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The art of Printmaking has been around since the 800’s and has evolved into many different types of printmaking over the years. Some of the more popular types of printmaking are; relief, monoprint, collagraph, screenprinting, lithography and intaglio.

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Relief Printmaking – A simple form of printmaking where the raised surfaces are inked and printed and the areas that are cut away are ink free.Harvey Daniels - Roundel

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Emily Johns – The Rose and the Nightingale

Hebe Vernon-Morris – Bubble World . . . Or Maybe We Just Prefer the Company of Each Other

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Monoprint Printmaking – A single print that is pulled from a reprintable block. The print can either be pulled by either painting an image or creating a collage.

Jane Beecham – Kite Flying

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Eileen Rosen – Storm Brighton

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Collagraph Printmaking – Is a more contemporary form of printmaking, in which layered objects are glued to a surface. This surface can be printed as a relief or an intaglio plate.

Julian Hayward – Dark Sun

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Screenprinting Printmaking – Stencil making process where ink is forced through fine-mesh fabric.

Jon Crane – Everyone Loves a Pansy

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Lithograph Printmaking – A print pulled from an oil and water image created on a smooth surface of a stone or plate.

Juliet Kac – Preston Park

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Intaglio Printmaking – the term “intaglio” which means “to engrave or cut into” is the printmaking process of creating an image by incising lines into the surface of a metal plate. There are two main groups in Intaglio printmaking – etching and engraving.

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Intaglio Etching – An etched line in printmaking is more irregular do to the bite of the acid. Man – Ferorenko Oleksiy Juggler Tree – Andrew Levitsky Red Trees

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Intaglio Engraving – An engraved mark producing a crisp, sharp line.

Pat Thornton – She Knows Better

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Printmaking Tools*Bench Hook – used to hold linoleum plate in place when

carving image into the plate, as well as for rolling out the printing ink

*Carving Tools – used to carve away the design when making a linoleum print

*Brayer – hand held roller used to spread the printing ink evenly

*Ink – used to coat the plate with pigments to create color for final prints

*Gelli Plate – a simple plate used for monoprinting*Linoleum – a simple plate used for linoleum printing

Page 14: Printmaking History

The Printmaking Bible – The Complete Guide to Materials and Techniques. Ann D’Arcy Hughes & Hebe Vernon-Morris

Google – Images of Printmaking Tools