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Christina Venema

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Art that is created by transfer of and image onto a new surface.

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Origin of Artistic Print

It all started with woodcuts.

Europeans made prints as early as the 5th century.

Earliest dated print from 1446 was found in Germany.

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Wood-cut Using knives to cut away areas that

you don’t want ink.

Linoleum- cutAreas that you want color are left are left and others are cut away.

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Intaglioscratching metal(copper) with an image to be inked and printed.

StylesDry pointEngravingEtchingAquatintMezzotint

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Drawn on stone with a oil based material that resists water and sticks to ink.

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Screen Print

Blocking out areas of a screen so that ink will only pass through the screen onto paper through open spaces.

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Self portrait, Linoleum cutPrintmaking artist inspiredMake 10 sketchesPull 4 editionsCritique

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Cut linoleum block to size and square corners.

Transfer sketch to linoleum.

Cut away linoleum in

negative space.

Mix & prep inkRoll out inkRoll ink onto

linoleum square

Center paper over linoleum

Press paper onto linoleum

Peel and Dry!

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Cut Linoleum

Make Corners Square

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Trace or Draw sketch onto linoleum

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Cut away negative areas

Cut away areas that do not have line to create the negative space.

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Ink Prep

Click icon to add picture

Mix colors & make more workable

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Roll out ink

Roll ink into uniform layer to cover brayer.

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Ink your linoleum

Roll ink with brayer onto linoleum.Repeat a few times to get good coverage.

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Center Paper

Place linoleum in the center of paper with ink down gently.

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PressUsing uniform pressure role a pin over linoleum

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Peel & Dry

Flip paper and linoleum over.Slowly peel back paperPlace in flat drying area.

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ExampleFinished self portrait Andy Warhol Inspired.

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All images un-cited are photos taken by Christina Venema.