Project Title - Energy - Energy viewProposed Activity: Refrigerated Beverage Vending Machines 82...

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Transcript of Project Title - Energy - Energy viewProposed Activity: Refrigerated Beverage Vending Machines 82...

Project Title

Review of activity submissions for the Energy Saver Incentive 2012

Prepared for

Department of Primary Industries, Victoria

August 2012


1Executive Summary


3Victorian Energy Saver Incentive Scheme

3New Activity Submissions and Review


4Preliminary Submissions Review


6Behavioural Change Activities

6Proposed Activity: Internet Portal with Energy Consumption and Savings Data

6Activity Description

6Potential Specification

6Energy Savings and Additionality

8Implementation and Quality

8Innovation and Industry Development

8Compliance and Verification Issues


10Proposed Activity: Behavioural Change through Social Marketing

10Activity Description

10Potential Specification

10Energy Savings and Additionality

10Implementation and Quality

11Innovation and Industry Development

11Compliance and Verification Issues


12Proposed Activity: Energy Benchmarking

12Activity Description

12Potential Specification

12Energy Savings and Additionality

14Implementation and Quality

14Innovation and Industry Development

14Compliance and Verification Issues


15Heating and Cooling Appliance Activities

15Proposed Activity: Installation of Air-Conditioner Control Device

15Activity Description

15Potential Specification

15Energy Savings and Additionality

16Implementation and Quality

17Innovation and Industry Development

17Compliance and Verification Issues


19Proposed Activity: Hybrid Ventilation System

19Activity Description

19Potential Specification

20Energy Savings and Additionality

21Implementation and Quality

22Innovation and Industry Development

22Compliance and Verification Issues


23Proposed Activity: Heating and Cooling Ventilation System

23Activity Description

23Potential Specification

23Energy Savings and Additionality

24Implementation and Quality

25Innovation and Industry Development

25Compliance and Verification Issues


26Proposed Activity: Hybrid Air Conditioner

26Activity Description

26Potential Specification

26Energy Savings and Additionality

27Implementation and Quality

27Innovation and Industry Development

28Compliance and Verification Issues


29Proposed Activity: Biomass Space Heating

29Activity Description

29Potential Specification

29Energy Savings and Additionality

29Implementation and Quality

30Innovation and Industry Development

30Compliance and Verification Issues


31Proposed Activity: Installation of high-efficiency ducted gas heating in existing homes and businesses

31Activity Description

31Potential Specification

31Energy Savings and Additionality

32Implementation and Quality

32Innovation and Industry Development

32Compliance and Verification Issues


34Power Controllers

34Proposed Activity: Voltage Optimisation

34Activity Description

34Potential Specification

35Energy Savings and Additionality

35Implementation and Quality

36Innovation and Industry Development

36Compliance and Verification Issues


37Proposed Activity: Power Saving Device

37Activity Description

37Potential Specification

37Energy Savings and Additionality

38Implementation and Quality

38Innovation and Industry Development

39Compliance and Verification Issues


40Appliance Power Controllers

40Proposed Activity: Appliance Switching Devices

40Activity Description

40Potential Specification

41Energy Savings and Additionality

41Implementation and Quality

42Innovation and Industry Development

42Compliance and Verification Issues


43Improving Thermal Properties of Buildings

43Proposed Activity: Recessed Downlight Covers

43Activity Description

43Potential Specification

43Energy Savings and Additionality

44Implementation and Quality

45Innovation and Industry Development

45Compliance and Verification Issues


46Proposed Activity: Thermal Roof Coating

46Activity Description

46Potential Specification

46Energy Savings and Additionality

47Implementation and Quality

47Innovation and Industry Development

48Compliance and Verification Issues


49Proposed Activity: Draught Testing and Prevention

49Activity Description

49Potential Specification

50Energy Savings and Additionality

51Implementation and Quality

52Innovation and Industry Development

52Compliance and Verification Issues


53Proposed Activity: Retrofitting Windows with Thermal Films

53Activity Description

53Potential Specification

54Energy Savings and Additionality

54Implementation and Quality

55Innovation and Industry Development

55Compliance and Verification Issues


56Water Saving Activities

56Proposed Activity: Water Flow Controllers for Showers

56Activity Description

56Potential Specification

57Energy Savings and Additionality

57Implementation and Quality

57Innovation and Industry Development

58Compliance and Verification Issues


59Proposed Activity: Water Efficient Pre Rinse Spray Valves

59Activity Description

59Potential Specification

59Energy Savings and Additionality

60Implementation and Quality

61Innovation and Industry Development

61Compliance and Verification Issues


62Proposed Activity: Water Efficient Wash Down Guns

62Activity Description

62Potential Specification

62Energy Savings and Additionality

63Implementation and Quality

64Innovation and Industry Development

64Compliance and Verification Issues


65Refrigeration Equipment Activities

65Proposed Activity: Temperature Mimicking Sensor

65Activity Description

65Potential Specification

66Energy Savings and Additionality

67Implementation and Quality

67Innovation and Industry Development

67Compliance and Verification Issues


68Proposed Activity: Installing Timers and Energy Management Systems on Drinks Fridges

68Activity Description

70Proposed Activity: Water Dispensers

70Equipment Variation and Potential Activity

70Potential Specification

71Energy Savings and Additionality

73Implementation and Quality

73Innovation and Industry Development

73Compliance and Verification Issues


75Proposed Activity: Glass Door Merchandisers (GDM)

75Equipment Variation and Potential Activity

75Potential Specification

77Energy Savings and Additionality

78Implementation and Quality

79Innovation and Industry Development

79Compliance and Verification Issues


82Proposed Activity: Refrigerated Beverage Vending Machines

82Equipment Variation and Potential Activity

82Potential Specification

83Energy Savings and Additionality

84Implementation and Quality

84Innovation and Industry Development

84Compliance and Verification Issues



Executive Summary

The Energy Saver Incentive is the public name for one of the first mandatory energy efficiency target schemes in Australia. The target itself is called the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) and is a legislative requirement placed on energy retailers through the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target Act 2007. Retailers must contribute to meeting this target by acquiring and surrendering Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs). Each certificate represents 1 tonne of lifetime greenhouse gas emissions abatement beyond what would have occurred under business as usual (BAU).

VEECs are created through undertaking approved energy efficiency activities, which are deemed to produce specific amounts of greenhouse gas emissions abatement over their lifetime. In September 2011, the Department of Primary Industry (DPI) invited interested parties to provide submissions for new activity categories that could be considered for inclusion in the VEET scheme in 2012. VEET Submission Guidelines were provided to set out the submission assessment criteria. The criteria were based on the objectives of the Act and Regulations, and practical administrative considerations.

DPI has commissioned EnergyConsult to conduct a review of new activity submissions to determine their suitability for inclusion in the VEET as deeming measures. VEECs for deeming measures are calculated by determining the lifetime abatement of a measure, so that VEECs may be created upfront at the time the measure is installed. The outcome of the review is the present report.