

Impressive advantagesMultinational steel supplier, Blue-Scope Steel, has made its range of lightweight, corrosion resistant steel framing and trusses available in South Africa. Steel frames can be pre-punched to allow electrical and plumbing services to be installed quickly and efficiently. Waste is mini-mised by taking advantage of off-site fabrication of building frames. “This is entirely in line with the philosophy of sustainable building practice”, says the company’s Wayne Miller.

Lightweight steel frames and trusses are quick to erect on site, requiring less energy and saving time. They are also more economical to transport to site and, having lower mass, leaving a lower carbon footprint than heavy steel. BlueScope Steel’s product, now available in South Africa, is called TrueCore. Importantly, the product, is coated with a metallic coating similar to Zincalume Steel, which makes it highly corrosion resistant and durable. The coating is based on an metallic mixture consisting of 55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon. It is easily identified by its slightly blue tinge.

Wayne points out that light steel framing offers immense advantages in aggressive climates such as found in South Africa. The product is also impervious to hostile insect infestations and will not burn, thus reducing the risk of fire spreading throughout the entire structure of the building.

Wayne Miller, BlueScope Steel, Tel: (021) 442-5420, Email: [email protected]

News & Views

Merger announcementAurecon is pleased to announce a merger whereby AKi (previously Axis and KAYP), a Johannesburg and Cape Town based engineering consultancy, merged its operations with Aurecon as of May 2010. This integration mirrors continued efforts to increase the skills base and capacity within the organisation. The combination will unite two market leaders in the field who will, together, be uniquely positioned to provide clients with an even more compre-hensive set of solutions.

Founded in 1954, AKi is a full-service consulting engineer-ing company practising in the fields of structural and civil engineering, as well as engineering geology. They are well

known in industry for their involvement in past projects such as the Sun City and Lost City developments. The addition of AKi’s proven skill to Aurecon’s existing service offering will both strengthen and consolidate Aurecon’s position as an industry leader, particularly in the building engineering environment.

The merger will increase Aurecon’s ability to serve their large corporate clients in the commercial (offices and mixed use), large retail and light industrial markets in RSA’s major centers.

Jody Boshoff, Tel: (012) 427-2066, Fax: 086-606-0671, Email: [email protected]

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50 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

News & ViewsRinging the changesLighting and its role in the retail setting has also undergone many changes. Store owners are more aware of the cost of lighting per sale and are therefore seeking energy savings through new technology. New solutions such as T5 and ceramic Metal Halide Lamps are available and growing in popularity and use.

“Lighting should be considered a sales tool in retail environments,” says Valerie Poyurs, Director of Marketing at The Radiant Group (Radiant). “It can be used to at-tract customers into the store, lead them through merchandise areas, call attention to specific merchandise and draw shop-pers through the transaction process—all the while conveying specific moods or enhancing various merchandising themes. The effective use of light can dramatically enhance the performance of most retail environments.”

Valerie believes that merchandising areas can be dynamic lighting environments in which key items may be moved frequently. “In these areas, it is critical to think of light in three dimensions since the task may range from horizontal merchandise tables to vertical display walls. Light quality requirements that must be considered involve colour qual-ity, distribution and glare control,” she adds.

Most retail environments are illuminated using either a static or kinetic approach. In a static lighting system, the

Valerie Poyurs

Imminent launchA new home for Porsche in Cape Town is under construction on a gateway site at Century City. Being developed at a cost of R85m, the magnificent new showroom and workshop facility will serve the entire Western Cape region. Porsche Centre relocated its Western Cape operations to Century City three and half years ago and is currently situated in temporary premises in the Century Gate office park.

Toby Venter, CEO of Porsche Centre South Africa, says the decision to move to Century City was prompted by the fact that it is extremely centrally located, is a rapidly developing commercial and residential precinct and enjoys high traffic

fittings are fixed in position to provide either uniform general pattern illumination or light-ing that follows the merchandising layout. In a kinetic lighting system, general lighting is supplemented by fixtures that can be moved and aimed to flexibly support changing mer-chandising goals. The merchandise strategy generally determines which lighting system is more appropriate. In both cases, additional supplementary lighting may be required for specific task spaces such as point-of-sale areas. In addition, speciality lighting may be employed in themed environments.

Radiant, Tel: (011) 386-0000,Website:

Page 51: Arch: May/Jun 2010

5�Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

Century city

volumes with more than 24 million visitors a year.

“Our customers are also now very used to visiting us at Century City so it makes sense to build our permanent Western Cape base here,” he says.

He adds that the new facility, built on 9200sqm, comprises an impressive showroom for both new and pre-owned Porsche, a coffee shop where customers can relax; a Porsche Design Drivers’ Selection outlet which will fur-ther enhance the total Porsche experience, as well as a state-of- the-art service centre, wheel alignment and tyre fitment facility for customers to enjoy a comprehensive ownership experience.

“Porsche’s diverse and exciting product range, the Boxster,Cayman, iconic 911 and the recently introduced Panamera four-door sport saloon is to be comple-mented with the immi-nent launch of the all-new Cayenne four-wheel-drive sport utility vehicle in July; which promises to be a very exciting model for the market.

Toby says the Porsche Centre Cape Town is being built according to the same worldwide corporate stan-dards as the flagship facility in Johannesburg which, in fact, is the largest Porsche Centre in the world, and the recently-opened Porsche Centre in Umhlanga.

Construction of the centre is due for completion by the end of 2010.

For further information, con-tact Christo Kruger of Porsche Centre South Africa, Tel: (011) 540-5000.

News & ViewsWriting is on the wallVitrex has launched new vitre-ous enamelled steel writing walls, produced by using the company’s architectural cladding panels to create large writing surfaces.

The writing walls, a “first” for South Africa, can be custom-made by Vitrex at its Jet Park factory to suit specific room layouts and wall sizes. The writing walls offer greatly increased writing surfaces compared with tra-ditional writing boards.

Cristian Cottino, Sales and Marketing Director of Vitrex, says, “The writing walls- which can be supplied with graphics and screening options - are ideal for meeting rooms, boardrooms,

computer rooms, laboratories and ‘think tanks’.”

The first installation of a Vitrex writing wall was recently completed at the Sandton premises of a leading advertising agency. Designed by Design Inline, five white VE panels make up the 5m long writing wall which is 2m high. Vitrex subsequently also secured a contract for a 5,6m long and 2,4m high writing wall for the Venue Operations Centre meeting room at the 2010 Soccer World Cup Moses Mab-hida Stadium in Durban. Five panels of VE cladding make up the writing wall specified by architects, Ibhola Lethu Consortium (ILC).

In both instances, white writing walls were specified.

Cristian says alternative painted steel surfaces, often classified with vitreous enamel under the generic banner “magnetic surfaces”, as well as high-pressure density laminate writing

A new Vitrex writing wall installed at Durban’s Moses Mabhida 2010 Soccer World Cup Stadium

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52 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

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Mixing your ownMaking its debut in South Africa is the super-strong Fiori self-loading concrete mixer range that is equipped to handle South Africa’s toughest terrain and batch quality concrete in the most remote areas.

Director, Pan Mixers South Africa, Walter Ebeling, believes the plant to be a top quality offering for the local building and construction industry, as well as certain applications in the mining sector.

“This equipment is ideal for mixing high- quality concrete, without having a massive concrete batching plant or a large labour force. To be able to mix your own quality concrete in rural areas or Greenfields sites means cutting down the costs and logistics involved in transporting ready mixed product.”

These hydraulically- operated, standalone machines are

able to scoop, load, mix, transport and place concrete independently, while being operated by a single person. They are also easy to maneuver, making them suitable for low cost housing sites and other infrastructure projects.

“Customers can also opt for the on board electronic weigh-ing system which ensures that every batch is identical in quality and weight, with a receipt printed out for every operation to keep as a permanent record,” Walter explains. “The mixing drum has a double auger system that mixes concrete very intensely and prevents material segregation, giving a superb quality end product.”

What’s more, these mixers have their own loading bucket and are mounted on a mixing truck, which drives the bucket into the sand and stone stockpile and loads itself. “Bigger models offer four-wheel drive with hydrostatics that enables them to handle rough terrain – ideal for local conditions,” says Walter.

Pan Mixers SA, Tel: (011) 397-3754, Fax: (011) 397-4721,

Into exileAt a ceremony held in May at Monte Casino, ABSA Bank awarded Kavango Block Brick with numerous awards including first place in the “Breaking New Ground (BNG) Energy Efficiency category for Innovative Housing, third place in the “Break-ing New Ground (BNG) Housing category for Innovative Housing, and third place “Affordable Housing category for Innovative Housing.

Heinrich Schroeder CEO and founder of the Ka-vango Block Brick says “In order to address the housing backlog in South Africa, Namibia and the rest of Africa, houses need to be con-

structed at a much faster pace, yet quality control standards need to be properly maintained and controlled, and this is what can be achieved with our system”.

Kavango Block Brick represented Namibia in the 2009 International Innovative Housing and Sustainable Energy Efficiency Competition recently held at Wellington near Cape Town – South Africa. The competition has resulted

surfaces (“non-magnetic”), may be cheaper in the short term but cannot match VE steel for material construction, properties, and ultimate performance.

“Vitrex guarantees the VE writing surfaces and workman-ship, in respect of normal usage, against fading of colour, deterioration or failure of component vitreous enamelled parts, for 20 years,” Cristian concludes.

Cristian Cottino, Vitrex, Tel: (011) 826-6057,

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53Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

Into the CapeDuro Pressings, South Africa’s largest manufacturer and distributor of steel and aluminium windows, doors and allied building products, has established a R3-million new aluminium window production facility in the Western Cape.

Located at Kuils River, and operated under the umbrella of Duro’s aluminium product division, Richards and Barlow (R&B), the project was commissioned in the first half of April.

The investment by Duro is seen as a clear vote of confidence in the Western Cape’s building, construction and home improvement sector at a time when it is still shaking off the effects of the worst recession in almost two decades.

R&B commercial manager Stephan Marckx says the Kuils

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Handrailing performs of vital safety role

in South Africa making history in showcasing International ideas on innovative building technologies. Kavango Block Brick is a truly Namibian concept and has proven that Namibia can make a significant contribution in reducing the housing shortage facing the SADC region.

James Arm, marketing manager of Kavango Block Brick based in Cape Town says, “ We had to go into exile in South Africa to prove to the people of Namibia and the rest of the world that the K-Brick technology is a sustainable solution with regards to housing delivery. Winning places in all three categories at the International Innovative Hous-ing and Sustainable Energy Efficiency Competition 2009 bares witness to this”.

James Arm, Kavango Block Brick, 082-500-8224

Heinrich Schroeder (left), a director of Kavango receiving the award, a member of the management of Cape Town, Dan Plato (second from left), Helen Zille and John Hopkins, CEO of the Southern African Behuisingstigting (SAHF)

Aesthetic and practicalAcross a broad spectrum of industries that range from food and beverage to heavy industrial, cosmetic and sewage, Andrew Mentis stainless steel tubular handrailing still is corrosion resistant, maintenance free, and is the handrailing of choice in corrosive and damp environments.

“It is aesthetically pleasing and its scratch- and stain-resis-tant properties make it the obvious alternative to traditional mild steel or painted handrailings,” explains Elaine van Rooyen, marketing manager at Andrew Mentis.

Three alternative grades are available: 3CR12, 304 and 316 stainless steel, with stanchions 45 mm in diameter with a 2mm wall thickness and base plates designed to allow moisture to drain from the stanchion itself, adding to the corrosion-resistant benefits. “The centre hole for the knee rail is drilled and then flared on both sides,” Elaine says. “The top is also flared and a half round cap is welded into place. The base plate is 8 mm thick and welded to the tube.”

The clean modern lines are attractive and the stanchions offer a variety of standard angles and matching accessories. Bends and closures common to mild steel systems are also available for this stainless steel system.

Elaine Van Rooyen, Andrew Mentis (Pty) Ltd, Tel: ( 011) 255-3200, Website:

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54 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

News & ViewsRivier window manufacturing facility – which dovetails on the same site with R&B’s Western Cape distribution nerve centre – will be managed by a team led by Theo Butler and David Garrett, both of whom are residents of Cape Town.

“This project enables us not only to boost service to our community of customers in the Western Cape, but also to move even closer to them as the source of a wide, and fully complementary, range of R&B aluminium products that are being increasingly used in the housing market in the region – from economic and affordable to top-end homes.

“It also provides the perfect springboard from which we will launch an exciting range of new aluminium products – particularly in shower doors and in double glazed lines,” adds Stephan.

The R&B aluminium product range is now marketed un-der two consumer brands - “Como” (windows and doors) and “Bellagio” (shower doors and other bathroom acces-sories).

“Our distribution infrastructure at Kuils Rivier covers not only the Peninsula and the Western Cape but also reaches into the Northern Cape – as far as Kakamas in Namaqua-land – as well as into Namibia… the two brands a strong footprint in the region,” Stephen concludes.

Greg Kukard, Tel (011) 444-6900, Email: [email protected],

One brick at a timeWith independent schools proving popular, AdvTech and their property division has worked hard in the last couple of months to develop Independent schools in the areas of South Africa where there’s a need for private education. Abbotts Johannesburg South was the last school completed by the division.

And there’s a lot that goes into building these schools includ-ing, Amphitheatres, music rooms, art rooms, labs etc.

In the next couple of months, the AdvTech group’s Property division will be building two new schools. One will be in the multibillion-rand Royal Palm Estate project at Linley Manor on the North Coast and a deal has already been signed to establish a Trinity House School on the West Rand in Gauteng.

Candice Menoita, AdvTech, Tel: (011) 676-8000

Engineer Placements

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55Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

Aaamsa 2

ADI 18

Afrisam 38

Bohle 16

DCLSA/Geze 44, 46

Corobrik 21

Den Braven 22

Epsasa 30

GHI Outside Front Cover

Imperial Bank Outside Back Cover

Kwikot 12, 18

Lafarge 28

PG Bison 40, 41

Radiant Lighting 34

Rimex 9

SA Sliding Door 4

SAGGA Inside Back Cover

Sonae Novobord Inside Front Cover

Specialised Exhibitions 48, 50

Tile Africa 36

Trellicor 8

Yale 26


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SubscriptionNews & ViewsRegional service operations managerHoneywell Building Solu-tions (HBS) has appointed Colin Malan as their new Regional Service Operations Leader, based at their head office in Midrand. Colin who brings a wealth of service management and product sales experience to HBS, says “ The HBS team is a great, young amd dynamic team, and I am delighted to be part of it. One of the

challenges facing me in this new position is to ensure that all the correct processes and procedures are in place that ensure the satisfaction and contentment of the HBS customer. My key objective is to ensure customer satis-faction – at all costs.

Colin Malan

New Management Team The management team of Sika SA, based in Westmead has had a reshuffle following the promotion of outgoing Managing Director, Niall Wylde to Area Manager for the GCC Countries.

Paul Adams (45) succeeds Niall Wylde as Managing Director of Sika SA. With 20 years in the construc-tion industry, 15 of those with Sika, Paul has already contributed significantly to the growth and development of the Sika brand throughout South Africa and neighbour-ing countries.

Gerhard Smit (39) takes over from Paul Adams as Deputy Managing Director of Sika S.A., after eight years with the company in the role of Financial Manager.

Shaun Saxby (40) has re-located from Regional Man-ager Gauteng, to Business Unit Manager for Contractors at Sika’s Head Office in Westmead, Durban.

Paul Adams

Gerhard Smit

Shaun Saxby

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56 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

GAUTENG FREESTATED Purdue & Sons (Pty) Ltd (011) 453-0838 Distributor AGI Sheerline* 079 496 0283 SupplierHinges & Hardware* (011) 748-2660 Distributor Aluminium Hardware Sales Bowen & Sons* (051) 432-1800 SupplierAGI Aluminium Coatings (011) 472-7432 Finisher Anso Aluminium* - Bloemfontein (051) 432-5437 SupplierAkzo Nobel Powder Coatings SA (Pty) Ltd (011) 861-0500 Finisher Hulamin Building Solutions* - Bloemfontein (051) 432-8151 SupplierCascolor Aluminium Finishing (011) 626-2772 Finisher NORTH WESTDiri Aluminium (012) 666-9022 Finisher Kesan Glass & Aluminium (014) 554-8127 InstallerPolynam (011) 618-1055 Finisher Plotz and Muller Traders (018) 297-0808 InstallerWispeco* (011) 389-0000 Finisher KWAZULU NATALA100 Aluminium Wood & Steel Prod. Wholesa (011) 708-6750 Installer Hinges & Hardware* (033) 386-1422 DistributorDelarey Welding (011) 673-6603 Installer AKZO Nobel (Interpon Powder Supplier) (031) 451-3269 FinisherFineline Mirror Doors (011) 477-5408 Supplier Cascolor Aluminium Powder Coating (031) 705-4018 Finisherabe Construction Chemicals (011) 917-2520 Supplier Shaka Windows (031) 564-9020 InstallerAGI Aluminium (Pty) Ltd (011) 724-6000 Supplier A100 Aluminium Wood & Steel Products Wholesalers (031) 561-7185 InstallerAGI Sheerline* - Head Office (011) 873-0880 Supplier AGI Sheerline* (031) 533-8201 SupplierAGI Sheerline* - Pretoria (012) 661-0415 Supplier DM Plastics* (031) 705-1446 SupplierAGI Sheerline* - Vereeniging (016) 455-2511 Supplier Hulamin Building Solutions* (031) 564-7350 SupplierAlustock* (011) 626-1300 Supplier Hulamin Building Solutions* - Richards Bay (035) 797-4450 SupplierAlustock - Pretoria* (012) 333-0361 Supplier Pelican Systems* (031) 563-7307 SupplierArchitectural Hardware* (011) 622-7246 Supplier Savignac (Pty) Ltd (031) 569-1125 SupplierC H C Polymerworld (011) 876-6707 Supplier SE Controls Africa (031) 467-2738 SupplierConways & Co* (011) 796-0900 Supplier Silicone & Technical Products (031) 700-2201 SupplierConways & Co* (012) 803-7989 Supplier Wispeco* (031) 579-8300 SupplierConways & Co* (011) 454-0300 Supplier Xline Aluminium Solutions (031) 579-4750 SupplierDorma Door Controls (011) 510-1500 Supplier OTHERFenTech Fenestration Technologies* (011) 614-7554 Supplier AGI Solutions* - Botswana (00267) 397-2111 SupplierFineline Mirror Doors (011) 477-5408 Supplier Aluminium City* - Namibia (00264) 61 26-4364 SupplierGrace Haven Industries (Pty) Ltd* (011) 608-2800 Supplier Wispeco* - Botswana (00267) 71 62-6082 SupplierHenderson Sliding Door Gear (011) 663-6600 Supplier Wispeco* Namibia (00264) 61 27-5500 SupplierHillaldam Coburn Systems* (011) 626-1001 Supplier MPUMALANGAHulamin Building Solutions* - Johannesburg (011) 626-3347 Supplier Alucad Design CC (013) 752-4464 ManufacturerHulamin Building Solutions* - Head Office (011) 626-3330 Supplier Alustock* - Nelspruit (013) 755-4218 SupplierHulamin Extrusions (011) 206-0200 Supplier Hulamin Building Systems * Nelspruit (013) 758-2266 SupplierM Bunyard & Associates (011) 706-3336 Supplier RM Renovators & Aluminium * Nelspruit (013) 755-4008 SupplierProcureco (Pty) Ltd * (011) 316-1322 Supplier POLOKWANERaven Window & Door Seals (011) 442-7799 Supplier Glass & Aluminium 2000 (015) 491-4156 InstallerSA Weatherstrip & Textiles* 083 490 6616 SupplierSavignac (Pty) Ltd (011) 615-6304 SupplierSilicone & Technical Products (011) 452-5164 SupplierTremco Limited (011) 254-5583 Supplier GAUTENGUpat SA (Pty) Ltd - Fischer Fixings* (011) 624-6700 Supplier Burger Emoyeni Skylights (Pty) Ltd (011) 792-7742 Manuf/InstallerWispeco* (011) 389-0000 Supplier Centurion Glass & Aluminium (012) 666-8000 Manuf/InstallerXline Aluminium Solutions (011) 873-3255 Supplier Edelweiss Glas & Aluminium (012) 804-3795 Manuf/InstallerWESTERN CAPE L & D Enterprises (Pty) Ltd (011) 618-1512 Manuf/InstallerAlunite CC (021) 551-3433 Associate Rene Turck & Associates (011) 571-7400 Manuf/InstallerCover Frameless Glass (Cape) (Pty) Ltd (021) 949-2197 Associate Skybright Skylights (010) 222-0497 Manuf/InstallerEASA Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd (021) 946-1563 Associate Trialco (Pty) Ltd (011) 615-5130 Manuf/InstallerD Purdue & Sons (Pty) Ltd (021) 592-1347 Distributor KWAZULU NATALHinges & Hardware* (021) 905-0005 Distributor AGS Aluminium Glass Specialist (32) 551-4382 Manuf/InstallerAKZO Nobel (Interpon Powder Supplier) (021) 511-1981 Finisher Durban Aluminium Windows (031) 563-9601 Manuf/InstallerCascolor Aluminium Finishing (021) 534-2255 Finisher Hilro CC (0333) 45-4527 Manuf/InstallerPezulu Finishing (Pty) Ltd (021) 551-1070 Finisher Skybright Skylight (010) 222-0497 Manuf/InstallerRaycolor Powder Coaters CC (021) 386-6707 Finisher EASTERN CAPEWispeco* (021) 528-1100 Finisher Aluminium Systems (041) 451-2130 Manuf/InstallerArmour Glass CC (021) 761-5128 Installer Atlantic Glass and Aluminium (041) 453-4872 Manuf/InstallerSwartland Boards CC t/a Glass & Aluminium (021) 555-0661 Installer Bacalum Manufacturers (043) 722-6776 Manuf/Installerabe Construction Chemicals (Pty) Ltd (021) 505-2800 Supplier Dundonald Skylights (041) 4871088 Manuf/InstallerAGI Sheerline* - Cape Town (021) 704-1802 Supplier Palmer Alum t/a Alutech (041) 451-5039 Manuf/InstallerAGI Sheerline* - Montague Gardens (021) 552-4754 Supplier R V Smith (043) 743-3407 Manuf/InstallerAGI Sheerline* - Somerset West (021) 845-4180 Supplier Rodgers Aluminium (044) 533-3663 Manuf/InstallerAlberg Aluminium CC* (021) 905-0705 Supplier Skybright Skylights (010) 222-0497 Manuf/InstallerAlmex Aluminium Distributors CC (021) 905-5770 Supplier WESTERN CAPEConways & Co* (021) 528-1100 Supplier Cloud 9 Skylights & Patio Systems (021) 552-5655 Manuf/InstallerHulamin Building Solutions* (021) 380-6100 Supplier Glazing Vision (021) 510-3295 Manuf/InstallerHulamin Extrusions (021) 534-5531 Supplier Lifestyle Conservatories (021) 709-0901 Manuf/InstallerLigget Extrusions (Pty) Ltd (021) 704-3962 Supplier The Glass Alui Co (021) 8544731 Manuf/InstallerSilicone & Technical Products (021) 534-9055 Supplier MPUMALANGAStalcor* (021) 507-9600 Supplier Mpumalanga Aluglass CC (013) 752-7985 Manuf/InstallerThaba Aluminium Installations CC t/a Extrusio (021) 982-6233 SupplierWinklik* (021) 385-1705 SupplierWispeco* (021) 528-1100 SupplierXline Aluminium Solutions (021) 703-0366 SupplierEASTERN CAPE GAUTENGArgonaut Aluminium & Glass (044) 533-2112 Installer Neptune Shower Enclosures (011) 021-9010 AssociateAGI East London (041) 487-1509 Supplier AGI Aluminium - Alrode (011) 908-1500 ManufacturerAGI Sheerline* - George (044) 874-0408 Supplier Aluglass Bautech (011) 451-8400 ManufacturerAGI Sheerline* Port Elizabeth (041) 451-1863 Supplier Aluview (011) 975-6188 ManufacturerAlmex Aluminium* (043) 736-6334 Supplier F G Showertime (011) 473-6700 ManufacturerArgonaut Aluminium & Glass (044) 533-1723 Supplier Primador (012) 791-8881 ManufacturerConways & Co* (041) 404-1900 Supplier EASTERN CAPEHulamin Building Solutions - East London (043) 702-3900 Supplier National Glass Distributors (041) 364-0161 ManufacturerHulamin Building Solutions - George (044) 874-0460 Supplier WESTERN CAPEHulamin Building Solutions* - Port Elizabeth (041) 403-1400 Supplier Aluglass Showerflex (021) 683-9094 ManufacturerWispeco* (041) 487-1509 Supplier Shower Comfort (021) 982-3399 ManufacturerXline Aluminium Solutions (041) 451-1186 Supplier Showerline Shower Doors (021) 797-3695 Manufacturer

~ Companies indicated * thus are members of the Aluminium Stockists & Distributors Association~ Applicant members are not included as product testing has not been finalized

AAAMSA - Associate MembersPlease refer to the AAAMSA Registered AAAMSA Contractors Matrix for Manufacturers and Specialist Contractors

Skylight Association of Southern Africa

SASEMA - South African Shower Enclosure


Manufacturers Association

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57Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

GAUTENG GAUTENGAGI Glass - Johannesburg (011) 621-2700 Distributor Edelweiss Glas & Aluminium (012) 804-3795 GlazierAGI Glass - Pretoria (012) 661-0415 Distributor Edgars Glass (Pty) Ltd (012) 806-6858 GlazierAGI Glass - Springs (011) 817-1228 Distributor Elite Glass & Aluminium (011) 953-4363 GlazierAGI Glass - Vereeniging (016) 455-2511 Distributor El-Shaddai General Dealer & Glass 076 942 0442 GlazierAGI Glass - West Rand (011) 762-1783 Distributor Elwierda Glass & Aluminium (012) 654-3454 GlazierAluglass Bautech (011) 451-8400 Distributor Executive Frames CC (012) 250-1606 GlazierGlass Corporation (011) 864-4170 Distributor Expo Glass & Aluminium Trust (011) 973-2721 GlazierGSA - Johannesburg (011) 392-4430 Distributor Express Aluminium (011) 420-2664 GlazierGSA - Pretoria (012) 653-6701 Distributor Factoria Glass & Mirror CC (011) 664-6814 GlazierGSA - Roodepoort (011) 474-7070 Distributor Fair Deal Wooden Windows (012) 993-0550 GlazierGSA - Springs (011) 817-1350 Distributor Fernando Aluminium 072 259 7219 GlazierGSA - Vereeniging (016) 421-3910 Distributor FM Glass 082 543 8870 GlazierGuardian Africa Corp. (Pty) Ltd (011) 828-0208 Distributor Fordsburg Glass Works (011) 834-7399 GlazierMcCoy's Glass Wholesalers (011) 864-1313 Distributor G3 Architectural Glass & Aluminium (011) 314-8231 Glazier2 Piece and Aluminium Glass (011) 935-8173 Glazier Gauteng Glass & Aluminium (011) 493-4123 GlazierAbcus Windows and Doors (012) 803-2827 Glazier Glaco Industries CC (011) 873-8278 GlazierActive Blue Trading '89 (011) 462-4210 Glazier Glasfit (011) 607-3000 GlazierActive Glass Services (011) 477-6490 Glazier Glasfit Blackheath (011) 476-7478 GlazierAerts Aluminium (011) 672-5270 Glazier Glasfit Booysens (011) 493-4340 GlazierAffordable Glass & Aluminium (011) 857-1276 Glazier Glasfit Centurion (012) 663-7843 GlazierAFFSL Glass & Windscreen Centre (011) 953-2384 Glazier Glasfit Krugersdorp (011) 953-4120 GlazierAfrican Olive Trading 138 (011) 974-4999 Glazier Glasfit Pretoria Central (012) 322-0090 GlazierAG Aluminium & Glass Products (011) 827-0806 Glazier Glasfit Pretoria North (012) 546-0121 GlazierAG Glass (011) 472-9238 Glazier Glasfit Pretoria West (012) 327-1882 GlazierAGE Aluminium CC (011) 908-9501 Glazier Glasfit Roodepoort / NRC Glass (011) 760-1550 GlazierAlbert van Rensburg Glass 082 895 7759 Glazier Glasfit Silverton (012) 804-9500 GlazierAlberton Aluminium Installations (011) 869-5624 Glazier Glass & All 4 U 082 670 2793 GlazierAlberton Glass Works (011) 864-2201 Glazier Glass & Aluminium Doctor (016) 422-4547 GlazierAlpa Aluminium (011) 976-2804 Glazier Glass & Aluminium Zone CC (011) 766-2727 GlazierAlu 4 U 082 891 1444 Glazier Glass & Brass Repairs (011) 452-4054 GlazierAlu All Glass & Aluminium (012) 653-8876 Glazier Glass & Mirror Services (011) 917-8779 GlazierAlu Glass 2000 (018) 462-8786 Glazier Glass Bugs (011) 394-4512 GlazierAlu Pro Aluminium 079 498 5842 Glazier Glass Clinic (011) 894-4550 GlazierAlu Spectrum (011) 622-6588 Glazier Glass Design (Pty) Ltd (011) 708-4868 GlazierAlufast CC (011) 472-6169 Glazier Glass Fella's CC (011) 792-5529 GlazierAluline CC (011) 444-3030 Glazier Glass Globe 084 804 5858 GlazierAlumac (011) 615-0340 Glazier Glass Planet (012) 803-1187 GlazierAluminium Enterprises 083 309 4166 Glazier Glass Plus (011) 782-4265 GlazierAluminium Junction CC (011) 965-1234 Glazier Glass Tempering t/a Clear Glass (011) 970-1550 GlazierAluminium Shopfitters (011) 822-8233 Glazier Glass Works for Africa (011) 823-5080 GlazierAluminium Solution Services (011) 022-2445 Glazier Glassfill (011) 316-5644 GlazierAluminium Windows & Shopfronts (011) 814-1577 Glazier Glassworld (012) 326-4279 GlazierAlumutech 072 288 9597 Glazier Gorr's Glass and Aluminium CC (012) 653-4577 GlazierAlu-Vaal (016) 932-4174 Glazier GP Safety Glass (011) 334-1080 GlazierAluwood (012) 333-2919 Glazier GRL Glass and Aluminium CC 078 456 9730 GlazierAmeen's Glasswork (016) 362-2449 Glazier Hartbees Glas & Aluminium (012) 253-2826 GlazierAnthony's Glass Works (011) 760-2511 Glazier HD Glass & Aluminium CC (011) 693-2561 GlazierApache Glass and Maintenance (012) 335-2319 Glazier Henque Glass and Aluminium (012) 548-2112 GlazierArch Aluminium Manufacturers (011) 892-1640 Glazier Hillside Glass & Aluminium (012) 386-1961 GlazierArtisan Project Management CC (011) 465-4196 Glazier Hi-Tech Glass t/a Hellenic Glass (011) 845-3182 GlazierAttack Glass Works (011) 907-1250 Glazier Honeydew Glass & Mirror 078 277 4416 GlazierB & H Glass and Aluminium (012) 664-8568 Glazier Hudson Glazing & Showerdoors (011) 974-1094 GlazierB G & J Steel Windows (Pty) Ltd (011) 955-4493 Glazier IHT Installations (Pty) Ltd 083 675 1975 GlazierBea's Glass Works (012) 565-4373 Glazier I & J Installations (011) 869-4393 GlazierBJ Glaswerke / Roodeberg Projekte (012) 332-1753 Glazier Icon Glass & Aluminium (011) 472-0740 GlazierBlue Star Aluminium and Glass (011) 794-8750 Glazier Ideal Glass and Mirror CC (011) 787-8993 GlazierBokamoso Aluminium Projects (011) 892-1110 Glazier Ideal Trading 49 CC t/a Glass & Mirror Specia (011) 453-2547 GlazierBonanza Projects (Pty) Ltd (011) 493-7628 Glazier Impala Glass CC t/a P G Glass (016) 341-6623 GlazierBoss Glass - Silverton (012) 804-1090 Glazier Inso Aluminium Johannesburg CC (011) 864-5301 GlazierBraam Glass/Nozipho Braam Glass (011) 624-1100 Glazier Inso Aluminium MK (Pty) Ltd (011) 704-4443 GlazierBracken Aluminium & Glass (011) 827-0693 Glazier Instant Glass (011) 614-5228 GlazierBrad's Glass & Aluminium (011) 474-0919 Glazier Intello Glass Solutions (012) 665-4647 GlazierBreedt Aluminium Doors and Windows (011) 869-6500 Glazier J D Wooden Touch CC (011) 827-9315 GlazierBreytenbach Glass (011) 764-4718 Glazier J E Breet Glass CC (011) 948-8716 GlazierBuchmor Glass Tech CC 084 512 9610 Glazier J H Glass (011) 948-8716 GlazierBucks Brother G Trading 6 082 305 8210 Glazier J I Windows (012) 377-0865 GlazierBuilders Timber Market (011) 462-1796 Glazier J J Glassworks (016) 362-1797 GlazierC G S Shopfitters 082 888 0808 Glazier J N S Aluminium (011) 432-4537 GlazierC Thru U Glass & Mirror (011) 618-0688 Glazier J P Glass & Aluminium (012) 803-9395 GlazierCAM Glass & Aluminium CC (012) 321-3324 Glazier J R Shopfitters (011) 822-3103 GlazierCarlies Traders (012) 804-5512 Glazier Jay-C Systems (011) 845-2910 GlazierCastle Ultra Trading 306 t/a Home Décor Group (012) 561-2991 Glazier Jaycee Glass & Aluminium (012) 800-1168 GlazierCDC Glass Studio CC (012) 653-6117 Glazier Jeppe Glass t/a Associated Glass & Alum (011) 493-9611 GlazierCenPret Glass & Aluminium CC (012) 653-1202 Glazier Jozy Aluminium & Glass Works (011) 938-7913 GlazierChristie Mojakie Property Dev. CC (011) 988-4575 Glazier JPN Glass and Aluminium CC 082 843 6600 GlazierCity Glass (016) 590-2744 Glazier Jupen Projects t/a Sunderlang Glass & Hardware (012) 666-8359 GlazierClearview Glass (011) 472-4888 Glazier Kemway Sliding Doors (011) 975-6019 GlazierCornwall View Hardware t/a Winmore Hardwa (012) 997-0884 Glazier Kensington Mirror & Glass CC (011) 622-3434 GlazierDawie's Glass & Aluminium Works (011) 814-4295 Glazier K N Glass CC (011) 393-6879 GlazierDDK Aluminium & Glass CC (011) 849-9900 Glazier K's Glass (011) 976-4909 GlazierDon K Glass 073 314 5050 Glazier Kgodimo Workmenship & Projects CC (011) 986-6967 GlazierDonico Interior Systems 082 880 6003 Glazier KGT Mnisi Trading CC (011) 865-1142 Glazier

SAGGA - South African Glass & Glazing Association

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5� Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

GAUTENG (Cont.) GAUTENG (Cont.)K N Glass CC (011) 393-6879 Glazier Schietfontein Glass & Aluminium (012) 504-1497 GlazierK's Glass (011) 976-4909 Glazier Shower & Aluminium Creations (012) 379-5989 GlazierKgodimo Workmenship & Projects CC (011) 986-6967 Glazier SJ Glass CC (011) 791-5444 GlazierKGT Mnisi Trading CC (011) 865-1142 Glazier Southern Glass (011) 435-9944 GlazierKgwedi's Glass Works CC (011) 403-4057 Glazier Southway Aluminium & Glass 084 232 4625 GlazierKLS Building Construction 072 451 5338 Glazier Span Verspreiders t/a Fair Deal Wooden Wind (012) 653-8538 GlazierLala Lapa Investments CC (012) 244-1444 Glazier Springs Windscreens & Glass (011) 812-2631 GlazierLeading Edge Glass Worx (011) 954-6964 Glazier Steel Studio International (011) 450-4666 GlazierLekoe Glassware CC Fax: 086 594 0271 Glazier Stiaan's Glass & Building Contractors CC (011) 391-3926 GlazierLenasia Glass Doors CC (011) 854-1435 Glazier Stirling Glass & Aluminium (Pty) Ltd (011) 392-5582 GlazierManaba Construction and Services 073 804 5764 Glazier Stone Glass (011) 665-3174 GlazierMarvus Aluminium CC (012) 323-2545 Glazier Super Aluminium & Glass Products CC (011) 474-3233 GlazierMathabela Glass & Aluminium Projects CC (011) 882-5632 Glazier Techtonic Aluminium Systems (011) 452-8560 GlazierMatsoge Glass Works CC (011) 935-5481 Glazier Tharimart Aluminium Windows (011) 493-6836 GlazierMidrand Glass & Aluminium (011) 468-1104 Glazier The Aluminium Workshop (012) 333-2777 GlazierMidway Glass (011) 315-2378 Glazier The Door Connection CC (011) 420-1262 GlazierMirror Robe (011) 493-6326 Glazier TLC Aluminium & Glass (011) 673-3919 GlazierMiwa Glass (011) 805-8848 Glazier TMG Designs (011) 708-7538 GlazierMJB Glass (011) 462-5992 Glazier Tru-Line Aluminium (011) 433-0331 GlazierModern Glass CC (011) 334-6288 Glazier Tshwane Rite Glass (012) 700-0769 GlazierMoferefere Construction Fax: 0866 301141 Glazier TSK Glass and Aluminium 072 099 7069 GlazierMofolo Glassworks & Maintenance Services (011) 982-6849 Glazier TRS Glass & Aluminium CC (011) 852-1045 GlazierMr. Door (011) 672-4324 Glazier Tsonga Glass & Glazing (011) 476-6286 GlazierMSQ Construction CC (011) 909-2357 Glazier Tyric Glass and Mirror Installations 083 408 3355 GlazierMsweli Glass and Building Construction CC (011) 410-3414 Glazier U Co. Glass & Hardware (012) 252-4923 GlazierMushiane TZ Construction 079 304 8180 Glazier U'LLC Glass t/a Alderwood Trading 152 082 883 2385 GlazierNewclare Glass & Mirror (011) 477-2646 Glazier Unity Glass (011) 822-5343 GlazierNew Heights Glass & Aluminium 083 657 5656 Glazier Varia Glass & Paint (013) 932-2948 GlazierNewlands Glass & Mirror 083 433 4343 Glazier Velakude Glass 082 419 0491 GlazierNorth West Glass (012) 541-6200 Glazier Vereeniging Glass (016) 455-3848 GlazierNteyi's Glass Works 078 761 4595 Glazier Vertigo Glass & Aluminium (011) 874-0607 GlazierNtsikabusisa Trading & Projects (011) 433-4435 Glazier Vicast Aluminium (Pty) Ltd (011) 023-6273 GlazierNu-Glass Applications t/a Glass Applications (011) 474-1691 Glazier Visual Reflections (011) 454-1044 GlazierParamount Glass Trust (011) 907-2762 Glazier Weltevreden Glass Works (011) 476-3338 GlazierPG Glass - Alberton (011) 869-8544 Glazier Wendy Glass & Alu Trust (011) 973-4348 GlazierPG Glass - Benoni (011) 421-3136 Glazier Whipco Glass & Aluminium (012) 804-4915 GlazierPG Glass - Blackheath (011) 476-6991 Glazier Whitehouse Projects (Pty) Ltd (011) 894-4321 GlazierPG Glass - Boksburg (011) 823-1241 Glazier Williams Glass CC t/a Glasfit (011) 845-3340 GlazierPG Glass - Bronkhorstspruit (013) 932-2229 Glazier ZAF Aluminium CC (011) 623-1549 GlazierPG Glass - Bruma (011) 615-4125 Glazier Zaid Ally Trading CC (011) 493-6125 GlazierPG Glass - Centurion (012) 663-4437 Glazier Zip Construction (011) 646-9058 GlazierPG Glass - Edenvale (011) 452-2657 Glazier AGI Glass Manufacturing (011) 607-4500 Manufacturer PG Glass - Fourways (011) 467-4083 Glazier Advanced Armour Glass (011) 383-0900 ManufacturerPG Glass - Head Office (011) 392-4433 Glazier AGI Glass - Denver (011) 621-2700 ManufacturerPG Glass - Heidelberg (016) 341-6623 Glazier C & C Safety Glass (011) 864-1341 ManufacturerPG Glass - Jhb City (011) 823-3400 Glazier FGW Safety Glass (011) 474-0737 ManufacturerPG Glass - Kempton Park (011) 394-1473 Glazier Furman Glass Co. (1964) (011) 473-6700 ManufacturerPG Glass - Krugersdorp (011) 273-1038 Glazier Furmguard (011) 473-6700 ManufacturerPG Glass - Lenasia (011) 854-4791 Glazier Glass South Africa (Pty) Ltd (011) 844-4600 Manufacturer PG Glass - Menlyn (012) 361-3796 Glazier Major Glass & Aluminium (011) 763-8603 ManufacturerPG Glass - Midrand (011) 805-0954 Glazier McCoy's Glass Wholesalers (011) 864-1313 Manufacturer PG Glass - Pretoria City (012) 338-0770 Glazier National Glass Distribution (011) 615-9772 ManufacturerPG Glass - Pretoria North (012) 565-6867 Glazier Northern Hardware & Glass - Midrand (011) 314-0365 ManufacturerPG Glass - Randburg (011) 886-4416 Glazier Northern Hardware & Glass - Pretoria (012) 333-0440 ManufacturerPG Glass - Roodepoort (011) 675-5600 Glazier PFG Building Glass (Pty) Ltd (011) 360-1000 Manufacturer PG Glass - Sandton City (011) 884-5111 Glazier Rene Turck & Associates (011) 571-7400 ManufacturerPG Glass - Silverlakes (011) 809-4281 Glazier Resistoglas (011) 493-6663 ManufacturerPG Glass - Silverton (012) 804-8125 Glazier SA Bullet Resistant Glass (011) 493-8249 ManufacturerPG Glass - Soweto (011) 938-2188 Glazier TEKglass (011) 623-2896 ManufacturerPG Glass - Springs (011) 811-6648 Glazier Clean Cut Glass & Mirror (011) 872-0974 ProcessorPG Glass - Woodmead (011) 656-0772 Glazier Fineline Mirror Doors (011) 477-5408 Supp/Manf.Pillays Glass & Aluminium (011) 854-4932 Glazier Glacier Door Systems/Glide Aluminium (011) 613-8120 Supp/Manf.PLT Glass Traders (011) 708-7185 Glazier Bohle Glass Equipment (011) 792-6430 SupplierPronk Aluminium CC (012) 333-0872 Glazier Redcap Industries CC (012) 998-6351 SupplierProud Glass Works CC (011) 412-4730 GlazierPure & Magic Aluminium (011) 743-1548 Glazier FREESTATEQueen Victoria Glass & Pawn (012) 327-0065 Glazier AGI Glass - Bloemfontein (051) 432-4652 DistributorR & H Glass (011) 975-4558 Glazier GSA - Bloemfontein (051) 448-4451 DistributorRCH Glass & Aluminium 082 789 8168 Glazier GSA - Welkom (057) 396-2828 DistributorRenjo Glass & Signs (011) 915-1883 Glazier Denvos Glass CC (016) 971-2315 GlazierREV Aluminium 0860 REV GRP Glazier Freestate Glass Holdings t/a BP Glass (051) 448-3105 GlazierRevcon Glass & Aluminium 082 651 6401 Glazier Glasfit Bethlehem (058) 303-5069 GlazierRiaphela General Services CC (012) 321-0643 Glazier Glasfit Bloemfontein (051) 447-1829 GlazierRicci Aluminium (Pty) Ltd (012) 567-0885 Glazier Glasfit Virginia (057) 212-2671 GlazierRL Woodworks CC (012) 668-1658 Glazier Glasfit Welkom (057) 353-2543 GlazierRoodepoort Glass Works (011) 763-3765 Glazier Linrood Glassworks CC (051) 432-4328 GlazierRoyal Glass CC (011) 394-3738 Glazier Mecca Glass t/a Glasfit Kroonstad (056) 212-1057 GlazierRyder Glass & Aluminium t/a Glass 24 083 448 5311 Glazier PG Glass Bethlehem (058) 303-4775 GlazierSA Glass Works (011) 795-2676 Glazier PG Glass Bloemfontein (051) 447-4862 GlazierSassi Metal Innovation (011) 795-1950 Glazier PG Glass Welkom (057) 355-2501 GlazierSBP Glass & Aluminium (011) 493-2436 Glazier Temple Glass and Aluminium 082 560 2889 Glazier

SAGGA - South African Glass & Glazing Association (Continue)

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5�Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

KWAZULU NATAL KWAZULU NATAL (Cont.)AGI Glass - Durban (031) 571-9000 Distributor Showerhaus (031) 312-9095 GlazierAGI Glass - Newcastle (034) 375-6285 Distributor Silver Solutions t/a Ikwezi Contractors & Maintenance (031) 463-2356 GlazierAGI Glass - Pietermaritzburg (033) 386-3565 Distributor SMA Glass CC (031) 507-3556 GlazierAGI Glass - Richards Bay (035) 789-9904 Distributor Speedy Glass Works (031) 464-5950 GlazierGlass Edge Technology (Pty) Ltd (031) 579-4508 Distributor Sure Frame Windows (031) 702-8370 GlazierGSA - Durban (031) 700-1230 Distributor Terry's Win-Door Centre CC (031) 468-5181 GlazierGSA - Empangeni (035) 787-1004 Distributor Thekwini Glass and Aluminium (031) 902-8445 GlazierGSA - Newcastle (034) 312-5771 Distributor Umgeni Glass & Aluminium (031) 309-7656 GlazierGSA - Pietermaritzburg (033) 346-1881 Distributor Waterfall Glass & Aluminium (031) 763-3338 GlazierHitech Safety Glass (031) 579-4580 Distributor Window Scene (039) 685-5532 GlazierMcCoy's Glass Solutions KZN (031) 569-6639 Distributor AGI Glass - Durban (031) 579-9000 ManufacturerAluminium & Glass Master (039) 317-2210 Glazier Glass South Africa - Durban (031) 700-1230 ManufacturerAluminium Accessories (031) 579-2391 Glazier Glass South Africa - Toughened (031) 700-1404 ManufacturerAluminium Installations (031) 569-1371 Glazier Hitech Safety Glass (031) 579-4580 ManufacturerAmanzimtoti Glass & Aluminium (031) 903-3586 Glazier McCoy's Glass Wholesalers (031) 569-6503 ManufacturerArgyle Glazing Services CC (031) 312-7009 Glazier PFG Building Glass (Pty) Ltd (031) 700-5158 ManufacturerAtlantic Glass Works & Aluminium (031) 579-5201 GlazierBlue Print Aluminium (031) 563-6030 Glazier WESTERN CAPEC & V Aluminium & Glass (032) 533-2847 Glazier AGI Glass - Cape Town (021) 510-2060 DistributorChallenge Glass and Mirror (031) 404-1490 Glazier AGI Glass - Wijnland (021) 905-2191 DistributorClearview Aluminium (032) 944-6152 Glazier Glass Warehouse (021) 982-3739 DistributorCosta Glass Works (031) 702-8823 Glazier GSA - Bellville (021) 949-9977 DistributorCreative Steel Design (031) 462-6555 Glazier GSA - Somerset West (021) 853-0202 DistributorC-Thru Glass & Aluminium (039) 978-1315 Glazier GSA (Pty) Ltd (021) 555-4150 DistributorCutrite Glass Works (Pty) Ltd (031) 465-1321 Glazier National Glass Distribution (086) 117-7751 DistributorD & A Aluminium Windows & Doors (031) 579-1777 Glazier PFG Building Glass (021) 535-2205 DistributorDesign Mirror & Glassworks (031) 569-2547 Glazier AGM Aluminium Glass Manufacture (021) 905-6181 GlazierDolphin Coast Aluminium (032) 947-0054 Glazier All Glass (021) 434-5365 GlazierDouble Vision Aluminium Manufacturers (039) 682-4434 Glazier All Glass Bellville (021) 949-1961 GlazierEuroshower & Sanitary Ware (031) 569-6555 Glazier All Glass Motorglass (021) 797-1816 GlazierEuro-Tech Glass (031) 569-1260 Glazier All Glass Parow (021) 930-8220 GlazierExpress Glass (031) 401-0126 Glazier All Glass Sea Point (021) 434-5365 GlazierG G Glass CC (039) 682-1170 Glazier All Glass Wynberg (021) 797-7244 GlazierG3 Glass & Aluminium (031) 579-4489 Glazier Armour Glass CC (021) 761-5128 GlazierGlasfit Ladysmith (036) 631-1168 Glazier Brians Auto Glass Centre (021) 448-7730 GlazierGlasfit Newcastle (034) 312-9927 Glazier Coastal Windows & Doors - Knysna (044) 382-6538 GlazierGlasfit Pietermaritzburg (033) 345-5258 Glazier Cohesion Interiors (021) 551-5423 GlazierGlasfit Richardsbay (035) 789-1103 Glazier Emergency Glass Repairs (Pty) Ltd (021) 930-2266 GlazierGlasfit Scottburgh (039) 976-0223 Glazier Glasfit - Bellville (021) 946-1931 GlazierGlasfit South Coast (039) 682-3151 Glazier Glasfit- Parow East (021) 939-0100 GlazierGlasfit Stamford Hill (031) 303-2940 Glazier Glasfit -Western Cape (021) 552-1234 GlazierGlass & Mirror Centre (031) 332-1842 Glazier Glass Master (023) 626-4445 GlazierGlass Edge Technology (Pty) Ltd (031) 579-4508 Glazier Glassmen - Cape Town (021) 462-3642 GlazierGlass Unlimited 073 510 1389 Glazier Glassmen - Gansbaai (028) 384-3666 GlazierGlassinc (031) 701-5282 Glazier Glassmen - Hermanus (028) 312-3870 GlazierGlazing Vision (021) 510-3295 Glazier Glassmen - Hout Bay (021) 790-4532 GlazierHebron Aluminium and Automation (031) 500-5226 Glazier Glassmen - Parow (021) 933-2056 GlazierImage Glass & Aluminium 084 701 3780 Glazier Glassmen - Retreat (021) 701-5821 GlazierIphupho Projects CC (031) 307-2164 Glazier Glassmen - Stilbaai (028) 754-3107 GlazierJR's Glass & Airconditioners (032) 946-1058 Glazier Glassmen - Strand (021) 853-3311 GlazierK G Glass & Aluminium (039) 312-0116 Glazier Glassmen - Sunningdale (021) 554-2895 GlazierKruger Glass t/a PG Glass Vryheid (034) 981-4332 Glazier Glassmen - West Coast (021) 552-4862 GlazierLen Powell Glazing (031) 564-8143 Glazier Glassmen Group (021) 933-2056 GlazierMax Glass (031) 208-2003 Glazier Glazing Vision (Pty) Ltd (021) 510-3295 GlazierMagnum Profile Industries (031) 401-4531 Glazier Mantovani Frameless Glass & Shower Doors (021) 945-4489 GlazierMargate Glass & Aluminium (039) 317-4237 Glazier Novray Glass (021) 706-6106 GlazierMotown Glass & Aluminium 073 135 2236 Glazier PG Glass - Bellville (021) 946-1323 GlazierMr Glass & Aluminium (039) 978-2410 Glazier PG Glass - Greenpoint (021) 419-0645 GlazierNational Glass & Hardware (039) 317-1096 Glazier PG Glass - N1 Motorcity (021) 595-3442 GlazierNEN Construction & Maintenance (031) 467-2143 Glazier PG Glass - Plumstead (021) 762-5031 GlazierNewcastle Glass & Aluminium CC (034) 312-6660 Glazier PG Glass - Stellenbosch (021) 887-6699 GlazierOrder & Save (035) 751-1436 Glazier PG Glass - Strand (021) 853-0200 GlazierPG Glass - Ballito (032) 946-0600 Glazier PG Glass - Tableview (021) 556-5966 GlazierPG Glass - Durban City (031) 305-9900 Glazier PG Glass - Tygervalley (021) 919-3524 GlazierPG Glass - Newcastle (034) 315-4633 Glazier PG Glass - Worcester (023) 347-6660 GlazierPG Glass - North Coast (032) 946-0600 Glazier Riverside Park Trading 72 (021) 854-4731 GlazierPG Glass - Pietermaritzburg (033) 394-6847 Glazier Stikland Glass & Fibreglass (021) 946-3556 GlazierPG Glass - Pinetown (031) 701-1922 Glazier Tedkaye Aluminium and Glass (021) 932-0660 GlazierPG Glass - Pongola (034) 413-1847 Glazier Valley Glass & Mirror (021) 783-2589 GlazierPG Glass - Shelly Beach (039) 315-6475 Glazier West Cape Glass (021) 532-3056 Glazier

SAGGA - South African Glass & Glazing Association (Continue)

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60 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

EASTERN CAPE NORTHERN CAPE (Continue)AGI Africa Glass (041) 487-0055 Distributor Glasfit Kuruman (053) 712-2227 GlazierAGI Africa Glass - East London (043) 743-3010 Distributor National Auto Glass Kimberley (053) 833-7376 GlazierAGI Africa Glass - George (044) 871-4321 DistributorGSA - East London (043) 722-4835 Distributor GSA Pietersburg (015) 297-1023 DistributorGSA - George (044) 803-8700 Distributor GSA Tzaneen (015) 307-1945 DistributorGSA - Port Elizabeth (041) 582-1224 Distributor Northern Hardware & Glass - L Trichardt (015) 516-1310 DistributorNational Glass Distribution (041) 364-0161 Distributor Northern Hardware & Glass - Pietersburg (015) 293-2204 DistributorFast Glass 2 (043) 740-1212 Glazier Ennie Rams Business Projects 082 412 9288 GlazierGlasfit - Cradock (048) 881-4673 Glazier Espe Glas & Aluminium 082 960 2465 GlazierGlasfit - East London (043) 742-0991 Glazier Glass King Aluminium & Hardware (015) 297-1172 GlazierGlasfit - George (044) 874-4230 Glazier Glass Planet Lowveld (015) 793-2000 GlazierGlasfit - Knysna (044) 382-7272 Glazier Glassman - Warmbad (014) 736-5477 GlazierGlasfit - Mosselbay (044) 695-2776 Glazier Inso Aluminium Limpopo (015) 297-3223 GlazierGlasfit - Oudtshoorn (044) 272-0179 Glazier JL Glass CC (015) 781-5988 GlazierGlasfit - Port Alfred (046) 624-3641 Glazier Marvene Painters and Glazers (014) 762-1603 GlazierGlasfit - Umtata (047) 532-6341 Glazier Motetete Glass Glazing CC (015) 483-2515 GlazierGlassworx (043) 727-1108 Glazier Mphophi General Construction (015) 592-0100 GlazierKassie Glass (041) 453-0161 Glazier N M Oosthuizen Glass 073 207 2643 GlazierPG Glass - Cradock (048) 881-5244 Glazier Northern Aluminium Shopfitters 071 670 1053 GlazierPG Glass - East London (043) 743-0303 Glazier PG Glass - Louis Trichardt (015) 516-2568 GlazierPG Glass - George (044) 874-2860 Glazier PG Glass - Polokwane Auto (015) 292-1172 GlazierPG Glass - Grahamstown (046) 622-2950 Glazier Quality Glas & Aluminium (015) 293-2679 GlazierPG Glass - Knysna (044) 382-5881 Glazier Raymond's Glass CC (015) 516-2474 GlazierPG Glass - Plettenberg Bay (044) 533-5808 Glazier SAA Glass & Aluminium (015) 297-1371 GlazierPG Glass - Port Alfred (046) 624-3110 Glazier Yellow Glass Aluminum & Numberplates Cen (015) 297-8978 GlazierPG Glass - Port Elizabeth (041) 365-1998 Glazier Northern Hardware & Glass - Porgietersrus (015) 491-5806 ManufacturerPG Glass - Sedgefield (044) 382-5881 Glazier PVB Laminated Safety Glass (015) 491-5806 ManufacturerPurple Pansy 100 CC t/a PG Glass - KWTown (043) 643-3281 GlazierTimber City / P G Glass (044) 279-2826 Glazier GAUTENGWindmill Aluminium Products CC 083 410 1140 Glazier ACU Ceilings & Partitions (011) 673-7064 ContractorMcCoy's Glass Wholesalers (041) 451-1215 Manufacturer Ambient Contracting Services (011) 663-9000 ContractorMPUMALANGA Azdec Projects cc (012) 804-4653 ContractorAGI Glass - Nelspruit (013) 752-6949 Distributor Centurion Ceilings & Partitions (011) 673-2052 ContractorGSA - Middelburg (013) 246-2129 Distributor Combined Ceilings & Partitions (011) 615-7153 ContractorGSA - Nelspruit (013) 753-2912 Distributor Dracon (011) 786-2800 ContractorNorthern Hardware & Glass - Groblersdal (013) 262-4115 Distributor Fast Track Shopfitters (011) 452-0868 ContractorAlucad Design (013) 752-4464 Glazier HST International cc (012) 460-8005 ContractorApex Glass CC (013) 656-3667 Glazier Hunter Douglas SA t/a Kool Aluminium (011) 793-3641 ContractorBethal Glas & Aluminium (017) 647-3581 Glazier Jay-C Systems (011) 845-2910 ContractorCrest Glass CC (013) 751-3584 Glazier Patriarch Projects (011) 263-9301 ContractorErmelo Door Centre CC (017) 819-1512 Glazier Star Contractors (Pty) Ltd (0861) STARGROUP ContractorFair Deal Wooden Windows Nelspruit (013) 752-4522 Glazier CAPCO (011) 822-8142 SupplierGlasfit - Middelburg (013) 243-1496 Glazier Everite Building Products (011) 439-4400 SupplierGlass Clinic Mpumalanga (013) 256-9038 Glazier Lafarge Gypsum (011) 389-4500 SupplierInso Aluminium Lowveld (013) 752-2889 Glazier Lafarge Gypsum - East Rand (011) 826-1701 SupplierLowveld Aluminium & Glass CC (013) 752-8555 Glazier Lafarge Gypsum - Johannesburg (011) 402-4747 SupplierMaster Glass 082 825 9421 Glazier Lafarge Gypsum - Pretoria (012) 325-2408 SupplierMopanie Glass & Aluminium/East of Eden (013) 751-2464 Glazier Lafarge Gypsum - Sandton (011) 444-8020 SupplierNu-Mid Glassworks CC (013) 282-6078 Glazier Lafarge Gypsum - Troyville (011) 402-4747 SupplierPG Glass - Groblersdal (013) 262-3822 Glazier Lafarge Gypsum - Wynberg (011) 444-8020 SupplierPG Glass - Middelburg (013) 282-7408 Glazier Masonite Africa Limited (011) 453-3260 SupplierPG Glass - Nelspruit (013) 753-2710 Glazier Saint-Gobain Gyproc - Call Centre (086) 027-2829 SupplierPG Glass - Standerton (017) 712-1209 Glazier Saint-Gobain Gyproc - East Rand (011) 626-3355 SupplierPG Glass - Witbank (013) 656-2011 Glazier Saint-Gobain Gyproc - Head Office (011) 345-5565 SupplierSable Glass & Aluminium (013) 752-2255 Glazier Saint Gobain Gyproc - Krugersdorp (011) 953-1124 SupplierWillie Basson 082 497 6488 Glazier Saint-Gobain Gyproc - Pretoria (012) 653-5376 SupplierNational Glass Distribution (013) 758-1666 Manufacturer WESTERN CAPEOTHER Hunter Douglas SA t/a Kool Aluminium (021) 552-2100 ContractorPG Glass - Francistown (00267) 241-6476 Glazier Lafarge Gypsum - Cape Town (021) 510-3670 SupplierPG Glass - Namibia (00264) 61 287-5000 Glazier Lafarge Gypsum - Strand (021) 854-8550 SupplierVASP Investments (Pty) Ltd (00267) 393-8452 Glazier Saint-Gobain Gyproc - Cape Town (021) 511-9328 SupplierAGI Glass - Namibia (00264) 6 121-4861 Distributor Saint-Gobain Gyproc - Kaymor (021) 957-5480 SupplierGSA - Swazuland (00268) 518-7134 Distributor KWAZULU NATALGSA - Walvisbay (00264) 6 420-4102 Distributor AGS Aluminium Glass Specialist (032) 551-4382 Contractor

Fast-Track Shopfitters (Pty) Ltd (031) 577-9632 ContractorAGI Glass - Rustenburg (014) 592-0130 Distributor Hampson Interiors (Pty) Ltd (031) 569-5024 ContractorAGI - Klerksdorp (018) 469-3331 Distributor Hulafab - Durban 086 460 460 ContractorGSA - Rustenburg (014) 597-3813 Distributor Hulafab - Pietermaritzburg (033) 346-0460 ContractorAluminium Corporation 082 305 6020 Glazier Hunter Douglas SA t/a Kool Aluminium (031) 263-1449 ContractorAluminium 4 You Windows & Doors 072 641 9424 Glazier Shospec (Pty) Ltd (033) 386-0100 ContractorBates Fraser Supplies (012) 719-9822 Glazier CAPCO (031) 569-6090 SupplierBosveld Glas & Buildings Bk (014) 763-2513 Glazier Masonite Africa Limited (031) 304-3231 SupplierDam Glas & Aluminium 083 242 0225 Glazier Pelican Systems - Head Office (031) 563-7307 SupplierFair Deal Wooden Windows: Bela Bela (014) 736-4137 Glazier Pelican Systems - Pietermaritzburg (033) 345-3701 SupplierGlasfit - Bela-Bela (014) 736-5070 Glazier Pelican Systems - Zululand (033) 345-3701 SupplierGlasfit - Brits (012) 252-7442 Glazier Saint-Gobain Gyproc - Durban (031) 569-7200 SupplierGlasfit Mafikeng (012) 252-7442 Glazier EASTERN CAPEInso Aluminium Klerksdorp (018) 469-3676 Glazier Adel Group (Pty) Ltd (041) 363-4396 ContractorInso Aluminium Rustenburg (014) 596-6662 Glazier Hunter Douglas SA t/a Kool Aluminium (041) 373-3867 ContractorJ & R Aluminium and Glass (012) 252-2715 Glazier RV Smith cc (041) 453-2568 ContractorJ V M Aluminium & Glass (018) 293-3711 Glazier Lafarge Gypsum (041) 484-6308 SupplierKesan Glass & Aluminium (014) 554-8127 Glazier Masonite Africa Limited 083 251 6711 SupplierPG Glass - Klerksdorp (018) 462-2179 Glazier Saint-Gobain Gyproc - Port Elizabeth (031) 453-3367 SupplierPG Glass - Mafikeng (018) 384-3290 Glazier FREESTATEPG Glass - Potchefstroom (018) 293-0532 Glazier Hunter Douglas SA t/a Kool Aluminium (051) 430-7799 ContractorPG Glass - Wolmaransstad (018) 596-1025 Glazier Lafarge Gypsum - Bloemfontein (051) 447-1024 SupplierVaal Glass (018) 788-5025 Glazier Saint-Gobain Gyproc - Bloemfontein (051) 434-1493 SupplierNORTHERN CAPE MPUMALANGAGSA - Kimberley (053) 833-2634 Distributor Alucad Design CC (013) 752-4464 ContractorGSA - Kuruman (053) 712-1195 Distributor R M Renovators & Aluminium (013) 755-4008 ContractorGlasfit Hartswater (053) 474-2161 Glazier Lafarge Gypsum - Nelspruit (013) 752-2129 Supplier


SAGGA - South African Glass & Glazing Association (Continue)

SABISA -South African Building Interior Systems Association


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6�Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

GAUTENG GAUTENGFabco Trading (Pty) Ltd (012) 800-3606 Contractor Automa Multistyrene (011) 974-3524 ConverterInsul-Coustic Contracting (011) 314-3930 Contractor Isowall (012) 804-3564 ConverterKAEFER Thermal Contracting Services (011) 974-8123 Contractor Sagex - East Rand (011) 360-8333 ConverterSGB Cape (011) 842-4000 Contractor Sagex - West Rand (011) 762-5381 ConverterStoltz Isotherm Installers (012) 663-4833 Contractor Technopol (SA) (011) 363-2780 ConverterSouthey Contracting (011) 579-4600 Contractor ABP Buildling Products (011) 455-2519 SpecialistVedder & Moffat (011) 835-2127 Contractor Automa Building Products (011) 450-2139 Supplier

Alucushion Thermal Insulations (Pty) Ltd (011) 462-9122 Distributor BASF (011) 254-2400 SupplierD & D Roof Insulations (012) 800-3606 Distributor Courtney Products (011) 463-4801 SupplierDatel Consulting t/a Datlink Insulation (0861) Datlink Distributor EASTERN CAPEGlobal Innovative Building Systems (011) 903-7080 Distributor Sagex - East London (043) 745-0222 ConverterInsulation Convertors & Distributors (011) 824-6060 Distributor Sagex (041) 461-1508 ConverterInsulation Warehouse (Pty) Ltd (012) 804-5454 Distributor KWAZULU NATALEco Climate Comfort (011) 793-2222 Installer Isolite Durban (031) 465-0305 ConverterAfrica Thermal Insulations (Pty) Ltd (011) 462-9122 Manufacturer Sagex (031) 705-6273 ConverterBhamuza (011) 908-9040 Manufacturer Courtney Products (031) 561-3340 SupplierBrits Nonwoven Isotherm (011) 979-1192 Manufacturer Kurtz Systems Africa (032) 538-1200 SupplierIsofoam SA (012) 653-8204 Manufacturer WESTERN CAPENampak L & C P (011) 249-5224 Manufacturer Automa Styromould Cape (021) 931-6181 ConverterPolybond (012) 804-5903 Manufacturer Isolite Cape Town (021) 951-6100 ConverterSealed Air Africa (011) 923-4600 Manufacturer Isolite Montaque Gardens (021) 551-6350 ConverterAcer Projects (011) 622-2922 Specialist Sagex (021) 951-1167 ConverterAlf Peyper (011) 824-6060 Specialist Styromould (021) 931-6181 ConverterSasol Technology (Pty) Ltd (011) 344-0159 Specialist OTHERFangriaan Energy Spectrum (011) 432-5757 Supplier Global Polymer Industries (Pty) Ltd (00264) 6 730-3191 Converter

Insulpro (011) 835-2127 SupplierNampak L & C P (011) 249-5497 SupplierTMS Group Industrial Services (016) 986-2210 Supplier/ContKWAZULU NATALKAEFER Thermal Contracting Services (031) 480-1881 Contractor

Alucushion Thermal Insulations (Pty) Ltd (031) 208-0240 DistributorD & D Roof Insulations (039) 976-0065 Distributor

Datel Consulting t/a Datlink Insulation (0861) Datlink DistributorGlobal Specialised Systems (Pty) Ltd (031) 468-1234 DistributorBrits Nonwoven Isotherm (031) 713-2398 ManufacturerFrame Industrials (Pty) Ltd (031) 710-7700 ManufacturerNampak L & C P (031) 903-3657 ManufacturerSpunchem International (Pty) Ltd (031) 538-8700 ManufacturerThermguard (Pty) Ltd (033) 346-0111 ManufacturerIsofoam SA (031) 700-3525 SupplierEASTERN CAPEAlucushion Thermal Insulations (Pty) Ltd (041) 484-4590 Distributor

Alucushion Thermal Insulations (Pty) Ltd (041) 484-4590 DistributorIC Insulation t/a Eco-Insulation (041) 581-0863 InstallerRhino Plastics (041) 451-3197 SupplierWESTERN CAPEAfrica Thermal Insulations (Pty) Ltd (021) 951-5796 DistributorAlucushion Thermal Insulations (Pty) Ltd (021) 556-8006 DistributorD & D Roof Insulations (021) 559-8006 DistributorDatel Consulting t/a Datlink Insulation (0861) Datlink DistributorBrits Nonwoven Isotherm (021) 577-1490 ManufacturerIsofoam SA (Pty) Ltd (021) 983-1140 ManufacturerNampak L & C P (021) 979-3520 SupplierRhino Plastics (021) 932-6601 SupplierSustainable Fibre Solutions (Pty) Ltd (021) 700-2315 SupplierMPUMALANGAIseco (Pty) Ltd (013) 755-2400 ContractorNova Plant Services (IIG Group) 082 928 0858 ContractorSasol Technology (Pty) Ltd (017) 619-2413 SpecialistFREESTATEFabco Trading (Pty) Ltd (051) 432-6997 Contractor

GAUTENGThermowall (011) 391-1501 AssociateCBI Engineering (012) 811-0711 Manf/ContractorClub Refrigeration (IPM) (012) 541-0977 Manf/ContractorDalucon Refrigeration Products (012) 661-8480 Manf/ContractorInsulated Structures (011) 462-2130 Manf/ContractorIPS Projects (087) 941-2395 Manf/ContractorIsobodies (012) 541-3035 Manf/Contractor K BulcockIsowall (012) 804-3564 Manf/Contractor C JohnstonPrecool (012) 327-1291 Manf/Contractor T KennellyWESTERN CAPE J MacKenzieCool Maintenance (021-9451070 Manf/Contractor M PoteEASTERN CAPE E SievertCool Maintenance (041) 461-2766 Manf/Contractor N WrightKWAZULU NATALPrecool 083 449 8380 Manf/Contractor Arup Façade Engineering Rapid Panel Structures CC (033) 394-5023 Manf/Contractor Ness ConsultingRudnev, A division of Southey Holdings (Pty) Ltd (031) 709-1888 Manufacturer Pure Consulting (Pty) LtdPOLOKWANE WSP Group - Mr A HakinShivers CC (015) 295-5659 Manf/Contractor WSP Group - Mr T Linder

TPMA - Thermal Panel Manufacturers Association

Glass Corporation (011) 864-4170

Glass South Africa (GSA) (011) 392-4427

Hulamin Building Systems

AGI Manufacturing

(011) 873-0880

Thermal Insulation Association of Southern Africa EPSASA - Expanded Polystyrene Association of Southern Africa


Silicone & Technical Products

(011) 724-6000

Saint Gobain - Gyproc (011) 345-5565

(011) 607-3000

(011) 793-3641

Lafarge Gypsum

Hightech Safety Glass SA (Pty) Ltd (031) 579-4580

AGI Sheerline

Primador (012) 719-8881

Everite Building Products (011) 439-4400


(011) 626-3330

(031) 563-7307

PFG Building Glass (011) 360-1204

(011) 389-4500

Masonite Africa

McCoy's Glass Wholesalers (011) 864-1313

[email protected]

Hunter Douglas

National Glass Distribution (041) 364-0161

(011) 453-3260

[email protected]

PG Glass

(021) 534-9055

Pelican Systems

[email protected]

(021) 531-7429

[email protected]


West Cape Safety Glass


(011) 928-2500

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

(011) 389-0000

[email protected]

SAGI - South African Glass Institute

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62 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

Vertical Horizontal Side Hung Top Hung Vertical Patio CurtainSliders Sliders (Proj) (Proj.) Pivot Doors Wall

A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A0 A1 A2 A3 A4

GAUTENGAGI Aluminium (011) 617-9100 T X T T X T X X T T T T X X T T T X X T X X T X T TAluglass Bautek* (011) 451-8400 X X TAluminio (Pty) Ltd (011) 955-5005 X T X TAlumnispec (011) 615-0491 X X TAluminium SA (011) 262-2040 T TAlu Pro Glass & Aluminium (011) 334-4444 X TAlu Projects (012) 644-1369 X T X T X T X X X TAMA Aluminium (011) 786-2686 X X T X TBurger Emoyeni Skylights (011) 792-7742 X X T TCenturion Glass & Alum* (012) 666-8000 X X T X T X X T X X TDa Costa Interiors (011) 827-0708 X X TDiri Aluminium* (012) 666-9022 X T T T X T T X T T X T T T X T T T X T T X T T X T TDST Glass Enterprises CC (011) 315-0598 T TEdelweiss Glas & Aluminium* (012) 804-3795 X X X X T X T T X T X T X T X X X T X X X T X X X X TGlass Rite (012) 804-9522 X TGovenders Aluminium & Glass (011) 334-2621 X X X T X X X TGrinaker-LTA Building Inland (011) 578-6200 X X T X TG W Glass & Aluminium (011) 918-2927 X T X THennops Glass & Aluminium (012) 653-3004 X THulamin Building Systems (011) 626-3330 X X X X THunter Douglas t/a Kool Aluminium (011) 793-3641 X X X TImage Glass & Aluminium (011) 914-1363/4/5 X X T X X T X X TIndustria Glass & Aluminium t/a Tshwane Glass (012) 804-5044 X T X X X X T X T T X T X T X T X X T X T X X X X TInsite (011) 794-7724 X X T X X TInso Aluminium - Pretoria (011) 316-4416 X TL & D Enterprises* (011) 618-1512 X T X TLamda Projects CC 071 124 5966 X X TMatsoge Glass Works (011) 935-5481 X TMushiane TZ Construction 079 304 8180 X T X TOrigin Aluminium (Johannesburg) (011) 827-3211 X T X X T X T X X X T X T X X X T X X X X TPan African Shopfitters (011) 825-1234 X X T X X TParker Doors (011) 622-0670 T TPreplan* (011) 908-2765 X T X X T X T T X T T T T T T T X TPrimador (012) 719-8881 X X X T X X T T X T X TPrimador Gauteng Distribution Centre (012) 657-0221 X X X T X X T T X T X TRCH Glass & Aluminium 082 789 8168 X TRDA Aluminium Doors & Windows (011) 908-4281 T X T TRene Turck & Associates (011) 571-7400 X X T X T T X T X X X TREV Aluminium Products (Pty) Ltd (086) 073-8477 X X X X TSell-Mar Installations (011) 835-1762 X X T X X X T X X X TTed Kaye Aluminium & Glass (011) 626-1528 T TTrend Aluminium & Glass (011) 453-9503 X TTrialco (Pty) Ltd (011) 615-5130 X T T X X TWorld Of Windows (011) 613-2036 X X X T X T T T X T T T X T X T X T T X X X T T X X X T

AGI Aluminium (041) 487-0055 T X T T X T X X T T T T X X T T T X X T X X T X T TAll Aluminium (Alcon) (044) 874-4248 X TAlu-Frames (041) 722-6697 X T TAlugro George (044) 873-6547 X T X TAluko Aluminium Products CC (041) 365-0155 X TAluminium AllWays (041) 461-2745 X X T X X T X X TAluminium House (043) 721-3215 X T X TAluminium Innovations (041) 360-3638 X TAluminium Systems (041) 451-2130 X T TAlu-Sash (041) 373-0831 X T T X X T X T T X T X TAtlantic Glass and Aluminium (041) 407-1300 X T T T X T T T X X T X X T TBacalum Manufacturers (043) 722-6776 X T X X T X T T X X T X X X T X X X TBrandon's t/a Mister Windows (043) 726-9907 X T X TCoastal Multiglass (041) 484-2622 T T TCopet CC t/a Multi Aluminium (043) 642-4335 X X T X X T X TCWD Aluminium (044) 382-7846 X T X TDuro Pressings (041) 486-1480 X TEagle door 086 117 7751 X T T X TGlasfit Port Elizabeth (041) 581-8122 X TGlasfit Queenstown (045) 839-4134 X TGlass & Aluminium Centre (044) 695-1142/3 X T X T X TGlass Co (043) 722-8519 X T X T X X X THunter Douglas t/a Kool Aluminium (041) 373-3867 X T TIlingo CC (041) 922-6155 X TInso Aluminium - Port Alfred (046) 624-4262 X TInso Aluminium - Border (043) 743-0303 X T T X T T T X X X T X T T T X X X TJowil Aluminium Trust (044) 453-2733 X T TKraft Aluminium (043) 742-2604 X T X T X X TMattaniah Aluminium & Glass (042) 293-1335 X T X TNational Auto Glass (043) 643-4268 X TNational Glass Distribution (041) 364-0161 X T T X TOrigin Aluminium (Port Elizabeth) (Pty) Ltd (041) 451-1702 X T X X T X T X X X T X T X X X T X X X X TPalmer Alum t/a Alutech (041) 451-5039 X T X X T T X T T X T X X T X X TP G Glass - East London (043) 743-0303 X T X TPrimador (041) 585-7617 X X X T X X T T X T X TQualuminium (044) 695-2296 X X X T X X X T X X X T X X X TQueen Glass t/a P G Glass (045) 838-3683 T X TRichards & Barlow (041) 486-2453 X X X TRodgers Aluminium (044) 533-3663 X TR V Smith (0437) 43-3407 X T

Geustyn & Horak Aluminium* (051) 432-5104 X T X X T X T X T X X T T X X THunter Douglas t/a Kool Aluminium (051) 430-7799 X X X TOrigin Aluminium (Bloemfontein) (051) 432-9107 X T X X T X T X X X T X T X X X T X X X X T

Aluzone Aluminium CC (012) 250-2460 T T

Alucad Design CC (013) 752-4464 T TAlusmart Glass & Aluminium (013) 752-5999 X T X TMpumalanga Aluglass (013) 752-7985 X T X T X TR M Renovators & Aluminium (013) 755-4008 T

Note: To ensure quality end products Specifiers using this Matrix are encouraged to invite only tenderers who have relevant AAAMSA Test Performance Certificates for the required products







ShopfrontsProducts X = Surpassed by higher test

* Flush glazed products


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63Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

Vertical Horizontal Side Hung Top Hung Vertical Patio CurtainSliders Sliders (Proj) (Proj.) Pivot Doors Wall

A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A0 A1 A2 A3 A4

A1 Aluminium & Glass (021) 851-0427 X T X X TAGI Aluminium (021) 505-1660 T X T T X T X X T T T T X X T T T X X T X X T X T TAldiy (021) 709-0901 X X T X X TAluminium Build (021) 949-6520 X TAluminium Klik Frames (021) 871-1789 X TAluminium Window Industries (021) 556-2168 X X TAluplan Architectural Aluminium (021) 701-2002 X X T X X TAlusolutions (021) 982-7661 X X TAnglo Window Services (021) 982-8477 X X TBoland Aluminium t/a Alutech (021) 981.1550 X X T X X T X X TCT Aluminium CC (021) 975-6541 X X T X X TDix Aluminium & Glass (021) 797-1111 X X T X X T X X TDMG Aluminium (021) 704-0012 X X T X X X TExcluminium (Pty) Ltd (021) 982-5931 X X T TEurostype Windows & Doors (021) 552-8095 X X TG & E Glass & Aluminium (021) 903-5173 X X T TG W Glass & Aluminium (021) 905-0349 X TGeustyn & Horak Aluminium (021) 905-2460 X T X X T X T X T X X T T X X THunter Douglas t/a Kool Aluminium (021) 552-2100 X T TInso Aluminium Western Cape (021) 982-8898 X X T X X T X X TLimelight Fenestration (Pty) Ltd (021) 933-5559 X X T TMatthews Aluminium (021) 905-4792 X T X T X TMazor Aluminium (021) 556-1555 X X X T X X TMG Innovations (021) 905-7160 X X T X X TMulti Homes Aluminium (021) 981-9273 X T X T X TOrigin Aluminium (Cape Town) (021) 556-6664 X T X X T X T X X X T X T X X X T X X X X TPrimador (021) 931-4077 X X X T X X T T X T X TPrime Glass & Aluminium (021) 931-1141 X X TSage Aluminium (021) 692-2604 X X T X X X TSalient Aluminium Systems (Pty) Ltd (021) 905-1287 T T X T X X TStatus Aluminium (021) 854-4563 X T X X T X X T X X TSkillfull 180 (021) 905-2170 X X T T X X T T X T T T X T T T X X T T X X X TSterling Waterford Developments (021) 555-1105 X X X TSwartland Boudienste (022) 433-8000 TWinlite Aluminium windows & Doors (021) 386-6707 X T X T X X X T X T T T X X X TWintong Aluminium SA 082 748 5956 X X X T X X TWorld Of Windows (021) 551-3235 X X X T X T T T X T T T X T X T X T T X X X T T X X X TKWAZULU NATALAdvance Glass Works (Pty) Ltd (031) 465-8861 X X T X X TAGI Aluminium (031) 571-9000 T X T T X T X X T T T T X X T T T X X T X X T X T TAlumaster CC (031) 562-1074 X TAluminium Boyz CC (031) 446-0807 X T X TAluminium Dynamics (031) 563-2278 X X X T X X X TAluminium Fabricators (031) 705-1847 X T X TAluminium Glass Maintenance (035) 789-3611 X X T X X TAlustar (031) 579-3785 X X T T X X T TCity Glass & Aluminium (031) 579-4580 X X T X T X T X X X X T X X X X TClear Cut Glass & Aluminium CC 082 576 4706 X X T X X TCoastal Glass & Aluminium (032) 946-2722 T TCoastline Aluminium & Glass CC (032) 947-1103 X T X TDurban Aluminium Windows (031) 563-9601 X X T X T X T TExotic Glass (031) 569-2732 X X X T X X X TFaçade Solutions (031) 569-5024 X T T X T T T X X X X TFreedom Glass & Aluminium (031) 500-4417 X X TGlasfit Stanger (031) 551-1574 T TGlass & Aluminium Craft (031) 914-4635 X T X THampson Interiors (031) 569-5024 X T T X T T T X X X X THibiscus Aluminium t/a Alutech Aluminium (039) 682-3398 X X T X X THilro (0333) 45-4527 X X THitech Glass (031) 579-4580 X X T X T X T X X X X T X X X X THowick Mirror and Glass / Pegma 77 (033) 330-6380 X X THunter Douglas t/a Kool Aluminium (031) 263-1449 X T TInso Aluminium - KZN (031) 702-2066 X X X T X T X T X X X X TInternational Glass & Aluminium (031) 700-3347 X X T T X X T X X X X TJ N Glass & Aluminium (032) 552-5542 X X X T X X X X TK S R Glass & Aluminium 083 777 8164 X T X T X TKwikfit Glass & Aluminium (033) 394-3846 X X T X X TLouren Aluminium (031) 902-7747 X TMagnum Profile Industries (031) 401-4531 X T X TMillenium Aluminium & Glass (031) 577-6956 X X X T X X X TMobile Glass (033) 345-3782 X X T X X TNatal Shopfitters (031) 702-3521 X TOrigin Aluminium (Durban) (031) 569-6071 X T X X T X T X X X T X T X X X T X X X X TPhasiwe Aluminium & Glass (032) 944-1678 X X T X X TPrimador (031) 705-6940 X X X T X X T T X T X TPro Aluminium & Glass 911 (031) 701-2001 X X T X X TRichards & Barlow (031) 902-2323 X T T T X T T X X X TSeawood Home Centre (032) 947-0121 X X TSue Mel Glass & Aluminium (039) 976-1516 X X X X T X X X X TSunsai Aluminium & Glass (032) 533-1861 X X TSure Frame Windows (031) 702-8370 X T X T X X TTerry's Win-Door Centre (031) 468-5181 X T X T X TTop Marks Aluminium Windows & Doors 082 771 1695 X T X TT P Glass & Aluminium (031) 463-1674 X X T X X TTSI Glass & Aluminium CC (031) 577-5777 X X T X X TWandsbeck Glass & Aluminium (031) 709-1161 X T X TWorld Of Windows (031) 564-0809 X X X T X T T T X T T T X T X T X T T X X X T T X X X T

Quality Glass & Aluminium (015) 293-2679 X T X TSAA Glass & Aluminium (015) 297-1371 TNORTHERNGlasfit Phalaborwa (015) 781-1063 T

Alutech (Namibia) CC (00264) 61-374580 X TAlutech Holdings t/a Surelite Aluminium (00267) 316-7883 X TFortune Properties (0026) 461-245080 X T X TR Allers Alum - Namibia (0064) 61-261455 X X X T X X X T X X X T X X X T


Note: To ensure quality end products Specifiers using this Matrix are encouraged to invite only tenderers who have relevant AAAMSA Test Performance Certificates for the required products





* Flush glazed products X = Surpassed by higher test


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64 Architect & Specificator May/June 2010

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By adding just 1% to your total building cost, you can install state of the art insulation.

The result: • comfortable surroundings • saving money on energy costs • supporting a sustainable environment

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Contact our members for products and services that meet the requirements of quality, performance and safety as set by the Thermal Insulation Association of Southern Africa (TIASA).

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