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Updated August 2010 Printing & Stationery Unit Stationery Catalogue
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Transcript of Printing & Stationery Unit Stationery - DC · 2017-02-15 ·...

  • Updated August 2010

    Printing & Stationery Unit


  • Stationery Section:

    Contact: 046 603 8242/3 for any special stationery requests.Stationery hours 10:30am - 12:00pm Monday to Friday.

    Please use this catalogue to order your stationery, if you require something that does not appear in the catalogue, please use the special order function online.You can use the supplier catalogues in our offices to find “Special” items which you would like to order.

    Access the Stationery Order system online by going to the main RU page, Hover your mouse over the “About” tab at the top right of the page, then over the “Intranet” on the resulting menu drop, then move across onto the little flyoff menu which will appear and select by clicking the “Stationery Orders” option.

    You will immediately be asked to login. Do this using your email logon details (the same as you would use for using the internet).The page which you will be redirected to will be the “Stationery and Paper Order Form”Please choose your department and type in the relevant GL account number.

    Please be aware that the type of account and specific accounts that can be used for stationery purposes are limited and restricted. If your account number is not accepted by the system, please contact Anne at 8243 or on [email protected] for further assistance in using the correct number or making sure your account number is listed in the system as accessible.

    Note: Stationery Items are listed in categories and paper is NOT one of them. Paper orders must be made seperately under “Paper Orders”. Please use this catalogue to find the items in those categories. ONLY items not listed in this catalogue can be ordered using the “Special Order” forms, and an email with an image of an example or quote should be sent to [email protected] should you require something in this regard which has never been ordered before. Queries regarding special items should be refered to 8242/3, Qondie, Ben or Anne will assist you with these questions.

    Select the type of order you wish to initiate. Keep in mind that you need to compile the order with all items that your require, then, once you have completed the listing of item, you must “Submit Order to Printing & Stationery” before staff in our offices are able to view and fill the order.An order can remain in the system indefinately without being submitted, so orders can be compiled over time by yourself in your profile and submitted as an when you wish to complete the order.

    You will be informed by email of the status of your order.

  • Stock Description Pack Size BOARD EQUIPMENT Blackboard Dusters 1Chalk Dustless Colour 100 piecesChalk Dustless White 100 piecesWhiteboard Cleaning Spray 1Whiteboard Dusters 1Whiteboard Markers Black 1Whiteboard Markers Blue 1Whiteboard Markers Green 1Whiteboard Markers Red 1

    BOOKS Cash Receipt Books 1Hard Cover A4 Index 1 Hard Cover A4 Thick 1 Hard Cover A4 Thin 1 Hard Cover A5 book 192 pages 1 Hard Cover A5 book 96 pages 1 Hard Cover A6 1 Hard Cover A5 Index A-Z 1 Hard Cover A6 Index A-Z 1 Ledger Book 1Parcel Delivery books 1 Pen Carbon Duplicate A4 1 Pen Carbon Duplicate A5 1 Pen Carbon Duplicate A6 1Shorthand A5 Top Spiral 144 pg 1Shorthand A5 Side Spiral 100 pg 1

  • Stock Description Pack Size

    COMPUTER/OHP EQUIPMENT CD Re-writable(RIDATA) 1CD writable(RIDATA) 1 CD Re-Writable(Verbatim) 1 CD Write-able (Verbatim) 1 Discs Stiffies packs of 10

    OHP Pens Perm Fine Black 1 OHP Pens Perm Fine Blue 1OHP Pens Perm Fine Green 1OHP Pens Perm Fine Red 1 OHP Pens Perm Med Black 1 OHP Pens Perm Med Blue 1 OHP Pens Perm Med Green 1 OHP Pens Perm Med Red 1

    OHP Pens Sol. Fine Black 1OHP Pens Sol. Fine Blue 1 OHP Pens Sol. Fine Green 1OHP Pens Sol. Fine Red 1OHP Pens Sol. Med Black 1OHP Pens Sol. Med Blue 1 OHP Pens Sol, Med Green 1 OHP Pens Sol. Med Red 1OHP Transp Bubblejet box of 100 sheetsTransp Photocopying box of 100 sheetsTransp Write On box of 100 sheets

  • Stock Description Pack Size

    ENVELOPES B5 Manilla 250 x 176 mm pkt of 25C4 Manilla 324 x 229 mm pkt of 25C5 Manilla 229 x 162 mm pkt of 25C6 Manilla 114 x 162 mm pkt of 25C6 Manilla Window 114 x 162 mm pkt of 25C6 White Crested 114 x 162 mm pkt of 25C6 White Plain 114 x 162 mm pkt of 25DL Manilla 110 x 220 mm pkt of 25DL Manilla Window 110 x 220 mm pkt of 25DL White Crested 110 x 220 mm pkt of 25DL White Plain 110 x 220 mm pkt of 25Manilla 1033 381 x 254 mm pkt of 25Manilla 1034 305 x 406 mm pkt of 25Padded Envelopes No 1 180 x 260 mm 1 Padded Envelopes No 2 220 x 260 mm 1 Padded Envelopes No 3 220 x 330 mm 1 Padded Envelopes No 4 240 x 330 mm 1Padded Envelopes No 5 270 x 360 mm 1 Padded Envelopes No 6 300 x 440 mm 1 Seedbag Envelopes 95 x 54 mm pkt of 25



  • Stock Description Pack Size FILES AND FASTENERS Clip binders 13mm foldback 1Clipboards 1Clips Bulldog 20mm 1 Clips Bulldog 51mm 1Clips Bulldog 65mm 1Clips Bulldog 76mm 1Clips Paper Giant per boxClips Paper Kolor per boxFile Fasteners (twin clips) per boxFile Dividers Manilla A-Z per setFile Dividers A4 Plastic 5 Tab set of 5File Dividers A4 PVC 10 Tab set of 10File Dividers A4 Plastic Jan-Dec set of 12Accessible Files 1Concertina Files 1Document Wallets 1Leverarch A5 Files 1Leverarch Files 1Leverarch Dust Covers 1Leverarch Half Arch Files 1LeverArch PVC Files 1Ring Binders 25mm spine 1SFS Files 1 boxSuspension Files 1 Filing Laces 1Filing Sleeves Thick pkt of 100Filing Sleeves Thin pkt of 100Flipfiles 20 Pocket 1 Flipfiles 30 Pocket 1Overlap Folders Blue 1Overlap Folders Buff 1Overlap Folders Green 1 Overlap Folders Pink 1Overlap Folders Yellow 1








  • OFFICE EQUIPMENT Adding Machine Rolls 57 x 76 1Batteries AA 1Correction Fluid White (brush) 1Correction Fluid Thinners 1Correction Pens 1Desk Calendar Base 1Desk Spikes 1Drawer Organiser 1Drawing Pins 1 boxErasers Plastic 1Finger Cones 1Prestick 1Glue Pritt Large/20g 1Glue Pritt Small/10g 1Endorsing Ink Black 1Endorsing Ink Blue 1Endorsing Ink Purple 1Endorsing Ink Red 1Key Rings 1Letter Openers 1Pencil Sharpeners 1 Pen Holders 1Punch 1Ribbons for Adding Machines 1Ring Reinforcement stickers 1 boxRubber Bands Thick 1 boxRubber Bands Med 1 box

    Stock Description Pack Size FILES AND FASTENERS Storage Box Collapse 1 Storage Box HD 1 Kwiksort Long John Sorter 1








  • Stock Description Pack Size

    OFFICE EQUIPMENT continued.Rubber Bands Thin 1 boxRulers 1Scissors 1Stamp Pads 1Staple Removers 1 Staplers 1Staples No 56 1

    PACKAGING AND TAPE (all tape sold per roll) String Med String Thick String Thin Book Clear Tape 48mm width Brown Packaging Tape 48mm widthDispenser Large Dispenser Small Magic Tape 12mm x 25m Magic Tape 12mm x 50m Magic Tape 18mmx25mMagic Tape 18mmx50m Magic Tape 24mmx50m Tape Magic in disposable dispenserMasking Tape 12mmx40m Masking Tape 18mmx40m Masking Tape 24mmx40m Masking Tape 36mmx40m Masking Tape 48mmx40m Transparent Tape 12mmx33m Transparent Tape 12mmx66m Transparent Tape 24mmx66m Packing Tape transp, 48mmx66m

    MASKING TAPE 12X40 18X40 24X40 36X40 48X40




  • Stock Description Pack Size

    PAPER AND PADS Blotting Paper Green per sheetBrown Paper H/Duty per sheetCarbon Paper 100 sheets boxExam Pads 1 eachFax rolls 1 eachFlip Chart Pads (50 Sheets) 1Address Labels (roll) 250 labelsLazer Labels (24up, 100 sheets) boxLeverarch Labels 1Memo Cube Refills 800 sheetsPaper Continuous 11 x 9.5 1 box 2000Post-It Large 1Post-It Medium 1Post-It Small 1Printing Order Pads 1Record Cards 75 x 127 100Record Cards 102 x 152 100 Record Cards 127 x 203 100Thermal Rolls 10 x 80 mm 1 unitTracing Paper 1 unit

    PENS AND PENCILS Ink fountain pen quink black 1Parker Refills Roller Fine Black 1Parker Refills Roller Fine Blue 1Parker Refills Roller Med Blue 1Parker Refills Tball Fine Black 1Parker Refills Tball Fine Blue 1 Parker Refills Tball Med Black 1Parker Refills Tball Med Blue 1Pencil Leads HB 1 box Pencil Leads 2B 1 boxClutch Pencils 1




  • PENS AND PENCILS continue. Pencils HB 1 Pens Artline 70 Black 1 Pens Artline 70 Blue 1 Pens Artline 70 Green 1Pens Artline 70 Red 1Pens Artline 90 Black 1 Pens Artline 90 Blue 1 Pens Artline 90 Green 1 Pens Artline 90 Red 1 Pens Artline 700 Black 1 Pens Artline 700 Blue 1 Pens Artline 700 Green 1 Pens Artline 700 Red 1 Pens Bic Crystal Black 1 Pens Bic Crystal Blue 1Pens Bic Crystal Red 1 Pens Bic Orange Black 1Pens Bic Orange Blue 1Pens Bic Orange Red 1Fineliners Black 1Fineliners Blue 1Fineliners Green 1 Fineliners Red 1Highlighters Blue 1 Highlighters Green 1Highlighters Orange 1 Highlighters Pink 1 Highlighters Yellow 1Laundry Pens 1 Pens Staedt. Stick Fine Black 1 Pens Staedt. Stick Med Black 1Pens Staedt. Stick Med Blue 1 Pens Staedt. Stick Med Red 1 Uniball Pens Medium black 1